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  • That was my thought, too. Stefan will be busy being evil, Elena and the gals will be at college and Damon will be stuck with human Katherine.
    It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • I just started watching and just shipped Elena/Alaric for exactly 2 seconds. It's somehow grosser than Klelena, which makes me like it more. I can literally ship anyone/anyone on this show. There is nothing I won't ship.


      • Scattered stuff before I leave:

        My first reaction to Datherine is usually 'ick', but if Katherine is human, that could change everything. Since Katherine was the one who taught Damon how to be a vampire, it would be nice to have him be the one to teach her how to be human again. I guess the reason why Katherine doesn't just run off to get turned is that she doesn't know if it will work? If the cure is a permanent kind of thing, she'd simply die and not turn, and that's a risk.

        As far as the cure goes, Q could help Bonnie make a new one when they need to take Silafen down in S5, I suppose.

        No way in hell did Damon leave a trailer full of werewolf venom vials and wooden bullets and a whole freaking arsenal just sitting out unattended after Connor died. Would never have happened.

        Matt has the Gilbert ring and gets to keep it? I suppose it still won't work on Jeremy anymore. If Matt is traveling around with Bex (which I LOVE) he needs it.

        Did anyone tell Klaus that he should go see his dead baby brother for a little while before the veil came back down?

        You know it's a great ep when Klaus can take the head of a witch with a graduation cap, and it doesn't even register as a highlight because THERE WAS TOO MUCH STUFF.

        "I intend to be your last" is still echoing in my head. *swoon*

        Pics from the CW event party:

        Nina and her Happy Girlfriends:
        Arielle, Claire and Laurel from Arrow:

        Whole gallery of pics . . . so both Ian and Nina were there. None of them together that I have seen:

        Elijah and Sophie! SHIPPING IT;

        And here's one rumor confirmed!!!! Joseph and Persia!!! I'm kind of excited about this. They looks so happy:

        Oh, this is cute . . . Ian and Julie practically making out:

        Just Jared has these pics of Sad Ian shopping for toiletries in NY:

        The fact that he is holding a hair straightener means that NIAN IS UNBROKEN <3 <3

        Gossip Cop doesn't think so, though.

        Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev reunited onstage on Thursday at the CW Upfront.

        The former couple, who recently broke up after dating for three years, joined the CW’s president Mark Pedowitz for the announcement of the network’s fall schedule.

        Although Somerhalder and Dobrev didn’t walk the event’s red carpet together, they did briefly speak to each other at the end of the network’s presentation when a few of the CW’s stars came back on stage.

        A source tells Gossip Cop, “They were talking, but it didn’t look anything more than cordial.”

        After news emerged about the pair’s breakup, Somerhald cryptically tweeted, “People change and forget to tell each other.”
        They were probably talking about lightbulbs #Cree.

        Ugh have to leave for the beach now.


        • Enjoy your vacation!

          Linda, this is your chance to take over the thread and bring in your own minions!
          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Have a wonderful vacation O! Forgot to thank you for the spectacular ONN coverage of the up fronts. It took me awhile to get that one by the way..duh!
            As far as the cure goes, Q could help Bonnie make a new one when they need to take Silafen down in S5, I suppose.
            Lady, if I had powers to control the universe, life would surely have gone down a different way for everyone! I'll do what I can though. Still haven't seen the episode...frickin' iTunes!


            • Ha! I should probably call her Qet to distinguish between you two.

              Wifi works pretty good here.

              About D/E, I forgot to say that it was very kind of Julie and co to stage that scene in front of the fireplace just to make tumblr happy.

              There will be about a million variations on this created over the summer:

              I'm still bummed that Real Stefan won't get to make Steferine-y magic with Human Katherine, but maybe Silafen will fall in love with her humanness and forget to be dastardly? That would be weirdly amazing. Like bizarro Stelena.

              They will have to keep Human Katherine hidden from Klaus, though. Otherwise she's going to be hooked up to a blood bag pronto.


              It's no surprise that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were consummate professionals when they made a joint appearance earlier today at the CW's Upfronts in NYC.
              "They're still friends," a source tells me.
              As you may have heard, the Vampire Diaries stars broke up last week after more than three years of dating.

              "There's no bad blood between them," the source said. "There was no other person involved or any big fight."
              The source said the two decided to call it quits after realizing that Dobrev wasn't ready to settle down as much as Somerhalder has wanted.
              "They still talk daily," the source said. "This wasn't something out of the blue."
              In other words, he proposed and she said no and things got weird.

              It happens!

              Ian's friend Butch posted this pic last night:
              Not sure if it's an old one or a new one.

              Ian interview at upfronts talking about the finale. No man tears in evidence.:
              Gifs of Ian and Nina before the upfronts signing for fans.

              @iansomerhalder: NY-you're so good to me.Thank you ALL for so much love&support-again sorry for not being able to take pics&sign.I'm under a Ton of pressure
              Left later for Paris than I expected him to. I *think* his dad and other family members are already there.


              • Totally left off the other half of Ian's tweet:
                ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 3h
                To get a GREAT DEAL of work done in a short span of time.Sorry if I seemed snappy-theres just a ton of things happening at once.Love you all
                And he's soothing his sadness with conspicuous consumption:
                My new baby,my @Audi Q5 Hybrid.She's waiting for me on the show room floor-going to pull my Airstream and get me into the woods!Thank you Kevin Fenner &everyone at Audi & Jim Ellis Audi Marietta.I honestly miss the chill warm life in Georgia
                And a pic of his 'baby':

                I think he is asking for people's digits:
                ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 2h
                if you're in Marietta GAarea&want to stop by @JimEllisAudi take a look at her(My Q5)Drop me a note inside-just Please dont write on seats!
                This is the airstream:
                ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 2h
                So stoked- beauty beauty beauty-Im so ready for off-road excursion with a 22Ft [email protected]_inc SO GREEN SO RIGHT
                YOU CAN'T BE IN LOVE WITH A TRAILER (and/or CAR) IAN.


                A new warning has gone up at the Nian thread at FF as a sticky at the top:
                PLEASE READ: Whether the news of Nian breaking up is true or not, this thread is still one that is meant to be an appreciation thread of BOTH. So negative remarks about either one of them or their relationship should NOT be posted here. We understand that emotions are high and there is much curiosity and wonder about what is going on and a need to discuss stuff but this thread is to remain a safe place for NIAN fans. We do have a Ian & Girlfriends thread for GENERAL discussions. This is going to be the FINAL time we are warning about this...
                I'm sure that'll help.

                And please stop blaming Nina. Stop the hat. Even if Ian is single he is not going for you!!!!! Some people around are the reason this thread is a threat for my health. Please stop this so it could be a nice place to be around with nice people. Yes, I am a Nina fain. A big one, but I do not blame it on anyone!!!!

                Please see the name of this thread!!!!!
                STOP THE HAT. I don't know what the hat ever did to you, dude.

                After seeing Ian's tweet about being excited to take his new suv and Airstream into the woods, I can just imagine him going into the woods with Nina when he gets home to spend some "alone" time together, away from prying eyes and ears and just reconnecting after being away from each other for pretty much 2 months. In regards to a vacation. Bob is staying in Paris I think until Wednesday or Thursday so Ian will probably show the family the sites since him and Nina have been there so many times in the past and I think this is Bob and Dena's first time to the city.

                Although my wishful brain hopes that he flies home to Atlanta for a few days with Nina at home, even if she is busy filming during the day....I know wishful thinking! Doesn't make sense to fly all the way home when you just have to fly to Russia on Thursday, but the man has done crazier things in the past.
                I can't even. The denial is strong with this one.

                Nina and Nick Miller's movie has started filming in ATL:

                Let’s Be Cops was spotted filming near the Woodruff Arts Center in Midtown Atlanta, GA today.

                The comedy follows a pair of buddies who hatch a plan to impersonate police officers but soon find themselves in over their heads. The cast includes Jake Johnson, James D’Arcy, Damon Wayans Jr., Anna Colwell, Tom Mardirosian, Jwaundace Candece and Nina Dobrev, who recently wrapped filming The Vampire Diaries in the Atlanta area, too.
                New pic of Nina from last night in a third smokin' hot outfit:
                That skirt is one of my favorite things I have seen her wear. I want my butt to look like a disco ball, too.

                And yes, people are starting to majorly point finger at Nina now on Ian's board:
                My whole point was that to the press and to the fans...Nina is walking around with a huge smile on her face, and has been walking around with a huge smile on her face this entire time. It makes it SEEM like she doesn't care. She's happy to be single. While Ian looks exhausted. That's what it looks like.

                And maybe to Ian, we don't know, it hurts to see someone whom you lived with and love for the past three years being all happy and carefree right after you've just broken up. I would be upset thinking that obviously the other person doesn't seem to mind that i'm no longer in their lives.

                I'm not saying that I know Nina personally to make this anything more than a speculation but since these two are in the public eye everything they do, we have the ability to see and judge and right now that's what Nina is putting forth. That's her decision to do so.


                What Nina and Ian put out to the press and to the public is mostly by choice...especially if it's via Twitter and on the red carpet. It is a choice and Nina's choice to put out this happy go lucky personae after she has supposedly gone through a breakup may not be the best of decisions. It makes her LOOK like she wasn't that into it anyway. I'm not saying that's the case, but I am saying that's what it looks like.


                The one thing I can see happening if this is actually all career related is that Nina wants to be known for Nina and not as part of a cute couple or someone's girlfriend, so maybe possibly she thought the relationship(not Ian) was holding her back, that never bothered her before and they were handling it fine though so I don't know what could have changed, and I can't actually believe anyone would give up someone they love just for that reason but who knows?


                Well Nina took a week off of Twitter but really when you think about the timing of's possible that the reason she took a break was because she knew people were going to crucify her for seeming okay and smiley and happy in Miami and at the Met Gala while things with her boyfriend weren't going well. She may have thought that keeping silent for a day or two will let everyone forget what she's been doing since TVD ended its season.

                But we don't know really anything...but in the press it actually looks like she's having the time of her life. Which is great...but it's gotta be hurtful to Ian. It just has to be.


                Me being the bad one here ....after ALL the blame Nina gets from the fans her only way to clean herself is to appear in Paris, better with moomy Dobrev with her, so fans could happily see it as Nina's mom trying to hit some sense into her kids. Or if Nina will chose go to Cannes and wont stop in Paris, fans will RIP her even more

                what i am trying to say being THAT sarcastic that it is kinda rude is that even if Nina before brek up with Ian planned a trip with mother to Paris and to celebrate Candice BDay (and may be spend some time with Ian) that doesn't mean that if she still goes it is because of reunion, though fans will see it only that way.
                If Nina goes to Cannes then fans will continue blaming game.

                Me being cynical me, see it this way after ALL the blame she was been through her only way out is start to behave as she wants Ian back or to make him look a bad guy and make a scene in Paris!
                Other wise Nina is a bad one
                and knowing how much she cares about her image...i wont trust her b/c if she wanted to make amends she would do it it NYC

                That's happening.


                Finale stuff!

                Love this gifset of Klaus taking off the witch's head:
                He got to kill one of the same witches that caroline did! It's like a moment they could share. #romanticdecapitation

                And this just makes me wanna bawl. Gifset of the Ric/Littlest Gilbert/Elena picnic:

                Rebecca Serle's Vulture recap of 4.23:

                “What if Elena was the one?” Stefan asked. I adored what Lexi told him, because I believe it, too. She was Stefan’s one, but it doesn’t mean she’ll be his only. There is more than one person out there to love like that, and the real truth is that sometimes we don’t end up with our epic loves. Sometimes they’re not the people we are meant to spend our lives with. Because that kind of love isn’t always sustainable (insert fire metaphor). Oh, also: Caroline. Plus 30.

                STEFAN HAS A DOPPLEGÄNGER WHO IS NOW LIVING AS HIM. Silas’s true self was revealed, and turns out he has PAUL WESLEY’S FACE. Just take a moment to let that sink in. Silas threw Stefan in a box, and threw the box to the bottom of the sea. I’m not even going to give points. I’m just going to leave it there. I don’t have time because I am trying to LOCATE MY SCUBA GEAR.
                Still trying to absorb just how happy P-Dubs must be when he thinks about S5 right now.

                Okay, Delena people, let’s focus on you. Want to talk about your feelings? No? You want to shout them from rooftops? That’s cool, you can do that, too. You got what you wanted last night, and honestly? I did, too. I loved that scene. I threw my hands in the air and waved them around wildly. It was everything I wanted it to be. It was earned. And I loved that Damon basically said: Look, this is who I am. I’m not changing. And Elena told him then that she loved him. It might be a mistake. It might be a giant one. But he’s the one she wants. “That in death you were the one who made me feel most alive.” “I am not sorry that I’m in love with you.” Beautiful, beautiful moment, and one we all know has been a long, long time in the making. Plus 450. Here’s to a hot summer, a thousand new YouTube montages, and the next generation of fan fiction. What the heck — plus another 50.
                Kind of surprised, because Rebecca has been so firmly S/E all this time. And yet not surprised, because she's a YA romance author, and that scene was very YA romance-y to me. That is not an insult.

                More Q/A from Julie:

                TVLINE | What’s Silas’ agenda as Stefan? Is he going to be sticking around town for some purpose?
                I can’t say whether he’ll be sticking around town, although I can say that he’ll definitely be coming back to town when we get back into the next season. His agenda has always been to cure himself, to get rid of the other side so that he could then die and pass over and find peace. That will remain his agenda. The question is: How will he go about it? Everything he meant to do this year blew up in his face.

                TVLINE | Can he really fool everyone into thinking he’s Stefan?
                He’s going to give it a good college try. He is, after all, psychic, as well. So he can get inside people’s heads and make them think whatever he wants. It’s not like we’re going to play an entire season of The Parent Trap. [Laughs] But there will be some funny times right at the beginning of the season.

                TVLINE | Now that Katherine is a human – and given that she’s pissed off her fair share of people in Mystic Falls – what’s to stop everyone from killing her?
                Absolutely nothing is going to stop everyone from trying to kill her. That’s what puts her in a pickle that is going to have her seeking out protection from unlikely sources.

                TVLINE | With Stefan gone, Damon with Elena, and Klaus and Elijah on The Originals, who is left to care about what becomes of her?
                [Laughs] That’s the realization she comes to over her summer break. “Oh, boy, did I screw up, and now my chickens are coming home to roost.” She’s definitely going to find herself on the wrong end of a lot of vendettas.

                TVLINE | So Nina [Dobrev] will be playing two characters again for a pretty significant portion of the next season?
                Yeah. We’ll definitely see a great storyline with Katherine as a human, and a great, fun one with Damon and Elena trying to make their relationship work as she heads off to college and starts her new life.

                TVLINE | Speaking of, why Damon? What were you hoping to get to explore in Elena choosing Damon?
                Damon’s a character who’s been driven by feeling like he’s not worthy of love. Now that he’s on the receiving end of that love, what will that mean for him? And where will he have to make changes in him, in his behavior? Or will he still be, “I am who I am. You love me for who I am. I’m not going to change for you”? It’ll be a fun dynamic to see him either trying to exercise restraint or not being able to exercise restraint in the name of love of this girl, especially as he’s got a new houseguest. He’s [living] with Jeremy Gilbert as Elena goes off to college.

                TVLINE | It seemed like Caroline and Tyler are poised for a reunion. Will Michael Trevino be back next season as a regular?
                Michael Trevino is still under contract. When he’ll return, we can’t say yet. He is going to have the opportunity to return to Caroline’s life in Mystic Falls. The question is, will he want to take it, given everything he’s been through since he’s been gone, which will be fun for us to learn — like what kind of life he’s been leading on the run.

                TVLINE | That last scene between Caroline and Klaus was so loaded with emotion and potential. Is there any chance at all of having Caroline move to The Originals? Or was that the capper on ‘Klaroline’ for now?
                It’s not the capper, per se. We’ll have to be more judicious with the moments between them. We’ll see. Klaus has a long journey ahead of him. He’s got a very, very, very long road toward being a redeemed character. He hasn’t exactly been a peach. Even when he does nice things for Caroline, they don’t necessarily offset all the nasty things he’s done to her and all her friends. So as Caroline grows up and goes to college and experience a new phase of her life, we’ll see if she is still drawn to him and if he’s making the kind of changes that make her want to have him in her life at all.

                TVLINE | Bonnie is still a series regular, so how does she fit into the scope of the show with only one person being able to see her?
                She fits very much into the scope of the show as she tries to deal with the fact that what she thought maybe wouldn’t be so difficult actually is. The absence of physical touch and physical connection with the boy that she likes, just that alone makes her feel really distant. We’ll get to see her more in her own life a little bit as she tries to figure out ways to keep her secret — [and] also stay on top of her friends and what they’re doing and if they’re safe.

                TVLINE | I’m surprised you didn’t find a way to keep Alaric (Matt Davis) around.
                [Laughs] Put it this way, I was all on board with that pitch. I think it felt like if we kept everybody that we loved, we’d have an entire, new, double ensemble of series regulars.

                TVLINE | Now that Katherine’s human, can Klaus use her to make more hybrids? Is that something he might be concerned about on The Originals?
                Given his experience with his hybrids, he might be a little gun-shy about creating another army that could potentially be used against him.
                Wow. Jeremy is moving in with Damon. Where have I seen that plotline before? Hmmmmm.

                Just wondering how Jeremy is going to explain to the town and school that he wasn't dead after all . . .

                iphignia's recap of 4.23:

                You guys, quit being assholes to Julie Plec. Do I agree with everything that's happened this season? Fuck no. A lot of it is infuriating. But she's doing her job, she's telling a story; you don't get to call her a fuckface or send her death threats via Twitter or something. That's what assholes do. Are you an asshole? Of course not. So don't do it. Bitch about the episode on Tumblr or whatever.
                Sucks that this has to be said so often.

                I love that Lexi and Alaric's conversation a) exists and b) is basically about why they continue to be friends with total hapless morons. A vampire who figured her shit out a couple hundred years before Stefan was born and the guy whose wife Damon turned: the best part of the Salvatores.
                I could easily ship Ric/Lexi, no probs. I *feel* like they have to be hooking up on the Other Side.

                {Bonnie}She did wonderful things; she did terrible things; she was furious and angry and hated and loved, and she was never more purely happy than the day she showed her best friend that she could float feathers. Like something out of a fairy tale. And Elena wasn't scared! Elena was delighted, and laughed with her, and hugged her tight.

                Bonnie's hugging her tight now, though she can't feel it: the same way Alaric killed two people to save his bar and his best friend, the same way Rebekah kissed Matt goodbye and Klaus said he was perfectly all right waiting for Caroline to be ready for him. Mystic Falls is a horrible place to live, but that just means it's more beautiful when people do things for love.

                She's still there. She's not going anywhere. She still has a town to protect, after all, and her friends aren't getting any smarter.
                I don't think I ever liked Bonnie better than last night, tbh, and that was a very nice tribute.

                BuzzFeed's epic gif post recapping the finale:

                Crossing my fingers and toes that Price decides to recap as well.


                • Me, too. I would love to get one more PP recap.

                  I am betting Katherine ends up living with Damon and Jeremy, as well.

                  I have lost count of how many of ophy's ideas they used this season, honestly.

                  Klaus at graduation, the entire thing, is probably one of my favorite scenes of the series. He saves the day and made a very swoon worthy exit from the show. My fangirling over Klaroline has a life of its own really. I think its my favorite TVD ship of them all. I don't need them to really be a couple, I thought that was perfect just the way it was, full of hope for the future. I am so damn sappy about them.

                  I freaking loved that silver skirt Nina was wearing in that photo. Actually, I thought she looked great this whole episode, too.

                  The best thing of all is JP saying she is going to do happy couple Delena for a while. Only because I CANNOT WAIT to see them awkwardly make out and simulate sex on TV after the breakup. Deeelicious.
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                  • I have lost count of how many of ophy's ideas they used this season, honestly.
                    Yeah, I keep thinking I am imagining this BUT I'M NOT. I don't even get surprised anymore.

                    Forgive me if I have already posted this by 2424GAPeach, but it's such a classic of the genre I can't resist.

                    I did not see anything differently in regards to Ian and Nina's behavior at the Upfronts this year in comparison to years past. They were professional, friendly and courteous like always. Ian and Nina never walk a red carpet together so that was nothing new. Ian and Nina arrive around the same time, which happens every year. According to the reports I read, Ian and Nina were talking and cutting up backstage like normal. They certainly are not going to hug and kiss in front of the CW President, Mark Pedowitz. Last year Nina left before Ian, but they did meet up later on. Ian got in late last night from Toronto and Nina had already planned on meeting up with Julie and Kevin for dinner, so her leaving ahead of Ian's arrival is no big deal. Ian was probably too tired and had already eaten before leaving Toronto. It is only a two hour flight.

                    Ian looks the same to me other than just having a busy schedule, but he has always thrived on staying busy. He doesn't shave much in the summer..... ever anyway, but I think all the comments regarding how exhausted he looks is a bit over the top. Ian looks just fine and is as HOT as ever. That being said, I do think he over extends himself and doesn't take time to rest and relax, but he has always been "driven" so that is nothing new. ISF is keeping him extremely busy and all the money he gets from the TVD fan convention goes to ISF. He has a financial involvement in Go Green Mobile, he is now an editor for Origins and has recently been appointed to the advisory board for RYOT news. To add to all this he has his career as an actor on TVD along with all the promotional stuff he does for that and this summer he has a movie to film in England and will be there for approximately 6-8 weeks. I have not seen him out and about in Atlanta on what could be classified as a date with anyone but Nina and for that matter he is not with any other female that would make one think he is involved with anyone else. Ian's cats are still at Ian and Nina's loft condo. As far as living arrangement right now....everything remains the same. On that note alone .... I would say "keep the faith" guys..... it is probably not as bad as it seems.

                    Nina is concentrating only on her acting career, promoting herself on as many red carpet events she can possibly be involved in, photo shoots to keep herself out there and some of the stuff Ian is either promoting or involved in, but not much. Nina has not over extended herself this summer. She is basically enjoying her downtime while she can. Her movie is coming up and that will keep her very busy through the month of June. I would say that frolicking on the beach in Miami with Julianne Hough and all the holding hand that took place between them may not have been a good thing for Nina. On top of that there was the Met Gala, which turned into a bit of the Nina/Julianne show to the fans, which was not the best move on Nina's part. Julianne is known to be a party girl and a publicity hound, which will certainly spill over onto Nina's reputation for hanging with her. I have a feeling Ian is a bit surprised by this because Nina has always been a private person.

                    I suppose Ian and Nina could be at an impasse on where to go from here with their relationship. They have been together for three years so I'm sure the conversation regarding their future has been brought up and discussed. Perhaps Ian told Nina to spread her wings and decide what is important to her over the summer while he is gone. It would be kinda of a "set it free and if it comes back it was meant to be" moment. If so, it happened in NYC after he came back from China and left for Barcelona. That is where things seemed to get murky because they were fine when the left Atlanta and they were still trying to juggle their schedules. I would not be surprised at all if the unnamed source of a "rumored" break up that was reported by US Weekly was by Julianne Hough herself, which would be hopeful wishing on her part. I guess I'm being a little mean towards Julianne, but from my standpoint that friendship between Nina and Julianne is the only thing new that may be ( please note I said may be) having an influence over Nina, who has always come across as a mature private young woman and not a "party girl" like Julianne.

                    The relationship between Ian and Nina is Nina's to lose because Ian has remained the same. That being said, I think what is going on between Ian and Nina is being over analyze due to the reports of a "rumored" break up that was reported by an unnamed source. Looks like it is going to be a long rough summer for Ian, Nina and their fans.
                    So chillax, dudes. (and blame Julianne Hough for everything)


                    • Oh, forgot this:



                      So Stefan is a doppelganger of Silas. Could there be more out there?
                      Julie Plec: I suppose it does mean that, but as far as if we plan to introduce that or not? The answer is probably no for now.

                      How long before everyone finds out that Stefan is really Silas?
                      Plec: Truth be told, I don't think it'll be too long. I think that there's more fun to be played with people learning quickly, but independently of the other so there's a lot of good bait-and-switch Katherine-style stuff that could happen early in the season. And people that know Stefan well will be able to catch on pretty quickly I would hope.

                      Can we expect double Paul Wesley scenes?
                      Plec: Part of the fun of having an actor play two roles are those opportunities to put them face to face, but they're difficult to shoot and they take a lot of time and the stuff we do even with Katherine and Elena we do so sparingly. So we'll definitely see it, but of course Stefan will be on his own journey presumably at the bottom of the [lake] floor so we'll see when and who gets him out of that mess.

                      How did Paul feel about the character arc?
                      Plec: He's definitely excited. He's such a good actor, he loves to work and he loves to give everything he has to the role and people who do long-term television series will always jump on the opportunity to spread their wings a little bit.

                      Can you confirm that Elena was herself and not Silas when she said she was in love with Damon?
                      Plec: Well put it this way, if it wasn't Elena, then that means Stefan/Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder made out. I think a lot of fans would've been happy.

                      Will Katherine try to have people turn her back into a vampire?
                      Plec: Well, given the rules of how one becomes a vampire on our show — which is if you inject vampire blood and then you die with it in your system —that's a pretty big risk to take. If it doesn't work then she's just dead and I think the one thing she's constantly going to weigh is, "How much do I hate being human? Am I willing to risk actually dying forever in order to get my vampirism back?"

                      Can you imagine a time Elena and Katherine could ever find common ground?
                      Plec: You know I actually think that if they ever sat down and had a bottle of wine and a bag of chips they'd probably realize they have a lot more in common than they think. But they have a lot of hate and bitterness and altogether bad blood there so it might take a couple of bags of chips and a case of wine.

                      Will Elena still struggle with vampire urges in college?
                      Plec: Well I think the bigger issue for her will be protecting her secret. In Mystic Falls we've seen it's hard enough to keep your secret of who you are and what you are and now she's going out into a whole new location and a new life and living a double life as a human student and a secret vampire. There are going to be some struggles attached to that.

                      Is it possible that Elena and Damon could be happy together next season?
                      Plec: I think there's never not going to be a moment where they're engaged in some kind of conflict because their relationship even as friends and enemies had a volatility that is frustrating and sexy at the same time. So the question is how long can we keep them happy in spite of the things that come up that put them at odds with each other and that will be part of the journey next season is seeing if these two can really make it as a couple

                      How long before everyone finds out Bonnie is a ghost?
                      Plec: I think she was pretty clear about Jeremy wanting to keep her secret so I guess we'll see how long he's willing to do that.

                      What will her role be next season?
                      Plec: The predicament for Bonnie is that she's on the other side so she can pop in and see what's up and who's doing what. With her relationship with Jeremy she'll have information that nobody could access, but she doesn't have the actual ability to do magic or interact with another human so there's an impotence attached to that that I think will be frustrating for her not to mention the emotional distance of not being able to be right there with your friends even though she's there they don't know that she is. So she's going to struggle a bit in the beginning and that'll either strengthen or hurt her budding relationship with Jeremy which already has so many obstacles attached to it.

                      How will Jeremy struggle being human again?
                      Plec: Jeremy will not have a very easy time of it. His first big hurdle is his cover story for being suddenly alive. So he'll struggle a bit with the return to the normal world.

                      Where will Matt and Rebekah be when we pick up?
                      Plec: We'll definitely see them when we start up next season. As far as I know they may even still be in Europe when we find them.

                      In your mind, will Matt ever be turned?
                      Plec: Truth be told that character has a special place in my heart and all of our hearts because he is, as Rebekah said, so beautifully human, and so I don't want to mess with that any time soon.

                      Will there be a time jump next season?
                      Plec: Definitely our intention is to pick up the beginning of the season as everyone is making their preparations to go to college or whatever it is they're going to do.

                      Will Tyler be back in the fold full time next season?
                      Plec: We'll definitely see Tyler (Michael Trevino) again and I think the biggest question is where's he been what's he been doing how has it changed his life and can he step right back into the Mystic Falls world or to college easily and what will that mean for his relationship with Caroline.

                      With Klaus telling Caroline he wants to be her final love, does that mean there's opportunity for them to actually get to that place?
                      Plec: "You never know" I think is the answer. Right now the biggest hurdle, other than a spin-off separating them, is that he's done some really vile things and I don't think Caroline's in any hurry to jump into bed with someone like that so murderous and violent and manipulative and cruel. And he did, after all, murder her boyfriend's mother. So I think she definitely has a draw to him and a connection with him that she's not even necessarily confident is a good thing. His hurdle will be to get her to finally come around, and he goes on his own redemption journey moving forward: Will he become the kind of man she can one day look at the way she looks at Tyler.
                      I hadn't posted that, had I? It's been a looong day and I'm fuzzled.


                      • Despite knowing most of what happened in advance, the finale was surprisingly emotional. Some great stuff.

                        Hero moment was Klaus' decapitation of the witch! I could watch that and his "I intend to be your last, however how long it takes" over and over. I'm glad they are keeping the door open on this relationship. There's great chemistry between Joseph and Candice and they totally made me tear up here. What else did Klaus and Caroline talk about hanging around the school for hours? It's day when Klaus drops in and late night when they finally decide to get out of there.

                        Stefan's reaction to Elena declaring her love for Damon was so well done. Beautifully acted by PW and loved that they captured that moment as a close up on his face.

                        Nina kicked ass in the Katherine/Elena fight scene. That sigh Elena let out when they were both down on the floor summed it all up "it's been a long season and I need a f**in' holiday".

                        Damon/ head/heart is all over the place on this. I kind of hated that when she finally admits she loves him, it's layered with anger. Is she mad at herself or Damon saying that this "will prove to be the worst" decision that she has made. She doesn't have to choose him, but yeah, yeah, this is tv. As for the sire bond, when exactly did that get broken? Was it when she turned off her emotions or when she turned them back on?

                        I don't care about Bonnie. The witches and how they can conveniently have all kinds of powers and cast spells willy nilly is too random. Which brings me to Silas coming back to life because Bonnie is dead. I think there's some fuzzy logic here from JP and team. Help me out if I'm missing it. In Silas/Elena's exposition, it's explained spells are bound by nature. Check. Nature demands balance for spells to work. Check. So when Bonnie cast the spell to turn Silas into stone, something else needed to happen then. A quid pro quo to satisfy nature's rules. Sort of like when they wanted Klaus's hybrid heart to stop beating, Jeremy's human heart needed be stopped as well. Bonnie's life-force wasn't changed when she cast the Silas spell. Her death shouldn't undo the spell. Spells can't merely be tied to the life of witches that cast them or everything else falls apart, like Damon's and Stefan's daylight rings, or the tomb spell after Emily Bennett dies. Same goes for Elena's daylight ring which Bonnie made.

                        These spell loopholes are about as annoying as the spells themselves, at least the way the writers use them whenever they are in deep shit and don't know how to pull themselves out. The writers can basically back themselves out of anything they've set in motion in the past.

                        Lexi and Alaric together on the other side of the veil is a happy thought. Rebekah and Matt frolicking around in Europe is too. I guess Rebekah has access to some serious cash or else she's going to be busy compelling a lot of folks. It should be fun watching Damon and Jeremy live together while Elena is off at college. Who will be the adult out of those two?

                        Human Katherine is actually intriguing to me, mostly because I'm interested to see how Nina/directors/writers will flesh her out. Nina has been so many shades of this entity: human Elena, vampire Katherine, human Katerina, vampire Elena with emotions, vampire Elena with no emotions, vampire Elena pretending to be Katherine, vampire Elena with only hate..geez. Each version was distinguishable from the others..what will human Katherine be like?

                        Ha! I should probably call her Qet to distinguish between you two.
                        I thought you'd discovered my abilities.

                        Hopefully 2424GApeach will continue to provide trashy reading this summer.


                        • And apparently Ian Somerhalder uses a flat iron on his hair.

                          ETA: Just rewatched the ep and getting closer to figuring out why that Damon/Elena scene bugged me. Ian sucked. It was just a weird way to interpret those lines. I don't know if it was Marco Siega's direction for him to be a dick, but what could have been intimate and soulful turned out awkward and angry. I'm still drinking the Ian cool-aid but he needs to regroup over the hiatus. focus on his acting and be better next season. His last 5 episodes were pretty shabby and his voice was shot to hell from allergies or illness.
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                          • While I'm at home with the flu and O is beaching it, thought I'd share this amusing bit from the Nian club. Her observation about the round brush is startling. How does one use a round brush and a flat iron at the same time? No wonder his hair is so f**ked.

                            Rooting for NIAN
                            After an excruciating couple of days during which the media has been buzzing over a potential NIAN split, I have had sufficient time to analyse some details and draw a conclusion.

                            Judging by some of Ian’s less-than-optimistic tweets recently, it would seem that he’s a bit upset, lonely, and off. Nina and Ian’s cordial behaviour toward each other at the CW Upfronts seems rather awkward, which is nothing short of alarming.

                            HOWEVER, if we were to look at the remaining evidence, I think we have ample reason to believe that NIAN hasn’t split, but that they may just be going through a rough patch. Ian was wearing Nina’s necklace at the BloodyNightCon in Belgium, and he did not confirm his new bachelor status -although he had plenty of opportunities to do so (aka when Nathaniel asked the audience who is single). Nina, on the other hand, has literally been wearing a ring previously seen on her ring finger, on the other hand. It might be a present from Ian or it may not be. What’s certain is that there are pictures of said ring on her ring finger, after which she switched it to the other hand! She’s been spotted wearing this ring frequently lately, including at the CW Upfronts. She’s also worn one of Ian’s infamous hats as late as two weeks ago. Moreover, Ian has been spotted out and about NYC today, shopping for female hair products. Now i know that Ian’s messy hair is picture-perfect all the time, but I highly doubt he uses a round brush to style it. What I do know is that Ian and Nina are staying at the same hotel, and perhaps Nina ran into some hair emergency that needed the speedy delivery of a round brush.

                            My conclusion is that, based on circumstantial evidence, Nian are perhaps either spending some time apart or taking a break from their relationship. They are both extremely busy and any normal human being would have a difficult time handling both a crazy work schedule, friends, family, and a full-time relationship all at once. Perhaps they both need a little breather to get their thoughts together and decide how to go from here.

                            So, calm down everyone. Nian have had a 3 year long strong relationship. They are in love. Ian considers Nina his soul mate, the one. I highly doubt a relationship like that can dissolve out of the blue. They are, however, only human. Allow them their space and privacy. If they had broken up for good, I would be absolutely certain that they would both confirm it officially, as they did when they got together.



                            • Okay, I want to snuggle with that post. The grasping straws! They are too slender for such robust hopes!

                              but what could have been intimate and soulful turned out awkward and angry.
                              I do think it was entirely on purpose and even written into the script. They've done plenty of intimate and soulful this season, and the best way to show that this time is different from the 'sire bond' times is to flip it around and uncover the anger and frustration inherent in the underlying situation. I actually liked the choice, tbh.

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                              Magnificent morning in Paris- Bonjour Paris how I love to be here!

                              ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 5h
                              "If we train our conscience, it kisses us while it hurts" Nietzsche
                              If he ruins Nietzsche for me, I WILL CUT HIM.

                              <------former philosophy major

                              Being dragged outside. Beach vacations sure do involve a whole lot of 'outside'.


                              • Just rewatched the ep and getting closer to figuring out why that Damon/Elena scene bugged me. Ian sucked. It was just a weird way to interpret those lines. I don't know if it was Marco Siega's direction for him to be a dick, but what could have been intimate and soulful turned out awkward and angry.
                                I LOVE how that scene went down. Damon alone staring into the fire (probably still a little pissed from Elena smacking the shit out of him) waiting for her to come tear into him again and tell him all the ways that he's wrong for her and how she only loved him because of the sire bond, so he beats her to the punch. He KNOWS what he should have done to make her happy (apologize, have taken the cure...basically be more like Stefan) but that's not who he is and he never will be and it pisses him off that what he IS isn't enough, but he gets it. I think he was honestly standing there waiting for Elena to tell him that she was choosing Stefan (again), or at least choosing not to be with him, and he's going to make her choice a little easier on her by being a dick. And I loved the look on Elena's face when she realized that the yelling and the anger was him trying to let her go.

                                I feel like intimate and soulful at that moment would have been just wrong for them and the people they are and what they had been through together. This fit them perfectly. And that SONG!! Linda was right, it was perfect.
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