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  • Originally posted by ophy View Post

    Beeksus. And the FFers think she wouldn't spend $1500 on a ring for herself 'because she's not a material girl'. Yeah right, she ain't. If that is representative of her bikini wardrobe for that trip, she brought what? $4 - 5k in bikinis, bags, shoes, sunglasses and maxi dresses on a vaca that prob cost her $15k+ (depending on how much/whether or not she paid for Ash and Alex's portion and if they flew coach or first).

    But the idea that she might have bought herself a couple of tiny diamond bands is somehow ludicrous.

    I wonder what life is like inside their tiny little brains. Must be excruciating to think so narrowly.
    If there is ever a time to buy 500 dollar bikini's now is the time in Nina's life . First off I think they clearly have no idea how much Nina makes per episode, and as for not being a material girl, her quote was mostly about someone buying her love, as her most thoughtful presents haven't been materially based , or that's at least how I took it! That fact that she stayed at the Four Seasons in Maui and W in Thailand negates that she doesn't enjoy and will pay for luxury. I know someone truly backpacking in Asia right now and their hotel rooms ie hostel like dwelling run about 14 -15 dollars a day!

    I'm pretty sure that tweet will send the THer's into a worse tailspin!


    • They don't have time for any extra tailspinning, because Peach stopped by Ian's Love Life and was cryptic and now they are running in circles.

      I never said Ian was dumped. I said he was blindsided. I said the relationship was Nina's to loose and she lost it. It was never about when to get married and start a family. It was never about either one of them wanting to date other people. The problem went deeper than that, which is why I said they both amicably agreed to take a step back. Taking a step back does not mean Ian or Nina are ready to move on and get involved in another relationship. That is far from the truth. It does mean any kind of reconciliation Nina would hope to have with Ian, if there is one, will be proceeded with extreme caution on his part. The one thing Ian will always cherish is the friendship he intends to keep with Nina. She will always be a part of his life. He loves her and vice versa.

      Ian has been working non stop since the end of April and he needed a vacation. Believe what you want about Ian and Alexis, but I am certainly not on that "twitter" bandwagon. There are way too many gaping holes to even begin to believe that nonsense, especially from the girl that saw him at Heathrow Airport. There are so many inconsistencies in her story it is too ridiculous to believe. I noticed the picture she posted of Alexis on the plane (supposedly the same plane with Ian) was actually from June 2nd while Alexis was in flight to London via Air New Zealand. I'm not sure how Alexis and Ian would have even started a romantic relationship in London considering Alexis actually started filming on June 4th and her brother arrived on June 12th and stayed with her in London until June 20th. The Anomaly wrapped in London on June 25th. There is NO budding romance between Ian and Alexis. There only appears to be a lot of fan fiction regarding one. As for Alexis Knapp, I know nothing about her other than the fact she had a summer affair with Ryan Phillipe and gave birth to a daughter in 2011 as a result of her fling. The twitterverse has had Ian with a Russian girl, with Alexis and I suppose the whole Swedish Bikini team on the beach. He has been confused with Zac Efron and Tom Welling on several occasions. Now even in Atlanta, not far from where he resides, he is being confused with Andy Garcia, but that is only because Nina was at dinner with Andy, who plays the mob boss in "Let's Be Cops". I think I will stick with my second hand knowledge that comes from the person with the first hand knowledge. Hopefully everyone will like what Ian has been working on while in Lake Como......... He did say it was very cool and sexy.
      So the thing about the pic of AK on the plane is a misunderstanding on Peach's part. Airport Girl did *not* post that pic. Someone else did, and asked if the person in the pic was the same person Airport Girl saw, and she said she was pretty sure it was.

      I don't know what 'inconsistencies' she is pointing out, since she was wrong about the main one. She also does not address the *fact* that Ian was in Sardinia (according to Ian himself) and AK was in Sardinia (according to GPS info) at roughly the same time. (And yes, I realize Ian left for Lake Como and AK stayed behind in Sardinia, at least for a couple of extra hours according to the GPS).

      Thank You for reiterating there is no single person to lay blame on. Not Ian, Not Nina..... and certainly not an innocent bystander like Alexis Knapp. It would be nice to see a little empathy and compassion for what Ian and Nina have been going through this summer rather than unfounded accusations. A three year relationship of being together pretty much 24/7 and then finding yourself alone has got to be a difficult, painful and a heartbreaking situation. We shall see what happens once everyone is back in Atlanta and TVD begins filming again ....
      For whatever reason, Peach's posts started folks assuming Nina cheated, and that started to spiral. So she had to clarify.

      NO.......... Cheating was never an issue by either one of them. Marriage and children were never an issue, wanting to date another person was never the issue. I really don't want to get into this too deeply, but I will say that sometimes in a relationship what you thought was working it suddenly becomes clear that things are not what they seemed and while you step back from the situation, it is not clear if it would be any different in the future. It is not something you get angry about, it is more a realization that maybe you need to rethink the situation. In other words, you are "blindsided" because you never saw it coming..... , but there it is.
      Well, they spent a few pages going back and forth over WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN and so a mod stepped in.

      Guys I'm very tempted to ban all speculation about the break up from this thread b/c it seems that you all cannot do it w/out this thread spiraling out of control.

      This thread doesn't exist so that people can start the blame game & point fingers. While some may choose to believe certain sources here the truth is that none of us know the truth. The only people who know the truth are Ian & Nina.

      You guys need to learn how to agree to disagree. Now I will start the new thread in a bit. I think there needs to be a cooling off period though so I'm not in a hurry.
      Considering that ffolks were told to take all speculation about the break-up to Ian's Love Life, it's pretty funny that they are *now* being told they *can't* speculate about the break-up in there.

      Meanwhile, Nina is carefree on the movie set:
      jake johnson ‏@MrJakeJohnson2m
      @ninadobrev Nina was doing the Miley Cyrus dance on set. Ask her to make a video of it. I'm sure she'd love to do it. #shamelessplug
      It's kind of like the Portrait of Dorian Gray, right? Hundreds of strangers agonize over your relationship woes and debate it endlessly, so you don't have to. Fandom shouldered all of Nina's cares for her this summer so she could twerk and kiss pretty boys.

      Pics of Ian doing a shoot with a model:

      Um . . . did they ask him to do that with his hand? Smooching pretty blondes for a shoot is prob what he meant by 'cool and sexy'.

      And before anyone freaks out, the girl is Ana Barros, she's a Brazillian model and she has a boyfriend. So no speculating please.
      Apparently, that model tweeted that she was doing a shoot in Lake Como.

      And a very nice BTS pic of Ian on that set:

      Another pic of the model:

      I love the 'no speculating' rule on FF. So . . . none of the FFers are *actually* Nina or Ian. So the only thing one can ever say about anything is pure speculation. There is literally no other way to talk about these two people and the people around them *without* speculating about the bare handful of knowledge that we do have.

      ETA Oh, any ideas on what the issues are that 'went deeper'? Back to thinking that Nina somehow revealed to Ian that they are not on the same page with their commitment to idealism or lack thereof. That might seem really significant and fundamentally irrevocable to Ian.
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      • IMO, the only thing that "went deeper" were Peach's delusions that she has any insider information at all. She has a rich fantasy life, I think.


        • Maybe she did eat an endangered animal!

          Peach is a hardcore Ian stan, so I'm going to ignore everything she says. I like Nina more than Ian (since the split) but I like Damon a lot more than Vamplena.

          Going back to the Niansplit changing the end game - I stopped thinking Delena were end game when they fucked the day after Stelena broke up. Now I'm hopeful that the Niansplit will reduce Delena screen time. They are the worst.
          Bitter Shipper


          • Ja, ja, dey are joost da vurst, vatever.

            Nina, interviewed on her movie set by MTV, talks for five seconds about Katherine's 'big changes':

            She doesn't say anything interesting, but look at that tan! And the hair! They will prob make her dye it darker for TVD.

            ETA Finally someone snaps actual pics of Ian in Lake Como that don't involve a bike helmet from the back:

            ETA2 According to FF:
            The shoot was for Azzaro.. famous fashion and perfumes
            So it was an ad and/or commercial. Wevs, Ian.
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            • In the wee hrs of the night, Nina tweeted:
              Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev 6h
              Ignorance is bliss
              INTERESTING. Doing some thinking/finding out stuff at 2AM, Neens?

              She wrapped her movie much earlier in the evening.


              Cute pics. Sure doesn't look like a mopey Nina at that point in the day.

              And those pics make me wanna squish Jake Johnson's face and call him a cutie patootie. It's such a good face.

              Julie is in ATL, so maybe we'll get pics of her hanging with the gang, or some actual spoilers or whatnot. Table reads start 7/8, and production stuff starts 7/11 *I think*. So maybe Nina's tweet actually has to do with getting the first script of TVD from Julie and realizing just how many times she has to roll around in bed with her ex next week.

              julieplec ‏@julieplec 4h
              In Atlanta. @QuestionAnders is schooling me on flirting techniques. Should I be afraid? He seems quite knowledgeable.

              julieplec ‏@julieplec 4h

              David Anders ‏@QuestionAnders 10h
              At Rosa Mexicano in ATL with cast/crew/friends getting Pommies on the sly.
              Pomegranate Margaritas dummies.
              Get ur minds out of the gutter.
              The mods at Ian's board have officially decided that they will no longer allow ANY speculation at all. Anywhere. Not even in the Siberia thread (which has become quite active . . . now it's more like Vienna during the Belle Epoque).
              A Few Reminders:

              The conversation going on in the previous thread is over. Please don't start it up again. This is a new thread, fresh start. If you want to continue on w/whatever was being said take it to PMs.

              Due to what transpired in the previous thread we have decided that speculation, theories etc about what might've caused the break up between Ian & Nina will no longer be allowed in this thread. It seems to do nothing but cause arguments. Therefore going forward if any such posts are found here they will be deleted &/or edited.

              Be respectful of Ian. Remember that this is his message board. Also be respectful of each other. Varying opinions are welcomed here so if you cannot disagree respectfully then agree to disagree and move on.
              Can you imagine willingly posting on a board where you aren't allowed to talk about ANYTHING except cooing and squeeing and drooling over biceps and eyebrows? WHYYYYYY.


              • Can we get a video cam for the table read?? I'm guessing that should be the first time they see each other post break up? Unless one of them is all mature and requests a sit down prior to Monday.

                That Peach loses ground with every post she makes! She had to know that vague cryptic post would get those crazies talking. She's doing way too much, with breakdown of the conversation like she was on the other side of the room listening yet given no info at all. Either give real details or stop with the fan fiction. I mean unless Nina declared she's now a republican, joining the NRA and taking up hunting while driving a Tahoe fueled by diesel wearing a mink bikini what innocent but life changing info did she say. I guess she could say she doesn't want kids but even then at 24 most wouldn't take her that seriously enough to break up. Well I can think of one thing but that's a little over the top so nah.

                FF is too ridiculous for words but so are the posters, they cannot comprehend the concept of a difference of opinion. I want to know the average age of the poster they act is if a little negativity /realism to too much to handle. Grow up life is full of disappointments. They clearly don't know speculation is either. Gushing about impending the reunion is still spec given that Nian is currently broken up. The poster's crazy meltdowns and squabbles were the most interesting thing about that board, besides the real time stalking they do to check GPS on Alexis's instagram.
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                • Well I can think of one thing but that's a little over the top so nah.
                  Now you need to spill it for sure! Thankfully, here we can still speculate about the reasons for the breakup until we are boredy bored bored. Which may be soon.


                  • Well, this happened to one of my college roommates, she got pregnant, had an abortion, then had an emergency D&C and didn't tell the guy , they lived together, dating fours years, had discussed marriage after he finished grad school, a little backstory. Anyway as medical bills do, it came a few weeks later, and he was devastated! About it all but especially that she didn't trust him enough to talk to him about it. She said she didn't tell him because he knew he wanted a family and thought he might pressure her to keep the baby , which offended him more and it quickly spiraled out of control from there. So that will always come to mind when supposedly happy couple break up out of no where!

                    He paid the bills in house , like wrote out the checks, so that is why he saw the medical bill.
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                    • Oh, wow.

                      That's some excellent spec, actually, because it sort of fits EVERYTHING, even why Peach is being so cautious about saying too much and why she keeps stressing that nobody is really to blame. Ugh. I hope it's not true because of sadness reasons. We'll never ever know, though.

                      It's miles more likely than my secret over-the-top fringe spec, which was that Nina confessed to Ian that she had realized she was bi, and wanted to try dating/being with girls. It's ridiculous, obvs . . . I don't think Ian would break up with her because of that, he'd just find ways of helping her make that *ahem* happen discreetly. But it's what popped into my head when Peach mentioned a 'revelation' that made Ian think he didn't know Nina as well as before.


                      • Thanks for sharing. Yes, a little OTT! Maybe Ian saw Nina's credit card bills for all those bikinis (prices vary massively online; cheapest I found was $300 after tons of googling) which started a convo about the need to live more simply. He unveiled his plans to move into the Airstream with the cats and she admitted that she wasn't cut out for life without air conditioning, closet space and running water.

                        ETA: O posted just before me. Nah..Ian would like it that she's bi.
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                        • I thought about her being bi but that is such a Hollywood staple and I know Ian wouldn't care much less break up over it! Yeah my spec is very specific because I witnessed it! And literally they were done in like a weekend! Lol about Ian saying living in an Airstream because quiet as it's kept Ian likes the finer things too! Cause a 1000 dollar bamboo director's chair is definitely a luxury and he gave Nina one as a gift so I'm more inclined to think he went half on the bikini's cause he thought he would get to see her in them and in a way he did lol


                          • so I'm more inclined to think he went half on the bikini's cause he thought he would get to see her in them and in a way he did lol
                            Ha! Now you are just being mean.


                            • Last year we got *one* pic from the first table read, and I can't remember whose 'gram account it came from. I remember analyzing it to see how far Candice was sitting from Zach, because they were the ones who had just broken up. Simpler times! We might get nothing at all this time around.

                              SDCC is 7/18 - 21 and the Teen Choice Awards are 8/11.

                              Other than that, we are dependent on just what the cast is willing to share (and possible set stalkers). Hoping that Nina decides to carry on with her Who Say overshare well into filming.

                              Couple more pics from Ian's fragrance shoot:

                              Jarett Wieselman ‏@JarettSays 3m
                              #TheVampireDiaries season four hits DVD on 9/3. Features include five brand-new featurettes, a fan gallery, deleted scenes & a gag reel #TVD
                              I assume there will be a correlation between DVD release and when S4 hits Netflix Instant.

                              ETA2 in case anyone is wondering, there's nothing much to say FF-wise. Looks like the mod warnings have sunk in for right now, and so ffolks are taking the good stuff to PM. Lots of 'if you want to know what I think PM me' and 'hey so-and-so, I sent you a PM.' Which is entirely unfair, because WE HAD A DEAL, FF. Y'all promised to post the ridiculousness, and I promised to take your posts apart for (oh so gentle) mockery. You bastards.

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                              • Ian and Ana look gorgeous in that fragrance shoot. They seemed to be enjoying each other's company when the cameras weren't rolling. Ana's boyfriend is a race car driver...he proposed in May but my half-hearted google snooping hasn't turned up any news that they are actually engaged. Maybe she got cold feet and she and Ian are snuggling up in Lake Como. Now that would be cool and sexy.

                                The FF mods need to ease up..pretty soon there will be no 'discussion' (I use this word very loosely) and only one liners of positivity, smiley faces and survivor quotes.