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  • Looks like CandyCola is back in ATL, and she brought her man with her.

    Rainy day 4th with @[email protected] @thejram #jengasweats

    Candice Accola ‏@CandiceAccola14s

    Candice Accola ‏@CandiceAccola43s
    We beat @jenga... Celebrating the 4th of #Jenga Happy 4th all! Be safe
    So far, they are giving every indication of being the sort of celeb couple that might make things work. He appears to be very supportive (the Midori event!) and also has a flexible sched, if he can head out to ATL with her. Depending on recording and touring, he might even be able to base himself in ATL while she films, and that is awesome for their longevity. (pure speculation, I know nothing)

    Maybe love isn't dead after all!

    It's Ian's ass't and her hubby that they are playing bar jenga with. Dunno if it's the same place Nina plays.

    Speaking of Ian, another BTS vid of his Como shoot:
    Less porny than the first one, but you do see them just hanging out and chatting.

    Nina and her crew *are* off to another island locale:
    Riawna Capri ‏@RiawnaCapri 2m
    #planeview #livinglife #appreciation ❤❤❤ @juliannehough @ninadobrev @derekhough Photo by riawnacapri • Instagram

    Bahamas, maybe? I'm not clever enough to go CSI on that island configuration.

    The THers responded thusly:
    I'm sure this would be the last if the trips for Nina for a while.
    The next one will be with Ian and his camper or whatever it is.. Attached to that new Audi of his.. The one he can't wait to see..
    Dudes. It's just sad at this point.


    • Oh, forgot to say. The sire bond as a means to make Damon and Elena sleep together sooner? Really good job, writers. Not. Way to pander to the rabid Stelena fans.

      Unlike Ophy, I don't have a very good feeling about Candice and Joe. (And I love the Fray!) I don't know. They don't seem like a good match to me.

      I love when somebody else's crazy makes me look nearly sane.
      To my defence, they were really good fics writen by one of the best fanfic authors out there. (Most of them.)


      • I know nothing about The Fray, or about Joe . . . other than his divorce was kind of recent, and it sort of seems like Candice was his first gf after it, which makes me concerned that she's actually a rebound. But, it's a pretty looong rebound, if so. I will keep the faith! *lights a candle for them*

        Nina and her pals are in Turks and Caicos:

        jmehomez JamieLeigh Holmes
        oh and the girl with the bun? YES THAT IS NINA DOBREV FROM THE VAMPIRE DIARIES GUYS
        For those keeping track:
        In the past nine weeks she has gone to:
        Turks and Caicos

        All non-work related. Even if you assume she didn't go to a beach in Japan, that's still a WHOLE LOTTA SAND. At least 7 beaches and counting.

        Ian was still working on the fragrance campaign yesterday. I like how the stylist for the shoot is quick to tag this pic of Ian kissing her cheek as #friend:


        Ian and I having fun Rococo [email protected]#vampirediaries#vampire#friend #fashion#cool#kiss#ohmygawd#hair#rococo#style#fun# relax#work#tired#iansomerhalder
        On her 'gram, she has another friendly pic with Ian and other pics of Ana as well as a Russian model in Como with them, and pretty pics of Lake Como in general:

        This pic raised some eyebrows on Ian's Love Life thread:

        Ian and Ana sure did get friendly super quick, right? Brazilians are just touchy feely though, right? She did tweet something about missing her fiance back in Brazil so.

        Other pics of note:

        Ian papping the paps:

        They shared a coffee cup and a water bottle. The THers would have swooned over that sign of intimacy if it had been Nian.

        I like to think of this one as 'hey guys, make sure my ex sees these pics, okay?' wave:

        I go through a 66 pic gallery of Ian with a Brazilian beauty so you don't have to. You're welcome.

        The THers started to let themselves nestle right back into their happy denial places. They even revised thread history:
        I know, I know, got to keep positive, never give up, etc. Maybe I just dob't understand why he scheduled his hiatus this way. Maybe it's the rumors of him being in Italy with you know who. I want this hiatus to be over. I want the speculation, analyzations, and gossip over.

        A few weeks ago Peach told us everything was fine, then she says it's not, then she says maybe they're OK. Then the Alexis rumors. It's just too much. I'm trying to be positive, but it's not easy. There are too many uncertainties, and conflicting info out there.
        To her credit, Peach did not let this stand:
        No, I said Ian and Nina were fine when they left Atlanta after wrapping Season 4. I also said they were still trying to juggle their schedules as they were leaving. For most of the hiatus, I assumed everything was just fine and found an explanation for everything that seemed a bit off. However, I recently had a conversation here in midtown Atlanta and found out that everything was not okay with Ian and Nina. I shared some of that information on this thread. After that if I led anyone to believe Ian and Nina "may" be okay, that was not my intention. Like others on this Nian appreciation thread, I would hope that Ian and Nina could work out their differences upon returning to Atlanta. Considering they will be working closely together again I, like others, would like to believe that is possible. I do know Ian has every intention of remaining close friends with Nina and vice versa.
        Well, that deflated the happy balloon right quick.

        So basically they will stay good friends,they will work together and just not going to sleep together and are not going to live together.
        I don't know why but I am having a hard time understanding that situation.So if one of them start dating the other should be happy for their ex. I don't know if I am that evolved to understand the concept.
        Yeah, I don't know if you are, either. This is where linda could come in handy. 'They used to fuck, now they don't. Get over it.'

        Peach concurs that the idea that either of the two involved can stay friends is wacked:
        This has definitely been a very abnormal summer ... and yes .... that is their plan, or so I'm told ....
        But for some people . . .
        I have a hard time understanding everything about this hiatus. Nina and her pics of Moke, Ian explaining a random girl, Nina tweeting Ian related phrases and so on and Nina wearing the damn rings that give me a headache assuming they're from Ian since they're most probably wedding bands.
        If you're going to be just friends then why are you wearing the rings he got you? I don't get it. Like is this is a break up, a break, are they married?

        I can't even. I CAN'T EVEN WITH THE DAMN RINGS.

        But we don't know her rings are from him at all. Nothing has led us to believe that other than what the significance is of rings LIKE that elsewhere. But honestly, at this point, I assume they're NOT from him. It may not make sense any other way, but we don't know her. We don't know every person in her life. Just because it doesn't make sense to us, doesn't mean it's not that way.
        Thank you.

        But nope, not having it:
        Well, yeah but no other explanation makes sense. And I'm almost sure the gold one is a Tiffany wedding band
        I mean, who else would buy you a Tiffany ring? But I understand why people are sceptical. I just already made my opinion on it and so far I've had no reason to change it.
        Going to start calling you 'Tiny Brain'. Is that okay, Tiny Brain? Beeksus, Mary, and Jen Lindley, just STOP.

        As a side note, I may need to send out an APB on Mo. She (and Pro-Mo as well) has been gone for days and days. I don't know if it was the banhammer, or what. Could be that some of the likeminded took it underground. That's how splinter groups start . . . free speech gets oppressed on the board, then y'all start PMing, and then someone gets the idea to start a yuku board, etc. Hey, that's kinda how the nono got started, too! So fare thee well, Mo. Hope you found a happier home.

        In other places, Julie and Matt Davis are making me feel Juliesto-ish things again.

        Matt was hanging with Trevino and Phoebe at a 4th party in Hollywood:
        ErnestohoRengeKyo ‏@ErnestoRiley 12h
        Where's @julieplec ?
        And Julie was wishful thinking:
        julieplec ‏@julieplec 4 Jul
        Nights when you & friends talk about boys from the past and you realize you've repeatedly made the same selection errors since you were 16.

        julieplec ‏@julieplec 11h
        Headed to spend the 4th w @joshgroban, fireworks and some of my best girlfriends thanks to the sweet sweet generosity of @KatGraham.

        julieplec ‏@julieplec 9h
        I'd also bet large amounts of dollars that @joshgroban's violinist gets laid a LOT.

        julieplec ‏@julieplec 9h
        I'm just going to put this out in the universe: I would like to fall in love with a man who can sing or play the piano. Or both.
        Now I have to go do research to see if Ernesto can sing or play. Although, I am perfectly willing to also ship Julie with Josh Groban. He is an exceedingly funny man on twitter and they would be adorbs together.

        Josh Groban was playing at The Hollywood Bowl last night, so I guess that means Julie is already back in LA and only went to ATL for a couple of days.
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        • If you're going to be just friends then why are you wearing the rings he got you? I don't get it. Like is this is a break up, a break, are they married?
          She thinks they're married.


          • In fairness, Nina has been on honeymoon for 2 months.
            Bitter Shipper


            • She did tweet something about missing her fiance back in Brazil so.
              Date on that tweet was right before the ad shoot I think. I'm hoping Ms Barros has been swept of her feet. She will have some 'splaining to do or Ian is going to get his ass kicked.

              I go through a 66 pic gallery of Ian with a Brazilian beauty so you don't have to.
              Thank you for the was a nice diversion after a long shitty day. However, I will need to study all those pics myself to double check your work.

              Oh man...the ring. I'm feeling inspired to write a satire and parody of the Lord of the Rings with the THers and the ROUS.


              • DO IT.

                No seriously, do it. Especially if you have had a shitty day! Nothing turns a day around as well as some parody writing.

                So some Ian Love Lifers found those pics with Ana to be suspicious, but others swooped in to defend:
                Since she has a significant other, I am pretty positive there is nothing going on there and I think it is pretty disrespectful to suggest otherwise. Should Ian sit in a corner and not talk to anyone during a break? For all we know he could have been telling her about ISF or Nina. They are just pictures.
                I kinda doubt he was chatting to her about Nina, but I agree with the overall sentiment of thinking there's likely nothing there. She's engaged and everyone in the modeling world is touchy feely and friendly, especially when you add Ian to the mix. The man has to be in contact with another human being at all times or a bomb goes off, or a puppy dies, or something equally terrible happens somewhere in the world. Apparently.

                Nadia popped in to point out the obvious:
                Ok i am not implying that Ian is dating Anna
                but saying that thinking that they could is out of nowhere is double starndart again
                If we are not taking smth as putting her head on her shoulder or laughing together or being flirty or touchy feely
                than everything from 2009 till coachella 2012 with Nian we should not count as Niuan evidebca
                bc those Nian moments are exactly the same as here
                Aye, she's got a point. Of course, where she fails is in assuming that all of the 'Nian was a real couple in a real relationship' belief was based only on these kinds of photo interactions, when obvs it was not. But she is right in that ffolks did a whole bunch of swooning over moments like those when it was with Nina, and are dismissive when it's with anyone else.

                Most Rambly FFer EVER:
                so i am going to tell you guys a story lol kinda freaky how my brothers relationship is similar to theres and it might be what ends up happening with Nian my brother and his girlfriend started dating when they were 21 they broke up when they were 26 and the reason for it was because they simply did not want the same things and everyone expected something from that they simply were not ready to give they were friends and she had a promise ring from him when they broke up she took it off and started wearing it on a chain becuase it was a symbol of everything they had and the everlasting friendship they would share they always hung around they had the same friends did not help that there moms were best friends they were always around each other and a year later they were back togther and now there engaged and going to be married in september so with them it is a very similar situation they have the same friends and will be around each other all the time they go to the same awards and this summer showed they have no intention to not hang out with the same ppl so i am not losing hope till VD is over becuase trust me anything can happen ! sry i rambled to get to my point lol

                In case you are wondering, no. There wasn't a single punctuation mark utilized by the aforementioned Most Rambly FFer Ever.

                She's trying to take FF posting to new heights in free verse! Gotta give her props for that.


                • Nice of Torrey to confirm in a roundabout way that PDubs does have an instagram:
                  Creeps. @maggieday555 @[email protected] @paulvedere
                  Ha! He's going to need a haircut before filming starts.

                  There was another sighting of Ian in Lake Como (getting out of a motorboat with his 'entourage' according to the tweet), so I guess he isn't heading back to the States today.

                  Three of the best pics of Ian and Ana hanging out made large:

                  Anyhoo, let's check in with our ffaves:

                  It sounds like they possibly have issues that they both need to work out, together. They need time to sit down, and really talk about what's bothering them, what needs to change, where they go from here, etc. They just haven't had any time together. Talking over the phone, skype, e-mail, twitter, etc, it's just not the same. They really need to be in the same place, and the same time, just the two of them, together.

                  Yes, a possible summer fling would probably jeopardize any chances for reconciliation. It doesn't paint him in a good light, and does make him seem very irresponsible, immature, disrespectful, and uncaring. After 3 years, you would hope that he would be a lot more respectful toward Nina.
                  Okay! That bastard! How dare he date anyone else or look at anyone else or talk to anyone else but NINA (the girl he is no longer dating). You belong to the person you used to date FOREVER.

                  That's some good cray there.

                  From an Ian's Love Lifer who is tired of the THers coming to their thread to castigate them for linking anyone to Ian except Nina:
                  I will ask the same question thought. People from here with different opinions do not come into the Nian thead to moke you or anything. Why don't you do the same? It's simple as that. You hope for a reunion, ok that is understandable, no one canes there to moke you or force his opinion on you. Here we want ian to have fun. We don't care if its with Nina Alexis Ana a man we just want ian to have fun and we are being moked for that? You are more than welcomed to post here, it's democracy after all but all I see is bashing ian if he moved on or mokeing of poster who have other opinion about nian.
                  And yes no one knows what the future holds. They may be together again they may not. It's their life to live. Can we respect opinions here?
                  STOP MOKING THEM. Seriously, I thought we were done with that poor cat? Why drag Moke into all of this?

                  A THer responds:
                  I don't think anybody is mocking anybody here.And I don't think anybody is against Ian looking relaxed and happy because he certainly deserve it after this busy summer.
                  i just have a little hard time when people are trying to translate innocent moments into something romantic with any woman who is not Nina.
                  All I said that is disrespectful to hope that Ana will have a thing with Ian while her boyfriend is also there.
                  I can not say a thing what transpired before NIan got together.I didn't start following TVD until mid 2010 just around the time Ian and Nina allegedly started dating and Ian was already single.
                  The only thing I remember about Megan is the middle finger she showed to some papz and frankly that didn't leave a very good impression on me.
                  Oh, Judgy McJudgerpants, you do know Ian's D doesn't belong to Nina anymore, right? You must by now. YOU MUST.

                  A Megan defender leaps in:
                  It wasn't the best I agree. But fans have called her names and trashed her car. In her position I wouldn't be a saint too. (It's the explanation I have for that in my head. I may be wrong)
                  And another Love Lifer defends Megan:
                  though i remember Nian fans screaming after the ceremony that Meghan is an old cow who should back off from Ian bc he is meant to be with Nina. So i would throw more than a finger to fans and to paps
                  Yikes. I'd heard that people were really hard on her, and that Ian had to plead with the whole damn world to leave her alone, but I hadn't heard about the 'old cow' accusation. (I *had* heard about her car being trashed, but not any details about that). Poor Megan. She's far better off without the crazy that goes along with being Ian's girl.

                  Hoping that the THers and the Ian's Love Lifers will end up having an all out brawl on the boards. THAT WOULD BE MAGNIFICENT AND I DESERVE SOMETHING NICE.

                  I love this Love Lifer's insight into their own psychology:
                  I just realized I might be "rebounding," by the way. Heartbroken after deciding to believe Nian is no more, I'm throwing myself into a series of speculative relationships for Ian. Stormy, brief summer flings to keep the pain away.
                  Just lovely.

                  Nadia gets poetic as well:
                  Actually for my taste it would be awesome to see Ian with a girl looking like - "Italian couple" - in a meaning that she is tall, slim and blond, misleading cold charm and near is hes a little less tall as her, dark, with a grace of a Panther, with boiling passion in him.
                  They way the chose a mpdel to pose with him in Italy - it is 100000000% WIN
                  bc of how Holy mother of the sweet F!#$ch they look together

                  (not implying cheating but if she would fall for ian and would fight for his love THAT i would love to watch)
                  If a tall blonde Brazilian beauty shows up in ATL to fight tooth and nail for Ian's love, I WILL CRY MY JOYFUL TEARS.

                  Not (just) because of the dramz, but because it might give Nina the kick in the pants to fight back.
                  Last edited by ophy; 07-05-2013, 08:16 PM.


                  • STOP MOKING THEM.
                    I laughed hard while reading about moking people. This sort of brilliance would have made an awesome bit on Seinfeld.

                    Not (just) because of the dramz, but because it might give Nina the kick in the pants to fight back.
                    Fight back so she can win Ian back, or fight back just for the spectacle of it all? I think if he foolishly let's her back in, she'll bust his heart into tinier pieces next time around.


                    • Fight back so she can win Ian back, or fight back just for the spectacle of it all?
                      I don't even know anymore, to be honest.

                      As Elena would say, I don't know what I want!

                      Alexis has left London to go film a different movie in Canada. From her tweets, I'm 99% sure she's not traveling with her baby, so does not sound like she brings her kid along to her film sets. So much for the Love Lifer's fantasies that Ian met the kiddo. They had a whole Happy Family thing going on for awhile, with some even speculating that they brought the kid to Sardinia with them. *sigh*

                      She is definitely going to SDCC.
                      Alexis Knapp ‏@AlexisKnapp 19h
                      @BadAstronomer hey there! See you at comic con?

                      Phil Plait ‏@BadAstronomer 19h
                      @AlexisKnapp You better. We need to get sushi.

                      Alexis Knapp ‏@AlexisKnapp 19h
                      @BadAstronomer Damn straight! I might dress up again mwahaha

                      Phil Plait ‏@BadAstronomer 19h
                      @AlexisKnapp I’m OK with that.

                      Alexis Knapp ‏@AlexisKnapp 19h
                      @BadAstronomer you won't recognize me that's for sure!!
                      So she might be going just as a participant, not as a panelist.

                      This should add a little zing for SDCC watchers.

                      Couple more pics from Paul and Torrey's cook-out:

                      I suppose this means they are in LA. I thought perhaps they were in Jersey with family -- but Torrey tweeted a pic of their dog, and I doubt they brought Beau to the NY area with them.

                      Next stop ATL for everyone . . . table read on Monday.

                      I'm nervous for everybody.


                      • I love that Dims, driver of the Beek board bitter bus and major Beek/KH shipper, is a Delena/Nian stan She is certain Nian will be back together as soon as they spend time together.
                        Bitter Shipper


                        • Oh, beek! I knew her username was familiar!

                          It's the same Dims? Too funny. Have we already had this convo?

                          <--- piss poor memory

                          I'd say 90% of the THers are pretty convinced that Nian will find their way back together once they start filming again. (And I'd say I'm at about 70/30 that they might be right -- without knowing why they split, it's hard to give good odds, though.)


                          • The Saturday sched for SDCC was released and already Plecverse fans are annoyed.


                            "The Originals Special Video Presentation and Q&A" (1:00pm - 2:00pm, Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront): From the executive producer of The CW's #1 series and Comic-Con fan favorite The Vampire Diaries comes The Originals. Join executive producer Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries) and series stars Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries), Daniel Gillies (The Vampire Diaries), Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries), Phoebe Tonkin (The Vampire Diaries), and Charles Michael Davis (Switched at Birth) for a special video presentation followed by a Q&A.
                            "The Vampire Diaries Special Video Presentation and Q&A" (4:30pm - 5:15pm, Ballroom 20): Series stars Nina Dobrev (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Paul Wesley (Roll Bounce), Ian Somerhalder (Lost), Candice Accola (Juno), and Kat Graham (Honey 2) join executive producers/writers Julie Plec (The Originals, Kyle XY) and Caroline Dries (Melrose Place) on stage for a video screening and Q&A session.
                            Shorter: TheOriginals panel will be on Saturday 07/20 at the Indigo Ballroom 1:00PM
                            TVD panel will be in Ballroom 20 Saturday 07/20 at 4:30

                            Folks who had been going to SDCC for years say that you won't be able to do both, because the Indigo Ballroom isn't even in the same convention center . . . it's all the way over in the Hilton Hotel. And there will be lines and whatnot for either, so if you go to TheOG panel, you will miss your window of opportunity to line-up for the TVD one.

                            This is a no brainer. You go to the one with Daniel Gillies, duh.

                            I know they are showing the expanded version of the backdoor pilot at TheOC panel (not to be confused with the *brand new* pilot we will be getting when the show premieres in October) but I don't know what the video presentation for TVD will be. I doubt they will have very much new footage at that point.


                            • Ian's dad posted this at the other board yesterday:
                              boy should be touching down in the deep south this and games(if they ever were?) are over...Lake Como experience wasn't too shabby (grin)...see where 50SOG is to open next fall which - I am thinking - will preclude Ian being a serious candidate, regardless of wishes of director/writer and anyone else, because of his Vampire Diaries shooting schedule..
                              Good news on Fifty Shades, definitely.

                              TH roundup:
                              Nina has been twitter silent since July 4. I guess she could be heading home tonight or tomorrow morning. Like someone said yesterday, they could always meet up at the Atlanta Airport tonight. You never know!
                              Airports! So romantic! *swoon*

                              Especially ATL, which is a vast nightmare maze. *double swoon*

                              The better question is since Ian still officially lives at Nina's loft how fast can he get home to Nina and the cats and their great big, gorgeous bed.
                              I think it is probably a good thing if she isn't there tonight because I think Moke, Lynx and Thursday would probably scratch the crap out of her to get to their daddy. LMAO
                              Ian and Nina are being very quiet about where they are right now. Secret rendezvous? I can only hope
                              We're back to being idiots, I see.

                              Pics from Turks:

                              Nothing from Nina, though.

                              Which obviously means that the whole T&C trip is just a cover for meeting Ian surreptitiously somewhere. NIAN SECRET RENDEZVOUS!

                              Mo is back! She's in the Love Lifer thread with Nadia, talking about Alexis and SDCC.

                              It kinda sounds like she's going as a spectator and I don't think she's listed as being part of the panels or anything.

                              But yeah...if she's going i'm pretty sure they'll meet up. We most likely won't know about it, but I think they have already made a plan at some point during their trip.

                              No matter the situation with Nina and Ian, I highly doubt Ian will come back and they'll just run into each other's arms like nothing went wrong. Whatever went wrong between them Peach was pretty clear that it needs to be worked on, if they want to work on it, so that will take time and you know...neither of them may not even be interested in working it out for the time being.

                              Ian has looked extremely happy and relaxed most recently as does they may just keep things civil and friendly and let things lie as they are instead of going back into all of that relationship stuff again.
                              truth to be said i'm slightly afraid of comic con bc guys let's face the truth no matter what will happen it will be huge fuss and a lot of fights
                              1)As soon as Ian and Nina would be seen near each other those who hadn't move on will search under microscope how close they stand to each other and is there a ring on Nina's finger and will write A4 long post about 1001 sign that Nian made up and all went back to rainbows and unicorns. And will ignore the reality, the fact that Ian and Nina are just doing their job being near each other bc they are actors on the same show, and attending comic con is their job as well as flying together bc it is booked for them to fly so.
                              2)If Ian wont be seen near Alexis, which in reality doesn't exclude the fact they could meet up at some point (we saw a lot of pics Ian and Meghan leaving the event but no pics from event) privatly or even share a same room. ....(We will just as usually know nothing.) fans will come here screaming that they were right, Alexis is just fabricated rumor and Nian is still together
                              3)If Ian will be seen near Alexis.....ohhh the amount mourning, screaming, b!tchiness, hate toward Alexis,saying how Ian could do that, how could he rub Alexis in Nina's face.......

                              what ever Ian would do during coming con except having sex with Nina on the panel or being openly cold towards Nina (though in that case he would be bad too) fans wont be happy and fighting will start
                              Love it when Nadia decides to make sense.

                              THers keep coming into the Love Life thread to protest the posts and mock (moke?) Nadia because she is still not convinced that Ian and Nina were very serious and doubts that they lived together . . . and Mo is not so gently showing them the door.

                              And yes you are absolutely correct that discussion about Nina does fit into the love life thread but it's not always going to be positive discussion and there are people who have negative views on the outlook of the nian relationship. So coming in here and crying foul and saying that Nina and Ian beliong together (and i'm not saying that's what you're specifically doing at all) is basically setting everyone up to get into a fight.

                              I have noticed more and more that there are people who have come into this thread with the intention of mocking posts, or starting arguments and are basically trolling which I think is wrong since there are plenty of people who don't and have been told not to post in the tweethearts thread because their views don't match other's views and it starts fights. So I think it's just common courtesy for the people in the TH thread to stay out of this thread unless you're prepared to read some things you don't want to read and not freak out about them That's my only point....
                              And she's totally right. Don't exile people to Siberia and then invade Siberia and get huffy about what's going on in there. Stand your ground, Mo!


                              • ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 16m
                                Wheels down,feet on American soil!An [email protected] experience;3 continents,8countries in 2.5months-thank you world for being so good to me
                                Ian's back in the US of A. His tweet is very similar to Nina's when she landed back in ATL. Ian beat Neeners by 3 countries but Nina hit 3 continents (I only counted 2 - Americas and Asia) in 16 days.

                                The THers are in a frenzy of anticipation I'm sure. Nadia is a bit of a bully. I don't understand why she's even on FF. She seems to hate that people have thoughts and hopes and want to express them.