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  • Cherrix posted a casting notice:
    VAMPIRE DIARIES (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) is looking for extras to work Wednesday July 10th, Thursday July 11th and Friday July 12th in Covington, GA. Age 21-55! If available email recent photo, include name, age, phone, height, weight, all clothing sizes, (including shoes) and make, model, year and color of car to: [email protected]; MUST LIVE IN ATLANTA AREA: SUBJECT LINE: "COLLEGE" -- PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS
    Filming at a fake college set! That's awesome that filming is starting up again so soon. And a big extras casting call might mean some info and intel will get leaked. There's gotta be a whole bunch of potential extras willing to stare hard at every Nian interaction for the good of social media.

    Nadia is a bit of a bully.
    Nadia is 75% oblivious bully person and 25% sense-making about fandom responses. It's like she has the one good insight, but it's buried 'midst a whole lotta cray.

    I don't understand why she's even on FF.
    I don't understand why *anyone* is on FF.

    So it's ATL Ian went back to! There had been spec that he would go home to Louisiana first, although I don't know why anyone thought that. Maybe Robbie's use of 'deep South' confused them.

    ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 1h
    Beautiful, wet, and thoughtful summer day in Georgia...
    Can't tell y'all how glad I am that both participants in this summer's best dramz (shut up, linda) are (soon) back in the same city.

    Leftover pics of Ian and crew in Lake Como (courtesy of Nadia):

    Neens should be heading back today.

    Mo has really found her home in the Love Life thread . . . she even got some props!

    I love your posts [user name redacted] you always seem like the light of reason and sanity in what is, at the moment, a crazy nian world.
    That's nice, right? Good for Mo. Ffolks actually talk to her in there, instead of talking around her and then complaining about her to the mods. I'm glad this is working out better.

    She's still having to fight to keep the TH invaders out, though:
    Like seriously I feel like i'm now involved in some sort of street war between two gangs...this is just ridiculous...if you don't want to read posts about the Nian relationship or about Nina that may not be all rainbows and unicorns and you can't take another POV that differs from your's maturely and responibly then don't come into this thread.

    Just leave this thread be and stay in your postive happy bubble about Nian...this thread is where you banished most of us so don't come here to start drama.

    The 'Thanks!' was a nice touch.

    The mod is not pleased, however:
    This thread is dead so I'm gonna start a new one. You guys need to let the moderators do the modding here. Instead of calling someone out on the board if you see rules being broken PM a mod.

    I don't know why I have to repeatedly ask you guys to play nice or just agree to disagree it's not that hard. This is not an appreciation thread therefore everything does not have to be all positive all the time. Different opinions are allowed from both sides. Once again if you cannot disagree w/each other in peace then take it to PMs or drop it altogether.

    I'm also pretty sure I posted at the beginning of this thread that the break up talk needed to cease b/c it does nothing but lead to arguments as evidenced yet again by the decline of this thread.
    Yeah, as soon as they started to go 'round in circles about whether or not both Ian and Nina had random hook ups this summer, I knew the mod was going to bring down the hammer. It's very puritan in FF. Blech.

    Wish it really would turn into a brawl . . . but anyone who said anything interesting would just get banhammered.

    Some very convoluted logic from a THer . . .
    If they really avoid each other maybe, between them is not all as bad as it seems or very bad.

    ETA Poor Paul is going to be filming on his movie in NYC til the last minute, I guess.

    Paul Wesley ‏@paulwesley 2h
    Sorry for the radio silence. Back to NYC today to finish up my film. Very excited to share news about it soon.
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    • DH tweeted that he was delayed at Newark, so it sounds like they have all come back to the States now. Nina's flight would have been only a couple of hours, so she should def be in ATL back at the loft.

      Ian is going to bed . . . but where?
      ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 6m
      Jet lag-its real. Fought the good fight but now succumbing To it-off to Vampire Diaries set tomorrow.Goodnight beautiful world...
      The THers think they know! *wink wink nudge nudge*

      I believe that Ian and Nina's reunion is going to literally be earth shattering. Poor kitties.

      I know that whatever drama real or imagined by the paparazzi and the fans NIAN have both had a happy and fulfilling summer for the most part. I mean just look at all the happy tweets we have gotten. People who are unhappy don't usually sound happy or look that happy. JMO though.
      Here's a wild and crazy thought, but does anyone think that maybe they both flew back to Atlanta last night, but just didn't tweet about it? Like maybe they were real sneaky, landed around the same time, or close to it, met up after going through customs, and went home together?

      Ian could have gotten home last night, but didn't post his tweet until this morning. He was probably tired, you know, jetlag and all?!
      Feeling any earthquakes in the Atlanta area yet? LOL
      Well, not yet. I live about 4 hours away from Atlanta. So maybe they have progressed past the earthquake to euphoric bliss already.
      Fingers crossed that at least they get a lazy night together and maybe they can make their own fourth of july fireworks. Now that would be awesome.
      I am imagining that Ian will get his best night of sleep in months in Nina's arms.
      Looks like Nina and Ian are gonna go to bed now. LOL
      ok this is for fun but one can hope, Nina comes home and see's Ian asleep on the couch so she quietly closes the door and puts her stuff down. She comes closer to notice Moke and Thursday asleep on the top of the couch and Jama-Lynx on the floor right beside him. She sneaks up close to him and lays right in front of him and puts his arm around her and falls right to sleep. enjoy

      I think you guys are gross, and that's something coming from me.

      Ian also posted a screenshot of his inbox numbers . . . over 23k emails. Yikes.

      I think Carina is right here:
      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 4m
      @iansomerhalder delete. start fresh. if it's important they'll call again.
      You couldn't possibly get through that many. But! Ian does have a personal ass't . . . good luck with that, JRam!
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      • Hee. That roundup made me vomit in my mouth. Super gross.


        • Nina was in Toronto last night. Must have been giving Ian time to move his stuff out
          Bitter Shipper


          • Table read today! (in theory)

            Ian has lost his beekdamn mind.

            ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder 4m View translation
            Monday Monday, ba da da da da So good to me... Ba da da da da da
            (yeah, I know . . . it's a song)

            So the THers were continuing on their gross little way last night.
            I think maybe Nina ditched her phone for the day to spend time with Ian.
            They need to practice since they have been apart for 2 months.
            Oh yes of course. And practice makes perfect.
            And then the bubble burst, because Nina did not go straight to ATL after all . . . she was in Toronto last night. WHAT. HOW DARE SHE NOT BE ACTING OUT OUR FANTASIES OF A NIAN REUNION IN ATLANTA RIGHT THIS SECOND.

            @PaulaBrancati: Never had more fun in a parking lot! @ninadobrev @SHANNONKOOK

            @ShahanSaeed Missed out on seeing @ninadobrev tonight at supermarket. Lucky @cdemontri =(
            Aww, nice pic. That's Alex, her brother at the end there. Shannon Kook is a former castmate from Degrassi, and according to IMDB, he used to crash on Nina's couch in those days all the time. Paula Brancati is also a former Degrassi castmate.

            Nope, we are not going to believe this, photographic evidence be damned.:
            That girl that they are carrying really doesn't look like Nina though. The hair is too light and where did her bangs go? And if she is in Toronto, was she there all weekend and didn't go to TC or did she go to TC on Thursday and Friday and then Toronto yesterday and today and then flew back to Atlanta today? I am very confused, the only good thing I can say is she is home now, since she has to be at the tableread tomorrow just like Ian does.

            Edit: Okay that one tweet said something about seeing her at the supermarket, so is it possible she went home to Atlanta and then had to go grocery shopping and ran into her old friends at the market?
            DUDE. (Supermarket, btw, is a bar in Toronto: )

            Also, Paula Brancati apparently tweeted at Nina a few days ago that she would see her soon.

            So it might not have been totally spur of the moment. Weird timing, sure.

            Here's some harsh reality from a ffellow FFer:
            She was in Turks & Caicos Thurs-Today. There were pics of her there and sightings all the way up to 3:00 am Saturday night. She went to Toronto today. She hasn't been to Atlanta. And of course that's Nina. It looks like her and her friend tagged her in the pic.
            Thank you, Harsh Reality Girl! I am sure they will all be happy with your fact based contribution.

            Not so much.:
            She has tagged people in pics before that were not where she was and Jules has done it too. You tag them because you want them to see the pic.

            The guy standing next to her is definitely not Alex. Wrong build, wrong face.

            And do you really think she is going to blow off going home tonight when she has to be at work tomorrow? They have changed the start date of filming from Thursday to Wednesday, do you think she is going to be excused from not being there when she is the lead actress in the show? "Oh it's okay, Nina can stay on her vacation, we don't need her!" Yeah sure.
            i would think nina would be professional and nit to go to work sleep deprive.
            Cranky about this, are we? (and that is totally Alex -- are you effing blind?)

            Harsh Reality Girl lays it on even harsher:
            I just posted what I saw on twitter. Don't you think you're a bit over-invested in all of this when you get so angry when things don't go as you think they should? And all the denials about it not being Nina, she's not there, etc? Wow.

            You said the same thing about Julianne tagging Nina in Cabo (you ferociously claimed Nina wasn't there, Julianne just wanted her to see the tweet) but she was there too!!
            Nope, still not having it. No sirree bob.:
            I am not angry. It is a known fact that we have been told that the table read is tomorrow (maybe it isn't until the afternoon, Idk), we know that they are not going to allow their leading lady to "skip" the table read so that she can continue her vacation. I wish people would use the brain that whatever creator they believed in gave them before posting something on this board. If you blow up that pic I saw someone who's hair was too light to be Nina and who didn't have bangs like she does now. If you wish to believe otherwise that is up to you.

            It finally dawns on them that maybe Ian moved his things out today, and that's why Nina stayed away. OH NOES.

            But no, that's JUST NOT POSSIBLE.
            Yeah, but like I said he seemed too chipper in his tweets. The prospect of moving doesn't sound too joyful to me. I'm not panicking just yet lol. Maybe he had a costume fitting or something? If there was a tableread today, everyone would have to be present. No one's gonna excuse Nina because she's on vacation. Paul might be an exception since he's still shooting his movie. That leads me to believe that the tableread is just not today or at least not in the morning.
            Yes, Ian was *too* chipper in his exhausted sounding tweets yesterday about jetlag and the Asiana crash and dogs dying after being left in hot cars and how overwhelmed he was with his 23k+ inbox. WHUT. Do y'all know what *chipper* means?

            This is what *chipper* looks like:

            This is what Ian sounded like in his tweets:


            As a side note, it's really amazing how many of these peeps have been able to wrap themselves back up in their denial bubble despite ALL OF THE FUCKING EVIDENCE. I honestly thought we would have moved onto the acceptance stage by now, but they keep circling back. Their perseverance is inspiring. Harness that, and you could power all of the LED lightbulbs in North America! (get on that, Ian).

            Bottomline, we are back to not knowing for sure if the table read is going to happen today since Paul was filming his movie in NYC yesterday, and Nina was bar hopping in Canada last night.

            (but filming starts Wednesday, so . . . )


            • I can't believe those FFers. Really.

              I hope we have some real info soon.


              • According to FF, it looks like Nina was getting on a flight that arrives in ATL at 11 (30 mins from now).

                So she spent only one night in Toronto.

                Jonah Recchia ‏@YokedRecchia
                Saw @ninadobrev at Pearson, She's prettier in person #TorontoGirl #VampireAtTheAirport

                DinaJDinaJ ‏@Dsaurjv 49m
                @savyferns @Loreica Just saw u guy's fav actress Nina Dobrev, I just checked her in
                Our awkward Monday table read dreams are back on!

                They started sniping at each other in the TH thread (as they always do when they get news that doesn't match up to their Nian hopes and dreams) and this plea for peace was posted:
                Ok.Can we stop here?Everyone can have there opinion.Somone believe Nian is still together some believe that Nian split up.OPINIONS.
                No. Not 'opinions'. You are completely miscategorizing the phenomenon taking place. Differing 'opinions' = A) I think Julie Plec is a very clever writer who has created characters that I enjoy very much and B) I think Julie Plec is a hack who can't write her way out of a paper bag.

                In the TH thread, there are FACTS and there are FANTASIES. Not 'opinions'.


                However, I do approve of it for my own entertainment, so carry on.


                • It amuses me that people who lead relatively small scale lives can't fathom people who live bigger lives (and by big I mean expensive, global trotting).

                  They can't fathom that Nina Dobrev would buy jewelry for herself because most people can't really afford multi-thousand $$ items for themselves. The only expensive jewelry you get would be from a spouse (and maybe only a couple of times in your whole life). They can't fathom the plane hopping! And they can't fathom that Ian Somerholder probably doens't have to move his own things out of the apartment he used to share with his girlfriend. He probably did move some things out yesterday but very likely it was a small number of personal items. Other stuff? Well, he has people to do that shit for him. And so does Nina, which is why she has been traveling and living a pretty outlandish vacation life for weeks. She doesn't have to tend to boring shit. And so she doesn't.

                  It's pretty awesome to be rich and a little famous.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • This Prince gif is one of my favs and oh so appropriate for how I'm feeling about THer's this fine morning. No attempts during the entire hiatus were made by either party to see each other, move on please because they have for the time being. At least it was Toronto and not another beach! Ian has to be feeling like he was run over by a mac truck, he has constantly worked since he left Atlanta and he was up early tweeting! Nina's the one who looks and sounds chipper I mean all that frivolity in a parking lot! Can't wait till she hits the studio on Wednesday , I want juicy details!

                    Originally posted by isadora View Post
                    It amuses me that people who lead relatively small scale lives can't fathom people who live bigger lives (and by big I mean expensive, global trotting). .
                    THIS a thousand times! She has to make at least 30,000 per episode and the show is in it's 5th season, more than enough money to buy that ring 10 times!
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                    • The great thing is that they are filming campus scenes . . . so that should be outside, maybe? That means possible looky-loo pics leaking on twitter.

                      I suppose they might be shooting college classroom stuff in the studio on Covington instead, which would mean closed set . . . but just like the THers, I choose to be positive.


                      • Wetpaint is reporting that Zack Roerig (Matt) is fighting for custody of his two year old daughter, one that nobody was aware of, because the mother is in federal prison. Are any more legit sources reporting this?
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                        • INTERESTING.

                          TMZ has the story:
                          So does Hollywood Life:
                          The ‘Vampire Diaries’ hunk is in a vicious custody battle with the mother of his two-year-old daughter after she was sentenced to federal prison. He’s also seeking child support — do YOU think he should get it?
                          Zach Roerig, who plays handsome-human Matt Donovan on The Vampire Diaries, is dealing with his own off-screen drama after the mother of his child was arrested more than three times. The 28-year-old actor is seeking sole custody of their two-year-old daughter and asking for child support.

                          Zach Roerig Custody — ‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Seeking Sole Custody
                          Zach’s custody battle comes after the mother of his child, a woman named Alanna Turner, was sentenced to federal prison, according to TMZ. In legal documents the actor filed in Georgia in June, Zach asks to change the current custody arrangement he has with Alanna and seeks full custody of their daughter.

                          Alanna has been in jail three times, and is currently behind bars in a federal prison after she pled guilty to “various crimes,” according to TMZ.

                          Zach Roerig Seeks Child Support
                          Although Zach has had a successful career as an actor, appearing on Friday Night Lights and One Life to Live, he has asking Alanna for some child support for his little girl. It’s not clear what Alanna did for a living, but she lives in Atlanta, Ga., according to her Twitter.

                          Zach has kept his personal life mostly out of the spotlight, especially since his 2012 split from his Vampire Diaries co-star Candice Accola.
                          Totes legit. They only know this stuff because he filed public legal docs.

                          Kinda weird that he's asking for child support.

                          (and no, I don't think fandom was at all aware that he had a kid.)


                          • Peach:
                            Hey guys, please don't blow things out of proportion. Ian and Nina have had all summer to discuss how things will be handled once they are both back in Atlanta. Nina is not trying to avoid Ian, nor would Ian, out of respect for Nina, remove anything from the loft unless Nina was there too.... Except for his cats, Moke and Thursday, who are now with him. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Ian and Nina are not on good terms, although the "root of their problem" still needs to be addressed if they wish for a reconciliation. For all intents and purposes their break/break up was amicable. They will be interacting on a regular basis over the next 10 months .... which means anything could happen .......

                            If Nina takes anymore pictures of Moke at her loft, I would look at that as a good sign for a reconciliation. If Ian and Nina talk about a weekend getaway in the 22 ft. Airstream, I would look a that as a possible reconciliation. Ian should pick up his new Audi either this afternoon or tomorrow. Today is the table read for Season five, Episode One. I'm pretty sure the cast is required to be there, as well as the Director, possibly Julie and Caroline Dries, who will be taking over the day to day operation for TVD. TVD Filming begins on Wednesday.
                            Bolded the only things she is actually contributing among that thicket of words.

                            Once again, if Peach isn't saying what they want to hear . . .
                            who is this peach that you all that sure that he is telling the truth and know all about those things of ian and nina

                            because he cant make any statement even what he saying right now im not sure it is even true

                            because true friend of there would never comment on there life like all their friends been until now
                            especially that personal stuff like where they live there cats everything

                            who is this guy that he think he can say all this things

                            i dont think his really there friend or if he is there realtor or something he dosent have any right to comment on that personal things

                            even there family didn't comment about anything related
                            and even retweeted send loving messages and everything

                            so im not sure it that true and that i dont think is that believable

                            just confuse why you counting on him that much!!!!!!
                            Well, she lives in ATL, and knows some folks close to Nian, but you never know....
                            Unless someone followed Ian home from the airport, keeping an eye on him the entire time, never letting him out of their sight, how do we know where he's' living right now?
                            That is what I was wondering? LOL
                            And if they followed him from the airport and saw him moving the cats out, then where are our pics? Where is the tabloid article showing a pic of Ian with his cat carriers?

                            She was such a god to them all summer, and now ffolks won't even rush to her defense. Some of these peeps were mos def treating her like an oracle of nianity just a month ago. HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN. (for not enabling the fantasies of the tiny brained)

                            Speaking of having a tiny brain, I slammed the middle finger of my left hand in a drawer an hour ago and it's surprising just how much you need that finger for. Owie.

                            <----- dumbass

                            ETA The Love Life thread is dead because of the mod warnings, so Mo is back in with the THers . . . and she called them out on their shit immediately.
                            But everyone has believed in Peach this entire time and now everyone is questioning you know...either she's reliable or she's not it can't just be based on whether her posts are negative or positive.
                            AMEN SISTER.
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                            • It's so clear that Peach just speculates based on the information we ALL have. I don't get it. I could have written the same post (in a more succinct manner).

                              Nina's assistant could EASILY have delivered the cats yesterday. I mean, REALLY. Or a week ago. Or whenever. It's baffling how people read so much into so little. I mean, I LOVE doing that but I never ever assume My TruEnuf (TM: dieseldora) is the Real Truth.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Nina's assistant could EASILY have delivered the cats yesterday
                                For real. Either Jess or Erika could have brought the cats to the rental apt at any point in time. And no, the tabs don't stake out locations in ATL/Covington anyway. They never have. Expecting any of this to be documented is asinine.

                                You really don't think that the tabs would send cameramen to Atlanta to get pics of the "tension" surrounding them being back on set this week? The tabs are fully aware that everyone needs to be on set today to start production on s5. I am sure there are paps there now even if they are not there normally. US Weekly has pretty much been called a piece of trash by a lot of people in the last 2 months, you would think they would be doing their research this time.
                                Beek, you are dumb. STOP BEING SO DUMB.

                                Miss Dumb also has this for Mo:
                                Weren't you one of the ones who was doubting her word at the beginning of May when she came on here and said everything was fine? So why now that she is saying that things may not be all rainbows and unicorns are you believing everything she says? With that amount of whiplash that you are giving us it is amazing our heads are still attached to the rest of our bodies.

                                I am not saying that Peach has not given us reliable information in the past.
                                Mo was right to doubt Peach. Peach was wrong then. Now, Peach has admitted she was wrong, and is more or less right. So . . . are you criticizing Mo for being able to discern when someone is probably right by using reason and deduction? I don't understand, Miss Dumb. You are confuzzling me.

                                Peach explains the ATL pap situation for Miss Dumb and her dumb friends:
                                This is Atlanta, Georgia not Hollywood and not NYC ,,,, there are no paparazzi here unless you consider the Access Atlanta Entertainment section a tabloid, which it isn't. The Atlanta Police Department will not put up with paparazzi loitering around just to take a picture of a celebrity arriving or living in Atlanta. They would definitely be arrested. It is not worth the time and trouble that would ensue for a tabloid to come to Atlanta to cover Ian and Nina's love life. What happens in Atlanta will stay in Atlanta unless Ian or Nina want to put a story out there. The tabloids will continue with their stories and they don't care if what they report is true or not. Their job is to sensationalize their story and try to sell it to the public The paps will wait for the cast to arrive at LAX, which means there will be a Comic Con frenzy surrounding Ian and Nina.
                                She also clears up the misunderstanding about the pic Ian tweeted of Moke in 'his office' a week or so ago:
                                By the view outside the window, that picture of Moke in the recycling basket was NOT taken at the loft. That was definitely taken at Ian's "rental", which is where the larger ISF office is located and the place family members would stay when they would come to Atlanta..... except for Nina's mother and Ian's mother when they came alone. The mothers stayed at the loft with Ian and Nina.
                                Yeah, we'd figured that out, thanks.

                                I do NOT want them to chase Peach away at all. She is very funny to me.

                                Took too many acetaminophen for my smushed finger and I am looopy. Who gets loopy off of acetaminophen? that's crazy (I DO).

                                can't post gifs without that finger! noooooooooooooooooo. crying.