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  • Originally posted by isadora View Post
    OMG. If Damon was really dead? It would be AMAZING. In weird way, they keep HINTING at it with the endless "dead have to be really dead now!) and he wasn't at the upfronts.


    (seriously tho what if namaste was right? )
    Hmmm I'm affraid he is coming back though.. But it did all play out nicely as thought.. Stefbn dying the whole sacrifice etc.. Anyway happy Alaric is back.


    • I know I haven't posted a D/E vid in FOREVER AND EVER, but the this mash-up of mostly later seasons D/E with the 50 Shades of Gray trailer song was inevitable:

      50 Shades of Delena:

      The editing is actually really well done. The death of Steferine killed off most of my TVD shipping feels, but this is kinda hawt.

      I wish I felt like this about D/E still. *sigh*


      • This is fun. The cast answered show trivia at the 100 ep mark:

        They are all *really* bad at knowing their own show. This does not surprise me.

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        • S5 deleted scenes:

          Interesting stuff on there. I particularly liked the Nadia/Katherine scenes (with Matt Donovan!). Katherine nagging Nadia about her texting habits was so mama/teen daughter. Plus we learn that Katherine had an affair with a Traveler, and that's how she got knocked up with Nadia.

          I just miss Katherine so damn much. *sob*

          #LamperthineUnbroken <33


          • So, the new season starts tonight. I didn't even know. I almost canceled the recording to catch a Friends ep. I thought we were still in reruns!


            • Wow, do I not care about most of these characters anymore. I'm pissed at Stefan for not answering Caroline's calls! *sniff*


              Team Matt to be honest. He's the only one who makes any sense.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Yeah I think I'm done with this show.
                "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


                • Well, I'm not done with this show . . . but hoo boy, this was an unmemorable premiere. Remember just how GOOD the S3 premiere was? GAH.

                  Even the S4 premiere was really memorable.

                  I just finished watching the S6 premiere, and hardly anything made an impression. Um . . . Zach looked good in his fake cop training tshirt, I guess? That's all I got.

                  This does not bode well for the rest of the season at all.


                  • She loved Damon when he most like Stefan. That's nice. Ugh. This show and its nonsensical internal logic.

                    This episode was ridiculous. A tremendous Delena fan service flashback episode that bored me to tears.

                    Worst yet? Everybody on this show has become unlikable to me. I don't like Elena as a vampire. She's a whiny asshole. I don't like "moving on" Stefan who won't even return Caroline's calls. I don't like disconnected/tedious Jeremy. I don't like Enzo. The poor girl! Ugh, I just don't care about him.

                    I feel like Caroline is the only character who is both acting in character and is relatable to the audience.

                    What I did like: The Fells are back in business! Bwah!

                    I wish I were stuck in the 90s like Damon and Bonnie.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • You know, if you just start watching the show as though it actually IS a random D/E fanfic version of TVD instead of canon TVD, it almost works as decent entertainment again. Almost.

                      Well, starting to just expect that revisionism will become the norm from now on. Huzzah. If Julie wanted to deaden all my D/E feels, this sappy mawkishness is the way to do that.

                      I did feel Caroline's pain, though. Candice did a great job with that, and all things Caroline was very much in character. I also could see the parallels between 6.02 and 3.01. Not only did they harken back via obvious flashbacks, but in 3.01 we had:

                      1) Stefan gone, and Damon supposed to be looking for him
                      2) Damon giving up on getting Stefan back
                      3) Damon being forced to find Stefan because of a sad Elena
                      4) Stefan killing Damon's placeholder girlfriend to stop Damon from trying to get Stefan back

                      And in 6.02:

                      1) Damon gone, and Stefan supposed to be looking for him
                      2) Stefan giving up on getting Damon back
                      3) Enzo being forced to make Stefan try to get Damon back because of a sad Caroline
                      4) Enzo killing Stefan's placeholder girlfriend to make Stefan try to get Damon back

                      So I see how Julie was trying to be clever here, but not much of it really worked for me.

                      But hey, Trip Fell burning up the vampires! That I loved.


                      • Some Steroline feels by my favorite fanvid maker:

                        I seriously have more feels about this video than I have the show in forever.


                        • I actually liked the second ep! Things happened, feels were felt but the cavalier way people (women) keep dying is really, really grating.


                          • Yeah, Price Peterson mentioned that in his reviews, referring to the general attitude as 'nihilism'. *Everybody*, even Matt and Sheriff Forbes, our only humans, are way too okay with the casual killing and maiming of humans at this point. I get that it's because there's very little humanity left to the mains (or the show as a whole) -- but it's like whooosh, the heart of what kept the balance of dark and light and surrealism and realism is missing. We've tipped right over.

                            I don't hate the fact of Elena being a vampire, and I am on board with keeping her one . .. but only if they figure out how to bring back her love of humanity and humans again. The main main needs to have a moral center, and she just doesn't right now. It's like she replaced Love of Humanity with Love of Damon, and that's not a good switch. If handled properly, she should have been able to love both, but nooooope, guess not.

                            The show's moral center has shifted to Caroline, which is why Caroline feels the most relatable.

                            That fanvid! I was feeling it. Caroline is a super shippable character, and I can easily envision three different Caroline endgames I'd be happy with, but lawdy lawd, they need to explore Stefan/Caroline and give it a proper try-out.


                            • The meta of Elena (Nina) being the happiest party girl in the world without ever having been with Damon (Ian) is too funny! I love it!

                              So, why does Elena think she and Stefan broke up? How can they not answer that? I mean are we supposed to believe it's just because she became a vamp? The twisty-ness of her memories angers me. And it's weak bullshit on Vamplena's part, who, by the way, is seemingly incapable of handling grief as a vampire. But is totally okay with everybody killing humans who are BELOVED by somebody, amiright?

                              How is that in four months in Bamon have not bonded? They seem like they've been hanging out for about a week. They have the same non-banter and non-conversations they've had for years. I don't get it. Step it up a notch. Make it interesting.
                              Are they FINALLY going there with Steroline? JFC. I mean, I'm practically over it and they are finally acknowledging it!
                              Does Enzo ever not get caught by vampire hunters? LOL. Trip Fell is my new fave character. I'm Team Humans, even the psycho ones.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • WHO ARE THESE CHARACTERS?

                                Stefan is just dead inside, I guess? What? I don't get it. I also love how both Stefan and Caroline rolled their eyes at Elena's bullshit memory wipe.

                                And so vamp-Elena doesn't care about Stefan obsessively even though she forgot her love of Damon? I don't even like Stelena anymore! I don't even know what this show is.

                                Ugh, at least Damon was terrible in the flashback this week. But I guess somehow purgatory is redeeming Damon? Is he gonna woob after this story arc? I seriously just hate Damon. I didn't used to but I can't stand anything about his character anymore. The whole show pivots around him and it's boring as hell! Like somehow Stelena's relationship now hinges on Damon, too? Blech!

                                Damon defined Elena? Ugh. I just don't even understand it. I hate that she has to keep redefining herself in relation to Damon. That the show has to redefine her character over over to make Delena possible. I just hate like everything this storyline and they aren't even together but are still taking up the whole show.

                                WHY IS BONNIE STUCK IN 1994? She was an embryo FFS.

                                Was Candy Accola at one of her 27 wedding parties this episode? She really is the only character I care about. And Matt, to a lesser extent.
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                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.