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  • Did Damon really say its time to abadon ship before the Delena rain kiss or were my ears deceiving me? If so I find it hilarious.


    • He did!

      That's funny.

      Also funny:


      • I am OK with Elena not getting her memories back and Damon letting her go so she'll be happy even though the whole thing is stupid and contrived and so OBVIOUSLY a way to keep the actors from having to play the characters as in love. But if means we can finally move on to other storylines I'm fine with it.

        I loved everything Bonnie (I never ever thought I'd be saying that), and liked the Ric and Witch Doctor stuff. I also loved the ending with Damon finding the bear and the look on his face when he realized it was from Bonnie.

        As of right now Elena and her unattractive love interest, and Tyler and the blonde witch are the weakest links on this show for me.


        • The only thing that interrsts me is Steroline. Everything else sucks.
          Also, I think its ugh that the VD writers ever do something a) because fans demand it b) because of things that happen in actors personal lives. Yuck.


          • Also, what a weird thing for a fanbase to want. A rain kiss? WHY?


            • I am glad they did the rain kiss in a flashback, but it was stupid and so not important to the story at all. Also I too was shipping Bamon, something about they way those two interact could be interesting. I also thought it was horrible how they did the whole Stefan and Caroline thing, I mean really? I am really liking Bonnie's character this season. Also I think they need to leave Elena and Damon apart, it is so obvious how awkward they are together in scenes now that is it just not worth watching. Plus that frees up time to go more in depth with other characters and stories. Plus I think it would be nice to see Elena with a non salvatore and to see Damon with someone else.


              • Fan entitlement and the lack of writing quality is seriously wrecking this show. I think Caroline Dries and Julie Plec are trying to relive their teenage fantasies. What was the point of a rain kiss apart from the ship one liner from Damon. I loved the first two series so much that the new stuff is just a let down. The writing, storylines and characterisations were so good in the first couple of series plus the supporting cast and guest stars were pretty rounded characters and played by decent actors. There was a good mix of teen and older characters whilst now it just seems like a bunch of over angsty teenagers.


                • I agree the writing has been horrible. Plus how long are they going to drag out Bonnie being stuck in 1994? I know she wont be back in the next two new episodes. This show has really gone downhill and the story lines are just awful. I mean again they left the whole Caroline and Stefan thing just hanging, I mean they could have made some good moments with the two of them. Plus Jo not knowing Liv and Luke were her siblings is weird.


                  • I actually thought this was the strongest episode of the season. Not exactly a ringing endorsement but it was nice tos ee some threads come together in unexpected ways.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • Yeah, I enjoyed this one. I'm into the whole Gemini coven fucked-upness if it's going to include lots of psycho Kai. Chris Wood is killing it in this role. Waaaaay more compelling than Markos was in S5.

                      Really weird that Liv and Luke and Jo would not even recognize each other though, right? Even if you assume Jo left home immediately after they stuck Kai in AU 1994, and NEVER EVER came home again, we know their dad kept her pics and clippings and followed her career closely and whatnot. Their dad would have known that Jo and the twins had coincidentally ended up in the same dumb town, so why wouldn't he have said, "Oh, heads up Wonder Twins, your long lost sis lives just up the street, maybe y'all should hook up for coffee sometime."

                      If Kai was safely tucked away, there wouldn't be any reason/point to secrecy about it, so that Big Reveal seemed contrived to me.




                      • I know this season isn't great, but its far better than last season to me. I am basing this on that I can actually remember what is happening from week to week.

                        I cannot remember a single thing that happened last season. Honestly, I am not even 100% sure what they were doing when Damon died.

                        It is nowhere even close to the first few seasons, but it is watchable again.


                        • I love how low our standards are for this show post S5. "It no longer makes you cry from the stupid when you watch it! yay!"

                          Yeah, my mem'ries are fuzzy about last season, too. There was another Nina Dobrev who was craycray, and another Paul Wesley who was a dick, and then some dumb stuff about travelers that nobody cared about, and then they killed Katherine, which automatically makes it the WORST season EVER, and also Ian rolled his eyes a lot.


                          • Hee. Also, I haven't fallen asleep mid-episode once this season. Progress!

                            I am no longer looking for anything beyond surface entertainment from TVD. Lowering my expectations has improved my enjoyment of the show 100 fold.


                            • Team Matt! He's the only human who makes sense anymore.

                              I DETEST Enzo. He's the worst. Weirdly, I like Kai! CobraKai1972 That was GREAT.

                              Everything else was bleh. When will Stefan act like he cares about something again? When will Delena just get back together and put me out of my misery?
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • I did not like this ep much. There's been so much aimlessness! Ivy as a vamp went nowhere, the Sarah Salvatore storyline is super not interesting, and did they really drag Damon and Elena into 1994 *just* to make it all about D/E bonding time? Pointless. Even the fucked up Gemini stuff is like . . . oh, so the stakes are that some tertiary characters might die and a coven we care nothing about will have Kai as their leader? Having Kai as a leader sounds great! Why should we care if Liv, Luke and Jo all have to die in order to make Kai more powerful? I think having a more powerful Kai is perfectly fine by me.

                                It is so weird how I only really care about Bonnie right now. Save Bonnie! Don't sit around on porches! Go meet her halfway or something!

                                I realized when Damon awkwardly touched Elena's face on the porch and Ian got all breathy that yeah . . . I no longer give a flying fuck about this couple at all. The sire bond did not entirely kill off my interest, but this 'compelled away memories' storyline did. I'm totes okay with whatever endgame at this point. Katherine is dead, D/E might as well be dead, my dreams of One Big Happy Petrova-Salvatore Family are dead. If Matt wants to stake the whole freaking lot of them except for Caroline, that has become an okay ending to me. Hey, we always have fanfic.

                                I DETEST Enzo. He's the worst.
                                Yeah, last season I actually thought Enzo could become an interesting character, but instead this ep make it clear they are using him as a cartoonish prop to irk Matt into becoming an antagonist. What a waste.

                                So far they have a hit a homerun with Kai as a villain, though. Do you follow CobraKai1972 on twitter? Watching him catch up on the last 20 yrs of pop culture is hilars.

                                Kai Parker @Cobrakai1972
                                ∑ Dec [email protected] I'm confused. What do you do?
                                Price's recap:

                                Here's that super awkward face touch:

                                THAT IS NOT HOT, PEOPLE. Poor Nina. It can't be fun having your obnoxious ex paw at your face in such an un-hot way.

                                I'm hoping that the Matt/Jer team-up will be kinda fun and shirtless, maybe. At least that would be something to watch.

                                I don't know why Price is so into this season:

                                Season 6 continues to be a high point for The Vampire Diaries and, seriously, I can't believe how much I look forward to every new episode now. Before it was like, "Oh, right, new TVD this week." But now it's like I'm starting to daydream about the show again? Its stories, its characters, its possibilities, the 1990s. I'm all-in.

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