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  • Inside 6.15 vid with JP and Dries:

    So Kai and Jo are mystically sick, and that's why they tried to make Kai look un-hot with the sweatshirt and scruff. All righty.

    T'was a valiant effort with the de-hottening.

    Sounds like there is way too much going on in this ep for the Kai/Jo/Ric scenes to be more than just a few mins long in total.


    • That was a very moving ep, and I cried for sure. But! This is supposed to be a vampire soap opera, and other than the last bit with Elena and Caroline, it just felt like a human soap opera with a dash of magicks. I can watch human soap operas on any station, I come to you, Plec, for VAMPIREZ and monster shenanigans. This was mostly just dead moms and surprise!baby. Nobody even drinks blood anymore. Caroline should have at least cracked open a blood bag in the SBH kitchen, not gone for the water.

      Very confused about the Salvatore timeline . . . if Stefan was 10 when the mom died, and 17 in 1864, then mommy dying must have been in 1857, right? So where does the whole 1903 thing come from, and how did Mama have a 1864 pic of her boys? And I guess this means she's a witch.

      Timeline confusion aside, watching Ian play a teenaged Damon was hilars.

      Other things . . . wevs to Ric already being in love with Jo. That's fine, I guess? Marriage, baby, okay. I can't care too much about that plotline. Also, Matt becoming a police officer was inevitable, dunno about Tyler. Does it matter about Tyler? Tyler remains totes useless so far.

      But! Elena really has no storyline of her own at all anymore, wow. It's really become an ensemble show, and she's there as friend and girlfriend and that's it. Not saying I hate that, or that I wish others had less screentime, but just noting what a huge shift that is from previous seasons.

      The Kai stuff was good stuff, but that is a no brainer. It's still totally unclear what they are going to do with him, it's all kind of aimless now that he's a nice guy who has been fixed and has said goodbye to his sister.I don't think Penelope has been in ATL at all for a long time, so he probably won't have any Liv plotlines to follow either. Where does he go from here? Hanging around MF won't make a lot of sense for him, unless he and Bonnie really do need to team up for something.

      Was feeling the Bamon hug, that was sweet. If you thought it felt more like Kat and Ian than Bonnie and Damon, though, you would be right:

      julieplec @julieplec · 11h11 hours ago.
      @KatGraham and @iansomerhalder were so happy to be working together again --- that emotional reunion was 100% real.

      My fave thing about Off!Caroline is that Stefan will now have to work for it, and having to work for it will make them more of a real thing then just falling in love simply would have been. I'm on board for that.


      • Yeah I am totally onboard with an off Caroline. Don't care about Mama Salvatore at all.
        Caroline irritated me a little while talking to Elena about how much it hurt that her mother died. Yeah both of Elenas parents died at the same time so yeah.
        I did love Bamon reunion. Super cute.
        I am just so eh about this show. If it wasn't for the Kai Ric stuff it would have been such a huge bust.
        They just have way too many characters right now.
        I wonder if Tyler and Matt are going to be shuffled off the showto policeacademy?
        Side note: while watching ep on Hulu Plus they kept showing ad for funeral services. Ha ha super creepy. Pretty sure VD fans aren't their target market.


        • Price's recap for 6.15:

          He looooved this ep a whole bunch.

          Did y'all even notice Enzo wasn't in this one? It didn't occur to me until this recap. That's how integral he is to the plotline.


          • 6.17 synopsis:

            This might have been Chris' last ep, for all we know. I don't think we have any documentation of him filming past 6.17. Totes possible that Kai gets stuck in the 1903 snowy prison world . . . which would be a really elegant solution to the problem of Kai, right? You put him on ice (literally) and yet also keep him safe and alive, so therefore all the Geminis are safe and alive. And he has a conscience now, so he can use the time alone to repent or whatever -- and they can bring him out of cold storage at some other point for chaos agenting whenever Chris' schedule allows (or if Cordon gets cancelled right out of the gate). Would be even better if they made it somehow his choice . . . like he sacrifices himself to stay behind so that the others can leave. Give Kai a nice satisfying hero's exit. (This is assuming that not only D/E travel to the prison world this time).

            Read some spec that Bonnie's 'gift' might have something to do with The Cure. As in, S4's The Race For The Cure. Which backfired on Katherine, of course, because Katherine was 500 yrs old, but wouldn't harm either Elena or Caroline in the same way. So the theory is that we might have a human Elena by season's end.


            • HUMAN ELENA!!!!!
              It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Ok, just caught up. I liked it. I liked the Bonnie/Damon moment, weirdly enough!

                I was totally eye-rolling Stefan on his "HOLY SHIT CAROLINE IS HOT WHILE SINGING" moment. Like: Shaddup, Stefan.

                The Ric stuff? Eh?
                It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.



                  Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries? — LilSlim

                  Caroline shutting off her humanity switch is going to have massive repercussions for everyone. “Stefan makes a very, very tough decision that changes everything for him for quite a while,” teases Ian Somerhalder, who’s directing next week’s episode. When I pressed whether Stefan will also be shutting off his humanity switch, Somerhalder played coy. “Stefan goes through a pretty intense transformation,” he says.

                  I don't know how Stefan shutting off his humanity will help Caroline rediscover hers, but anything that shakes up Stefan's flatness this season is probably a good thing.


                  • First clip from 6.16:


                    Damon and Kai, opening up Mama Salvatore's coffin.

                    Such a classic TVD move to have the so called villain of the season be all like, "yes, of course I will help you heroes with whatever random thing you are up to this Thursday, why wouldn't I?"

                    The clip does raise many questions, though. Like, why is Kai still in Mystic Falls? Where does he live now? Does Damon know where he lives, or does Damon just have Kai on speed dial for some reason? How does Kai pay his cell phone bill, anyway? Or afford such a magnificent coat?

                    The clip answers none of these, and the ep probably won't either.

                    Also, the producer's inside look at 6.16:


                    Mostly some S/E bits (talking about Caroline), and a glimpse at the rave.


                    • Caroline's hair was super distracting this episode.
                      It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • Yes! What was up with her hair? Didn't she just get a new hair dryer? Ha ha.
                        Have to admit I am looking forward to a Steroline bad couple arc. However it will be dreary to see them regret it later when their humanity is back.


                        • Ugh, Caroline's rave hair was the worst. I hope this isn't how they choose to distinguish Off!Caroline from regular Caroline, like the way they did with Off!Elena's pink streak.

                          I like that Caroline does stay a control freak even while off. That feels in character, and that's how she is different from Off!Elena. Honestly, this feels like a fun directions, even if it really is just a way to make getting Steroline together for reals take longer and seem more hard earned.

                          My fave stuff was actually Bonnie's arc last night. I'm digging the way she's facing actual consequences for having been trapped alone, and I like that she has Kai-related PTSD. They are usually so quick to brush off the brutish things that happen to them, and this feels kinda realistic. And I also felt Damon's betrayal as an actual betrayal, so that was well done.

                          But, oh! Kai! Empathy!Kai is less fun but more interesting, right? He still gets to be a snarky bastard, but we can also see him feel hurt and pain, and that's great.

                          I'm no longer heavily invested in any TVD ships anymore . . . but romantically speaking, I think BonKai has more narrative possibilities than a romantic Bamon ever could. For power witch couple reasons, sure, but also when she was storming away from him, it reminded me of Katherine telling Stefan that hate is the beginning of a love story, not the ending. And we know Bonnie and Kai *do* team up in 6.17 to help Damon rescue his mama, and that (plus Caroline and Stefan as a gruesome twosome) is the relationship I'm most interested in. It can't go anywhere b/c of Cordon, obvs, but it should be firework-y while we have it.


                          • Price's 6.16 recap:


                            • I have to re-watch all the Kai parts because I was too distracted by his face to pay attention to what was going on


                              • As a public service, I hunted down all the decent Kai gifs from 6.16:

                                . . . and he walks away like a BAMF in his Magnificent Dark Magic Warlock Coat.