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  • So many captions for the walk-away gif.

    "Everyone knows what's happening with your hair, dude."

    "'Kay, you two have fun fighting about your eye color."


    • That face Ian is making in it is verging on Dawson crying face.


      • I also love the way it's like the Kai mask slips for a second in the below gif and you see this odd look of contempt on Chris' face.

        He goes from clownish to "I totally hate you" in a flash. Which has nothing really to do with what Kai is supposed to be feeling in that scene.

        But yeah, the walking away gifs are superb.

        "Why don't you go cry at the Farmer's Market? They sell artisanal handkerchiefs handcrafted by organic free range alpacas. Maybe you can even adopt one."

        "You know who would be super interested in your current man pain? Hollywood Life. I'd look up their number for you . . . but I'm pretty sure you already have them on speed dial under 'CosmicBFFS'."


        • So I can't remember anything about this show anymore but I thought like the Salvatores killed their parents or something? I'm lost on this whole mom plot. I totally believe Damon wouldn't tell Stefan about any of this b/c he's secretive and melodramatic and probably thinks she loved Stefan more so he'll "save" her alone to secretly gain points because Damon is pretty self-serving overall.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • So I can't remember anything about this show anymore but I thought like the Salvatores killed their parents or something?
            Their mom was supposed to have died of consumption when Stefan was like, ten or something. So she was long gone before Katherine showed up. And Stefan ate his dad, that's how he transitioned. That's why I had a theory (back when I actually cared about TVD theories) that Rippers happened when the blood you used to complete your transition came from a close family member.

            And now that we know their mom was a vampire *and* a Ripper, the new theory is that there is something genetic about ripperhood.

            From the previews, it looks like Damon is pissed that Stefan turned off his humanity right when he could use Stefan's help with their mom. But Off!Stef obvs doesn't care about doing that -- which explains why it took several eps before Annie Wersching even met Paul.

            Next ep (6.17) is the one where Kai and Bonnie team up to help Damon and Elena get Lily out of the prison world. And since this is also the last ep that we know for sure has any Kai in it, I assume Kai gets stuck in 1903. Either Bonnie traps him there on purpose for revenge, or he does something heroic in the name of redemption. I'm leaning toward Bonnie trapping him there, tbh. They've been hinting at Bonnie being a bit darker and more badass, so that would fit.

            And since Kai would be trapped there *with* his magic intact, he'll eventually find his way out for S7 November sweeps, perhaps.

            This is all predicated on the assumption that Kai and Bonnie go *with* Delena to the 1903 prison world. I don't know if that's actually true.


            • Webclip from 6.17:


              Damon and Bonnie talking about working with Kai to get Lily out of 1903. Sounds like Damon is already planning on trapping Kai there, maybe? That seems to be what they are hinting at . . . which makes me think things are going to go very wrong, and perhaps Bonnie will get stuck there with him in a prison world all over again. Haven't seen Kat on set lately to be honest . . .


              • From that promo it certainly seems like they are cooking up a plan to trap Kai, but that means he can come back to TVD at a later date and I love his character so I am good with that. I am very much looking forward to the off stefan and off caroline, those two make bad look fun. I found this extended promo and it looks like they are going to have some issues.



                • Bonnie was the best thing in last ep in my opinion, but everyone was at least okay. I do not have any interest in mama Salvatore, though.


                  • Kind of a lot going on in this ep?

                    Okay, so Mama is not as interesting a character as I hoped she would be. Kind of meh on her so far, although I appreciate her loyalty to her Traveling Companions. I'm also glad they explained where she was getting her blood from. I had wondered about that, since there wouldn't be blood banks to raid the way Damon could in prison 1994.

                    Not really interested in Damon's mama drama or the fact that Elena's sole purpose is just stand around and talk about Damon's mama drama.

                    The Cure! Well . . . the good thing about the cure is that it might lead us back to a human Elena for the series endgame (and I assume that might be how she gets her memories back?). That is okay by me at this point. The bad thing about the cure is all the bullshit that is going to go along with Damon being the one who gets to decide what to do with it. Oh, and how the hell did Bonnie get the cure out of Silas' hand? Remember that the last time they went for the cure, Katherine had to feed Jeremy to Silas to get his grip to loosen enough to get the cure out of his hands. So . . . how did Bonnie get the cure without waking up Silas? Or was the 1994 prison world one without a Silas actually lying there (since all people were gone)? I need answers for that one.

                    Still on board for all things Humanity-less Steroline. You can just tell that Candice and Paul are having so much damn fun with this. And! TVD finally feels like a vampire show again.

                    Enzo/Sarah/Jolaric/whatever. Totes pointless. Don't care.

                    Okay, and now to Kai being stuck in 1903. Obvs, as the leader of the Gemini coven they can't *actually* trap him forever in a prison world that is tied to his own being. All he had to do was get sick, and the prison worlds started to crumble the last time, right? So he should be able to collapse 1903 himself. And then he'll be out, with a bunch of vampires that he will probably have convinced to follow his lead because that's the kind of guy Kai is. So . . . it's just a matter of when he'll emerge, and how big of a witch battle we will get when he and Bonnie face off again.

                    If they had just done a crane shot to show us Kai lying in the snow all alone and broken hearted, I would have thought he was done for the season (until the fate of Cordon is decided), but because instead they gave us that final shot of him stumbling onto the Vampire Dollhouse, it just gives us the vibe of 'to be continued' instead.

                    From a narrative perspective, it was satisfying and made sense for Bonnie to plot this kind of revenge:

                    But! Did nobody tell her that if she stabbed Kai a whole bunch and he bled out in a prison world, an entire Gemini coven would die, including Jo and! Jo and Ric's baby? If she knew that, then WHAT THE FUCK, BONNIE, and if she didn't know that THEN WHAT THE FUCK, DAMON. That's vital info, dude.

                    I loved everything about vulnerable Kai, from his corny jokes to his total lack of game to his hopefulness about Bonnie.

                    The best part of course, is when we got to see the old Kai come out and the new one be horrified.

                    There's so much potential here! Surely, Julie will figure out a way to capitalize on it despite Cordon's schedule.

                    And it would also suck if this was the last ever Kailena scene.

                    Okay hilars, but still. It would suck.
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                    • Price's 6.17 recap:


                      • I liked it but it also made me hopeful for ONB's new show. I liked him both as a reformed bad boy and as a an actual bad boy and found both equally believable. Whatever he wants to deliver? I'll take it, basically.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Whatever he wants to deliver? I'll take it, basically.

                          WORD, SISTER FRIEND. I WILL TAKE IT, TOO.

                          Um, I mean, yes. Yes, he's a fine actorly sort of person. Huzzah for acting.

                          As far as the cure goes, I'm seeing a lot of debate out there about whether or not only Caroline and Elena are eligible to take it. It made Katherine age and die b/c she was 500 yrs old . . . but that only happened *after* Silas drained the cure out of her. In theory, the cure will work on anyone (even Mama S, who seems a likely candidate) just as long as the cure stays in their blood, right? Because if it will only be successful on young vamps like Caroline or Elena, that narrows the pool considerably.


                          • Okay, latest spec about the cure is that Bonnie and others will go back to the 1903 prison world to get a *second* dose of the cure, and so Mama can have her traveling companions back, and *that* will be how Kai gets rescued. I guess people are assuming a couple will use the two cures to be human together. So . . . a human Delena, or a human Steroline, I suppose. I can see where they might resort to that if all other attempts to turn Caroline and Stefan's humanity back on fail, and they get desperate enough to want two cures for that reason.

                            I think they should just cure Lily and Enzo and send them away, that sounds good.

                            Chris talking about Kai (pre-merge version):


                            ď I found some great ground to stand on to justify a lot of Kaiís behavior, and I wonít go into it because then Iím going to seem like a psycho. ď

                            ď I think one of the best parts about the character is that he has genuine goals and hopes and heís just a normal guy to himself. He thinks of himself as just a more talented, smarter everyman. We know that to not be the case, but he doesnít think heís crazy. He thinks heís perfectly sane. ď

                            ď I think heís hilarious. I think his sense of humor is really funny to me. One of the first scenes that I shot on the show was the scene in the grocery store where he stabbed Damon in the hand and brings up the fact that he cheated at a game of Monopoly with Bonnie one time. Heís very funny and heís brave in a way that is removed. Heís not brave because he knows he has to conquer these things and he needs to be strong. He just doesnít care. His sensory receptors donít fire the same way that ours do and the way that he approaches situations is with a lightness. Even in the darkest of material, he just doesnít care. He doesnít have it in him and thatís entertaining ď

                            " During the audition process, one of the scenes wasnít actually from the episode. It was sort of the story that he told about killing his family, but I think the reason that they did that is because in our first reaction to him we donít get to know all of that. The important part of that character is he has an extreme apathy to the violent past that he has and heís justified in his actions in his own mind and heís unaffected by it. Heís entirely sociopathic toward what he did to his family. From the get go, thatís what attracted me to the character, the way he processes things is so different from you and I, and hopefully from everyone who watches the show. (Laughs.) Heís not a normal guy. "

                            Not sure what the original source for these quotes were, but I'll bet Chris is having way less fun with the current version of Luke-warm Kai. Hopefully his stint in 1903 made him angry and vengeful again, so we can see him really go after Bonnie in the last two S6 eps. I just love every scene where they come up against each other and get all grrrr and snarky and stabbity. I'd watch a BonKai spinoff where they chase each other throughout a series of various prison worlds, for reals.


                            • LOVE the Kai and Bonnie stuff, just didn't like how they never even gave Kai the thought that Bonnie and Damon might leave him in 1903, Kai just seemed to smart not to have thought of that possibility. They really are not giving Elena much to do lately. I am not impressed so far with Mama Salvatore. As far as the cure, I thought that once Mama Salvatore got adjusted to the new world, she would go back to her Ripper way and Damon would have to give her the cure in order to stop her. Plus the Jo and Alaric stuff is sort of boring. Plus they keep acting like they are having a baby and that thought that it could be twins is not even being entertained and that to me is the most logical of choices, is to have Jo give birth to a set of twins. What happened to Liv, Matt and Tyler? It is like their characters have fallen off the show. I guess Liv is a mystery and I assume Matt and Tyler went tot he Police Academy. Which is not really a good idea for Tyler because if he kills someone he becomes a werewolf.


                              • just didn't like how they never even gave Kai the thought that Bonnie and Damon might leave him in 1903, Kai just seemed to smart not to have thought of that possibility.
                                They do seem to have dumbed him down a bit. I think the message is that having feelings makes you stupider. Which makes sense, because when your thoughts are just ruthless, cold, and clean you can imagine every scenario and plan ahead. But when your judgement is clouded by emotions and guilt, your thinking is fuzzier.

                                I'm fine with whatever Kai they want to give us, as long as it keeps a version of Kai on my teevee . . . but baby cheeked evil Kai will always be my fave.