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  • I liked some scenes but seriously? This episode made NO SENSE. For one, Bonnie has killed herself for Elena like 27 times in the past so why wouldn't she now? LOL

    The weird dream world sequences that are not dreams? Isn't Elena human? How are they pulling this off? And if they can talk to her in a dreamy world why wouldn't they do it all the time? Why would they leave her IN A CASKET to go nuts ruminating on the past for like 50 years? It makes ZERO sense. I was glad they called Jeremy. I was pretty sure they'd ice him out, nonsensically.

    Damon got the final goodbye and also the big hero moment. So ... well played, Ian's agent.

    Matt Donovan continues to be the quiet, decent heart of the show, however.

    Am I supposed to care about Enzo or insane Mama Salvatore? I so do not care.

    Also, LET US NOT FORGET that in order to become an actual hero? Damon had to become like Stefan--he had to learn to actually honor Elena's wishes. And what was that about her having to grow up and be dark to be with him? Sure. Whatever.

    ETA: Also? That dance was SO BIZARRE.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.



      That bit did make me weepy, probably because it was so clearly Nina, Kat, and Candice shedding real tears. All of the Goodbye Elena stuff felt more like it was Goodbye Nina in reality, and I was okay with that.

      I agree that it was weird, though . . . I would have preferred that they left it ambiguous, instead of having Caroline explain to Bonnie the holding hand thing, because that does open the question of why the heck wouldn't they just keep her in the SBH and hold her hand every day. Definite misstep.

      Also! Hard to believe they would stick her in a dusty mouldy crypt anyway. How disrespectful, you guys. Was Caroline on board with that decision? Elena is not dead, she doesn't belong in a grave. And if a witch is powerful enough, they could bring down Bonnie's spell just like Bonnie and Grams brought down the trap spell in S1. There's always a loophole! Y'all are literally leaving a sleeping Elena unguarded just hoping nobody finds out what the loophole is, really brilliant.

      Even Klaus carted his casketed kin around hither and thither, treating them as precious. He didn't just stick them in a tomb to moulder unprotected for decades. They should just tote her around with them all the time. S7 should only happen with Elena's coffin in the background of every shot, with constant references to her, that's only fair.

      I was on board for the narrative symmetry of choosing Bonnie over Elena to show Damon's character growth, whatever. That was fine. I think I would felt it more if Ian's acting had up to par this ep, but yikes. It was not.

      Also in narrative symmetry, Bonnie did die a ridiculous amount of times to save Elena pain (and she even lost her mom at age 3 because her mom left town to protect Elena), so it was right for the cycle to be completed through Elena's sacrifice for Bonnie.

      Okay, even the gifsets are making me a little teary ugh.

      ETA: Also? That dance was SO BIZARRE.

      I know, right? WTF.

      Anything good about D/E in this ep was basically canceled out by that LOLtastic dance, beeksus. Whose idea was that? If you were going to insist on a dance scene, then all we needed was one flash of them doing the Mystic Falls hands-apart thing, and that was it.

      Or something as simple as this would have been more heartfelt without all the silly choreography:



      It didn't help that Elena's bridesmaid's dress was hideous and made her hips look way wide. Not a particularly gorgeous last image of DE, oh well.

      As for everything else, Kai owned all of the non-Elena parts of the finale. But duh, Kai has owned every ep he has appeared in. So of course, it makes sense, when you find the one element that made an otherwise dreary nonsensical season worthwhile, to cut off any possibility of that element returning to liven things up in future seasons.

      They didn't have to kill him, he could have just vamped away as Klaus did again and again when he was the Big Bad. And Katherine, and Elijah, and everyone else who served the story best when they could pop back in at any crucial moment.

      And also, Julie gave Kai the kind of death normally reserved for somebody's random henchman, which was eyerolly. I get that they were going for the pun, which is fine, but not super interesting. Kai's death could have been poetic, not punny. What a waste of a villain arc!

      Still on the fence about whether or not I will bother to watch S7.The flashforward scene makes an Elena-less Mystic Falls look damn sucky, and I'm not really interested in The Salvatore Bros Fight Mama's Witchpyres Every Week. S6 was pretty pointless in the non-Kai arcs, and now we know that all of S7 will be non-Kai, so . . . I don't know. Maybe I'll watch TVD like I do TO-- ignore it week by week, then catch up on a bunch of eps at once before they expire off Hulu whenever I remember to.


      • They had to create a reboot of the series in order to move forward and it was weird and silly and sloppy. Damon had to be the hero, Stefan and Caroline line up the romance drama/arc, Elena is alive but on ice so they don't have to deal with Damon losing his mind from grief because he CHOSE this ending. And Kai had to be killed b/c if he wasn't Damon would hunt him down until he died, which would dominate next season.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • It also lines up for if they do finish TVD in S7 then maybe Julie and Co can convince Nina to do her George Clooney moment with Nurse Hathaway (I'm 50 50 on her going for that). Amusingly at the Upfronts one of the network execs hinted that they could carry on past S7 as they have done with Supernatural - did anyone never let him know that vampires don't age. Ian is beginning to look like the oldest 25 year old ever.

          The ratings were up last night but still considerably lower than the S6 finale and also the S7 opener - probably a lot of extra people tuned in to see Ninas final episode. I am betting they are going to hit less than 1m viewers by episode 6 next year - not just because of Elena but there are now so many incidental characters that no one cares less about - enzo and Lily immediately and characters that people related to such as Jeremy have all gone. Killing Kai might just have been a mistake as CW added a lot to this year.


          • Price's finale recap:

            ďI'm Thinking of You All the WhileĒ was a devastating, effortlessly beautiful finale, and arguably the most important and meaningful finale in TVD history. That it caps off Season 6 just cements this season's status as the best-written and most consistent TVD season yet. It was the perfect way to send Dobrev off on a high note, and it was also the perfect way to make me SO JEALOUS. Why don't *I* get to sleep for 60 years? Ugh, Elena gets all the best things.

            Yeah, just a lot of heartfelt, teary goodbyes, all of them excellent. I love when this show seems to remember what made it special in the first place. While the absolute worst part of this show has always been the shippers who cannot look past their ship to enjoy the bigger picture, I think this episode provided a fond farewell not just to Elena, but to the love triangle itself. I appreciate that Elena had meaningful relationships with both brothers, but please rest in hell, love triangle. If Nina Dobrev's departure from TVD has a silver lining, it's that children will hopefully stop signing up for social media accounts to engage in shipper wars. Yeah, I said it. WAR IS OVER! (If you want it.)

            It's never over. NEVER.


            • Wow, Price wants to work for Julie REAL BAD.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                • Considering that Julie responded to his tweet of the recap with three hearts . . . well, she does love Price bunches and bunches, so that could always happen. He is RL besties with Carina and the former showrunner of The Secret Circle, and they all run in the same dorky LA TV writers gang that gather at Julie's house for charades and stuff.


                  • Okay, it's funny that we were just talking about Price wanting to write tv, because MTV picked up his latest animated show, Fancy Bastards:


                    The premise centers on nine redheaded kids in Vegas that find out Prince Harry is their real dad (from a crazy night he had there, apparently). He's also one of the exec producers, along with Kristen Schaal. I love Kristen Schaal.

                    I guess this means he will stop doing TVD recaps again. Rebecca Serle also decided she would be too busy being a real author to do any more TVD recaps for Vulture. Add that to the SBH being torn down, and man, the universe really wants everyone to just pretend the show ended at S6, right?


                    • I'd prefer the show ended at the end of S4.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • 10 episodes into S3 for me - you can see the decline in quality from one episode to the next about there. The length of time they are going to drag this out for we will end up with geriatric vampires - there is not enough makeup in the world to have 40+ year old men playing teens and early twenties


                        • I am not looking forward to S7, I think the whole Elena a sleep thing is just awful and I can not see that season being very good.


                          • Did I miss the part where Kai shed his part Shawn gooodness?


                            • He didn't exactly shed it! (Luke not Shawn, btw). They hinted that there was still a sociopath Kai underneath all the Luke compassion in the ep where they go to 1903 . . . and then according to Chris' interviews, Bonnie's betrayal brought out all that revenge-y anger and turned him full socio once more. I don't think he shed Luke, I think he just buried him deep.

                              And personally, I think that was also one of the reasons why he made sure to get Lilly's blood/become a vampire as well . . . so he would be able to switch off the Luke-ish humanity after killing his whole family and getting revenge on Bonnie, Damon, and Elena. Becoming a vamp was the only way to avoid having his Luke side pop up again to make him feel remorse about the Red Wedding.


                              • Kai won the Best Baddie awards for E!
                                Delena's dance also won but Nina didn't for the Star You'll miss the Most.
                                Derek Hough also won in his category.