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  • Those are the kinds of polls that D/E and TVD used to dominate. No more!

    As you can imagine, the DE Army was not happy at all. Even the Delena rainkiss barely registered.


    Signs are everywhere . . .

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    • When it was the networks biggest show I could see them getting covers etc but now with just over a million viewers it's been superseded by The Flash, Arrow and even Supernatural has overtaken it. It was the same at the Upfronts; previously Nina and Ian had always been in the centre and everything else rotated around TVD, this year they seemed a little pushed off to the side. And the CW isn't going to try and promote a pairing that has now sunk. (The Originals have even less viewers)


      • Some S7 spoilers from Dries and Plec:

        Vampire Diaries: Lethal Lesbians Among Season 7's New Blood
        TVLine has learned that three new vampires will be thrown into the mix when the CW drama returns (Oct. 8, 8/7c), including the show’s first same-sex couple. (Note: This is all based on preliminary casting intel. It’s still early, so the particulars of any or all of these roles are subject to change.)

        First up are Nora and Mary Louise, a dangerous duo of down-low lovers with murderous tendencies. The vampires, both turned in their mid-20s, have kept their relationship a secret for more than a century, and although their connection is clear to those able to infiltrate their inner circle, Mary Louise’s constant doting can sometimes feel a bit smothery for fiery Nora’s liking. Still, anyone foolish enough to cross either of them will feel both their wraths.

        In addition to the aforementioned twosome, we’ll also be meeting Valerie, another 20-something vampire who relies on her dry sense of humor to counter a life of pain and dismissal. She’ll encounter someone who helps her remember the happier, free spirit she once was — and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep him in her life.

        Nora and Mary Louise are obviously spoken for — by each other — but it sounds like Valerie could potentially mix it up with one of Mystic Falls’ many eligible bachelors. (And by “many,” I mean the recently-widowed Alaric and the perpetually-single Matt. After all, we’re not counting Damon as single… right?)

        Yeah, I think Valerie's love interest will probably be Damon.

        But what the hell with the lesbian vampires keeping their relationship secret? What fucking year is this, anyway? (and why would vampires care about human morality bullshit? THAT IS DUMB.)

        Also, Plec claimed in a different article that S7 will be Caroline focused:


        Clearly they are hitting the 'stories about GIRLS' note right now because people responded so poorly to Julie saying that people would tune in just for Ian's blue eyes and phone book reading skills.

        However, the TVD SDCC bags for this year show the actual focus:

        Hoo boy, that's fugly.


        • The promo poster is even uglier - how did they manage to make Paul look way older than Ian.
          Sounds like they lost their main female and are now trying to jump on the bandwagon of current events. Hey I wonder if any of those roles will be going to Nikki.


          • Oh S7 just sounds dreadful. I agree with why lesbian vampires and why keep it a secret and who would care? Plus My first thought was the Valerie character was going to be with either Damon or Stefan to sort of throw a wrench in the Steroline. They are really scrambling to replace Nina and having to do it with 3 new characters. Funny they need to scramble when according to them Nina had been leaving all along, so why the scramble, why is this not more thought out? Focusing on the brothers might be the only thing that gets them through the season with some ratings, plus that bs about making Caroline the focus, is only because Nina is gone, if she were still there, Caroline well would still just be Caroline.


            • They started building Caroline up as a strong female character is S2/3 after she was initially the ditzy neurotic blond in S1 but then it's all fallen down again as they can't seem to write a female character unless she is in a relationship. Even Julie Plecs words in that article where she says that they are 'setting up Caroline's character to be the one picked first' seems to imply that again female character development is based on the males.

              The show leaders are two women and yet they can't seem to write a strong female who overcomes hardships on her terms. Even Bonnie who was the most independent of the female characters is now too heavily linked with her friendship with Damon. I miss Katherine.


              • I completely agree they can not write for female characters and that is sad, being that it is two women. They had such a great chance to make Bonnie even more strong and independent this last season and completely blew it. I do not see how they can not get this correct.


                • What Julie said about Caroline actually makes you think she will not end up with Stefan. Julie said they are setting her character up to be picked first and that would not be with Stefan, as he picked Elena first. So is Steroline not part of the endgame?


                  • S7 spoilers:

                    some stuff here:

                    It's all whatever, I guess.

                    Hopefully, they are day drinking on a coke boat off the South of France as a Nina shout out.

                    Also, the reason why the new lesbian vampires are accustomed to hiding their relationship is because they are 1903 heretic witchpires, which does make sense.


                    • Some of the new heretics:


                      Elizabeth Blackmore, Scarlett Byrne and Teressa Liane have signed on to recur on The CW drama as members of Lily's (Annie Wersching) "family."
                      The two on the right are the lesbian couple I think?

                      I guess it takes THREE blandly pretty girls to replace one Nina Dobrev.


                      • Well new season opened with an 0.6 rating and 1.37 million viewers - so down from last years premiere and over 2 million viewers less than the Flash. Supernatural and iZombie beat it in premiere ratings - quite sad for what used to be the network show runner. Interesting to see if it sustains over a million this year


                        • I can understand why the ratings were low, it was not very good at all. Disappointing season premiere.


                          • I've dipped in and out a couple of times but it honestly feels like it has jumped the shark (in fact it's lassoed an orca and ridden that over the shark). It's now also moving to Friday nights together with TO to make way for Legends of Tomorrow. I thought they would have moved TVD to the 9pm slot after LoT to see if they could make use of the increase in viewers but it looks like the PTB are moving away from plecverse a bit (containment did not have good reviews after comic con)

                            I think Nina made the right choice to walk away rather than stay till it expired but I can't see the reboot working and it might even be tricky getting an 8th series with how full the CWs schedule is looking.


                            • At the TVD panel at SDCC, they announced that Kevin Williamson will be writing for S8 . . . and that S8 will be the last season.

                              The TVD Goodbye vid they showed at the con:


                              Lots of Elena in there, but no NIna. Not gonna lie, I shed a tear. (Of course, it should have ended in S6, so it's not like I'm *actually* sad.)

                              Panel recap:


                              I'm hearing that the season will be 16 eps long, so it's only slightly abbreviated.

                              No word yet about Nina returning!


                              • Originally posted by ophy View Post
                                Of course, it should have ended in S3, so it's not like I'm *actually* sad.

                                Fixed that for you.
                                Bitter Shipper