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    16 eps in and Elena keeps acting like Damon is just a misunderstood emo kid and not a PSYCHO KILLER.

    She HUGGED him for beek's sake. He's killed people she knows, like RECENTLY. Nothing about Damon has changed since the ep where they *had* to lock him in the Vervain Dungeon (and thereupon he KILLED ZACK. Oh, and Lexi. And Bree. And on and on . . . oh, and all the sorority girl rapings, let's not forget those), so he's STILL just as much the Big Bad as he was then. If not more.

    HUGGING DAMON IS NOT OKAY. Unless you are doing it with sharp wooden things in hand.

    Are the books just as morally confusing?


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      I watched the first season over the summer after it aired in about a week and you're right that it makes no sense that Damon goes from evil scary murderer to lovable fuck up in like 2 episodes. I think I've found enjoyment in this show by not thinking too hard about moral implications and mostly just appreciating the pretty.

      I haven't read the books, so I'm not sure how morally confusing they are, but I did hear that, after the first few, the plot becomes completely crazypants. Which sort of makes me want to read them.


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        I scrolled back up to the beginning of this thread and I noted in my first post that I kinda eye-rolled through the first season. And then somehow I grew to love Damon in the second season and now I LOVE Stefan. Hee! It's soooo complicated. Morally and televisually.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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          I guess it's a testament to Ian Somerhalder that I'm totally buying everything he's selling at this point. He's bad? He's good? He's totally schizo? Whatever, just keep dishing it out to me and I'll sop it up wit' a biscuit (tm isadora).

          I went back to the beginning of this thread, too, but it got super spoilery so I had to stop. I'm right now nearing the end of S2. . . Elena just killed Elijiah on the lakehouse porch, and Damon is still supposedly hooked up with/compelling the newscaster lady. Oh, and Katherine got out of the tomb and has moved in with the brothers, which I find crazysauce on every level.

          This show is really big on turning the bad guys into allies. I kinda like that, and kinda hate that at the same time. I mean, at one point Rose is kidnapping Elena to have her sacrificed, and roughly 30 mins later, Rose and Elena are sharing emo deathbed moments and Damon is crying over her. At this point though, I'm fully expecting them to turn this Klaus fellow into their BFF 4EVA, and he hasn't even shown up yet.

          Feeling the Elena/Damon hotness!!! But, I also feel the Stefan/Elena hotness, so right now I'm good either way. Finally, a teen drama that a) gets the concept of triangle right and b) doesn't have a dumbass heroine. I *get* Elena, I like her, and I can actually see why the brothers both love her and why everyone in town wants to protect her. She's smart, she's caring, she's very practical, and she's extremely brave - but in a believable way. It actually (wow) makes sense. And Nina Dobrev does an excellent job with Katherine, too. I completely see them as different people, and that's not an easy thing to get across without going overboard with the overacting.

          I hate all those dumb werewolves (and I'm not crazy about witches particularly), but VampCaroline is awesome.

          WHY HAVEN'T THEY TOLD JENNA YET. Beeksus, they need to tell her so she stops inviting random vamps into their house. They should have told her as soon as they realized Katherine had been compelling her.


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            It's weird how this crazy show sneaks up on you, no?

            Stefan + Klaus = 4evah!!! OMG. I can't wait for you to be caught up!
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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              Klaus is so pretty. So so pretty pretty pretty.

              Good for our favorite Revenge machine! They will make pretty blonde babies someday.

              I just finished the ep where we see Klaus finally. And a Katherine/Elijiah/Klaus triangle! Those Pertrova doppelgangers and their beekdamn triangles.

              Oh, at this point, I am seriously on board with Damon-redemption. "I will always choose you." Ack. And I never want Katherine to die, because I feel like Nina Dobrev is having so much fun playing her.

              I'm ignoring the whole Matt -knows-Caroline -is-a-vamp storyline, because it just seems so ignorable right now.

              As soon as I am done with S2 on Netflix, I think I have to go to Hulu to get caught up on this current season. They'd better have it! I will be all grrrrr if they don't. I'm insanely addicted all of a sudden.


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                Oh, they only have select episodes up at a time! You may have to wait several weeks for the rotation to change. Suck.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                  Suckity SUCK!

                  I was able to watch the first ep of S1, but the eps are sporadic and scattered. I hate not watching in order.

                  First World Problems/ Hulu's free instant video service is not meeting all of my stated needs. /First World Problems

                  RIPPER STEFAN FTW!!!!!!! So creepy. So hot. And Stefan in the parking lot calling Elena's phone had me seriously tearing up.

                  How does one come back from STACKING THE BODIES BACK TOGETHER. OMB.

                  I'll bet there is some crazy hot Ripper Stefan/Klaus fanfic out there. Might have to investigate.

                  Being obsessed with this show has added some zing to my otherwise mundane existence. Lats night, after I gave the ophygirl her melatonin drops (she has night terrors), I told mr.o that I had 'already given her vervaine, so she should be fine.' And I've been checking to see if people are wearing obviously clunky dayrings lately.

                  Oh, the line between fact and fiction is just a dot to me nowadays.


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                    You could purchase the missing episodes? Watching out of order would make me bananas!

                    If you go back up thread you'll see me and jenn going on and on about how oddly pointy/skinny/bizarrely newly hot Ripper Stefan is!! And how YOU CAN NOT COME BACK from your boyfriend becoming a serial killer! And the parking lot scene totally sealed the Evil Stefan lurve! This makes me want to re-watch those episodes. Good times!

                    So excited to have you on board! Now you have to go use Hulu to catch up on Secret Circle (which is awful for the first few episodes and then I started to like it shamefully).
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                      Thank Beek that the ophyboy decided to take an extra long three hr nap today, because I'm caught up! Well, except for a very pesky three ep gap between S3 Ep3 and S3 Ep7 that Hulu was missing. I had to hurry up and get caught up today, because Ep 9 was going to expire tonight off of Hulu.

                      How much do I heart that Stefan is now carting around the coffins of the Originals? Soooooo much. But I don't have a good handle on how many there are supposed to be. We really only saw Elijiah and Rebekah in the flashbacks (oh and the dead kid, and maybe one other nameless girl?), but there seem to be several coffins. I do hope they wake Elijiah up at some point. I miss him. He wears a suit very well.

                      I knew it was Katherine at the party because her hair was curled ever so slightly! Katherine does so hate flat hair. I don't think I totally buy that Mikael, the Vampire Hunter and Original Original, couldn't tell he was holding a vampire instead of a human, but whatever. Also, I can't remember now how the Petrova doppelgangers even came to be, or why . . . was that fully explained at some point and I just missed it? Klaus' mother is the one who must have bound the spell to the moonstone, but where do Petrovas come into it?

                      I think Lexi's death is the one that bothers me the most of all of Damon's victims. Generally, he kills impulsively or reflexively, but he *planned* Lexi's death to benefit himself alone, for a petty reason. And she was someone he had an actual connection to for over a century, not a random passerby, and not someone he hated or had any reason to get revenge on. Stefan got over Lexi's murder way too quickly, too. That has always bothered me, because I thought she deserved better than that from both of them. I could so totally be a Stefan/Lexi shipper! At least she knows exactly how to deal with Ripper Stefan, and accepts that part of him anyway.

                      Sooooo . . . I guess there's really not much standing in the way of Damon/Elena smackity now. They've already done a lot of pillow talk, so progressing to nakedness should be easy. Get on that, plz.


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                        Wheee! Did you read recaps so you could fill in the missing episodes?

                        The Lexi Murder always bothered me, too! When she came back to try to detox Stefan I was like: WHY WAS HER DEATH NOT A BIGGER POINT? They sort of evened the scales (not really) by having Stefan kill Damon's little plaything. Not even on par but showed they are both kind of awful and deadly and a super bad idea to befriend!
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          I did read recaps! But I had to gloss over them quick, because I didn't know how long the kiddo was going to sleep, and I *had* to get all the way through Ep 9 today. So I totally may have missed stuff.

                          Actually, I kinda saw Stefan's murder of Andie Starr Action News as a mercy killing. He had tried repeatedly to get Damon to give her up, and her existence under Damon's compulsion wasn't a real one. It was like he set her free from Damon by killing her, and he ended that stupid charade, which is why I thought he chose her instead of someone else to make his point. And he probably assumed that Damon was going to kill her himself someday, it was just a matter of time (which is probably totally true).

                          No way does Andie Starr = Lexi, though.

                          Did y'all see that Stefan's real life wife (Torrey DeVitto from Pretty Little Liars) will be in the next 2 eps, and possibly more?


                          Torrey DeVitto, a.k.a. Mrs. Paul Wesley, is set to play "an intelligent young doctor" on the CW soap for at least two episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She'll first show up in the third season's tenth and eleventh episodes, but will likely continue to recur afterward. (We all know how loyal this show is to its guest stars -- they pretty much dedicated an entire episode to bringing all the most beloved ones back with "Ghost World.")

                          Potentially awkward plot point: DeVitto will likely be a love interest for Alaric (Matt Davis), not Stefan (her real-life husband). That'll make for some tense craft service lunches!


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                            I never read anything about VD, EVER. It's like a rule.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                              So far in S3, I'm starting to wonder if Ian Somerhalder had it written into his contract that Damon has to almost die in every episode. Or maybe he pissed off the writers, and they just enjoy nearly killing him every week. There also seems to be a theme that somebody *has* to be chained to a chair and tortured every week.

                              I can respect that rule, is. That doesn't include sightings of RLTL, though does it? Although, I think there have been only two . . . Ian and Nina snuggling in Paris, and of course, their double date with The J and DK at Coachella. They are cute together . . . even though he's too old for her! Not a creepy 'steak cutting' difference like Hayden Pantywhatsit and Milo V., but still 33 vs. 22 is just a wee bit too much from the parent of a daughter perspective.

                              In age related tidbits, IRL the actor playing Jeremy is six months older than Nina Dobrev, and Sara Canning (Aunt Jenna) is only six months older than him. Wait, that sounded like a math puzzle. Anyway, all three are basically the same age, that's what I am saying. I always thought Jenna looked too young have gone to high school with Mason Lockwood and Logan Fell. Or to have slept with John Gilbert. She must have been like, twelve. Ew.

                              Just came up with another possible reason for why Stefan killed Andie . . . Damon told him that Andie was the distraction keeping him from 'going after what he really wanted', so maybe Stefan was trying to say that Damon *should* go for Elena. If Stefan truly thought things had to be over for him and Elena, I could see him wanting her to be with Damon instead. After all, nobody else would die to keep her safe. And knowing that Elena and Damon have each other is probably the only reason why Stefan can justify leaving. See how I keep coming up with reasons that will lead to Damon/Elena sexin'? Not that I am shipping! I am totally just Team Elena here. Whatever makes Elena happy is good by me. And I happen to think Damon sexin' will make her very, very happy. Tortured and guilt ridden as well, but also happy. And it brings the RLTL hawtness, which cannot be underestimated.


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                                Did you also have that weird moment when Jeremy cut his hair and became 10 times more interesting? I couldn't have cared less about that kid until they cut his hair!

                                Oh, and obviously I am perfectly good with RLTL spottings. I just don't want to know anything about the show itself before it airs. It would ruin the whack job elements I love so much.
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                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.