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  • I've been working my way through your second long-form fic, and GIRL?

    Hophy, we need to have a serious talk about how you need me to help you launch your self-pubbing career. SISTER, you are the next Amanda Hocking. I PROMISE YOU.

    1. You are mad prolific!
    2. Your stories are fun, flip, and veer to dark quickly and without apology (without going deeply graphic).
    3. You have a distinctive VOICE. Which is very important.
    4. You write about supernatural teens. HELLO, Publishing Goldmine.
    5. Your text is ridiculously clean compared to the vast majority of writers out there. Myself included. Your text is CLEAN. It needs very little editing. This a bonus to your prolific output (and makes it easier to get to Amazon faster).
    6. I'm NOT EVEN kidding at this point.

    The only things you have yet to prove (because of the nature of fic) is world building and character developing (I mean from scratch--you are clearly capable of creating a compelling character arc). Given that your fic is already better than the last five James Patterson novels? I don't even see that being an issue!

    Seriously. You got this.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • And by "you need me to help you" I mean: I'll edit your books. Heh.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • The world building stuff is a concern! I have no idea if I can do that.

        Also, with fic, you don't have to bother with physical descriptions at all, or anything, and that's super way easy. I hate all that describing what people are wearing, and what the room looks like. All I have to say in a fic is, 'the living room of the Salvatore boarding house' and I'm done.

        Characters I think I can handle. I'm pretty good about hearing distinct voices for each character in my head. But I only *really* care about dialogue. Maybe I should have been a playwright. Are there playwrights self-pubbing on Amazon and getting really rich?

        I made the mistake of googling my fanfic author name and reading reviews in forums from people who just couldn't get into my stories. *sob* Somebody said they were totally over the Smasher stuff halfway through. And that I don't include enough Elena and actual romance. And someone else said they could tell I was British and that was a turnoff I guess! My writing was too British!

        I totally don't know if I have a thick enough skin for this.

        Oh, and I must be watching too much BBC America, because I've never even been to Great Britain.


        • Aw, you know "not enough romance" just means "not all Delena all the time" and you can't please everyone.

          I don't understand the British thing at all.


          • They said I used British spelling and idioms. Whu? I may have spelled 'gray' as 'grey', perhaps? I do that sometimes because I just forget.

            Honestly? I think 'not enough romance' is code for 'no porn'. I totes get that some people only read fic for the porn and I respect that, I really do. But it's frustrating. I got a review on tempests from somebody that abandoned tempests after 15 chapters and felt the need to tell me that they were giving up because fifteen chapters was 'too long' to hold off on the romance stuff. Elena had just eaten some babies two months before, and they were talking about all of her victims, and I guess this person felt like that was the perfect moment for sexin' and I didn't give her any sexin'.

            I've really thought about changing the labels on the fics to Angst/Drama instead of Romance/Drama, though. Maybe 'Romance' is saved for pornier fics and I just didn't realize it? I could also state right on my profile that I don't do explicit sex scenes, but I think my readership would drop like crazy right off the bat.

            I'm probably giving up on fic after I complete this Klaroline one. I'm having fun with it because I enjoy writing Caroline so much, but Klaus is a bit trickier. He has to be pouty and arrogant and selfish, or he isn't in character. But if he's too pouty and arrogant and selfish, then he isn't a believable love interest for anyone. It takes JoMo and his Welshy accent to do it justice, I think. I'm definitely not writing this one for the reviews, because they have been disappointing so far. Positive, I guess, but not terribly thoughtful. I had some really thorough and thoughtful reviewers on the D/E fics, and I got spoiled.

            *This post has been brought to you by ophy's neuroses.


            • I think you can do world building because you know how these things operate, if that makes sense. Pick and choose your favorite ideas about fictional worlds and play with them!

              I detest too much description of rooms and spaces--it makes me crazy! I think it's a huge waste of my time as a reader. And when I write, I tend to go too dialogue heavy as well. But, really, writing is a practice. You have to do it over and over to build some sense of personal style and voice. So those peccadilloes work themselves out over time (unless the writer is just stupid).

              You can't take feedback at that seriously--I mean, most people are just looking for porn or trashy wish-fulfillment fantasies. So not meeting those ideals is not failing your audience. I mean, read any reviews of a book you love on Amazon and you will be amazed at how completely moronic what passes for criticism for the average consumer these days!

              Like the negative reviews of The Hunger Games book at Amazon always blow my mind! Lots of "interesting story but poorly written" or "not for thoughtful readers"! I could (and have) written LONG email essays about the writing in The Hunger Games. I also overheard MANY people at the movie screening (one girl was on her third viewing) who explained to her seat-mate that the books were not worth reading because they were written at a low reader level but that the plot was quite good. Mr. Is thought that was HILARIOUS. Hee!

              So taste is hard to define is what I'm saying. Besides, writing books is about money not ego-gratification. You can't see me but I'm stifling a laugh.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • True. If I do end up self pubbing, I'll only focus on da Benjamins. Ha!

                You know that is so not true. I mean, making some extra cash would be nice, but I would totes be in it for the stats. It's all about 'do they like me and how much do they like me and did they tell any of their friends about me' when I write.

                Ian tweeted a pic of 'Damon' getting his hair/makeup done for shooting. Hmmmm. It looks very side-burny to me. This is a concern of MAJOR importance.

                Also? Ian is a good looking guy who can more or less pass for 28 if you just leave him alone. But the make up people apparently hate him, because he always leaves there looking like 45. I don't get it.


                • I feel like they worry he looks too old because they put HEAVY pancake on him compared to others in the cast IMEO.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • I know! And when you see him at regular events without make up, he doesn't really look that old at all. It's troubling to me that they can't seem to figure out their jobs. But then, I have had it in for the make up people ever since Caroline showed up at the Mikaelson ball with an orange face and neck. Unexcusable.


                    • I am definitely not into those sideburns. At all.


                      • This vid they did last weekend to thank Facebook fans probably shows Damon's S4 hair:

                        Also! casting scoop fresh out of Comic-Con. Don't click unless you want to be spoiled:


                        • I'm going to be out of town, I think, when the TVD panel is going on. Oh, well.

                          I've posted all the way to chap 7 of the new fic. Not that it matters, since only about a hundred or so people are actually reading it. I think of it as the Klaroline fic for people who don't actually ship Karoline, and who need to be convinced. I don't think I've made Klaus woobie enough for real Klaroline shippers. Sorry, peeps!

                          Love this pic of Joe and Claire:

                          I think I'm going to create a Joe/Claire (Jair?) shipper tumblr just to piss off the Jodice shippers.


                          • Only a hundred people are closely following something you just slapped on the Internet a few days ago.

                            Your ego is already out of control. You're going to make a great writer.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • OMB.

                              You are so right.

                              You have created a monster.

                              I HOPE YOU ARE PROUD.

                              ETA looking at my stats, I actually have about 280 regular readers for that fic. But! 'behold the grave' had about 600 regular readers, and 'tempests' had nearly 1,000. So by those numbers, readers are liking me less and less the more stuff I write. ha!
                              Last edited by ophy; 07-13-2012, 05:20 PM.


                              • I'd actually say it's that Delena is WAY more popular than Klaroline. And also? You are working an odd angle because your stories largely focus on Damon and don't include a lot of Delena togetherness. It's hard to keep people interesting with so little kissing, let alone so little "screen time" together. FF is for lovahs.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.