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  • Great lineup at the TVD convention in San Fran this weekend. No Nina, though. Hope the girl is just going to sleep the weekend away at home in ATL.

    Ian, Paul, DG, NateBuzz, Trevino, Zach, Torrey, and SMQ.

    I sort of feel bad for PDubs that he almost always gets second billing to Ian. I'll bet Ian gets paid more for cons, too, and it's Paul who is supposed to be the stah of the show.

    Julie P haz thoughts about what is going on with R and K:

    Tonight I did yoga. I never do yoga. Frankly, I'm not so great at yoga. My mind is too busy. But at the end of my hacky amateur semi-yoga session, lying (ironically) in what they call 'corpse pose', my mind calmed and cleared and I had one of those mini life epiphanies that can only be attributed to lots of wine or a yoga breakthrough. My epiphany, incidentally, had nothing to do with yoga. In fact, it was born out of my busy, wandering mind thinking about the Bella/Edward love catastrophe and wondering if I would take someone back if they cheated on me. The answer was a resounding 'shit, maybe, I don't know, that would really suck, etc etc.'. But that led me to an answer to a question I've been asking myself a lot lately: is it possible (and not just possible, but is it okay) to love someone unconditionally? And my (also ironic) epiphany was this: It's okay to love unconditionally under one condition. They have to love you back.

    Yoga Deep Thoughts, brought to you by someone who's been locked in a room writing about love for 2 days straight. Discuss.
    Not sure what impact that might have on the S4 triangle.

    Also, she posted a pic of the title page for 4.02, and the title is 'Memorial'.

    If they throw a funeral for Elena, and everyone ends up playing beer can croquet, I'm going to sue them for ripping off my fic.


    • Is it October yet?

      I wonder how many times in the next 10 weeks 3 days and 22 hours mr.o is going to catch me staring at this page:

      I'm crazy jonesin' for TVD, yo. I need the distraction.


      • I just want ANY of my shows to come back. Between it being so hot out that I can't go anywhere or do anything (like you'd want to do in the summer) and there be nothing on TV? I sincerely am climbing the walls. I have no grad school. I have no children. Our house buying is going along but it won't rev up again for a few weeks! I AM IN LIMBO. I can't go for nice long walks unless I want to melt into the pavement. I am all caught up on podcasts. I've taken to watching Breaking Bad to fill my entertainment void and I don't even like that shit!

        Jeez, last summer I would have pursued more clients and exercised. Heh. Ambitions? I no longer has them. Thank Beek for the summer of gossip.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • It's the summer of gossip that I want to be distracted from!

          But hey, the Olympics are finally here, and that should work for me. You should give it a try this time.

          Julie Plec just tweeted a fuckawesome fanvid. Really like this one: O' Death:


          • This made me LOL:

            My two obsessions in one.

            Also, dunno if anyone cares, but here are pics of Kat Graham out and about with her boyfriend, Cottrell Guidry. He's plenty hot.

            They have been together awhile, it seems, and have a dog. He's an actor/model, with the emphasis on 'model' for sure.

            Anyways, haven't heard anything out of the SF con yet, except that Ian's plane had to turn around and go back to ATL, so he's going to be late.

            PDubs has been going around saying that he thinks the show is building towards a D/E romance again, hinting that Elena will be pursuing Damon instead of the other way around. Oh, and that Stefan might get a new love interest. He sometimes just says stuff, though, so who knows. He and Ian both like to troll the fandom when they think they can get away with it. One of these days, they are going to start a rumor about the whole Mystic Falls gang going to a waterpark and everyone is going to believe it.

            There's another couple of rumors/spoiler out there:Damon gets kidnapped and tortured (must be Thursday!) by Pastor Young in 4.01 as a way to lure Stefan out (?) because of something that Stefan did to the pastor's family during a ripper phase, and that Elena goes to save him and she feeds on and kills Pastor Young (who is the father of Jeremy's childhood friend April), and that's how her transition occurs. But that she does end up saving Damon in the process. And 'Memorial' in 4.02 refers to Pastor Young's funeral, and that Elena and Jeremy go to support April or whatever, without April knowing that Elena killed her daddy. Oh, and the new character Hayley is someone that comes to Mystic Falls looking for Tyler because she's the one that helped him in the Smokey Mnts when he transitioned a zillion times to break the sire bond. But of course she will find Klaus instead, because he's in Tyler.

            There is nearly no verification for the first part of those spoilers. Just stuff floating around various places.


            • I'm just going to continue having a conversation with myself here for the next few months.

              Round up:

              Nina had a photo shoot in Montauk yesterday for a magazine, which explains why she wasn't at the TVD con in SF.

              So much for hoping the girl would have spent the time getting some rest. Apparently, that's a crazy suggestion.

              SMQ was on the flight with Ian that got routed back to ATL. When they finally landed in SFO, this girl got pics with both of them:
              This was her account of it:
              hey everyone! Yesterday I met Ian and Steven at the airport in San Francisco Ian seemed to be in a bad mood since his flight had to turn around after flying half way to SF...which made him super late for the convention. So since Ian and Steven had such a bad morning, my friend and I brought them milkshakes from In-N-Out Burger. Steven took his immediately and hugged us, while Ian was busy talking on his phone. I got to talk to Steven for at least 10 minutes. Once Ian was done, I walked up to him and tried giving him the milkshake and he rubbed my arms saying "oh no thank you sweetie." Then I asked him to take a quick picture and he agreed, took my phone, and snapped the picture of us. They had to leave because their limo driver arrived, so we thanked them and left.

              You could tell Ian wasn't in the greatest mood, which is totally understandable, but he was still really sweet and flirty. It was seriously the best 10 minutes of my life.
              Yeah, I don't think Ian does a lot of sugar and dairy. But it was a sweet thought.

              Stuff from the panels:
              July Galarza ‏@July_Gal

              ...Ian, Paul, and Steven in their is crazy over here!!!...steven is telling us the air conditioning broke in the plane..
              kayla aka joshua ‏@j_lafferty23

              Fan: "take your shirt off!" Ian:" you take YOUR shirt off how about that!" #tvdsf

              kayla aka joshua ‏@j_lafferty23

              What would you grab out your burning house P:"I'd hope MY WIFE" I:"my pussies" S:"my dog and my pillow" #tvdsf

              kayla aka joshua ‏@j_lafferty23

              What advice would you give your character P:"stop crying!" I:"stop pining!" S:"kill that Damon dude he keeps snapping your neck" #tvdsf
              Oh, Ian. Your 'pussies'. Nice for PDubs to make it clear that *unlike* Stefan, he'd save his woman first.

              Daniel: "Nina Dobrev and I do have great chemistry...Maybe it's because she's got a terrific ass."
              Some fans are saying that DG says this kind of thing about Nina all the time in revenge for Ian making out with DG's wife in some tv show called 'Fearless'.

              Fan encounter with Ian from he SF TVD con:
              Finally it was time for us to line up for the Ian photo. OMG. Just OMFG. I was SO FREAKIN’ NERVOUS. I mean…

              So what I remember about the photo is this. I go stand by Ian, he says hi darlin, he pulls me into this embrace where I’m leaning on his shoulder (I’ll verify the pose when I see the pic tomorrow), holds my hand and then I guess I was starting to leave when he sort of pulls on my hand and looks right into my eyes (I must have looked like a dear caught in headlights) and then he said thank you and have an amazing day, all the while holding my hand. I think I stammered I…am. But I’m not sure I got the “am” part out.

              OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Just….WHAT? So here’s a thing about Ian. He puts his arm around you and you then get this sense of being in an aura of complete and utter GROUNDEDNESS. I don’t really know how else to describe it. I’ve done some meditation stuff over the years and I know all about grounding techniques designed to make you feel really connected to the core of the earth. And..that’s what Ian feels like.
              HE'S GROUNDED.

              From an extra on 4.02 "The Memorial"
              Savanna Pledger ‏@vannapledger
              So I also got to see Ian kiss Nina's shoulder and it was sooo sweet. They for real are so cute together.

              Literally the coolest experience I'll ever have.

              And I will never forget how soul sucking it felt when he locked eyes with me.

              I will literally never get over the fact that Ian Somerhalder smiled at me today.

              @iansomerhalder really is as beautiful in real life as he is on the show. Like his eyes are literally mesmerizing...

              He's like #1 on my List, like how in the ****ing world did I get this ****ing lucky? How did my heart not stop?

              Like if I could pick anyone on this Earth to lock eyes with or even just to be in the same room a couple feet away as it would be him.

              I can't even ****ing believe that I locked eyes with Ian Somerhalder... TWICE.

              All I can say is that I've spent the last two hours sitting in the same church pew as Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley xxx
              So whatever this 'memorial' is, Stef and Damon both attend. Just the idea of the Salvatore brothers in a church . . . interesting.


              • I love that Ian apparently eye-fucks every person he meets. I feel like that would be awkward.


                • As someone who has locked eyes with JVDB in an airport, I can confirm. It *is* awkward. Ian is probably a thousand times more so.

                  Pretty much all of his fan encounters go something like: "I saw him and we made eyes contact, and I couldn't speak and I have no idea what happened after that, but I think he told me he loved me and that he hopes I have an amazing life." Like, every one of them is that way. He looks at them and they are mindwiped. And there's always either some kind of kiss blowing or physical contact that they recall afterwards.

                  The gov't should send Ian over to people's houses when they need to wipe their memories of seeing UFOs.


                  • JP talking about S4. :
                    At the end of season three, The Vampire Diaries did something showrunner Julie Plec had once promised herself she would never do: she turned Elena (Nina Dobrev) into a vampire. But while she once read the source material novels and vowed to do something different, she realized pretty early on that she needed to raise the stakes and what better way to do that than to play with the hero/heroine dynamic?

                    "We did an about-face as we were breaking season two and said 'You know what? We can get there by the end of season two, and it would be pretty bad-ass!' But we put the kibosh on that and decided 'Not yet, but soon.' And so, when we started season three, we knew that's what we would do, and everything that we did, every choice that we made, all season long was leading to that moment," Plec said.

                    "Elena's classic promise is she's never really going to be able to make choices [like to turn] for herself," Plec continued. "She's got Jeremy as Jeremy's only remaining guardian, so she realizes very quickly [in season three] how selfish it would be to just leave him, but that doesn't mean she's going to go gently into the transition. The first episode deals with that."

                    Therefore, the first episode will also see Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) reinvigorating a desire to protect his sister much the way she has vowed to protect him.

                    "He's going to feel very committed to protecting her as we get a new vampire hunter that comes to town," Plec revealed. "He gets put right smack in the middle of his sister's secret and protecting it against this guy who takes a special interest in [him]. We'll find out in a few episodes in as to why he has an interest in him."

                    Calling Jeremy "as always, a nice work in progress," Plec wouldn't say whether or not he was completely ready to take on the new hunter Connor (Todd Williams). However, there are at least two other men on the show who will always fight for Elena, and may be more equipped to deal with such threats. Plec previewed that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) will be as protective as always about her, as well, just in new ways.

                    "Now she doesn't physically need protecting, but emotionally, she needs mentoring," Plec pointed out.

                    "It's a shift in the hero/heroine and the ingenue dynamic. But the biggest shift will be in how the brothers see each other. They've been closer than ever, but they do not see eye to eye about what Elena should be and how...A lot of the season is about 'Who is Elena now? And how do they feel about who Elena is now?'"

                    In keeping with the physical transformations that kick off season three, Plec also promised the return of Joseph Morgan as Klaus, coming back "singed and burned and dusty and crusty." After a "nice blood cocktail he will be back to business"-- and pretty quickly because Plec doesn't want to lose the power of Morgan on-screen.

                    Klaus returning means Tyler (Michael Trevino) will go back to just being Tyler, without memories of what happened but getting an "earful" about what went down. Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler may still have a solid relationship "for now," but Tyler and Klaus will continue to butt heads, often times over her.

                    "Tyler and Klaus' relationship is going to be a big part of the first half of the season. We're playing with [the love triangle] in that Klaus isn't giving up any time soon. He's just going to adopt new means to try and break them up-- almost as if it's a sport! He's getting a perverse little thrill over trying to find ways to make that relationship end."

                    And then there is Bonnie (Kat Graham) who will see a new relationship of her own emerge-- with a new mentor who Plec said is a "professor at the college where her grandmother used to teach."

                    "We're not, by any means, trying to fill Alaric's shoes," Plec explained, "but we definitely like populating our universe!"

                    Plec called The Vampire Diaries a "marathon" of a show that is "only at mile thirteen." That may be the half-way point to most traditional marathons, but this one certainly doesn't show any sign of slowing down!
                    Klaroline folks on tumblr are freaking out over the possibility of Klaroforewoodsex (new word!), and seem to *not* want it to happen, which I think is crazy. I love the idea so so so much. ANGTS-O-RAMA.

                    It's like, the only way to make Forewood interesting again.


                    • Well, this is good to know. Not that I particularly doubted it.
                      carina macKenzie ‏@cadlymack
                      Confirmed: Elena was turned into a vampire with Damon's blood.


                      • More from JP:
                        The Hollywood Reporter: In one of the first few episodes of season four, there are rumblings that there may be a "surprise" return. What intel can you offer there?
                        Julie Plec: I can say that what [Bonnie] did, the choice she made in the last episode – to swap Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) bodies – comes back to bite her in the butt a little bit. Not from her friends, who would understand why she did what she did; she did it to save their lives. But the witches aren’t necessarily too happy with Bonnie (Kat Graham) dabbling in the dark side so she goes through a pretty rough time in the first episode as she tries to do what she does best, which is save her friends and finds the witches pushing back a little too hard.

                        THR: Bonnie and Elena (Nina Dobrev) seem to both be dealing with their own issues at the moment. How soon will we see them come together?
                        Plec: Bonnie is going to be going through her own emotional crisis at the beginning of the season as Elena goes through hers. It’ll take the girls a couple of episodes before they realize that they can go through it together. I think that the good news is that Elena’s friendships will remain solid as she herself is crumbling a little bit.

                        THR: The season three finale cliffhanger had the Twittersphere abuzz. How has reaction been?
                        Plec: The reaction has, honestly, been extraordinary. If people are hating it, then no one’s told me and thank god, because I wouldn’t want to know that. We were toying with it for a long time and we started season three knowing how he would end season three so we were able to lay out all the groundwork for it really quietly and subtly so it makes sense that this girl is mourning who she used to be and wondering if her parents would still be proud of her and missing her human life before vampires were in it and making this choice between these two brothers and what they mean to her, to take her to that point and to rip the rug out from under her and have everything change is almost like we’re starting over. We’re telling the same series all over again but with a different point of view and a different context.

                        THR: How does Elena sparing Matt’s (Zach Roerig) life in the episode affect his standing and outlook?
                        Plec: As Damon says to him early on, “Why do you get to live?” What the hell was so special about you that you still are breathing air on this earth and Matt takes that to heart a little bit. He feels the guilt, the survivor’s guilt, because he feels why me and not her. He feels like he’s got to earn that for her and be that for her. We’re going to see Matt be a champion for Elena. It’s going to be a nice friendship. Matt’s going to be strong and he’s going to try and stay strong. It’s not going to be easy for him. He knows he’s got to live well to earn the fact that he’s still alive and be a man about it.

                        THR: Will Elena turn to Matt in a significant way?
                        Plec: All I can say is, as a human he is definitely a blood source so we’ll see where that goes.

                        THR: Is there hope for more Matt and Rebekah (Claire Holt)?
                        Plec: Rebekah, poor thing, is still harboring her secret fling for Matt – and it isn’t so secret any more. First thing that she tries to do with him is apologize for running him off the road and he pretty much tells her to go to hell. If she’s ever going to get any attention with Matt, she’s going to have to change her behavior and go about it a different way.

                        THR: How do Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) reactions to Elena’s new state of being affect their relationship?
                        Plec: They definitely are dealing with [Elena's change] in the same in that they are both traumatized by it but differently in that they both have different points of view as to how she should be living her life as a vampire, what kind of vampire could be or should be or that they want her to be. It’s going to put them at odds which is a shame because they’ve never been stronger than at the end of last season and I’m hoping that they can survive this new problem in their relationship.

                        THR: Does that mean that the love triangle will, in a sense, be put on the backburner?
                        Plec: The love triangle is always there underneath. It’s not driving the show. Elena is changing as a character and Stefan is changing as a result of what she’s going through, Damon is changing as a result of what she’s going through so there’s always going to be shifts and turns and evolution of their relationships to each other that are always going to be right there.

                        THR: Several months ago, you mentioned to us that you were toying with a new villain for season four. Has that character been created?
                        Plec: Yup and I ain’t sayin’. It’s funny, I realized as we look back at the first three seasons, we’ve always known who our [villain] was – at least we thought we knew – from the very beginning. This year, we’re trying something a little bit different where we’re not so sure who’s pulling the strings and why. The mystery of that is going to be something new and different for us.

                        THR: A few new characters are coming into Mystic Falls, like a vampire hunter (Todd Williams) and a 16-year-old tied to the Gilberts (Grace Phipps). Who else can we expect?
                        Plec: We’ve got a new character named Hailey who will be showing up around the third episode, who Tyler is going to know from his own past. Bonnie’s going to find a new mentor in a professor at the local university, where her grandmother used to teach. For Bonnie, who has been absent with any good mentor figure, she’s going to connect with this guy. He’s going to be very, very, very, very brilliant and well-versed in the world of the supernatural. We haven’t cast Hailey or the professor yet.

                        THR: How early in the season will we see Joseph Morgan (aka Klaus) back?
                        Plec: You’ll see Joseph Morgan sooner than you think. He won’t be gone for long. In present day, as Klaus, in your face.
                        I'm guessing the surprise return might be Gram's ghost, maybe? Or Ayanna, Bonnie's long dead ancestor? Or Emily Bennett?

                        And the other thing I get from this is that Elena is going to eat Mat. Oh, yeah.

                        "The Vampire Diaries": We know that a couple of new characters are joining "The Vampire Diaries" early this season, but one person we won't be seeing in the first few episodes is Bonnie's love interest, Jamie. "Jamie hasn't shown up yet and we're four scripts in," executive producer Julie Plec tells us. "He's still a factor in our minds in that he still exists and they have a connection and a bond. We just haven't decided how much more to explore that. We're keeping it on the back burner for now."
                        Yeah, because people really care what happens to Jamie. Yawn.

                        And this:
                        We recently brought you all news that along with a great deal of pain, Elena Gilbert will be enjoying some pleasure as well. According to the show’s creative team, Mystic Falls’ prettiest doppelganger will experience her “first” sexual awakening as a fresh vamp sooner rather than later. The only detail the showrunners have kept mum about though is exactly who Miss Gilbert will be shacking up with in The Vampire Diaries Season 4. So will be the lucky fellow?

                        While it’s hard to picture an individual as loyal and level-headed as Elena choosing someone other than her boo from the start, Stefan Salvatore, viewers have been flirting with the notion of Matt Donovan and Elijah Mikaelsen as her potential lover. However, recent hints from executive producer Julie Plec give us reason to believe that the stud in question may actually be Damon. Check out juicy details Julie shared with Entertainment Weekly:

                        According to Plec, Elena will feel torn between each brother’s perspective and that will impact her relationships with each of them. Though the direction of those relationships remains to be seen, Plec made it clear that the love triangle is beginning a new chapter. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean Elena’s going to ditch Stefan — but she obviously still has some unfinished business with Damon. By the fourth episode, expect to see the two drawn together in a moment sure to spark a whole lot of fan fodder. “There’s a really interesting moment between Damon and Elena where she’s acting a little bit out of character and they both get caught up in a moment,” teases Plec.

                        Elena will remember the moments and confessions that Damon compelled her to forget and it will confirm that she wasn’t wrong in believing there was good in him. Though don’t expect a recently rejected Damon to be receptive to her realizations. “I think for him it’s just like, ‘Yep, well, that’s in the past. That was then, this is now. You made your choice,’” said Plec. “Damon’s not going to be sitting around moping, that’s for sure. He’s going to have a little bit of a ‘tude probably.”
                        Bit of a 'tude. AWESOME.

                        I hope that translates to random killings and neck snaps again.


                        • I'm not actually reading ALL of your posts because I want some mystery in my TVD. It really only works for me when there are surprises but I do love your gossipy Ian posts. I feel like I would find he and Nina's endless earnestness tedious but he does give good eye chatter!
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                          • Another post for isadora not to read!
                            Although, I don't think it ruins anything to tell you the awesome news that TVD is getting a whole extra episode next season. 23 eps! Woot!


                            First of all, "Vampire Diaries" fans, allow us to give you some great news: an extra episode has been added to the show's Season 4 order, bringing it to a total of 23 episodes this year, as compared to last year's 22. The first episode will premiere Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. EST. (For the record, "Supernatural" also has a 23-episode order; all other returning CW series are producing 22 episodes.)

                            When the season begins, all of our Mystic Falls monsters and friends are in precarious situations, but none more so than Elena (Nina Dobrev), who will begin her transition into a vampire in the first episode. She and Stefan are, for all intents and purposes, back together, but this time, their reunion is even more complicated.

                            It's safe to say that vampire Elena won't be on the Stefan Salvatore bunny diet right away -- and given Stefan's ripper history, her consumption of human blood definitely troubles him. "He's not going to have an easy time with it," executive producer Julie Plec confirms. "This is a guy who can't really get too close to human blood for too long without losing his mind, so it's like he's a guy who just got sober, and his girlfriend just turned 21 and wants to party. There are going to be some complications in their relationship as far as that."

                            Paul Wesley has never been shy about the fact that he loves playing Stefan as a dynamic, dark character, as opposed to a martyr who cries on a regular basis. "I feel like Stefan had a Season 3 ride of darkness, and I think Season 4 is going to be a little more of a gray zone, which is nice, too," he told us at Comic-Con. He speculates that Elena's transformation will create some distance between them. "Maybe he won't be attracted to her as much, because it'll remind him of himself... Men like the opposites. He hates himself because he's a vampire, right? So, I don't know; maybe he's going to project."

                            The way it plays out could bring about some of Stefan's darker side. "I can't say we'll ever be back to 'good' Stefan for good," Plec says. "I don't think 'good' Stefan is 'real' Stefan. I think Stefan is very damaged, and he's got some deep darkness and, within that, a beautiful soul with what humanity he can muster. I think until the end of the series, the darker Stefan will always be the truthful Stefan."

                            We're all very much looking forward to Elena remembering the two moments that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) compelled her to forget -- both of which were actually very sweet, positive scenes between the two characters.

                            The memories will come back to her in the first episode in a very interesting way; in a sense, she'll experience them as if they're happening anew. She'll have a conversation with Damon about that right away. Don't expect those things to have an immediate, drastic impact on her feelings for him, though. When we asked Plec whether the moments would have a profound impact on Elena's view of Damon, she said it would be more subtle.

                            "It's more just a bonus of being a vampire. For Elena to turn around and be like, 'Oh, I changed my mind now that I have all the information!' would be insane. She's not that literal, and that would be really sad for Stefan," Plec says.

                            What it does is help Elena to have a more complete, more accurate view of her friend. Fans who want Damon and Elena to get together have been frustrated by her continued underestimation of his character throughout the season, and the new memories of his sweet moments may lead to a positive turn in that department.

                            "If you look at the marathon of the Damon/Elena friendship and relationship, so much of their conflict is predicated on the fact that she still believes that he's more selfish than he actually is, and more hateful than he actually is, and more self-destructive than he actually is," Plec agrees. "These memories get added to her lexicon of Damon knowledge, and given how close they are, at this point it's important that she knows everything about him."

                            As always, Damon and Elena's relationship will evolve this season -- that slow burn is, of course, what makes it so interesting to watch. In the meantime, Damon will need a new friend to share his bourbon with at the Mystic Grill -- and, despite the rumors, it definitely won't be Tyler.

                            Plec confirms that Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) will be a significant part of the fourth season. Though not a love interest, Meredith might be a stabilizing force for Damon. "Damon is minus a drinking buddy and minus a friend," Plec says. "We've already established Meredith as a day-drinker, so if I was going to pick somebody out of a hat, to be Damon's new drinking buddy, it would be Meredith. The question is whether she's down with that. Is she okay with being his vampire-human partner in crime? I don't think she's going to be as easy to sway as Alaric was, but there's going to be a buddy bond that forms between them, which will be fun."

                            Though there's no word on how many episodes DeVitto will appear in this season, she's long been a part of "The Vampire Diaries" family and that's not changing any time soon. "We always say we didn't cast her in this role because she's married to Paul, and that is a thousand percent true, but because she is married to Paul at least we know that she's not going to turn around and say 'I hate this show; I never want to come back,'" Plec jokes. "We have the best of both worlds in that she's very willing to come play with us, and she's able to still do her great work on 'Pretty Little Liars,' too. Until some new show comes and snatches her up, we'll continue to play with her, without having to make any painful decisions."
                            Yeah, I pretty much love everything in this article. It's all good stuff.


                            • I am reading every word! They seem to do a good job keeping the major spoilers under wraps, so what's out there doesn't give too much away.

                              I will believe no teases of Damon/Elena smackity until I see it.

                              And I love everything in that post too. I will forgive them the 20000 new characters if it plays out as welll as it sounds.
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                              • Well, I'm glad somebody is reading! I was using this thread as a TVD scrapbook to keep this stuff in one place, but now I feel an actual responsibility to be witty, too.

                                So . . . um . . . enjoy this. (insert joke of your choice here)


                                "The Vampire Diaries" fans tend to be very opinionated, particularly when it comes to the love triangles on the show. Over this summer hiatus, though, there has been a quiet controversy buzzing throughout the fandom about Caroline's current dilemma -- specifically, that the villain Klaus has taken control of her boyfriend Tyler's body.

                                We joked with Candice Accola about the whole Klaus-is-inside-of-Tyler thing, but if you really think about it, it's a very creepy concept. When Caroline kissed Tyler goodbye at the end of the Season 3 finale, she was unknowingly kissing Klaus, whose feelings for her she'd rebuffed repeatedly. With Klaus making himself comfortable in Tyler's body, there's been some concern among fans that things with Caroline might become even more physical, bringing up some troubling consent questions.

                                Fans also took issue in Season 1 when Damon compelled Caroline to do his bidding on a regular basis while they were in a sexual relationship. Of course, both these situations are purely supernatural and would never apply to real-life relationships, but it's still a valid concern for fans who care about Caroline.

                                There's no doubt that if Klaus and Caroline slept together while she believed he was Tyler, it would be an unforgivable offense that would be disturbing on several levels. Luckily, we can confirm that it won't get that far before Tyler gets his body back.

                                "No, it's not going to go that far," executive producer Julie Plec assures us, promising that what Klaus does with Tyler's body is more comedic than predatory. "Yes, it's a little bit naughty, it's a little bit twisted, it's kind of fun -- depending on your perspective and how you define twisted and fun. It's over before it begins, so you can all get a good chuckle out of it."

                                It won't traumatize or hurt Caroline, but because she's no wilting flower, she won't take Klaus's games lightly. "Caroline will get very rightfully, appropriately indignant about it," Plec says, "but she won't be needing any therapy or support groups."

                                This should come as good news to the Klaus/Caroline fans, who will be relieved to know that he doesn't overstep that particular boundary. (He may be into committing murder on a regular basis, but he's not getting intimate with a lady without her consent.) Perhaps there's hope for them yet?
                                WASTED OPPORTUNITY.

                                Klaus should bang her like a screen door in a vampire hurricane when he gets the chance, but nooooooo. The guy sacrificed three women on a rock just so he could get wolfy now and then, but he draws the line at this? He didn't seem to quibble about seducing Katherine when she was human and he was planning on sleeping with her *and* then killing her. Wevs.

                                But yeah, I'm taking this as an indication that Klaroline is totally on in S4. If they weren't going to have Caroline actually get with him, they wouldn't mind have them do the rumpy pumpy. But yeah, the Klaroline fans will be relieved about this, because they were freaking all over tumblr at the idea.

                                Speaking of tumblr, some of the TVD crew are now doing a bts vid tumblr:

                                Loving the progression of Julie's tweets:

                                julieplec ‏@julieplec
                                The Fray at the Hollywood Bowl. So beautiful.

                                julieplec ‏@julieplec
                                'Be Still', or as I like to call it, an ode to @ernestoriley aka Alaric Saltzman. #thefray

                                julieplec ‏@julieplec
                                How to Save a Life #thefray

                                julieplec ‏@julieplec
                                I may or may not be standing ON STAGE w Kelly Clarkson at the Hollywood Bowl.

                                julieplec ‏@julieplec
                                I may or may not be on The Fray's tour bus.

                                julieplec ‏@julieplec
                       the capper to the night I just met @kelly_clarkson who it turns out is #TVDFamily. Gonna give her a set tour next week.

                                julieplec ‏@julieplec
                                Final #thefray tweet of the night. Living out my rock star fantasy.
                                Glad the lady had a fun night.

                                ETA Folks were saying that Ian pushes himself too hard and should get rest, and Ian's dad (who is semi-active on one of the fan boards) posted this:
                                the reason Ian is doing these additional cons(SAN FRAN.) is to raise money for his foundation(animal shelter, headquarters, etc)..I would think he would rather be resting, especially after the past summer hiatus - that had to be a killer! ...then there is the climax of "glad tidings" during the first week of September>>
                                HE DOES IT FOR THE ANIMALS. Oh, and the children.

                                The spec is that the 'glad tidings' is an announcement that ISF is going to be able to open the animal sanctuary after all. It's been on and off for months, because it was a huge amount they needed to raise to buy the land.

                                This makes sense, because he did an insane number of cons and appearances this year, more than any other year and much more than he has signed on to do next year. So yeah, folks were wondering why.

                                Three Perfectly Plausible Reasons Why There’s a Zebra on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Set -- “Meet Elena's new love interest... The youngest Salvatore brother,” Nina Dobrev tweeted. While she’s probably kidding about the love interest part, we’ve come up with other solutions as why there’s a striped equid loose in Mystic Falls.

                                Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) joins the circus
                                Fed up with life in Mystic Falls, Jeremy decides to hit the road. Not only did his newly vampirized sister try to bite him, his ex-girlfriend Bonnie (Kat Graham) has been practicing dark magic spells on him. While riding the rails, Jeremy meets up with Chuckles, a mysterious hobo who introduces him to circus life. The young Gilbert’s first job? Training zebras.

                                Care of magical creatures
                                Vampire Diaries finally decided to get more supernaturals, and they’re starting with a zebracore. It’s part zebra, part lion, and all beast. It feeds on unicorns and thunder clouds, but if you can unlock its secret, it will let you ride it. Klaus(Joseph Morgan) gives the creature to Caroline (Candice Accola) as a pet, but she gets upset when it eats Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) new unicorn.

                                Elena’s hungry
                                Now that she’s a vampire, Elena needs blood. Instead of feasting on people, she decides to stick to the animal diet. (Matt [Zach Roerig] is relieved he won’t have to be her human blood bag.) Unfortunately, she quickly gets bored with rabbits and decides to pursue something a little more exotic. She breaks into the Mystic Falls Zoo, drains a zebra, and leaves a bloody mess for the zookeeper. Watch out, gazelles. You’re next on Elena’s “Must Try” menu.
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