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  • Not for isadora!

    From TVline:
    Question: What’s this I’m hearing about a big Vampire Diaries death? Any hints about the victim?—Clay
    Ausiello: Stop asking yourself who dies and start asking yourself who does the killing. That’s what people will be talking about the following morning at the watercooler on line at Starbucks.

    Question: I’ll take any Vampire Diaries spoiler you’ve got. I’m not picky. —Daniel
    Ausiello: A flashback in this season’s fourth episode unearths a “big secret that will change the course of the season for everybody,” teases EP Julie Plec.
    The flashback in 4.04 is supposed to be Rebekah focused, perhaps also Ayanna focused. No idea what big secret might be there.

    And duh, obvs Elena does the killing.


    • Okay, this stuff I am going to spoiler tag, even though it comes from Julie herself:

      Elena’s struggle to transition to a vampire might just be the least of her worries when The Vampire Diaries kicks-off its fourth season on Oct. 11. According to exec producer Julie Plec, there will be a much more pressing problem at hand. “When Alaric Saltzman told the council that the town was filled with vampires, [he] told a lot of details about a lot of people that in the first episode back we’ll see have created a little bit of a domino effect,” says Plec, who teased a “powerful, surprising death sequence” during the premiere.
      As a result, the big question in the first episode is not whether Elena will feed on blood, but rather how she does it, when she does it, and whether she’ll even survive the day.

      Of course, it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to make it through. After all, she’s got two very able Salvatore brothers by her side. Both Stefan and Damon will help school Elena in vampology 101 this season…though they won’t exactly be on the same page. “They’re two very different kinds of vampires and they’re going to have two very different points of view about what kind of vampire Elena should be,” says Plec. “It’s going to make them fight a little.”

      According to Plec, Elena will feel torn between each brother’s perspective and that will impact her relationships with each of them. Though the direction of those relationships remains to be seen, Plec made it clear that the love triangle is beginning a new chapter. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean Elena’s going to ditch Stefan — but she obviously still has some unfinished business with Damon. By the fourth episode, expect to see the two drawn together in a moment sure to spark a whole lot of fan fodder. “There’s a really interesting moment between Damon and Elena where she’s acting a little bit out of character and they both get caught up in a moment,” teases Plec.

      As for the show’s other love triangle, Plec says that Klaus — who will be back to his own body fairly soon — will find “sportier more dastardly ways of driving a wedge” between Caroline and Tyler. In other words, the Klaus/Caroline/Tyler saga is far from over. She explains: “The finale wasn’t putting a final point on any relationship. If anything it was just creating a new beginning for all the relationships. Things are going to be evolving and changing for all points of all triangles on this show.”

      Other notable scoops:
      – Bonnie will do everything and anything to prevent Elena’s transition. Whether or not she’s successful and the consequences of the kind of magic she taps into will impact her arch season.
      – According to Plec, the new vampire hunter headed to Mystic Falls is “very hardcore, he’s very skilled he’s very strong. He kind of takes our heroes by surprise, in that they think they can wipe the floor with him pretty easily and quickly, and he sort of stuns them with being difficult to defeat early on. They’re going to realize they’ve got a bigger problem than they’re used to.”
      – Klaus’s decision to stick around Mystic Falls will be tied to the vampire hunter. Says Plec: “He definitely has an agenda that he wants to service which we’ll start to get a hint at about three episodes, four episodes in, and it will involve how he feels about the existence of this hunter.”
      – Klaus isn’t the only Original sticking around. We haven’t seen the last of Rebekah or her other brothers and sisters. “We’ll definitely get glimpses of the other Originals over the course of the year,” says Plec. The exec producer also hinted that we may learn more about Esther’s backstory. “One of the things that we’ve always said in the writer’s room is Esther’s creation of the original vampires was predicated on a spell that she already had, so where did she get that? And what does that mean?” says Plec. “Does it mean that there are vampires that pre-date the original vampires?”
      – The fourth episode may feature a memorable Elena-Damon scene, but Plec says one of her favorite Damon moments of all-time happens in the second episode (so keep an eye out!).
      – Speaking of Delena… Elena will remember the moments and confessions that Damon compelled her to forget and it will confirm that she wasn’t wrong in believing there was good in him. Though don’t expect a recently rejected Damon to be receptive to her realizations. “I think for him it’s just like, ‘Yep, well, that’s in the past. That was then, this is now. You made your choice,’” said Plec. “Damon’s not going to be sitting around moping, that’s for sure. He’s going to have a little bit of a ‘tude probably.”
      – Can’t wait to see Elena partake in a little vampire on vampire action? You may have to wait a couple of episodes. “We’re about to start shooting episode 3 and we have not yet shown a completed act of vampire sex so it is going to be something that will happen eventually,” says Plec.”But I will not say how, when, why, with who, or if it’s awesome or not.” (Let’s face it, we all know it’s going to be awesome).
      – Though you may have heard otherwise, Stefan will not be getting a new love interest — at least not anytime soon. “I actually don’t even know where that came from,” says Plec. “I think Paul’s talking wish fulfillment.”
      – We may get to see the friendship between Stefan and Caroline develop more this season. “What I’m hoping is that Caroline, as an advocate of the Stefan school of how to be a vampire, can be a support system for him that he really needs, especially as things get difficult in Elena’s transition,” says Plec.
      I do love how easily Julie dismisses Paul's wish fulfillment. This ain't the first time, won't be the last! I honestly think PDubs believes that if he bangs the 'new love interest for Stefan' drum long enough, it's actually happen. He's trying to wear her down.

      The Esther stuff is super interesting. I like it when they go deeper into the mythology, even though, let's be frank . . . it's the weakest and least consistent thing about the show.


      • This 'spoiler' from TV Guide doesn't even make sense.

        Now that Elena is going to be a vampire on The Vampire Diaries, who (or what) will she feed on first? — Amy

        NATALIE: Elena will of course struggle with this decision. "How she gets blood is going to be one of the big problems," showrunner Julie Plec tells us. But once she does, in the umpteenth Damon-vs.-Stefan choice that Elena has had to make, she will then choose the perfectly formed wrists of Ian Somerhalder to make her meal. Suffice it to say, Stefan will be mighty pissed by that turn of events.
        Um, what? Vampires don't feed from vampires. Vampire blood can't cause you to transition. Are they adding something to the mythology here? Maybe Damon feeds on a human right before Elena feeds on him, and that counts? It's a head scratcher, really.

        I'm choosing to think the reporter just got this one wrong.

        ETA I like the way the Salvatore Bros are equally doubtful about this one in my gif.

        ETA Redux: Forgot about Mikael!!! Huh. So the spec floating around is that Elena will choose to only feed off vampire blood the way Mikael did, which um . . . that's hella sexy considering who her top blood choices might be. Salvatores and Caroline. I would pay American dollars to see Elena feed on Caroline. I might start writing E/C fic and never stop.


        TV Guide actually deleted that spoiler . . . either for not being true, or being too true. But the gal confirmed in on twitter twice, so I dunno.
        Last edited by ophy; 08-01-2012, 08:35 AM.


        • Man, Julie talked to EVERYBODY lately.

          The Vampire Diaries: So, When Will Elena Have Steamy Vampire Sex?

          Now that The Vampire Diaries' Elena Gilbert is turning into a vampire, there's one question on everyone's mind: How long will it be before she has some hot, vampy sex?

          The short answer: You may have to wait a while. "I'm not going to say she's not having loads of vampire sex off camera that we're not showing, but we have not yet shot a complete sexual act this season between Elena and anybody," executive producer Julie Plec tells

          In truth, sex is the last thing that Elena (Nina Dobrev) will be thinking when the show returns in October. As Elena told Stefan in the Season 2 episode "The Last Day," Elena never wanted the vampire life for herself and two seasons later, her feelings haven't changed. "This is a girl who really, truly valued her humanity and ... always wanted the choice of how to live her life," Plec says. And while Elena considers not completing the transition, "that moment is fleeting [because] she recognizes she has a responsibility to her brother to stick around," Plec says.

          As Elena goes through her transition, the opposing views about how one should feed and live their life will cause conflict between her two greatest allies — Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley).

          "Damon's point of view in all of this is that anything [Stefan's] trying to do to avoid Elena being a real vampire is just a delusional delay of the inevitable," Plec says. "While he can understand and appreciate that Stefan wants to protect her, [he feels he's] making a huge mistake because when all is said and done, [Damon thinks,] 'Name one vampire who went through the newbie phase and didn't take a life. Name me one vampire that didn't go off the rails, name me one vampire who didn't turn off their humanity for a while.' So that's where the conflict lies between Stefan and Damon. Stefan wants to protect her from that at all costs, and Damon is saying, 'It's going to happen' you may as well rip the Band-Aid off and let it bleed."

          Regardless of whose lifestyle Elena follows, there will be nothing easy about her road. "It wouldn't it feel right if it were easy," Plec says. "Elena has a lot of things working against her. There's the fact that her defining characteristic as a human being is her compassion for others which, as a vampire, is magnified and makes it very difficult to feed on a human being or an animal. Everything is heightened, so it's a whole new Elena that's magnified in catastrophic ways."
          "catastrophic ways" makes me hopeful that Julie read my first fic and is going to be having Elena smash things. Yes, please.

          And Damon? So much smarter than Stefan. So much.

          And by "loads of offscreen vampire sex", I assume she's talking about Nian. ha!


          • From Watch with Kristin:
            Felicia: Needs me some Vampire Diaries information!

            It's flashback time, y'all! Episode four will feature the first flashback of season four and we're going waaay back…to the 1100s! We'll meet a vampire hunter named Alexander who was rugged, handsome and charismatic…as vampire hunters tend to be. (Miss you, Alaric!)


            • I so LOVE how much TVD ended up in Gabby Douglas's twitter timeline after she won a gold medal. Nice to know she's a fan. Of course, if they do manage to get her on the show, she will be Bonnie's cousin and get killed off in one ep.

              She was tweeting with Julie Plec *and* Ian. #TVDFAMILY

              Speaking of gymnastics, here's Neeners competing in a rhythmic gymnastics tournament in 2005:

              Honestly, I can't tell which lean brunette Canadian she is. But no wonder girlfriend is so goshdarn flexible. No wonder Ian is always smiling and smirking. The guy gets a workout on a nightly basis.

              Damon made it to the TVLine's Bad Boy finale (out of 64 competitors), and he's up against Neal Caffrey. Who probably has never killed anyone. I mean, seriously, folks.

              A vampire with Damon's bodycount, vs. an art thief. Jeez. I don't know why it's so close right now. Well, except that Matt Bomer is a pretty, pretty man.

              So close to being done with my Klaroline fic- only 2 chapters left!

              And then I'm 80% sure my fic career has ended. Well, for awhile, anyway. Until I get going on Elena/Caroline.


              • I'm late on this because we went out of town for two days, but Julie has done another twitter q/a.

                Kash ‏@_CantShakeHim
                @julieplec Do you think Damon will mourn over the loss of Elena's humanity or be relieved that she is now immortal?

                3 Aug julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @_CantShakeHim probably a little bit of both.

                Cristina ♔ ‏@xitscristina
                @julieplec are we gonna see any bonding between the brothers this season or is it only gonna be anger&rage? #teamsalvatore

                3 Aug julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @xitscristina all of the above

                Frances Wilson ‏@FrancesWilson2
                @julieplec Hi Julie! I was just wondering if we will see more of hunter Jeremy this season. He's my fav and I love him in hunter mode =)

                3 Aug julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @FrancesWilson2 yep!

                zee ‏@be_mine_stefan
                E loved S even after seeing the monsterous side of him. S can't just stop loving Elena simply cause she's a vampire right? @julieplec

                3 Aug julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @be_mine_stefan correct

                RowlyDennisIsAPrince ‏@DooWopSwingJazz
                @julieplec will Elena get jealous because Damon has a new love interest?

                3 Aug julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @DooWopSwingJazz he doesn't.

                Jee. ‏@penhallows
                #DropTweet for Ms. @julieplec. Shower scene for Stefan, please. Thank you. P.S. Stefan + motorcycle = asdfghjkl thanks for that too. x)

                3 Aug julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @penhallows shooting motorcycle stuff this week!

                Queen B ♔ ‏@whatthedobrev
                Is it just me or does somebody else too feels victimised by @julieplec's high standard vocabulary that she uses in her tweets?!

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @whatthedobrev I'm 40 -- I've had a long life to accumulate words. Plus, I'm trying to snag myself a smart boyfriend. ;-)

                Sarah Wood ‏@SarahWoody91
                @julieplec I'm a bit confused. Was the Damon flashback in 3x22 implying that SE's relationship isn't passionate while DE's is?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @SarahWoody91 nope, just that he had a read on Elena from the get go (if you recall, her issue w Matt was that it wasn't passionate).

                Helena Wesley ‏@H_Pdubber
                @julieplec Hey Julie just a question. SE will be going through a bit of a rough patch but will there be scenes to look forward to in S4?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @H_Pdubber yes, absolutely!!!

                MissMolly22 ‏@MollyVillani22
                @julieplec that must be all the Stelena fans because it seems there is nothing next season that's bad for Delena.

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @MollyVillani22 good and bad for both. Things are changing, people are changing, relationships are evolving.

                zee ‏@be_mine_stefan
                'beginning of the beginning'?? and you want me to enjoy the ride explain how? So it's official you're starting Delena Diaries -.- @julieplec

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @be_mine_stefan Sigh, no, I'm telling a series-long journey about the deep love between 3 people. Romantic, platonic, familial and tragic.

                stelena FTW ♥ ‏@tishyakakar1
                @julieplec so are Bonnie and Jeremy over for good?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @tishyakakar1 I don't know, to be honest. Maybe.

                Sarah Wood ‏@SarahWoody91
                @julieplec How would you define Elena's sense of loyalty?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @SarahWoody91 borderline compulsive.

                Bea ‏@BeaAurelie
                @julieplec please can u tell "are there going to be any good times for Rebekah,or is she going to have any romantic moments? #lotsoflove

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @BeaAurelie yes, in the midst of a shit-ton of bad moments.

                iLovePaulW_STELENA ‏@iLovePaulW_TVD
                @julieplec Is there a happy straight forward relationship end for elena at the end of season 4?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @iLovePaulW_TVD too soon to tell

                sнιrℓεу ♥ τν∂ ‏@Love_it_away
                @julieplec Are Klaroline shippers in for some fangirl moments? Or is it a no-no?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @Love_it_away it's a no-no and yet....

                sнιrℓεу ♥ τν∂ ‏@Love_it_away
                @julieplec Oooh, and is there hope for more Klefan bromance? I liked that.

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @Love_it_away Yes, in a highly dysfunctional manner of speaking.

                † ‏@Heart0fDarkness
                @julieplec I don't wanna sound like a bitch here, but why do you always try to make the fans love Stefan more than Damon? It doesn't work :P

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @OhWarriorElena Ask all the people who tweet me that I hate Stefan and see if you can collectively figure out the problem of my job.

                Kyrieeee ‏@Hybrid_KyrieTVD
                @julieplec in season 4 will we be exploring Rebekah's story further? Like will we get any more flashbacks of her time with Klaus&Elijah?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @Hybrid_KyrieTVD Yep!

                Crazy4ESPINELA ‏@Crazy4Espinela
                RT @DelenaOTP @julieplec Will Damon ever get a "I love you" from someone?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @Crazy4Espinela @DelenaOTP god I hope so!

                inara ✌ ‏@WeAdoreAiden
                @julieplec why do you think people seem to prefer damon over stefan? x

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @WeAdoreAiden It's hard to resist that level of extroverted charisma, evil or not.

                Maaike❤.. ‏@Love_Delena
                @julieplec Is Elena really going to feed on Damon in the first episode?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @Love_Delena Nope.

                Martyna ‏@_usako
                @julieplec Have U ever seen Ian Somerhalder in Lost or other movies with him before #TVD ?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @_usako I was a huge Young Americans fan back in the olden days.

                Stelena & Bamon ‏@Islandfever7_7
                @julieplec Is Stefan and Elena going to get back together officially or will it b over b4 it gets back to that?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @Islandfever7_7 They'll be back together and it will be beautiful.

                Deena M.A ‏@Deena_93
                @julieplec Do you think that by the end of season 4 the Stefan/Elena/Damon love triangle will be over for good ??

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @Deena_93 never over for good. You never get over the people you love like that.

                -D ‏@TVDSefanDamon
                @julieplec What's happened with Katherine's baby??

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @TVDSefanDamon Good question. We've always talked about answering that one day.

                Tajana. ‏@acciodobsley
                @julieplec Did you pull the inspiration for some Stefan/Elena scenes from Buffy/Angel?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @acciodobsley Angelus made us confident that we could explore Ripper Stefan without forever damaging his character.

                ♔ ‏@gloriousRomance
                @julieplec Do you hate me? Ufff :P I just want to know if there are chances to see a DE mutual hug this season! *cries*

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @gloriousRomance There will be a lot of huggable moments, and I mean that in the 'horrible things have happened, hold me' kind of way

                EL Wesley ‏@elenasevcova
                @julieplec is Stefan gonna be naked? bcoz we all hope so

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @elenasevcova Paul Wesley likes getting naked about as much as he likes smiling.

                Voice of the Violin ‏@Miss_Demetra
                @julieplec Is it wrong that I find Klaus cute even if he's an evil psycho crazy cold-blooded murderer ? :/

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @Miss_Demetra Story of my life.

                Jess. ‏@_ohmySalvatore
                @julieplec Will we ever hear an "I love you Damon" from Elena? It seems to be "I have feelings for you" but never an I love you!

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @_ohmySalvatore we'll hear it if and when she means it

                batman ‏@andrewgrfield
                RT @dobrewski: @julieplec when Elena will get the ring that protect her from the sun will it be like a cute moment? an important one or not?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @andrewgrfield @dobrewski I'm hoping it will be perfect.

                ♥D♥E♥L♥E♥N♥A♥ ‏@Mary_Alice_93
                @JuliePlec When Klaus finds out that Elena is a vampire? What will be his reaction?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @Mary_Alice_93 decidedly displeased

                Matilde ‏@_LoveBites_
                @julieplec damon forcing elena to feed will be selfish, he didn't want to feed too in 1864, right?

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @_LoveBites_ no one's going to force anyone

                † ‏@Heart0fDarkness
                @julieplec I read somewhere that you or Kevin said you've known who will be endgame since season 2. Is that true? :P

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @OhWarriorElena never said 'who', just 'what'

                Julie hates me or my tweets but please, tell us we're not going to be brokenhearted as much as we were the 3 past seasons.

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @sexyDEqueen sorry. I have 3 basic gears: Joy, Anxiety, Despair.

                StefanOurHero ‏@stefansbunny
                @julieplec is Elena EVER going to choose only one man,she obviously cant have both

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @stefansbunny It's not about her choice anymore. She made hers. Now it's about how life evolves.

                Joe Holtholic ‏@ixde
                @julieplec will Rebekah finally attend the school dance? also i would love to see Bex-Caroline fighting for prom queen title

                15h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                @ixde I'd like to see that too
                I totes left out the ad nauseum shipper whining. Julie has the best job in the world, and the worst job in the world. At this point, I think they should just do a 'choose your own adventure' version of TVD, with alternate shipper endgames so everyone can be happy.


                • I love that she referenced Young Americans. Sometimes I feel that Julie Plec must have at least lurked at PP.

                  Stuff like crazy shippers tweeting whiny nonsense at show-runners is the exact reason twitter makes me uncomfortable. There is too much contact between crazy fans and the people involved in creating it and it constantly makes me cringe. It's similar to the way I feel when watching video of panels at smaller, single fandom conventions. I could not imagine like tweeting an actor about fic or in-person asking him to take his shirt off or whatever.

                  I'm taking the discussion of "what not who" will be end game to mean my dream of a Salvatore Mansion polyamorous colony to still be on the table.


                  • I also think show runners get a distorted view of how regular fans view the show. Like I *feel* that the Gossip Girl writers twitter was just BOMBARDED with Chair shit and so they got the impression Dair was landing like a lead balloon, you know? And I think this is happening on many shows. Crazy shippers make shows stagnate at time, IMO. They don't want characters to ever move or grow and it makes me crazy!
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • I agree about Gossip Girl, I think the level of Chair craziness has made it so they've decided that they are endgame and have been unwilling to let any other pairings evolve as anything beyond an obstacle to the epic Chair romance.

                      Julie seems to do a good job of nicely telling fans that they will do what they want no matter how much you complain.


                      • Yeah, she has no problems calling fans out on their shit and even telling them when they are being bullies. But! It still distresses her, and is part of the reason why she's such an insomniac.

                        I really think that if she walks off before TVD finishes 6 seasons, it'll be because she can't take the shipper/fan stupidity anymore.

                        I'm taking the discussion of "what not who" will be end game to mean my dream of a Salvatore Mansion polyamorous colony to still be on the table.

                        Unfortunately, at panels they have said the network totes shot that idea down. So it ain't happening. BUT IT HAPPENS IN MY MIND.

                        I find this tweet by Ian reassuring that we really are going to get some shades of S1/2 Damon in S4:
                        ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder
                        Sunday morn.Wrking on #tvd scenes for the weekWeekends:I'm a good brother,animal dad, son- weekdays?Im a prick vampire seducing all in sight
                        Now, given that JP has stated definitively that Damon does NOT get a new love interest in early S4 at least, just whom is he seducing, hmmm?

                        Of course, 'love' does not equal 'seduce', so who knows.

                        I'm getting the feeling from NateBuzz's twitter that he's in ATL this week, which makes me assume the Kol returns. Very happy about that. It might just be flashback Kol, though, because they are doing that big Rebekah-focused flashback in 4.04.


                        • The cast of TVD shot a little vid to congratulate Gabby Douglas and the US Team on their golds:

                          Pretty cute, considering that Nina used to be a rhythmic gymnast, and Gabby says that Ian is her celebrity crush.


                          • Called it! Well, so did , like EVERYONE on the PLANET, but still.


                            We've got the best news ever for you this morning -- proving that wishes do come true!

                            "The Secret Circle" spitfire Phoebe Tonkin has landed a juicy recurring role on Season 4 of "The Vampire Diaries" as Hayley, a friend of Tyler's (Michael Trevino). First appearing in episode 3, 19-year-old Hayley is "wildly sexy" -- with a tough, intimidating side that could just give Caroline (Candice Accola) a run for her money.

                            Let's just hope that by the time Hayley surprises Tyler in Mystic Falls, he's back to actually being Tyler.

                            Best known in the U.S. for her witchy ways on "TSC," Tonkin made a splash in Australia on "H2O: Just Add Water," where she played a mermaid alongside her soon-to-be "Vampire Diaries" costar (and off-screen bestie) Claire Holt.
                            Claire must be so happy to have her roomie joining her in ATL.

                            Michael Trevino ‏@Michael_Trevino
                            You mean to tell me I have another talented and super good looking Aussie to deal with in Mystic Falls? Awesome! Bring it @1PhoebeJTonkin

                            Claire Holt ‏@MissClaireHolt
                            @Michael_Trevino @1PhoebeJTonkin well played sweet cheeks
                            Finished my Klaroline fic, and just have to wrap it up with an epilogue. Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah. Let's hope I don't get anymore bright ideas about writing any more of it.


                            • I just finished your Ghost Damon fic! YAY! Happy Shmappy! This next one better be tragic.

                              So I'm ready for Klaroline!
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • Oh, yeah. I don't end anything tragic, sorry.

                                I put all of the tragic stuff inside the fic, and then everyone gets a totally schmoopy sappy ending. It's just how I roll. If I left any of the main characters super unhappy, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.