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  • Unsurprisingly, it was Nina's idea to do the video to support Gabby Douglas:

    Olympics: Nina Dobrev is as obsessed with gymnastics and Gabby Douglas as you are (maybe more)

    Image Credit: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images
    After hearing that 16-year-old U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas is a huge fan of their show, the cast of The Vampire Diaries made her a video congratulating her on her team and individual all-around golds and wishing her and her teammate, Aly Raisman, good luck in today’s event finals. Watch it below. (No spoilers in the comments, please!)

    Nina Dobrev, a former artistic and rhythmic gymnast, was behind the group effort. “Forget sleep. It’s all about the Olympics right now. I’m obsessed. Like, it’s actually a problem. They’re starting to tell me I’m looking tired on set, and it’s because I’m up until, like, two in the morning watching the Olympics and going to work at 5 a.m.,” Dobrev told EW earlier today. “I used to be a gymnast, and I competed internationally, so it’s my favorite time. I even bought a 3D TV so that I could watch them in 3D. When I found out that Gabby liked the show, I was incredibly excited and really happy to make the video. And now we follow each other on Twitter, so we’ve been direct messaging. The 16-year-old in me wishes that I was up there with them. So I’m just so happy for her success. And she’s so cute. She has the most amazing smile.”

    While Dobrev awaits the start of the rhythmic gymnastics competition on Thursday (she did it all, but always thought the ribbon was the prettiest), we had to ask about her show of flexibility on Conan in May — when she uses Conan O’Brien as a wall for a yoga move. Amazing, she doesn’t have the screengrab pictured here enlarged and framed in her home.

    “Now that you mention that, that’s not a bad idea. It was a cool moment for me and a lot of fun. It was a ballsy moment. I can’t believe I did it,” she says, laughing. “If something had gone wrong I would have been incredibly embarrassed and the headlines the next day would have been much different… Oh s—, I just realized what I said. Pun was not intended.” Yes, let’s talk about her foot placement. “I wasn’t actually touching anything, it just looked like that on TV,” she insists. “With the scorpion move, usually it’s a wall, and you actually bend even more and your toes touch your head, but obviously that wouldn’t have been possible.”
    Also, there is a very nice interview with Nina in Fashion magazine (she's on the cover, too). Scans here:

    Much of the interview is about fashion, and stylists and her upcoming movies, but she also mentions that she optioned a book and is writing a screenplay (Ian is writing a screenplay, too, so that is interesting).

    And this quote made Nianologists squee:
    Another comfort is having her longtime boyfriend, 33-year-old actor Ian Somerhalder—who plays a diabolical vampire on Diaries—nearby for on-set chats. Part of his allure, Dobrev says, is their 10-year age difference. “Women mature a lot faster than men do so I’ve always had trouble relating—or not relating,” she says. “I like to be challenged. I like to be inspired and constantly be learning. I feel like when I’m with someone who’s older than me they have a certain amount of experience in life. There’s a maturity. There’s a different sort of knowledge that they bring to a relationship and the conversations are very different.”

    Fans have speculated the couple may be headed down the aisle but Dobrev is quick to quell the rumours. “Eventually I am going to marry and have a family but not anytime soon. I’m not going to pull a Miley [Cyrus]. In this day and age, people are getting married later and having kids later, and I’m not going to be an exception to that. It’s extremely important to have the time and energy to do things like have kids or give your love and attention to another human being properly.”
    That's pretty much as open as she has been in an interview about their relationship.

    Someone on Ian's fanboard had this to say about the bit in the article about how she's been busy decorating a new home in ATL:
    No, Ian is at Nina's in Atlanta and Nina is at Ian's newer place when they are in Venice, California. As busy as Nina has been since moving into her Atlanta loft, she really hasn't had a lot of time to decorate . Nina moved into her new place in January 2011, which meant she still had long hours of filming TVD. Spring and summer 2011 was Coachella, Ian & Nina's trip to Mexico, Ian & Nina's trip to NYC and the Tribeca Film Festival, the White House Correspondence Dinner, the Paris trip with their mothers and of course the filming of Perks of Being A Wallflower, which lasted right up to the time she had to report back to TVD to start filming again. Spring & Summer 2012 = Ian & Nina went to Hawaii as soon as TVD filming was over, then Coachella, and then to Venice, which is where Nina was most of the summer with a trip or two with Ian (Barcelona and then meeting up in Paris) and then she spent a week in Bulgaria. Her schedule really hasn't given her a lot of time to decorate so it makes sense it is still new to her. The furniture is in place, but the finishing touches still need to done.
    People were speculating that she and Ian had gotten another new place together, but that doesn't look to be the case. So she owns the place where they live in ATL, and he owns the place where they live in LA. That does make sense.

    I've typed over 8k words in two and a half days! I can barely put a sentence together anymore. The epilogue for the Klaroline fic is done, but I'm going to wait a day to post it just in case I think of something else to add to it. Hate ending things, but I love ending things.

    Hand hurts. Ouch.


    • I want a 3D TV real bad.
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • I don't.

        HATE 3D with a fiery passion. Really tough on people with double vision. Those stupid glasses are migraine inducing for me.

        ET shows a video of Gabby and her family watching the TVD support vid the cast sent her:

        Super cute, she was so so so happy, especially when Ian blew her a kiss. And ET is going to send her on set of TVD as a special correspondent. This ended up being pretty good press for TVD, so good for Neeners for seizing the opportunity.

        Also, Kelly Clarkson and the band Fray were on set at TVD today, just hanging out. The more celebs come forward as fans, the better for the show, so yay for that.


        • Finally fucking done. I never have to write another fanfic again.

          (waiting for isadora to show up and start placing bets . . . )


          • Now you should write original fiction!
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • I freaked myself out when I did the math . . . I posted 204k words in 2 months and 7 days. No wonder my hand is so hurty hurty. So I'm going to have to rest it for awhile.


              • You have always been most productive when in the grip of obsession! Hee!
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • Super curious about what you are going to think about the Klaroline fic. I tried to focus more on the relationship stuff and less on plot stuff, but at some point I started thinking this relationship stuff is getting boring, so fuck it. WEREWOLF ATTACK. IN QUEENS.

                  This conversation happened on twitter:
                  carina macKenzie ‏@cadlymack
                  RECAP YOUNG AMERICANS PLEEZ RT @pricepeterson: FYI my weekend project is Ian Somerhalder-related. Pretty excited about it!

                  Price Peterson ‏@pricepeterson
                  No joke, I will recap "Young Americans" if someone can hook me up. RT @cadlymack RECAP YOUNG AMERICANS PLEEZ

                  julieplec ‏@julieplec
                  @cadlymack @pricepeterson I freaking loved Young Americans. Ian, Charlie Hunnam, Matt Czuchry, Mark Famiglietti. Cute boy awesomeness.

                  julieplec ‏@julieplec
                  @cadlymack @pricepeterson Brought to you by coca-cola.

                  Jennifer Jones ‏@highseaswench
                  @pricepeterson @cadlymack … Horrible quality, but the full episodes of 7 of the 8 episodes are here.

                  Price Peterson ‏@pricepeterson
                  @highseaswench Thank you! I have a feeling I'm gonna want a nicer quality for photorecapping though. The search continues...
                  Not a big surprise that Julie Plec was a YA fangirl. For the record, that link to 7 YA eps is here:

                  And just the credits here:

                  Price just finishing photo recapping VMars and it was great. Would love to see him do YA, especially that last scene with Finn! and FEATHERS!!


                  • Love any mashup between TVD and the Olympics. Damon wins the Gold at Carrying People! That makes sense.



                    • New twitter q/a with JP:
                      Andrea Dimayuga ‏@andrea09TVD
                      @julieplec since it is senior year and all, are you guys thinking about doing a prom episode? #thatwouldbeawesome

                      20h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @andrea09TVD we're taking it under consideration, yes.

                      Petrova1864 ‏@Petrova_1864
                      @julieplec is damon (in human yrs) 23 like the book? Xx

                      20h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @Petrova_1864 um.....yes? No? Truthfully, We make a point of not saying.

                      20h Team TSD ‏@TeamTSD
                      @julieplec @petrova_1864 Old enough to hook up with Mama Donavan but young enough to not look creepy while being with Elena.

                      20h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @TeamTSD @petrova_1864 precisely

                      SASS23 ‏@SASS231
                      Still 60 days :'( what if I die be4 that october ?? :'( @julieplec

                      20h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @SASS231 you can watch S4 from the Other Side.

                      sarahh ‏@adoresalvatore
                      @julieplec Will we get scenes of Damon saying sorry to Caroline for everything he did to her in S1? would love that!

                      20h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @adoresalvatore probably not. What's done is done, and Damon's not much for apologies. Just ask Alaric.

                      Pretty Little Liar ‏@Mariiel_Summer
                      @julieplec can we see a friendship between Caroline and Damon, only a friendship please ?

                      20h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @Mariiel_Summer maybe one day, but she's rightfully not a fan.

                      giuarda ‏@imbadvampire
                      @julieplec what's your favorite flashback?

                      20h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @imbadvampire I don't know if it's my favorite, but I love the scene in 'Klaus' between Elijah and Katherine.

                      Sandy ‏@BackIn_Time
                      @julieplec so how long will it be till the new girl sleeps with Damon?? The show is getting so damn predictable it's not even funny.

                      20h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @BackIn_Time you're a jerk and you're wrong. Predict this.

                      Lillian Wolf ‏@BadWolfLil
                      @sexygodDamon @Damon_girl So no one should take the high road? I've met & love @julieplec but imo that tweet didn't merit calling names.

                      5h julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @BadWolfLil I take a lot of abuse and every now and then I bite back when someone is clearly going out of their way to be hostile.

                      julieplec ‏@julieplec
                      @BadWolfLi you're welcome to give my timeline a scan if you need examples. I particularly appreciated a few of them this morning. #notreally


                      • So, scanning the q/a above a couple of things stand out . . . PROM. OH GOD YES. Nothing better than Salvatores in tuxedos. NOTHING. Well, unless it's Mikaelsons in tuxedos, but I'm guessing that Elijah and Klaus might be too creepy old for prom.

                        Also, I like how JP admits they have been super ambiguous as to Damon's human age. Stefan is 17, so Damon shouldn't be more than five or six years older than him at most, but they leave it vague on purpose because, well, Ian's getting older every year and this allows them to avoid the 'but he can't pass for 23' whiners. But dude- he can't pass for 23.

                        Kat posted this to instagram:
                        Claire, Candice, Kat, and Nina looking fine in their bikinis on Sunday. It sparked a big discussion about whose pool it is, which lead to my favorite ATL real estate insider (who sees to live in Nian's building) chiming in:
                        Nina wanted the privacy and open feeling of living in a building that is not part of a large complex. There is a natural area on one side of the building and a walking / bike path (greenspace) that runs in back of the building that stretches out through the neighborhood and connects to other neighborhoods in Atlanta. The downside is that construction is going on in back of her building on the other side of the walking/bike path, which I'm sure isn't making her happy right now. The building only has a total of 24 loft units. It has a fitness center, a rooftop terrace, a lobby area and a secure parking garage under the building, but no swimming pool. However, there are loft apartments and condominiums within walking distance that have swimming pools Ian and Nina can enjoy if they want to on any given "hot" day in Atlanta. The "Funday Sunday" picture was taken at a swimming pool in an apartment loft complex not too far from where they live. All of the cast members rent and live in the same area, but in different complexes. Nina is the only cast member that actually purchased a residence in Atlanta. It is highly likely that Ian still has an apartment rental in the same area that he keeps for family, friends and business associates (ISF) to stay in when they come to Atlanta, which is frequently. After selling his house in Venice, CA that he originally purchased in 2006, Ian purchased another home in the Venice/Santa Monica beach area, which gives them a place to go to in California and a place in Atlanta. This actually gives Nina two places to decorate. In other words, Nina is "nesting" and plans to be where she is for a very long while.

                        (question from someone else) so they share a house in LA but not ATL right ??
                        NO, that is not right, Ian and Nina are definitely together as a couple in Atlanta and in LA. Showing ownership of a permanent residence definitely helps Nina in her quest to gain her U.S. citizenship.

                        The neighborhoods surrounding this area of midtown are very nice, very old, very established and there are some excellent restaurants within walking distance, but more than anything else as a selling feature and reason to live in this area is the location, accessibility and convenience to get in and around Atlanta no matter which direction you want to go. As an Atlanta resident, who works in the area, that was the selling point for me. The Atlanta freeway traffic can be a nightmare commute to the outlying suburbs in the mornings and the evenings. Been there- done that. There is a lot that can be said for city life.
                        The citizenship thing is interesting. I know how you can get your citizenship super easy, Nina . . . PUT A BEEKING RING ON IT.
                        So it's probably the pool where one of the other girls are staying for this season.
                        I guess, given the way TVD axes long time castmembers, Nina is the only one secure enough in her job to buy a place! It ain't like they are going to kill off Elena. Oh, wait. You know what I mean.

                        If you ever wanted a handy dandy slideshow of pretty much every couple sighting of Nian in one YouTube vid since they were first spotted at a Laker's game together in April 2010, here you go:
                        Last edited by ophy; 08-14-2012, 08:54 AM.


                        • Ha!



                          • From TVLine today:
                            Question: Vampire Diaries scoop. Hit me. —Joel Ausiello: Julie Plec is resurrecting original flavor Damon this season. “This year, Damon is the Damon of Season 1, minus the posturing and posing,” she promises. “He just is. He is who he is. He’s got attitude. He’s always right. He’s rarely wrong. He might do the wrong thing, but he’s always the one who’s like, “I told you guys. You should have listened to me.” So this year is going to be very much about, ‘You don’t like me. You want to judge me. You don’t like who I am, how I do things? Well, screw you.’ It’s going to be a great shift for him… He’s still going to be the Damon we know and love — he’s still going to be kicking ass and taking names. But he just has this devil may care attitude about it. He’s just not going to change for anybody anymore. He did that. That’s over. That’s so last year.”

                            Read More at:


                            • How cute is this pic of JoMo at a grocery store? It's so cute and domestic, I just can't stand it. And of course, I'm wondering who took it. Also, wondering how I can make it into a banner for my Klaroline fic . . .


                              • He's pretty adorable at Whole Foods. I'd hit it.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.