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  • RIGHT.

    And the *way* he's being adorable makes me wonder who is on the other side of the camera, and whether or not *that person* is hitting it. Of course, this tumblr posts things that are old sometimes, so who knows when this pic is from. If it's Emanda taking the pic, then I'm sad all over again for poor Joe. If it's Claire, then WOOT. I am not so secretly hoping Claire and Joe make a go of it. Dunno why. She's freaking flawless and fun, and he likes blondes.

    So Nina and Ian had a 17 hr shooting day, and still came out and took pics with fans at 3:30 AM. Anyway, Kat and Nina were trying super hard to keep themselves under wraps during filming (this is for 4.04), because it's some kind of Halloween (um, WTF) ep and they were told not to let anyone see their costumes. But! An extra snapped a couple of pics of Nina.

    INTERESTING. It's can't actually be a Halloween ep, unless the TVD writers are completely determined to bend time and space, right? It should be late winter/early spring in Mystic Falls by my reckoning. But who the hell knows. They have certainly done stranger things with time. I'm wondering if it's just a general costume party for some reason. Why the hell not.

    Anyways, what Nina is wearing . . . it's so very Katherine-y! No wonder she was told not to get spotted, it's already sparked off a bunch of spec. I think it's suposed to show how dark and vampy Vamplena is in comparison to Humanlena. She's not afraid of fishnet or cleavage! LOVE.


    • This is the cutie who is going to play the new professor!


      • I don't think it's possible to love Nina and Ian more than I do. Just overflowing with Nian love for no good reason this morning.

        Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev
        Night shooting til 7am tomorrow- yikes! The perks of being a fulltime Vampire now...

        ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder
        Shooting till 5am in Small-town rural America. So beautiful is it our little chunk o land called the USA. Wow

        ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder
        Even though we stole it...
        They are completely 100% predictable. Nina tweets about something in a fairly sane, normal person way, and then Ian tweets about the exact same thing, but with a slightly unhinged twist. LOVE.

        It was not, apparently, only a D/E scene, I guess, because JoMo tweeted this an hour later:
        Joseph Morgan ‏@JosephMorgan
        Still going here, about to turn this scene up to 11
        I also like this twitter convo:

        7h julieplec ‏@julieplec
        UK friends: how would a Brit say "She's totally screwed" (without dropping an f-bomb)?

        julieplec ‏@julieplec
        Going with "She's bloody done for" until @JosephMorgan tells me I'm an embarrassment to his country.

        Joseph Morgan ‏@JosephMorgan
        @julieplec um...

        julieplec ‏@julieplec
        Shit. Why can't we be on cable? Then i could just say 'She's f-cked.' RT @JosephMorgan um...

        Jose Molina ‏@JoseMolinaTV
        @julieplec Wait, so per your own Twitter BS&P you're allowed to say "shit" but not "fuck?" #Hmmm

        Jose Molina ‏@JoseMolinaTV
        @julieplec How about "she's buggered?" Does that fit what you're going for? @JosephMorgan

        Jose Molina ‏@JoseMolinaTV
        @julieplec "Snookered?" "She's well and truly snookered?" @JosephMorgan
        Pretty much everyone on the TVD team was pulling an all nighter last night, I guess, since most of those tweets were in the wee hours.


        • Season 3 blooper reel!

          My fave is when DG attacks JoMo, and Joe is all "We have to do the lines first, mate!"
          Although, Ian eating Elena's red panties was cute.

          This reel has already divided the fandom, because people say there's not enough Paul in it, and too much Ian. Um . . . maybe he screws up a lot less than Ian? Although, everyone says that Paul is the funniest guy on set, and *also* that he's the one with the harder time keeping it clean. So it could be that his screwups were a tad too blue to be included this year.

          And TV Guide put a whole bunch of ridiculously beautiful people on a boat during Comic-Con:
          I refuse to believe that this did not turn into a orgy at some point.

          ETA Rewatched the bloopers, and just caught where Joe says to Claire 'just the tip'. Ha!
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          • S3 deleted scenes:

            I can understand why these were deleted, for the most part.


            • So this chick was an extra on TVD last week- nothin' spoilery!
              so last week i was an featured(ish) extra on vampire diaries.
              I didn’t really talk to any of the “famous” people because they were always pretty talking to the director or eachother…or so I thought! I’m scrolling through this gallery on a hollywood gossip website…and there’s this guy who i remebered was acting on vampire diaries (steven mcqueen). One of the guys who I thought just had a small part on the show, is a legit actor. and the cool thing is, he started talking to me. he like high-fived when he walked past me, we chatted for a bit when we were just standing around, etc. and when everything wrapped he even came up to me to say bye and “it was nice working with you” and what not. i for sure thought he was too nice to be famous.
              There are a few of these SMQ = super nice guy stories, and he was the most fun thing about all of the ComicCon interviews. It really is a remarkably sweet cast overall. Even old Ted from E! used to say that the TVD cast was one of the few where everyone is nice and gets along really well. Anyway, the boys plus DG were in NJ for a con last weekend, and Nina was down in Miami for a party for her cover of Ocean Drive magazine. She was there with her old ass't Erica, and her new ass't Ericka, and it looks like it was a fun girl's weekend. She's one of those chicks that needs her girl time, I think. As for the boys, haven't heard anything exciting coming out of the con. Hope doing so many has been worth it for Ian, hope that it's helped him raise the funds he needed for the sanctuary. Ian and the ISF folks are working with Nina's mom to hold their own TVD convention next year in Toronto. If they *really* wanted to raise funds for ISF, they should do a panel where Ian and Nina just make out for half an hour on stage. They cna even call each 'Damon' and 'Elena' if they want to. They'd raise A MILLION DOLLARS.

              NJ con roundup (not much, I know- still looking for PW and DG panel stuff):

              Ian was running late this morning because apparently the limo forgot to pick him up. Also, he is wearing a new hat, apparently. He is in a great mood though and being a sweetheart to everyone

              Ian used to run into women"s lockers room and pretend to be searching for his mom. "Same women in the pool but naked." #TVDCON #tvdnj

              "I was a dirty little bastard" @iansomerhalder #TVDNJ

              Aryana ‏@ninaschickita

              Ian is going the following weekend to meet with the fifty shades of grey people #TVDNJ
              Well, whatever makes him happy, I guess. Referring to the 50 Shades news, not the 'sneaking into the locker room' news.

              Pics from his panel:

              Nina at her Ocean Drive party:
              Nina hanging with the two Eric/kas:

              Erica The Former is the one wearing the high wedge sandals, long skirt, and carrying the shiny purse, so the girl in the color blocked dress must be Ericka The New.

              ETA another con report:
              The next day we were up bright and early to have a special half an hour panel with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley for Gold passes. Ian was late though so it was just Paul. He was making so many jokes, saying he was perfect, and that him and Daniel shared a special night together on Friday and to tell him he missed his touch, I was cracking up. Then I waited on line with my friend for her “sandwich” photo with the two Salvatores. The line was so long but we made friends with the girl behind us.

              Then it was time for Ian and Paul’s autographs, I told Paul he was awesome and that he can’t be serious that he thinks New Jersey pizza was the best. I adviced him to come to Brooklyn and go to L&B Spumoni Gardens and try “The Square”. It’s a famous pizzeria in New York and just so happens to be a couple of blocks from my house. lol Ian was so nice too! He said hello sweetheart to me. I told he I loved the work he does with ISF. I also got Daniel Gilles autograph, he is so nice and modest. His accent is amazing!!

              After that was what we all were waiting for, Ian and Paul’s panel. It was absolutely amazing! They are so funny together and where making gay jokes and holding hands. AND ONE OF MY QUESTIONS WAS CHOSEN!!!! I was so happy, Ian and Paul said hello to me, and made eye contact. My question was If you two where a boy band what would your name be. Paul said “IF, IF we are a boy band?, we are one! ” they said their name would be Defan. lol After that Paul left and Ian stayed to make up the extra half hour. I had the courage to ask a question about ISF, and more eye contact. lol During this time I got a really good picture of his ass too. lmao.

              After that was my and my friend’s sister’s time to take our photo with Ian Somerhalder! I was so excited!! I hugged him and told him he was awesome and that I hope to be as great as an Eco Warrior as he is, and showed him my bracelet that says Eco Warrior. He gave me a fist pump and said he digged it. I was walking away but he was still saying something and so I turn around and we just smiled at each other. Greatest moment of my life. I was so happy after that!

              I gave Zach, Steven, and Ian high fives as well!
              Also, Kat quoting from on set dialogue:
              kat graham ‏@katgraham
              "she's a vampire! She can hear a mouse pissing on a ball of cotton 100 feet away." [email protected] (during filming)
              And Nina likes her gif: Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev
              Haha love this

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              • Just heard that something *did* happen at the NJ con . . . someone actually at the microphone during the panel asked Ian what it was like to sleep with Nina. *facepalm*

                Aryana ‏@ninaschickita
                @mrsholymonster it got so quiet and it was really awkward but then they rushed to another fan question

                @ninassdobrev it got really quiet and he like looked away
                Also, my fave ATL insider has chimed in:
                The tall girl in the long dark skirt and blue shirt is Erica Young, Nina's former personal assistant, the girl in the red dress with the white sweater that is walking next to Nina looks like Ericka Bonilla, Nina's new personal assistant, who I look at as still being groomed to take over for Erica Young. It was Ericka Bonilla that introduced Nina and Erica Young to @WonkaTweets.

                Ericka Bonilla ‏@Emazzing
                Introducing @onebosschick and @ninadobrev to @WonkaTweets while waiting for flight to board.

                As for Ian's meeting with the 50 Shades of Grey folks, he would not have said so if it were not true. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, this will be his second meeting with them. I'm pretty sure they already have Ian's audition tape. I read there will also be a Christian Grey clothing line coming out. There is no one better to play the part of Christian Grey and model the Christian Grey clothing line than Ian Somerhalder. Ian would truly be their "golden ticket".

                Only time will tell which direction the Christian Grey folks will go, but it does sound promising for Ian.

                There are two more days left of filming to complete episode 4. Nina is back in Atlanta and I'm pretty sure she will be filming today.
                The director of 4.04 tweeted this: Joshua Butler ‏@TheJoshuaButler
                #TVD 404 Day 7: Completed @iansomerhalder's work in 404 (deep love and respect to Ian). Now with @ninadobrev and @paulwesley in the woods.

                They are going to have loads of eps in the can long before the Oct premiere date.

                Here is a link to Nina's Ocean Drive spread:

                And because of this pic, people are getting all upset over Nina smoking. Um, that's already been established, there are more pics of her out there smoking on occasion, and Ian as well (although fewer of him in the past couple of years). But for some reason, now folks are SHOCKED:

                Wow, I really should have organized this stuff better this morning. I'm a mess.


                • I love when people care if celebrities smoke.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • "he/she/they can't smoke he/she/they have asthma!!!!"


                    • Woot! So my fics are being translated into Spanish, and the first en espanol chapter of tempests has gone up:


                      • For some reason I always like hearing that celebrities smoke. It just makes me think they don't care enough to hide it better or something. Even though it really probably doesn't say anything about them at all.


                        • I actually think Ian and Nina do make an attempt to keep their smoking on the down low. In the other pics, you see that she's sort of got that hand to the back and side, as soon as she spots the pap.


                          • It's always amusing to me when the skinny, beautiful, vegetarian, animal lovers are smokers.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • Interview with cute boys. There's vid for it, if you are into that kind of thing. Vids of cute boys talking, that is.

                              Trevino and JoMo: http://vampirediaries.alloyentertain...chael-trevino/

                              On being killed off: Joseph Morgan states, “Nobody’s safe. At the end of season two I heard Ian talking to the show creator Julie Plec about, ‘If I’m not going to be in the show next season, just give me a bit of warning so I can sort my house out’. I thought, ‘If Ian’s worried, then I’m terrified!’ Nobody’s safe.”

                              On pulling off that special Klaus swagger: Michael Trevino admits that he has big shoes to fill but he’s got a strategy in place! “I was really trying to mimic anything, but keep it subtle. You know, Joseph has a big presence on screen and in scenes but he doesn’t overdo it so for me it was pretty easy to stay focused and to stay really [in character as Klaus].”

                              On TVD symmetry: Joseph Morgan likes that the show came around full circle. “I arrived in Alaric’s body, then exited in Tyler’s body, so it was a nice bit of symmetry there from the writers. I thought it worked out really well. I’m excited to see how many days off work I can get while he does my job for me!”

                              On Body Swapping: Michael Trevino appreciates this change of events. “I was excited, kind of interesting. For me, I’ve had Tyler and then Tyler turning into a werewolf — so [there have been] different transformations. It was another challenge [for me] which is always nice to try and play Klaus.”

                              On Klaus macking on Caroline: Michael Trevino offers some insight on the situation. “If we know Klaus and if he’s in Tyler’s body, he’s probably going to take full advantage of that — in so many different ways. Maybe [while in] Tyler’s body do something bad that would piss off Caroline and break them up. Or maybe he’ll go in for a kiss or two…”

                              On Bonnie going dark: Joseph Morgan hopes she does — in fact he “ships” it! “I asked Kat about whether she knew anything about playing a darker role in Season 4, and I think she’s hoping [...] not to, but I thought it’d be kind of more interesting if she [...] sort of came over to Team Klaus. You know he loves his witches — we’ve established that from previous episodes — and there’s this whole Team Klonnie which I just found out about.“
                              Raise your hands if you think Ian is any danger of being killed permanently off the show. Anyone?

                              Well, I know you two don't think so.

                              But it's an interesting thing to overhear, considering that Ian did move out of his condo in ATL, and was actively trying to sell his place in Venice as he and Nina combined households.


                              • Can you IMAGINE the fan revolt?
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.