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  • Yeah, the whole 'I might have to leave the country' thing that Julie says when she writes something controversial won't be a joke anymore. Only, no country will be safe for her, not really. Maybe they don't watch TVD in Azerbaijan.


    • The director of 4.04 tweeted this:
      Joshua Butler ‏@TheJoshuaButler
      @thamysomerholic Nina and Ian are absolutely wonderful people and consummate actors. Plus they make a damn cute couple.

      nina constantinova ‏@NinaSwagDobreva
      @TheJoshuaButler nina and ian are cute on set?

      21m Joshua Butler ‏@TheJoshuaButler
      @NinaSwagDobreva Adorable.
      This is the ep where something something is *supposed* to happen between D/E that is going to be possibly steamy - or at least, really intense.

      The weekend of the Emmys is getting damn crowded for Nian. Friday night, the 9/21, is a hunger charity dinner that they are on the host committee for in Beverly Hills (and they are listed together with an ampersand. . . just like the married couples on the list:, and then Saturday morning, 9/22, Ian is confirmed to attend a fundraising Dog Walk in Louisiana. And Sunday 9/22 is the Emmys, of course. Everyone expects them to attend the Emmys, and there are already rumbles about who Nina is going to wear.

      Current theory is that Nina will represent them at the dinner alone on Friday, so Ian doesn't have to fly ATL to LAX, LAX to Louisiana to LAX in 48 hrs. He's done crazier things though, so we'll see.


      • Neeners is so crazy cute in her glasses. And she's writing a book! I had heard that she was working on a screenplay, but not a book. Maybe that's what Chris meant.


        • I can't remember if I mentioned here that a law student in Spain has begun translating all three of my fics into Spanish. . . . and now a college student in France has started working on translating my GhostDamon fic into French. I'm way stoked! EUROPE, SHE IS CONQUERED. Well, if a German speaker ends up approaching me as well, anyway.

          I link to them from my profile, but I have to actively remember to go in and check on how it's going and see if I have any new Spanish or French reviews (only a couple so far). Google translate does not handle the reviews very well so far - I guess it doesn't know what to do with words like 'Delena', or phrases like 'you are the most awesomest awesome fic writer in the UNIVERSE' which is what I imagine all of the reviews to say. If you actually read French or Spanish, and my reviews do not actually say that, don't tell me.


          • I have never heard of people translating fix before. It's awesome and weird.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • Apparently, it's a thing? I was kind of surprised, too.


              • One of the extras from the S3 DVDs:

                Ian and Nina talk about the D/E pillow talk moment from the end of 3.08. *sigh* I'd forgotten just how wonderful that scene is.

                More of the S3 Blu Ray extras here:


                • They just released the most boring and least spoilery promo still ever from 4.01:

                  Kinda obvious what those two are up to.

                  Kat Graham on who is funny on set:
                  Nina [Dobrev] always pranks me a lot, 'cause she knows how gullible I am. Ian [Somerhalder] always screams "Boo!" at me. He and Nina will jump out of something and scare the bejesus out of me.
                  Beksus, they must be hella annoying.

                  Candice tweeted this pic from the set:

                  Wondering if that has something or other to do with the funeral that happens early in the season.

                  There's another TVD con this weekend. *yawn* I give the cast props for working their asses off with this kind of fan interaction, but these things are all the same.

                  Lisa Chang, KW's bestie, was in Vegas and overheard a guy pretending to be Paul Wesley to a drunk girl.:
                  Lisa Chang ‏@MSLisaChang
                  Hey @julieplec @paulwesley has also made it when there's a guy pretending to BE HIM to a drunk girl in Vegas, "its hard to be on set&stuff"

                  julieplec ‏@julieplec
                  @MSLisaChang @paulwesley hah! Ew.

                  Lisa Chang ‏@MSLisaChang
                  @julieplec @paulwesley yep, passing slot machines,heard a guy mention set, eavesdropped then the horror set in. Girl X-eyed drunk #TVDVegas

                  Lisa Chang ‏@MSLisaChang
                  @julieplec @paulwesley I got close to look at him and almost did the whole "I've met Stefan, and you sir, are No Paul Wesley!" Speech!

                  julieplec ‏@julieplec
                  @MSLisaChang @paulwesley he must have had poofy hair. ;-)


                  • DG teases about Elijah and S4. There's some spoilery bits that I will tag, but really it's not anything major at all.

                    Things are going to get a bit crazy when "The Vampire Diaries" returns for its fourth season on October 11. There's the fact that you know who became a vampire, a certain someone has possessed another certain someone, and Elena has seemingly picked one Salvatore brother over the other.

                    But while we're interested in the resolution of all of those plot points, we're also curious what the status of the Original Family is now that everyone thinks Klaus is dead (like it ever would be that easy). We recently had the chance to catch up with Daniel Gillies, the actor who plays brother Elijah, and asked him what we can expect from the Original vampire siblings in the coming season. Consider this your cue to stop reading if you aren't caught up on "The Vampire Diaries."

                    Daniel revealed that he had just come back from "The Vampire Diaries" set where he filmed a flashback scene set in the 11th century. He wouldn't dish what it was about, but he did say fans should "buckle up and get ready for wigs."

                    "I've had so many numerous haircuts on this thing. I feel like an accessory sometimes," he joked. "I feel like the Potato Head-vampire. I think this was my fifth hairstyle? And as we venture further through history, we're only going to find more absurdities upon my crown. The second to last one I had I adored, because I sort of looked somewhere between a Viking and an elf. This last one I looked like a roadie for the Grateful Dead in the 11th century."

                    Though Daniel is balancing his time on "The Vampire Diaries" with his other show "Saving Hope," he doesn't think Elijah will be going anywhere any time soon. Writer and executive producer Julie Plec has made it clear to Daniel that there's a role for him on "The Vampire Diaries" as long as he's around.

                    "Julie's been very generous, and I'm sure, as often as they can use me, they will," he said. "As long as there's 'Vampire Diaries,' there has to be Elijah. He's too woven into the fabric of it now. One cannot exist without the other."

                    When we mentioned that other characters have seemed to have the same sort of security—like, say, Elena's Aunt Jenna or our favorite vampire hunter Alaric—Daniel seemed to imply that he still wouldn't get the boot any time soon. And if he does, he just won't speak to Julie any time soon (his words, not ours).

                    "[Elijah is] going to be back, and what role do we expect him to play? I think Elijah brings order. Whenever he returns, s--t gets done," Daniel explained. "He's sort of the stabilizer. There's always a shift in the equilibrium. I think he's the only one who can truly sort of restrain his brother. I think he's the only one with the dignity/lucidity to be able to strategize a way out of Mystic Falls and into some sort of sanctuary for their family. I'm not saying that's what he's going to do, I'm saying that's what he's capable of. I think if the family listened to Elijah, they'd be in an excellent place to position themselves in this very contemporary world that wants them all gone."

                    Klaus has been the main villain of "The Vampire Diaries" for more than a season and a half now, and it doesn't look like that will change any time soon. Now that he has possessed Tyler (and no one other than Bonnie knows about it), there's a good deal more drama that needs to be sorted out before Klaus can be defeated for good (if he ever can). But does that necessarily mean that a new villain won't step in to fill his shoes?

                    "A rising thing is a passing thing. So I mean, you're always in some sort of transition," Daniel said. "I think it would be arrogant and sort of naÔve to assume that there won't be something else that would come to sort of eclipse [the Originals] in terms of this threat, because there's always a new menace— there has to be—to maintain an audience's interest. But I don't think the Originals are going to go anywhere for a little while."

                    Maybe that villain could be the new vampire hunter Julie said is coming to town, but it also could be the newly minted vampire version of Elena. Daniel teased that things have changed a lot on set ever since Nina Dobrev got her fangs.

                    "Nina Dobrev has become vicious. She's become a vicious, horrible diva. I can't even describe it," Daniel dead-panned. "She's driven to set even when it's indoors... Nobody's allowed to look at her. You have to look at the ground between takes... We end up doing most of our work to a green screen or to a tennis ball held in one of the [assistant's] hands. It's become nightmarish."

                    All joking aside, Daniel admitted that there is an air of confidence on the set of "The Vampire Diaries" that hadn't been there before.

                    "It's an interesting thing, walking back on the set and watching people entering back into the fourth season of something," he said. "I entered halfway through the second when it was still in a little bit of a capricious zone because it still could have fallen away at that point. There are no certainties in this business. But I feel like there is a degree of certainty with people coming back for a fourth season, and it's nice to see the sort of confidence radiating from people."

                    Check back in with Hollywood Crush later this week when we'll run the second half of our interview with Daniel. In it, we talk about his independent film "Broken Kingdom" and documentary "Kingdom Come." He made both with his wife, "She's All That" star Rachael Leigh Cook, and tells us about the unique way he plans on distributing it to his fans. Here's a hint: He took a page out of Louis C.K.'s book, and hopes to have a similar level of success.
                    I like knowing that DG knows that Elijah is the one safe bet of all the characters. Thank beek for Julie's massive crush on DG!


                    • First look at Baby Vamplena . . . her sitch is spoilery, so don't click unless you wanna:


                      • The Antique Ian is particularly bad.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • Stefan's hair, though. I mean, really.

                          I really want somebody to do doll versions of the Originals from back when they were all Viking-fied. Now those were some amazing wigs. And, um, it'd be nice to have a doll version of Daniel Gillies. Just sayin'.


                          • I've only got the last two episodes of season 3 to watch then I'm fully caught up. I love this show - even if I find it very confusing. I don't get the Alaric evil alter ego thing at all. But I don't really care.

                            Klaroline 4ever.

                            (Hope Tyler dies soon)
                            Bitter Shipper


                            • WOOT!

                              ONE OF US.

                              And don't worry about Tyler, he gets a new love interest lady werewolf in S4, which I take as a sign that Klaroline is definitely going to happen.

                              Now you have to read my Klaroline fic.