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  • New promo photo for S4:

    Not terribly interesting, although pretty people look very pretty.

    But in this pic, are they purposely covering/blurring/futzing with Elena's finger? Wondering if maybe she's wearing her new daylight ring here, and they don't want us to see it yet:


    • Originally posted by ophy View Post

      ONE OF US.

      And don't worry about Tyler, he gets a new love interest lady werewolf in S4, which I take as a sign that Klaroline is definitely going to happen.
      Really? Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I'm confused about Klaus though ... isn't he Tyler now?

      Now you have to read my Klaroline fic.
      Where is it?

      Still not feeling Damon/Elena at all. Elena really drags Damon down. 3 seasons on and he's needier than ever. So Stelena 4ever too - although I like the idea of Stefan with pretty much every female on the show.
      Bitter Shipper


      • My fics are here!

        The Klaroline fic is kind of an offshoot of a Delena fic, but you don't really have to have read the Delena one in order to read the Klaroline one. If that makes sense - you can definitely just read it on it's own.

        Klaus is only going to be Tyler for a very short time, apparently. Joseph Morgan has been down in Atlanta since the very first week of filming, so I assume he will be back in his own deliciously Welshy body in the first couple of eps.

        Supposedly, Damon is going to be badass and snarky in S4, and no longer Elena's whipping boy. I guess we'll see. The hints are that she might be the one pursuing him this time around.

        I'm totes more Steferine than Stelena, but I gotta say that S/E have had some very sweet moments. I'm not super opposed to Stelena, just as long as D/E eventually get their dirtay on with each other. At least a few times!


        • Daniel Gillies being flawless in a quick vid interview:

          His other show, Saving Hope, has been renewed for a 13 ep season in Canada, but no word yet if NBC is going to air the second season or not. It's considered a bona fide hit in Canada, though, which means our Elijah exposure will be limited by that. He's one of the main characters on that show, so it's not like he can ditch it just because we want him to. Beekdamnit.

          DragonCon is this weekend in Atlanta, and some of the cast will be there. Nina and her girlys have their annual Labor Day vaca planned, though, so she won't be there. Ian is supposed to be there, but there's been some rumblings that he will try to head down to Louisiana instead. His hometown is completely flooded by Isaac. . . he and his sister/BIL have opened up a pizzeria there recently, and he mentioned something about making sure to feed the people doing the clean-up.

          NateBuzz ran into Papa Original at DragonCon:

          That's pretty cute.

          ETA Ian's dad says Ian won't be coming home, he's staying in ATL and going to the con:
          every one is fine(I have lights again!) Ian'S sister should be returning home soon to a dark house and defrosted refrigerator - ugh. Ian found out that he had to be on set Friday, so no trip south at this time, especially with the ATL. con)) new/future pizzeria should have about 4 feet of water on the bottom level - record flooding in entire area.
          Oh, so the pizza place hadn't even opened yet. Ian's dad posts fairly regular on one of Ian's fanboards, which I think is kind of adorbs.
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          • DragonCon (in ATL) roundup:

            "Damon's bed is 8x8. You can fit an entire beach volleyball team on it!" - @iansomerhalder #DragonCon

            Samantha Schmidt ‏@SchmidtSamantha
            Ian said he and Paul used to live next door to each other when they first started.

            Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
            Weirdest thing you've ever signed: "A baby's head. With a sharpie and everything." - @paulwesley #DragonCon

            Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
            "All it took was a dildo shaped stake and I was done!" - @sebroche #DragonCon

            Joseph Morgan Online ‏@JoeMorganOnline
            Joseph was at home or in a car when he found out he got a role at TVD. (via @SchmidtSamantha) #DragonCon #TVD

            natebuzz & sebroche had to explain what Hogwarts was to @iansomerhalder when he thought it was an std.#DragonCon

            Mary Ann ‏@MaryAnnTVD
            Nate wants to play Elena so he could make out with everyone. #DragonCon

            Megan Golden ‏@maggieg237
            And there's @JosephMorgan with the best Hunger Games reference ever. #DragonCon

            Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
            On Klaus. "He's his own worst enemy." - @JosephMorgan #DragonCon

            Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
            What do you love & don't like about living/working in ATL? "I love the thunderstorms. I don't like the grits." - @JosephMorgan #DragonCon

            Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
            Question you're tired of being asked: "When will Klaus come out of the closet?" - @paulwesley #DragonCon

            Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
            If you played another character besides your own: "I would play, one of the new characters in Season 4, Connor." - @JosephMorgan

            Megan Golden ‏@maggieg237
            "Damon is all about proximity." - @iansomerhalder #DragonCon

            Vampire Diaries ‏@tvdfansonline
            There will be another TVD panel tomorrow at 11:30AM EST with Ian, Sebastian, Joseph and Nathaniel. #TVD #DragonCon
            Kat and Some cute Original boys in an elevator:

            Seb Roche (Papa Original) has been super camera happy at this con:

            Stakes signed by Kat (which is weird, right? It's not like Bonnie has ever staked anyone):

            Panel photo- a lot of boys:

            The line for TVD autographs:

            Signing area before anyone shows up:

            Apparently Nina and her girls are in Orlando at Harry Potter World, which is so geeky cute that I cant stand it. And she will be heading to Toronto for TIFF.

            Nina Dobrev ‏@ninadobrev
            @EmWatson cant wait to see you @ TIFF next wknd for the PERKS premiere! In the meantime,Im going to Harry Potter World,ill be thinkin of ya!


            • Nina, Candice, Kayla and Nina's ex-ass't Erica at Disneyworld on their annual Labor Day Girl's Trip:


              That's adorbs.

              Also adorbs is Seb Roche photobombing his sons:

              More from Seb:

              Nate, Ian, Paul, Seb, Kat:
              Klaus the Tyrant:
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              • Originally posted by ophy View Post
                I'm totes more Steferine than Stelena, but I gotta say that S/E have had some very sweet moments. I'm not super opposed to Stelena, just as long as D/E eventually get their dirtay on with each other. At least a few times!
                It was wrong of me to say I'm Stelena - I just prefer Stelana to Delena if that's the choice. Overall I think I'd actually rather neither were with her - though I might change my mind when I see what Vamp Elena is like.

                I will miss Alaric.
                Bitter Shipper


                • I just now realized that Papa Original was played by the same guy who was on Supernatural. He must spend a lot of time at cons.


                  • He was also in like, 8 eps of Fringe so yeah, he's got decent convention credentials. He was one of the first to blow the gaffe on Nian (at a con), too, when he was asked about who parties together on the TVD cast, and he said Ian doesn't come out with the guys much 'because Ian's practically married', and when people gasped in the audience, he was all like, 'um, you people do know that Ian and Nina are a couple, right?'. At that point, nobody did know for sure. So in Nianology circles, he's considered a patron saint.

                    I might change my mind when I see what Vamp Elena is like.
                    I'm hoping vamping Elena really was a bit like hitting a reset button. I'd be super happy to see a much less indecisive Elena, and a much more badass one. Caroline got more badass after she was vamped, so I guess we'll see.


                    • Somehow not at all that Neeners is the one that had the Mickey caps customized as a surprise for the other girls:
                      September 2, 2012My monogram surprise for our 4th annual trip. Girls Weekend 2012! #disneyworld!

                      I wish it wasn't too late to raise my children Canadian, but I think that ship has sailed. Also, I don't like winter.

                      Candice's mom made Kayla a Disney princess bday cake:

                      The girls looking like they are going to throw down with Cinderella:

                      As for the Sunday panel at Dragon Con:
                      What costume would you do? "I've always wanted to go to a convention in my birthday suit. Good conversation piece." - @iansomerhalder

                      Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
                      Re: 50 Shades. Ian has not heard anything yet. #DragonCon

                      Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
                      Have you ever been starstruck? "Edward Norton and Katee Sackhoff" - @JosephMorgan

                      Emma Loggins ‏@emmaloggins
                      Ian Somerhalder's family did have some damage with Hurricane Isaac, but they're all fine. #tvd #dragoncon pan

                      Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
                      If you were vampires in real life who would you turn to be your true love? "I haven't found her yet, but I do date fans!" - Nathaniel

                      Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
                      "Banana Moonshake Ferris Wheel" - Nate just said to have the sign language interpreter do it.

                      Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
                      What do you think of the traits given to your vampires? "I wish I sparkled in the sun." - @JosephMorgan

                      Christina Gan ‏@christinagan
                      Most awkward fan meeting? "At Comic Con I was accosted, held against up a wall by a beautiful 6 ft Wonder Woman." - @iansomerhalder
                      Pics Ian has taken with fans. Apparently, his line was the longest. The man is a hugging machine.


                      • I guess they are just going to gloss over the timeline issues - and this lets them do a 'halloweeny' ep without saying that it's Halloween (since it obviously can't be).

              "The Vampire Diaries": Though we won't see the Mystic Falls gang celebrate Halloween this year, we'll definitely get into the spooky spirit of the holiday. Damon, Elena, and Bonnie will visit the nearby college where Bonnie's Grams used to teach -- and, yes, where Aunt Jenna was working on her degree. While on campus, they all get invited to a fraternity's annual "Murder House" party, where revelers dress up as their favorite murder victim or murderer. (The Ripper of Monterey, anyone?)
                        This does explain some set pics we saw, though. interesting that there is no mention of what Stefan is doing while Damon is taking his girlfriends to a college party. It would be hysterical if *Damon* dressed as the Ripper of Monterey.

                        Ian is down in Louisiana, trying to prevent evil developers from stealing and ruining the ISF sanctuary land in a corrupt real estate deal. That is so totally the plot of an 80s movie. I hope he has some plucky teens ready to help him by winning a dance/ice skating/bake-off/water skiing competition. And some talking dogs, or a lovable robot maybe.

                        Nina and the girls were actually at Candice's mom's house by the end of their trip, which means the cake for Kayla makes sense. One of the neighbors hung out with them.
                        @chloebaker94 Met Nina dobrev, and Kayla from the vampire diaries. They are so cool! Going on the lake w them tomorrow
                        Assuming that she doesn't mention Candice because she already knows her pretty well.

                        Sounds like Ian wishes he could have been there, instead of leaving a con to drive straight through the night to Louisiana, and sleeping in the car at a gas station in Alabama:
                        ian somerhalder ‏@iansomerhalder
                        It's worth it- a Labor day on a lake with beer sounds great though... Maybe never year.
                        Nina has her Perks premiere in Toronto (her home town) this weekend, and then the LA premiere on Monday the 10th.


                        • Neeners being super duper open about her and Ian in her Seventeen mag cover story - I think this counts as a first for a legit publication:

                          As for her own relationship, Nina says that when she first started "The Vampire Diaries," she wasn't looking to date any of her co-stars, but eventually Ian Somerhalder won her over. "It was honestly what I believed at the time," she says. "I didn't want to be dating one of my costars--my goal on the show was to be professional. But sometimes you can't help who you have a connection with, and you can only fight it for so long--which I did for a really, really long time."
                          The Nianologists are going to go NUTS over this, because she's never been this open before. I can only assume she and Ian are laying the groundwork for a monumentous wedding proposal on the red carpet of the Emmys later this month. Or at least, some hardcore PDA.

                          ETA here's a link to the Seventeen slides on it:

                          And the cover reads: Nina Dobrev: Why she broke her own dating rule

                          Makes sense, because the last time she was on the cover it said 'Why she won't date her co-stars', and that came out really close to when she and Ian actually did start dating.
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                          • Holy Beek.


                            This looks CRAZY GOOD.

                            I haz excitements naow.


                            • That does look good! Excited!
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • What kind of mega steel is the cage made out of that Stefan can't just bust through that sucker. YOU ARE A VAMPIRE. I get that they are able to take him down at the Gilbert house, because he couldn't risk them hurting Elena, or whatever, and that did look like a lot of deputies (with wooden bullets, I guess), but I don't see how humans can cage a vampire as old as Stefan is. Maybe, with all that is going on, he hasn't fed in awhile or something. It didn't look like he had been vervained (and his tolerance to that should be pretty good right now). It was different when the werewolves caged Caroline, because a) werewolves, and b) every time she moved, they shot her and c) they had vervained her and she wasn't on a vervain regimen back then.

                                And also, Caroline in the back of a truck being taken somewhere in restraints . . . who is beside her? If that's supposed to be Bex, then I'm not sure I buy that. You can't take Bex down so easily.

                                The Bonnie and Jeremy stuff is just dumb, since we already know it's going to be Fail all around. They can't possibly hope to maintain any real tension around whether or not Elena transitions. Hopefully, something interesting will arise from it, though.

                                I am excited about the Klaus-in-Tyler/Caroline scene, though. Shirtlessness! He's totes going to be all gentlemanly and stop things from happening (beekdamnit), but still! Excited! That look on Trevino's face is awesome.