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    YES. Jeremy did get kinda hot. Nice arms, too.

    Well, thanks to the efficiency of the fandom (and another loooong naptime), I was able to put together the three eps that I missed from You Tube clips. One minute and a half clip at a time. Annoying to have to put them all in the right order, but at least it did allow me to skip some of the boring ghost bits. Vicki was the number one reason why I bailed out of the pilot ep the first time it aired, I am totally not letting her ruin it for me now.

    I've been watching some RLTL clips and Nian is kinda sweet! Although their show pairing name (Delena) is loads better than their RLTL pairing name.


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      So excited to have witnessed ophy's transformation via this thread! I think there is a a certain number of episodes that it takes for a person to be hypnotized by Ian Somerhalder's intense sex-eye stare.

      I do read Vampire Diaries spoilers, but they seem to keep things under wraps and mostly the only info I ever find is casting stuff. I never really have any idea what's going to happen episode to episode.

      I miss this show! I need to go back and re-watch the beginning of this season so I can fall in love all over again with pointy, elfin, evil Stefan and the constant almost-fucking that is Damon/Elena. Does missing a few episodes means you didn't have to sit through the boring ghost episode? I think time has made me hate that episode more than I originally did.

      I've looked for good RLTL Ian/Nina stuff and I'm finding them hot, but boring. I think I enjoy RLTL more when one of them is masking his post-break up pain with skankbanging.


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        Yeah, I've been reading back through their twitters for kicks and giggles (it's still weird to me to be looking into a RLTL couple that don't bother being secretive about it), and they are very sincere and a little dull. Seem like nice people, and *very* dedicated to their various causes. They've got a kind of idealism and belief in activism in common, which is, as you said, hawt but boring. They are like, all mature and shit, which is less entertaining than townie skank banging fo'shure. But I can totes see why they are together as a couple now. Looks like they went skiing with her family over Christmas, and are now off at some tropical island.

        I didn't skip the ghost ep, because it was all complete on Hulu. I liked Lexi's Rehab For Rippers, and Elena telling Stefan she won't love a ghost her whole life (Elena IS the anti-Bella, thank beek) . . . and I guess that's all. Didn't enjoying seeing the tomb vamps at all, but I guess they served their purpose of having Carol see Caroline save her life. I feel better about our fave vamps when I know the Council will work to protect them, and not to out them.

        Okay, this newfound obsession is ruining other shows for me now. The ophyboy is having sleep issues at night (and this is even when I cut his naps shorter), so I spend a lot of time in his room at 2AM waiting for him to go back to sleep, and I like to watch Netflix under the covers while I'm in there. Because I ran out of TVD on Netflix, I started watching Greek, thinking hey, it's 74 eps already and should keep me busy for awhile. But there's very little eyesex! And I keep waiting for the vampires to finally show up. It lacks that blood/sex/magic zing. Although there *was* forbidden ex-sex in the pilot, which was hot.


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          I like Greek a lot, but it's definitely not as addictive as Vampire Diaries.

          It comes back next week though, I think.


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            THE SECRET CIRCLE! HULU! So confused about the couplings on that show.

            Also? Prison Break is almost entirely eye-fucking. Boys, girls, prisoners, guards. It's crazy.
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            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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              I tried Prison Break, but hated everyone. It had pretty much everything that I dislike about a show . . . too many men, dreary clothes, and prison. Unless it's on Arrested Development, I find prison stuff very tedious. And everyone on the show was too old for me to care about. I don't do grownup tv!

              I would totally do Secret Circle, but I need Netflix, not Hulu. Hulu doesn't work on my ipod. I'll wait a year before starting that one.


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                I didn't really become obsessed with PB until I was about 5 or 6 episodes in. I was rolling my eyes at its silly plotting and didn't even think Michael Scofield was cute. I hate prison-themed stuff generally speaking and hanging out with criminals. Scofield wore me down! Hee!
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                  If anyone is looking to relive the Damon/Elena eyesexin' from episodes past, this chick has every Delena moment ever posted on her You Tube channel:

                  If you watch only the Delana clips, you start to think it's a totally different show. It is kinda neat to see them in order and find the exact moment when Damon starts crushing on her. It happens earlier in the show's history than I thought it did.


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                    Nice. I have been known to watch certain scenes repeatedly at this website:

                    I feel like I have watched every show ever put on Netflix, but I can't think of any that would help to replace a Vampire Diaries addiction. Greek gets more interesting after a few episodes, but you're never going to get the level of hotness of Damon/Elena.

                    ETA: If you find the Ian/Nina RLTL boring, the actors who play Caroline and Jeremy dated at one point (or maybe still are?) and were much bigger fans of the drunken, grope-y, public, makeout:
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                      Okay, I just spent all of naptime watching (and in some cases re-watching) 122 Delena clips, which is basically every Elena/Damon one on one scene, and many of the ones where they get all intense and eyesexy around other people. It's almost enough brainwashing to turn me into an actual shipper with an actual opinion about the triangle, but not quite.

                      It's hard to know what the endgame is going to be here. With Twilight, you pretty much knew that Bella was going to end up as a vampire, with Edward and the Cullens for all eternity. It couldn't have ended any other way. But Elena? She doesn't want to be a vampire, so that's not her happy ending. And obviously, for a real happy ending *everyone* involved has to be at least somewhat content with the final outcome. It can really only go three ways . . . 1) Katherine finds a kind of redemption and becomes more Elena-like, so that one of the boys ends up with her and the other with Elena, 2) Damon dies, sacrificing himself in a majorly noble way for Stefan and Elena's happiness, and they remember him as a hero, 3) Elena becomes a vampire, forgets her human scruples about orgies, and they set up a freaky menage a trois in Salvatore Manor. I vote for number 3, but I'm betting they go with number 2.

                      Anyone know how the books end?

                      ETA Ewww, Caroline dated Jeremy back when he had the bad hair.


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                        The book series isn't finished yet and seems to be a lot different from the show. The synopses of the books on the wikipedia page are completely cracktastic:

                        I am not too concerned with who ends up with who on this show, but I do approve of your threesome idea. I only really ship the sexin' on this show. Elena can marry Stefan and have a million little vampire babies as long as at some point she gets her dirty, conflicted fuck on with Damon for a few episodes.
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                          Okay, the synopses is so crazytown that I can't even begin to make sense of any of it. So yeah, it's not likely that the books will have too much to do with how they decide to end the tv series.

                          I do think that's it's hysterical that the original author of the books was fired by her publisher and a ghost writer will write the next installments. I would have fired her as soon as the japanese fox spirits showed up. INSANITY.

                          Here's an excellent example:
                          Damon is now human. He uses Misao's star ball to reopen the gate to the Dark Dimension and takes Bonnie with him by accident. Damon is then turned back into a vampire by Princess Jessalyn. Bonnie is arrested as a runaway slave and taken to an auction house to be sold. Shinichi buys Bonnie to extract information about Misao's star ball. Since the group has drained Power out of it, Misao is dying. Shinichi throws Bonnie out of a window, but Damon saves her. Meanwhile back in Fell's Church, Matt is arrested for assaulting Caroline, and Stefan, Elena and Mrs. Flowers have to get him out. They bring in Saber, a hell hound Sage left to protect them. Caroline changes into a werewolf at the sight of him. All the other officials at the court all turn into werewolves as well. When Matt is free, Stefan and Elena go into the Dark Dimension to find their friends, which they do at Lady Ulma's house. Soon after the four of them travel to the Nether World in search of the largest star ball ever made in hopes that it will save their town from The Last Midnight (the Last Midnight is then revealed to be all the possessed children attacking their parents). Sage is the guardian of the Gate where the treasures are, including the star ball. He lets the group pass and visit one of the 7 gateways. Meredith discovers that she had a twin brother named Cristian, who almost died, but Klaus had taken him when they were only 3 years old when the "attack" went on with her grandfather. She also tells the group what she really is, which is a hunter-slayer, and a new type of vampire with small fangs. Her parents have been feeding her amounts of blood in their meals. The kitsune say they are working for someone who told them to destroy Fell's Church. It turns out to be Inari, Isobel's Grandmother. She is the Japanese goddess of rice and foxes; she is the most powerful Kitsune in the world and the star ball is hers.
                          I doubt very seriously that I needed to spoiler tag that since the producers would have to have had major lobotomies to make it part of the tv show, but whatevs.

                          Oh, and YES. Dirty, conflicted fucking FTW.


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                            My favorite thing on that wikipedia page is the quote from the original author about what she wanted to do with the next few books. I don't know how to explain why I love it so much. Like she's overly serious and passionate about her crazyass vision for this crappy teen series. It's so "this would have been my crowning achievement, but the publishers have done the world a disservice by not allowing my masterpiece to exist." And almost like sticking it to the publishers? Like, "look what you gave up." But then her ideas are horrible. Like she gave Elena wings with super powers and there are Japanese fox spirits, which is ridiculous, but at least interesting in a crazy way. Her new ideas are just terrible badfic ideas that are totally boring.

                            Also her publisher allowed her to give Elena wings and introduce Japanese fox spirits but she would have to fight them over Damon and Bonnie delivering babies?


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                              Wow. I couldn't even follow that. Also? This series started back in like 91, right? I don't get it. WHAT is there left to say? Is Elena 35 now?

                              Also? I can't believe her agent handed over the rights to her series! That's crazy. She must have the shittiest the agent/lawyer ever. I mean, I love that she went so far off the rails that they fired her from her own books but they are her characters. She has a right to give them wings and incorporate insanely out of context Japanese myths where she pleases. And they have a right not to publish it if they think it sucks. Her agent should have created an off-shoot of the series that follows the TV show (and let it be written by ghostwriters) in order to let her both cash in and continue to write her crackfic.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                                Her agent should have created an off-shoot of the series that follows the TV show (and let it be written by ghostwriters)
                                Well, they do seem to have done that as well. There's a novelization series of Stefan's diaries that are clearly based on the tv show and not the original books. I don't know if there are others or not.


                                You did know the author (LJ Smith) is the same one who created The Secret Circle, right? She wrote the TSC books in '92, right after TVD. And she got fired from them, too!
                                "And I fear I have bad news for you about SECRET CIRCLE. My sequel was rejected without even being read. The decision had already been made to not allow me to write any books more in the SECRET CIRCLE universe. Although I would dearly love to write another whole trilogy of these books, my first sequel will never be read by anyone. It was a good story, too, if I say so myself, featuring Black John returning as a teenager and winning over almost half the coven, but not before Nick saves Adam’s life by pushing him out of the way of an oncoming truck, and Cassie going deep into Nick’s unconscious to bring him back to life after the truck hits him. In fact, Cassie does such a good job of convincing Nick to come back to life and pain and healing, that he believes she has done it out of romantic love, and has given up Adam. When Nick recovers, it is determined that he will be blind forever, and Cassie is caught between the two boys she cares about most: one whom she loves, and one who needs her desperately.

                                I don’t know what to do except to say “I’m sorry.” This came like a lightning strike to me, that they wanted no SECRET CIRCLE sequels from me at all. I am so sorry. I don’t think most of the people even in the USA know about this."

                                A ghostwritten sequel titled "The Divide" is planned to release on March 20, 2012.
                                She clearly has the worst agent in THE WORLD.