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  • Gorgeous dress, even if it's a bit showy for the event! When in doubt? Overdress!

    Adore Emma's dress, too.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • Yeah, the Daily Mail made a point of saying that it sucked for Emma to be overshadowed by Nina, but I thought Emma looked totally fab. Looking forward to seeing what they bring to the LA premiere on Monday.


      • Speaking of fashion, CNN actually interviewed the TVD costume designer (who also worked on DC!):

        For one, Leverett has to make sure everyone on the show about witches, vampires, werewolves -- oh, and "hybrid" vampire-werewolves -- looks fabulous covered in blood, as characters are routinely stabbed, bitten and shot.
        Leverett is regularly tasked with finding six to eight of the same top or jacket to be worn during multiple scenes and takes. With all the gore, borrowing clothes from designers is often out of the question.


        Period pieces also come into play when Mystic Falls High School throws its annual Decade Dances. The trick to costuming such events, Leverett said, is dressing the human high school students like "a teenager would interpret the period -- or at least what a teenager would pick out when they go to the fantastic Mystic Falls Costume shop."


        And because the vampires that live within the CW series have the power to control people simply by staring at them, they get to don more expensive threads. "Maybe they can compel the salespeople into giving them what they want," Leverett said. "I like to think that Katherine saw (the) tan Michael Kors heels (she wore during season 3) on some unsuspecting Chicago socialite, and probably just compelled her to hand them over."


        • As for TIFF, there were only a few sightings of Ian.
          And at least one vampire was seen at the bar. That would be Vampire Diaries’ star Ian Somerhalder, whose Canuck contribution would be his girlfriend, Canadian actress Nina Dobrev.

          Earlier that evening, Dobrev was at the party of her movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, dressed in a Monique Lhuillier gown. Like Jennifer Lawrence, she was not going to let heels hamper having a good time. Her publicist carried her flats.
          I thought that's who she was wearing, although I thought it also could have been Lela Rose.

          Also yesterday, in the depths of Rosedale at the University of Toronto president’s place, Jude Law and Trudie Styler hosted a swanky fundraising brunch for the Paul Haggis-founded, Haiti-benefiting charity Artists for Peace and Justice. Two auction packages to attend a Hollywood awards show went for a combined $38,000 while the chance to appear in Haggis’ next film earned an even 40 K. Also on hand to observe the bidding was What Maise Knew’s Alexander Skarsgard, Dobrev’s boyfriend actor Ian Somerhalder and tennis star Milos Raonic.
          Gallery of pics of Nina at Perks press today:

          The girl loves the shorty shorts. Her shoes are killer.


          • I didn't know she was in Perks of Being a Wallflower! That was one of my favorite books as a teenager and there seemed to be rumblings of a movie since it first came out. Didn't even realize it got made. And with Nina and Emma who I love. I learn so much here.


            • She's not one of the main-er characters! She plays somebody's sister, I think. She wasn't even in the promos, which is why it's so cute that she's so excited about the movie and the whole experience.

              Emma is def the stah.


              • I'm actually a little bit surprised by this, but Ian managed to get the land for the ISF sanctuary.

                We bet Ian Somerhalder slept well last night. After months of raising funds and worrying about securing the plot of land, the actor has reached a deal to save the ISF sanctuary.

                For those who missed it on Friday, the land they wanted for the sanctuary was in danger of being turned into a business park and transfer station. Somerhalder called the twitterverse into action and did his own behind closed doors negotiations.

                We’re not sure what the deal is exactly, or what the tough decision was, but we’re thrilled that the sanctuary is moving forward. Of course the sanctuary still needs approval from the zoning board tonight, but unless they want all of the star’s fans writing in with complaints, it should be granted.

                This sanctuary will bring together bullied animals and bullied kids to help heal one another. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation writes on their site, “ISF intends on creating a safe haven for all the outcasted [sic] animals that have been neglected, mistreated and ultimately misunderstood. Some may see the potential in an abused animal as ending at the animal’s personal rehabilitation. In our eyes, this is just the beginning. What if ISF provided opportunities for these misfit creatures to continue their emotional journey alongside others who were hurting from a life filled with dejection?

                “We know in our hearts that animals and bullies share common emotional baggage. For example, an abused and neglected pitbull has the power to transform a school bully into a compassionate leader with a shift in benevolent consciousness. While both the dog and the bully are refused the opportunity to demonstrate their true potential within their daily lives, a healing and educational journey side by side has the power to manifest massive changes in perspective. We will bring the bruised together as a family to learn just how unique — and just very the same — we all are…and how if we unite…we are NOT the outcasted, we ARE the UNSTOPPABLE.”

                A mission to help animals and people? Sounds like a win win to us. Congrats to the ISF team for their hard work. This big dream will soon become a reality.
                I'm assuming the compromises involved included spending more money than they anticipated (which he probably had to subsidize personally), and allowing a large portion of the land to be set aside for the waste transfer station, which the community really needed/wanted. But no details have come out yet.

                So he was in Louisiana with his family yesterday. Dunno if he has to stay there for the zoning approval meeting (it's like my Mayor Salvatore fic!) or if he is going back to ATL for filming, or out to LA for Nina's premiere tonight. She is also going to be filming Chelsea Handler today.

                Nina was out and about at events in Toronto last night. Pics of our flawless gal:

                And peeps are freaking over this set of pics where her publicist manager dude happens to be holding her hand:

                Um, have you seen her stilettos? I'd be grabbing any old person nearby. Not that it matters anyway. Heaven forbid people hold hands with someone other than their life partner.


                • Yeah, so these are kind of . . . stunning?

                  TVD cast portraits:

                  Pretty people being pretty, y'all.


                  • I still don't know anything about anything as far as TVD is concerned, but it's cute that Candice is the only one smiling, as if loving The J is what brings true happiness in life. Also, based on these pictures, Paul Wesley's wife and Nina look like sisters.


                    • True, Torrey and Nina have the same coloring.

                      Nina wore red to the LA premiere of Perks. Eh. The dress was fine, but the styling wasn't great. Shoes were all wrong for the dress, and I wasn't crazy about the hair. Great hair for a different dress, though. Even her bag was blah.


                      Loved Emma's dress:

                      Every vid of Nina on Chelsea from last night has been taken down due to copyright, so I'm still looking for a viewable version.

                      Ryan Seacrest did a radio interview over the phone with Nina and Emma while they were flying from Toronto to LA, and Nina said it was her first time on a private plane. Oh, Neeners. Too cute to live.

                      She's already back on set today, after flying all night to ATL. Hope it's an ep where Elena is like, sleeping through everything. Maybe they could put her into a magical coma for a few scenes so Nina can rest.


                      • Found Nina on Chelsea on this Polish website:

                        Very short interview. Nina can barely talk, she's all raspy. Pretty sure that was Ian taking the video of them swimming with sharks in Bora Bora, that was something they did together.


                        • Julie and Nina talk about S4. Nothing spoilery in here.


                          Vampire Diaries fans have already heard that season 4 may very well end with Elena (Nina Dobrev) graduating from high school. But here’s why: “Paul Wesley looked at me this year, and he’s like, ‘I don’t have to go back to high school, do I?’” exec producer Julie Plec tells EW with a laugh. “I said, ‘Yeah, you do. You’re in high school.’ He goes, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ I’m like, ‘You’re in high school. If you don’t go to high school, what’s the point?’ ‘I look so ridiculous. We all look so ridiculous. We’re 100 years old, we shouldn’t be in high school.’ I said, ‘Well, there’s one more year to go, so suck it up.’”

                          Of course, while Plec says she’s targeting an end of season ceremony, things could change. “But look, what I’ve been saying a lot about this season to the people at the network and in general is that the writers and I are really focusing on that time in your life as your adolescence is coming to an end, that milestone of graduation, and you are making decisions: Do I leave home for good? Do I stay? Can I part with this town that’s been so important to me? Do I part with these people who have been so important to me? Am I going out into the world and starting a life and growing up? Or am I gonna hide here where I’m comfortable even if it’s not the best place for me? There’s a lot of great questions that come along with graduation that our characters — both human and supernatural — are gonna be asking themselves about who they are, who they’re supposed to be, and what they’re supposed to do with their life moving forward.”

                          Dobrev, who sees Elena not only transitioning into a vampire this season but also into her womanhood, is definitely on board with the graduation plan. “Prom. Hello. Pretty dresses. Corsages,” she jokes. “But it is gonna be nice. Paul’s right. We’re all growing with the show and we’re becoming adults, and we can only play high school for so long and be believable and also challenged. I think it’s definitely time, and it’ll be a good button for the end of the season and for the next phase of The Vampire Diaries.”

                          P.S. Since she mentioned “pretty dresses,” we took the opportunity to ask where Elena scored that gorgeous ball gown on such short notice last season. “Trust me, I asked that exact same question,” Dobrev admits, laughing. “I’m pretty sure she was at school an hour before like, ‘We should go to the ball.’ And then she shows up in full hair and makeup and ball gown like it’s no big deal. I don’t know. Maybe her mom had it lying around? Maybe Bonnie has a hair and makeup spell, like a Cinderella story that happened off-camera that none of us saw?”
                          You get the impression that Julie has to tell Paul to 'suck it up' a lot.
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                          • Some new stills from 4.01:

                            Lots of boring Bonnie stuff, Klaus-in-Tyler/Caroline, some locked up peeps. Suspicious lack of Damon. *Very* suspicious.

                            ETA Price Peterson's take on what is going on in the stills:
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                            • TVD S3 is on NETFLIX.

                              Not even gonna lie, I'm a little tingly about this.

                              Just watched The Birthday, and totally cried at the Stefan-in-the-parking-lot scene. Damn this show.


                              • I LOVE THAT SCENE. I just went back and watched it on YouTube recently. WORTH IT.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.