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  • Well, he was snarking on Ian, saying that he was waaaay too old to be cast as Nina's love interest, and I had to open my big fat mouth and admit that they are dating in real life and now I'm never going to hear the end of why do you know so much about the private lives of random CW actors?. Busted!

    I made several broad hints that he could go watch vintage Law and Order on Netflix on his iPad, but he ignored me.

    Elena's priorities are ALWAYS and CONSISTENTLY her family and friends first and foremost. So . . . if you can't be bothered to care about the people she cares about, you are pretty much of no use to her anymore. Damon pulled through in that aspect several times in this ep, and that is what will get him the Golden Ticket to her vagina in the eps to come. Guaranteed.


    • I finally found a halfway decent Elena/Damon fic writer:

      Particularly like her fluffy Xmas fic:

      The banter is good, and she does a very nice Damon POV.


      • OT/ How much does Mr. O know about Robsten? /OT

        You are so down the rabbit hole on this. I love it.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


        • Hey, go big or go home. I needed a new tv obsession anyway.

          Eh, what's there for mr.o to know? I'm obviously into celeb gossip and pop culture stuff, but I don't discuss it with him. He did once make the remark that R&K were clearly a fake relationship put together to promote a movie. So he's a PR-sten. heh. But I didn't say anything about it. Besides, now that R&K are an established, committed, drama-free couple, they don't take up much of my time or head space. They were a lot more fun to obsess over when it was all Forbidden Secret Love!

          Back on topic, I wasn't too impressed with the 'chemistry' between Stefans RL wife (Dr. Fell) and Alaric. I know that she's supposed to be his new love interest, but blah. I'd like to see how she would handle Damon eyefucking her, though.
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          • You used to be mighty secretive so I wondered if marriage had made you more open.

            Oh, that's Stefan's wife IRL? I hadn't even made that connection. Couldn't care less about that. I really only like Alaric when he's drunk and irresponsible and thinking he shouldn't be in charge of anything.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


            • You used to be mighty secretive so I wondered if marriage had made you more open.
              Ha! You're funny.

              Fandom is *my* private space. I don't share it with anyone IRL.

              Yeah, Dr. Fell is actually Mrs. Paul Wesley. With the way things are in Mystic Falls right now, it doesn't seem likely that they will be in any of the same scenes, though. But hey, good for them that they get to be on location together. It can't have been fun for Paul to have Ian and Nina snuggling and canoodling in his face every day for two whole years, while his secret fiancee was off filming a different show.


              • I don't think I would like Mrs. Paul Wesley's chemistry with anyone. Something about her face makes her look like she's a bitch and I can't like her. I only enjoy her in things when she's a villain.

                Maybe it won't be extra guilty and that is just wishful thinking. I'm hoping maybe Damon will bring some of the guilt that Elena doesn't. I may also be projecting my post-Cinderella Story Pacey/Joey love onto Damon/Elena.

                Ophy, I think I read some of her fic before and found it pretty well-written in the sea of terrible, terrible Mary Sue nightmare fic.

                We have 2 TVs, but my husband likes to drive-by mock. He enjoys laughing at how annoyed I get when he makes me miss something by talking over it, but then he leaves before I start to throw things at him.


                • OMG. I feel vindicated. I love me some Verve! This show would be perfect if Jake showed up...

                  One track mind.
                  It's all about me and my precious.


                  • Ophy, I think I read some of her fic before and found it pretty well-written in the sea of terrible, terrible Mary Sue nightmare fic.
                    It's a wasteland out there! I don't get it. Twilight fanfic actually has some really decent authors, and I guess I was expecting a similar quality level. But if it's there, I haven't stumbled on it yet.

                    So I was right that Paul is super happy that Mrs. Paul is on set now.
                    DeVitto herself has long been part of the "Vampire Diaries" family behind the scenes, as she's married to series star Paul Wesley. Plec tells us that Meredith won't be sharing scenes with Stefan right away, but Wesley is beyond thrilled just to have her around set in an official capacity.

                    "It makes Paul Wesley so happy," Plec laughs -- but she makes it very clear that casting DeVitto was by no means a favor to Wesley. "There is no nepotism here. In fact, he was so grateful that we wanted to give her the part, so he called to thank us. We were like 'Dude, we are not doing this for you. She's really good. We're doing this because Kevin and I love Torrey.' We didn't want him to think we were just trying to make our lead actor happy. Torrey read for Courtney Ford's role back in Season 3, so we've had our eye on her for a very long time. We're very excited to have her."
                    Awwww. I think that's super sweet. Makes up for Paul having to deal with Nina chomping gum in his ear between every take. Apparently, he hates that.

                    That link is a teeny bit spoilery, but only the barest bit.

                    Okay, so my official (non-spoiled) predictions for the rest of the season . . .

                    1) Mama Klaus is in the fourth coffin, and the gang will need to get the necklace back from Rebekah's body to open it and revive her.
                    2) Mama Klaus will wake up the rest of the Original family
                    4) The Originals will band together to bring down Klaus in a way that will be so heartbreaking for him that we will all feel very sorry for Klaus. Even Elena will want to give him a hug.
                    5) They won't be able to kill him, but they will be able to seal him into a coffin, binding the spell to the necklace.
                    6) The amount of power that will take will kill Mama Klaus for good. After she's had some touching mother/daughter scenes with Bex.
                    7) After Klaus is gone, Stefan will decide to leave town to focus on his recovery (perhaps prompted by the knowledge that Elena and Damon have DONE IT)
                    8) Katherine decides to come with him, to devote herself to his reformation as his new Lexi. She wants a chance at making Stefan love her again, and she decides to be selfless for once. And she has nothing better to do.
                    9) Tyler is the only hybrid left alive by the end. Which is good, because his blood should be a cure for werewolf bites, and it's nice to have a cure around.
                    10) Elena and Damon are left behind to deal with their guilt over Stefan leaving once more. They decide to allay their guilt with even more naked sexytimes.
                    11) Rebekah decides to stay in Mystic Falls and go to high school. Maybe some of the other siblings decide to stay, too. That would be an AWESOME set up for S4.
                    12) Matt is dead for some reason. Yay!

                    From Nina Dobrev's twitter . . .

                    ninadobrev Nina Dobrev
                    Lol... oh yeah? RT @iansomerhalder Me too...RT @daniellee0: @morganmcgaw oh my god I know! I've been waiting for that kiss forever!
                    5 Jan
                    How cute are they?


                    • Trying to predict this show is nigh impossible, IMO.

                      Usually when I expect things to play out in a heavy way on this show they just wipe the slate clean and roll on with ease. I'd bet that Stefan gets back to being a good boy before Damon can seal the deal, though.
                      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                      • I'm guessing it'll take forever to get to the sexin', but it's true, with this show there is no way to tell. The next episode could literally open mid-sex. Stefan could be back to being good in 2 episodes. Or he could be bad for the rest of the season and Klaus and Elena could be making sex eyes at each other next week. Every storyline that I would expect to take most of the season to resolve is usually wrapped up in half an episode.


                        • I do keep expecting Klaus and Elena to start making sex eyes. Or Klaus and Damon. Whatevs. I just want to see Joseph Morgan making sex eyes at *someone* and he seems too pissed off at Stefan to resume that bromance.

                          I think fanfic has ruined me yet again, because the scenario I outlined above is basically the fic I am writing in my head. So much wish fulfillment.

                          But! Mama Klaus has to be in the fourth coffin though, for three reasons 1) she's already been cast (for the flashback eps) so there wouldn't be a casting spoiler to ruin it, 2) Klaus and Elijiah kept saying 'reunite with my family' and not 'reunite with my brothers and sister/s' and 3) the necklace showing up in Bonnie's dream. And I also think they will keep Klaus around for the whole rest of the season, because TPTB can't seem to get enough of Joseph Morgan. But that's all I got. I don't have any inkling what they plan to really do about Elena and Damon being on FIAH for each other, or whether or not they will get Stefan cleaned up fast. But if they end the season without any mutual Delena consummation (even if it's interuptus), I will be SHOCKED. It just feels like it's hurtling that way. Feb or May sweeps!

                          If they *do* give us Bunny Diet Stefan again this season, they better come up with a beekdamn good reason for why he gets reformed 29.9 years faster than he ever has before. After making such a big deal about it and all.

                          I'm going to send a petition to my Congressman, Heath Shuler, about how The CW makes us wait a whole week in between TVD episodes. It's just cruel.


                          • Nina and Ian continuing their reign of cuteness.

                            iansomerhalder ian somerhalder #HappyBirthdayNina is trending right now Happy Birthday Nina!!!!!! 35,wow you look great!
                            19 hours ago

                            ninadobrev Nina Dobrev
                            Thx mr smoulderholder, when I am 35 I will look great “@iansomerhalder: #HappyBirthdayNina is trending right now!35,wow you look great!”
                            18 hours ago

                            iansomerhalder ian somerhalder “@cadlymack: @ninadobrev I think he has a thing for you.”
                            18 hours ago
                            I'm imagining the way the interwebz would explode if Rob and Kristen tweeted cute things at each other throughout the day. Some RLTLers have it easier than others!


                            • This is my point: acting like it's a secret makes it more exciting to the lookie-loos.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • See, it's almost too cute and gone over to annoying. This is the kind of cutesy crap couples do on twitter/facebook that I always roll my eyes at. I like when it's all vague and all we have is third hand gossip and pictures of people in the same vicinity around the same time. And our imaginations.