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  • I can't hate on them for it! I think it's adorbs. It seems like the way you interact with your bf when you are only 23 and everything is sunshine and puppies. Of course it helps to forget that he is definitely *not* only 23, but still.

    Comparing them to R&K was unfair of me, anyway. I doubt Nina Dobrev has to travel around with bodyguards because she has received so many death threats from Ian's hardcore fans. And nobody is offering a quarter of a million dollar bounty for a kissing pic of Nian, so they prob don't get hounded much by paps.

    My obsession is gone to scary places now, btw.

    I look at the calendar in the morning and think, "Is this TVD day? No. Is tomorrow TVD day? No. Is that fair? No. Is that right? No. Is that JUSTICE?

    What should we do about it?


    And then, I'm all like, whoah.

    Oh, and I hear the above with Joseph Morgan's yummy welsh accent, which somehow makes it much more disturbing.



    • There is nothing better than ophy obsessing!

      Also? R/K *could* have nipped it in the bud by pulling a Paltrow and just going for a walk in the park and making out. It would have been over in about a week and everybody (minus a few insane fan girls) would have been all *yawn*. Not to shit on R/K but they are not exactly Liz and Dick. And you know what? Liz and Dick did just that. There were rumors flying, bigfoot-esque photos taken and they were like: Fuck this. Let's go for a walk.

      Of course, they were the most famous people on the planet and the term paparazzi became part of the lexicon because of them. And the Vatican condemned Liz and the U.S. Senate didn't even want Dick in the country. So they lived in semi-exile on a yacht for years making bloated, mediocre movies. But still.

      I have an idea for essay about how Liz did everything first and better than any celebrity ever. I have notes and everything. Seriously, you can't name a celebrity scandal (her affair with Burton was literally dubbed Le Scandale) that Liz didn't invent and work to her advantage.
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      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • I agree with you about La Liz, but R&K couldn't quite do that. Don't forget that their contracts with Summit forbade them to come out as a couple. It took a year or so before they were able to re-negotiate, and by that time the frenzy had already started.

        If they had 'just gone for a walk', they could have been penalized millions of dollars (depending on the exact terms).

        In other news, this not-very-spoilery pic shows Klaus and Stefan FINALLY making with the sex eyes at each other. . Looking forward to it!


        • I am now following The Triumvirate on Instagram! Wheee!

          They are very busy posting for the fans. I may have to watch the crap-ass PCA's tonight for the numerous celebs I want to spot.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Can you look at Instagram stuff online somewhere without an app? They don't have one for the Nook.

            Not crazy about Nina's dress, but she looked good otherwise. And the boys! They both looked tres hot. Everybody done good.

            She must have had to change out of her dress in the airplane bathroom. I'm surprised they let her carry the award on - so pointy!!/ninadobrev/sta...087360/photo/1


            • She posted that on Instagram. I don't think there is a way to view IG without the app.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


              • Not gonna lie . . . we lost power for a few hours today, and I FUH-REAKED.

                NUH UH. Not on TVD Day. I called the power company, like 10 times before it came back on.

                Putting the kiddos to bed in 20 mins, then need to hope that they go to sleep super fast.

                Looking forward to whatever in the hell Stefan and Elena are going to do in a fast car tonight!

                Edited to add tags . . are ya'll spoiler free on promos as well? Wasn't sure.
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                • No, no. I love the promos!!

                  And I love you!
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • it's like that Damon/Elena scene was made just for me. Angsty eye-sex! Even if it was only a little, it was goooood.

                    The Stefan stuff made me feel conflicted. The teariness at the end of the Stefan/Elena confrontation. This show needs to end in threesome, nothing else will do.

                    Am I the only one now shipping Klaus/Caroline? Talk about eye-sex.


                    • KLAUS/CAROLINE.


                      I think Klaus is purposely seducing Caroline to add her to his new family because a) even Klaus can see that she is awesome b) she reminds him of Rebekah and c) he wants to make Tyler happy so Tyler will feel less conflicted about the sire bond. I don't think Tyler will be too happy to share her with Klaus, though!

                      Anyway you slice it, that's good stuff.

                      FINALLY Stefan has come right out and said that he *knew* he was going to lose Elena for good when he left town with Klaus. He gave up Elena for Damon's life. It was a completely conscious decision. It's been said now, so Elena can finally deal with it and move on (to Damon's bed). But oh! The whole Incident At Wickery Bridge was heartbreaking in so many ways. Stefan didn't have to do it there to make Elena sound convincingly scared. He could have nearly killed her on any road. He did it there because Stefan is quite the poetic asshole. He just *has* to add an artistic dash of je ne sais quoi to every bad thing he does. Almost killing her on the exact spot where her parents died and where he once saved her life is the equivalent of STACKING THE BODIES BACK TOGETHER.

                      The Damon/Elena scene was PERFECT. Leave us wanting more, but with a good reason not to give it to us.

                      Matt didn't totally make me want to put him on my next-to-die list tonight, but I still think his number is going to be up someday. Maybe not this season, but someday.

                      If we find out that Meredith staked her ex, I might actually find her interesting. But until then . . .


                      • Almost killing her on the exact spot where her parents died and where he once saved her life is the equivalent of STACKING THE BODIES BACK TOGETHER.
                        YES. SO heartbreaking! And cray-zee I mean he obviously always loved Damon more than anyone else but having him say it out loud? *sniff* Poor Elena!

                        Can I just say how much I love Elena? How awesomely conflicted she felt about trying to protect Jeremy, how terrified she was in the car, how hurt she was about Stefan, how reserved she was about Damon, and how awesome the scene at the end was. She's afraid her vampire boyfriend ways would disappoint her parents. *sniff* I just LOVE Elena. She is such a kick ass teen heroine.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • TEAM ELENA FTW!

                          It was a great episode to show the night after Nina became the People's (Choice) Princess. She certainly showed why she has earned it! She had to carry all kinds of heavy things in this ep, and it was done so well.

                          I want them to bring back Katherine, though, just to give Nina a chance to be less doe eyed for a couple of eps. It's got to be exhausting.

                          I liked the fact that they didn't have her break down in Damon's arms like I half-expected them to after Wickery Bridge. And Damon wasn't all melty with her, he was matter-of-fact about how he was a little bit proud of Stefan's methods. That was totes in character, and I think it helped her more than if he had just oozed sympathy all over her. Oh, that damn porch! That's where they need to hold their vampire wedding someday.

                          The other unexpected thing last night was the beauty of the Klaus and Caroline scene. That was so moving, and it came from such a lovely place inside of Klaus. He's impossible to hate! I keep trying to remind myself that he KILLED AUNT JENNA, but still. Just can't hate the poor, lonely guy. I'm very conflicted about the Killing of Klaus, now. Maybe Mama Klaus and the spirit witches can find a way to spell him human? That would be really interesting for S4.

                          ETA Lainey has more pics of Nina and Ian going through LAX after the PCAs. The dress looks better covered with a jacket and worn with boots!
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                          • Potentially spoilery (depending on how strict you are) gorgeous promo pics from the Feb 9th Ep:,,2056....html#21105157

                            Stelena! Delena! Klaroline! Notice which bracelet Caroline is wearing, huh? This ep looks MAJOR. I assume Klaus offered to host a fundraising ball, because it looks like his mansion. Considering how terrified everyone was of Klaus last season, when he was super reclusive and nobody had ever reported meeting him before, and you had to go through multiple layers just to get a message to him, he sure has become quite the social butterfly. Mystic Falls has been good for him! I kinda sorta REALLY want Katherine to show up in this episode. Doppelganger hijinks are always more fun when done in formal wear.


                            • I'm fine with released still and episode descriptions. I just don't want to be spoiled for whole episodes! And the only thing I could focus on in those photos (aside from the weirdly hot Klaroline chemistry) was Elena's dress. She should have worn that to the PCA's.

                              That is so Delena's porch! They should totally consummate their love there in front of the whole town. There must be a porch-based fan video. That porch is more important than Dawson's.

                              My favorite non-moment of the episode was Damon's hilarious outrage at Stefan for, like, RUINING the founder's party! Hasn't Damon ruined a few of his own? I also loved that Damon was sort of "way to win it, Stef." They are so the TruLuv of this show. Although Damon was obviously always more prone to romanticism than Stefan. What with his undying love for Katherine (who will come back, obvsly).

                              And I guess Mrs. Wesley killed the coroner?
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                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                              • I think so! It pretty much had to be Mrs. Paul, unless the Gilbert ring is causing Alaric to black out and kill people now. Which would be *such* the twist, and would mean that they have to recall Jeremy from Denver pronto.

                                I am starting to think that Elena is going to go a couple of rounds with the Salvatore Bros, but that ultimately she will 'choose herself'. With the implication that she will marry a human, have babies, etc., with both of our boys pledging to protect and watch over her and her family and descendants for always. They are both clearly capable of that kind of selflessness. But we shall have the vampire sexytimes first, oh yes we will.

                                Damon has become so protective of his town and it's bizarro obsession with Founder events! Is he even still the head of the Council, technically? I remember Mayor Lockwood asking him to be, but then she didn't know he was a vamp yet. Anyway, I don't blame the Mayor or the Sheriff for their decisions regarding Klaus. They weren't exactly on the frontlines for all of the terror Klaus inspired, and it wasn't like either of them cared about Jenna (who was not even from a Founding Family, after all). And they *have* been kept apprised of Ripper Stefan's activities over the past few months, so he would clearly seem like an immediate danger to them. And Klaus is so smooth! I would believe him, too.

                                Damon was probably just worried about the mess the hybrid was making on the floor. He's pretty much the only one that ever shows concern over domestic matters. Remember how he put plastic over his rugs before torturing Mason Lockwood? And how upset he was when Ripper Stefan let his co-eds bleed on the Persians? Damon is very tidy, and Stefan is not (hence the difference in heir bedrooms as well). They have been consistent in that character trait!

                                Speaking of which, nobody in Mystic Falls ever does any housework (except for the bit we have seen Damon do - oh, and for people using obscenely large knives to chop things in the Gilbert Kitchen of Stabby-ness ), and yet we never see any housekeepers around, and every home is completely immaculate all the time. Nobody talks about going grocery shopping, unless you count robbing the hospital blood bank. And nobody owns a pet. And nobody has kids in that town younger than high school age, except for the few munchkins we saw at the cookout at The Falls. Strange town.

                                I'm in love with the idea of turning Klaus human, by the way. Can you imagine listening to Joseph Morgan monologuing his thoughts about mortality? We could see him struggle with his own human frailties, and with the disparity between himself and his vampire GF (Caroline, natch). This TOTALLY needs to happen. Maybe all of the Originals can be spelled to be human again, and then all of the siblings will have to come to terms with their new reality while settling back into their old home in MF. Mama Klaus should be able to do that, since she's the one who made them vampires in the first place.

                                Oh, happy NakedDamon. I'd almost forgotten how much that made me smile in the beginning of the ep.

                                And double oh! Did you catch the plural when Elena and Matt were on the bridge and she said " the girl who falls in love with vampires?" ??!!! PLURAL, BITCHES.