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Teen Wolf: Shirtless boys and the alphas who love them

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  • Teen Wolf: Shirtless boys and the alphas who love them


    Here we go . . . .

    I'll spoiler tag anything I post in here which is S2 and beyond, 'kay? I only have a few spoilers about S3, though. I don't think this is the kind of show that I want to be too spoiled for, so I don't plan on seeking them out.

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    Okay, I finished 202. It really is getting good since 112.
    I'm not sure if I am supposed to like Jackson, but I do anyway. He's so pretty.
    Crap, I have to figure out how to use spoiler tags before I can say much more!


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      [xspoiler] whatever you are trying not to spoil [/xspoiler]

      Just remove the x! And that's how you do it.

      I like Jackson a lot. I could even see the idea of Jallison, tbh. But they didn't pursue that very far.

      It seems like the show got better when they stopped focusing on Scott and Allison. They are kind of drippy together.


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        Jackson was bitten and scratched but still not a werewolf? This is driving me cray. Must know why!

        I am very interested in Issac. Was his father Sheriff Porno from Roswell? He looks so much older and was creeptastic.

        I am assuming that the lizard thing is Lydia for now.

        Derek pretending to flirt with the deputy was hilarious. He NEVER smiles.

        Allison and Scott are super boring together, but I thought it was just me. I generally am bored with original pilot couples.

        ETA: Jackson did take his shirt off this episode. . . it was everything I imagined it could be!
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          Yep. Basically so. Some of S2 is spent on trying to figure out why . . .

          The good news is that Jackson almost never wears a shirt in S2. Or anything, actually. VERY GOOD NEWS.

          The bad news is that Jackson is not coming back for S3. Sad!


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            WTF!?!?! I am off to write an extremely harshly worded letter to Teen Wolf and Jackson's agent. I will take care of this business, right now.


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              I wish you would! I'm not happy about it.

              But there are new additions who look seriously yummy, so . . .

              I do love that this show doesn't pretend to be about anything more than it's about. *sigh*

              My fave character, other than Stiles, is the lacrosse coach. He gets weirder and weirder as the show progresses. Oh, and Danny! Everyone loves Danny.

              TV's bestest fanboy, Price Peterson, contributed Allison's mom as No. 22 on the's list of best things on tv in 2012. You might not have gotten to love her yet.


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                Didn't see this! You must have added to your post.

                Was his father Sheriff Porno from Roswell?
                DUDE. He was Mitch!!! Mitch Leery!!!!

                Isaac is very interesting. He gets even more interesting later on, and I think they are making him a regular in S3.

                Excited to start building a new Teen Wolf album of gifs!

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                  Oh, forgot to say that Price's little bit about Allison's mom is kinda spoilery. Whoops.

                  Anyhoo, you probably noticed that both former Mayor Lockwoods are on TW (as Jackson's dad, and Lydia's mom), but I didn't know if you caught the fact that Sheriff Stilenski is married to Carol Lockwood IRL. Cute, huh? And Emily Bennett is on TW as well. I guess we won't see too many more crossovers like that, now that TVD and TW aren't going to be filmed in the same town anymore.


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                    Picspam to celebrate the new thread!

                    Stiles approves!


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                      Oh, my fucking god. I knew it was someone I knew, but I couldn't tell. Now its even more creeptastic. How did he get so old? I refused to think I have aged that much since DC. Mind=BLOWN.

                      Which show is moving from ATL? Teen Wolf?

                      I have seen things that interest me about Allison's mom. I can see potential in that character. She seems very hardcore so far. Like when she cut herself to get info from Scott's mom at the hospital

                      I love that Stiles is the real hero of the show. He has no powers, but always gets involved without hesitation.

                      ITA, about that lacrosse coach. He is so funny, I can't stand it. I actually came back here to talk about him. I love him.

                      Now, I'm going back to look at those pretty pictures.

                      ETA: Yeah, I added that after I was sure the spoiler tag worked. I didn't want to risk spoiling anyone while I was typing the whole post. You were just faster than me!

                      I'm not following any links until I'm done! I don't want to be spoiled. At this rate I should be done by tomorrow afternoon. I've gotten much more motivated since the S1 finale. Crap, I CARE NOW.
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                        TVD is staying put! It's TW that is moving from the ATL area to LA. That's why Carol Lockwood had to die when she did, right before TW went back into production for S3. You can do TW without Lydia's mom, but it would be hard to do it with Sheriff Stilenski. So her husband was going to have to relocate, and this frees her up to go with him.

                        I love that you care now! This show is like candy, right? Such deliciousness. I'm getting the itch to do a S2 re-watch, and since my kids are gone and it's a pajama day for me . . .


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                          I am up to episode 207, now.

                          Well, I was wrong about that lizard thing. I love that it is seemingly just a guy in a costume without special effects. I like a strong cheese with my shows.

                          The other day we were talking about what TVD would be like without Paul Wesley's good acting. I feel like we are finding out with Scott! He's fine and cute as he can be, but some of his line deliveries are just, OFF.
                          When he starts with something emotional I'm like, "shh, shh, don't ruin it. Just smile!"

                          I really think Issac is the hottest. I just wish he had more of a role than lackey. He seems like a nice guy actor, playing bad guy. He needs to be somebody's boyfriend. STAT. I hate hate hate Erica. She sickens me, every time I see her.

                          I know I have repeatedly mentioned my love for Jackson, but in that scene with Lydia when he asks for his key. . . I was dying for her to slap him in the face. What an ASSHOLE. Lydia is, by far, my favorite girl. She brings the feels for me.

                          YAY for pajama day! Its funny, I love my kids more than anything, but I love it more when they go somewhere!
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                            No worries, they do more with Isaac later! And like I said, I heard his role was bumped up for S3.

                            Jackson is SUCH an asshole! LOVE him.

                            I really like Lydia's character (although I think they have made her *too* book smart), but I have to admit that I sometimes forget there are any girls on this show. I went back and forth about Erica, but ended up liking her, actually.

                            Poor Scott. Poor dumb, dopey, clueless Scott. Just take your shirt and off and look pretty, Scott. He reminds of Harry Potter a little bit, where he's clearly not as smart as his friends, but he somehow manages to be the brave one who provides the moral center.


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                              Hee! I love how confused Jackson is about Danny not being attracted to him.

                              Scott and Danny have a lot of intentional hoyay. That shits not even subtext! For example, that line about playing with Danny's equipment, and Scott says something about which equipment.
                              I do like a lot, how not big it is that Danny's gay. Everyone is totally okay and on board with it. Just like it should be.