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Teen Wolf: Shirtless boys and the alphas who love them

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    STYDIA IS CANON and I'm so happy. ALSO, hilariously meta, all the wolves--even the villainous ones!--came together to kick Nazi ass. Peter Hale made my night by saying "Nobody likes a Nazi!" and proceeding to kick some Nazi ass. It was GLORIOUS and the perfect antidote to everything that was yesterday's shitty episode of The Apprentice.

    Teen Wolf really excels at season finales, IMO. Each one generally delivers on the the (sometimes) rocky season-long premise and promises.

    Stydia was BALLS-OUT FAB for so many reasons! The Thing between them went from totally typical adorkable boy crushing on unattainable girl to him being the only person on earth who maybe really *sees* her (in the way we all want to be seen) for who she is. She's a shallow asshole and he would be her door mat at that point. But she's smart. And he's smart and kind and deeply stupid and inexperienced and not ready for Lydia Martin (who likes math and science and hot dumb guys who don't challenge her and treat her like she's just a piece of ass).

    But they really worked to get both of them to a believable place where it just works? Ugh, I really love how they grew both characters and slow burn revealed all the ways they had to grow up to be the kind of people who might make it work. It was nice character development over a longer haul than most shows allow (and on Gossip Girl, when they did that with Blair? They just erased ALL of her growth so going back to Chuck was an act of regression and it still makes me mad and I will never be over it, as we all WELL KNOW.

    But the Scott/Stiles friendship was also resolidified! LOVED that. Loved all the callbacks to earlier seasons (Stiles stealing keys, using a baseball bat, etc.). Just really great. And I liked that it ended where it started: With Scott and Stiles and their friendship. I'm so emo right now that it just all hit me in the feels.

    AND I LOVED Mama McCall getting it from Daddy Argent! YAS TO THAT. YAS. "That was so hot!" LOL SHE IS SO GREAT. I love the parents on this show. Truly the only teen melodrama that doesn't make me nuts when they cut to the parents. Like I *care* what's up with those people!

    Oh, and Liam and all the younger kids kinda grew on me this season as well. Super sad they are only doing one mini season more but I also thought that finale could easily have served as a series finale. Very rewarding!
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


    • Rewatching Teen Wolf because they are doing a reunion movie and also because Taylor Swift told me to. Just finished season 3 and man did this show get epic that season.

      I still find Season 1 a little dull, season 2's plot convoluted and ridiculous but my super warm feelings for the characters are ratcheted up to 11, so I didn't mind as much.

      I still don’t get Sterek at all — and it’s even more of a crackship than I remember because they almost never interact. AND! On top of everything else, the ONLY character that has a compelling arc with Derek and also gives him hot sexy eyes is Daddy Argent! They have a super hot HoYay subplot that NOBODY in this thread ever even mentions! And the fandom ignored. Real miss on that one.

      That said, what a revolutionary show in terms of sexuality, acceptance, etc. No one — not even the adults — gives a single fuck about sexual orientation on this show. In 2012! Well done, TW.

      On rewatch, I definitely love Isaac like 75% more than I did the first go-round and him missing from season 4 burns more now. I don’t know why I was unmoved by his cheekbones or his sad plot but when he tells Daddy Argent that *he* doesn’t have the ability to compartmentalize his grief for Allison I actually cried. LOL WUT.

      I'm digging into Season 4 and Malia, etc. but season 3 was the high point of this show, I think.
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      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


      • I completely forgot that I used to be so into this show!

        I saw that you posted in here and I was like, huh I wonder who created this thread originally and so I went back to the first page of the thread and IT WAS ME. I don't even remember what I shipped!

        But duh, this is where we discovered DOB so it was worth it, obvs.


        • You were sooo much more into than I was! Until the epicness of season 3! Also I can't believe this show went on for 6 seasons.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.