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  • The Americans: Felicity the Commie

    It seems like a handful of us watch this and really enjoy it so I made a thread. I'm a week behind because Mr. Issie and I like watching it together and he's gone until tomorrow, but the episode from last week was really good. I figured it was the Russians who kidnapped the Jennings since they never would have let anyone but the neighbor handle them, but OMG to BAMF Felicity beating the SHIT out of her boss! I think I stared at that scene with my mouth open the entire time.

    And even though I wasn't scared for Peter and Elizabeth, my heart was racing for the kids. A few months ago, I read an article about this hitchhiker girl's experiences and all her anecdotes put me in panic mode when the kids got in the car. And then when that dude was such a creeper at the lake with his knife, I couldn't deal.

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    OMG to BAMF Felicity beating the SHIT out of her boss!
    I floved that scene! Felicity is owning her character. I thought I'd watch the show always thinking of her as Felicity but it never crosses my mind anymore.

    I am falling in love with Phillip. I mean, he's not making it on the Freebie Five or anything, but I love him. When he realized Elizabeth snitched on him and that's why he was getting his ass beat, my heart broke for him. Also, when Elizabeth called him at the hotel and asked him to come home, I had major feels. Their whole conversation at the end of that episode made me happy/sad. He lied! Though I'm still unclear as to whether or not he was required to sleep with old love interest in order for the rape charges on the Polish guy to seem legitimate. If that's the case, maybe he didn't lie? Because Elizabeth didn't specifically ask him if he slept with her, just if anything happened.

    The hitchhiker dude was so creepy. I'm also not feeling the Stan/Nina bidness. Probably because I feel so sorry for his wife, who just wants some sort of connection with her husband. And I don't see how Nina is making it out of this season alive. Surely, the rezidentura guy will figure out who framed him.


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      Yeah, rezidentura will put it together and have her ass dropped off in some deep water. I kinda think he may have already figured it out by that look her gave her when he was being taken away by the Commie police. I'm not into Stan/Nina either since it seems like they'll kill her off only to give him conflicted!feelings! about his mission in life. I do love P&E, but I also kinda dig E with her boyfriend who's pretty hot. If I didn't have past experience with Keri, I think I'd just assume I liked seeing her makeout with everybody, but Noel and Felicity have assured me that that's not true.


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        I am so behind on this show and TV in general, but the last episode I watched killed me! Ugh, Gregory! I know everyone loves The Jennings, but I had a miniship of Gregory and Elizabeth, too, so last night gave me major sads. And he was so noble and stubborn about everything so when she got home and broke down in her kitchen, I cried, too!


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          I have been TiVo'ing and not watching. I want to catch up over the summer.
          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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            Aww, I loved Gregory too. I'm at least one episode behind because the mister is working out of town. I think the finale's this week. Maybe we'll catch up this weekend.


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              I am finally caught up all the way to the latest episode and I have every feeling ever about this show. I ship everybody with everybody, I think, but particularly Philip/Elizabeth and Nina/Oleg. I didn't think I was going to like Oleg, but he's become one of my favs. I am on the edge of my seat worried about Larrick catching up to Jared because I know this show will not make ANYBODY safe.


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                S3 of this was crazy and so good. I am not sure if anybody else has watched, so I will spoiler-font.

                Philip and Kimmie was a sick and twisted ship, and my only regret is that they didn't go there and have him sleep with her.

                I love everything about Elizabeth and her hardcore ass; her face when Reagen was yapping about the Evil Empire was priceless.

                I loved crazy Paige ratting them out - way to get your pastor killed, kid.

                I want to rewatch the whole thing this summer, for the love.


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                  OMG it kept telling me it wasn't posting and then it did.
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                    Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell have received their latest mission: parenthood!

                    The Americans actress is pregnant with her third child, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

                    “They’re thrilled,” a friend of the couple tells PEOPLE.

                    Already mom to daughter Willa Lou, 3, and son River, 7˝, this will be Russell’s first child with her Americans costar.

                    After months of relationship rumors — and several sightings of the two together — PEOPLE confirmed in April 2014 that Russell and Rhys, 41, were an item.


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                      I can't figure out how to delete. Sorry!
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                        I had NO IDEA that they were even dating. I don't watch the show, but I do celebrate RLTL in all it's many incarnations. Mazel!


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                          Did she dump her hubs for him?

                          Lady celebrities are getting knocked up by co-stars left and right.

                          BIRTH CONTROL, GALS. Look into it.
                          It’s just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                            new poster and a return date. I'm unsure about the poster but when you consider the period the show is set in it's much more fitting


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                              I can feel the RLTL in that poster.