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The Originals: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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  • The Originals: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    The Battle For New Orleans . . .

    New poster for The Originals:

    I love everything about this! Especially the logo design.

    Anyway, figured we were going to need a thread for this, and it may as well be now.

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    Official promo:

    Hopefully they filmed extra footage to out a trailer together for the upfronts that isn't just stuff from the backdoor pilot. I'd really like to see something that includes Davina and Marcel interacting, because that's the most interesting relationship on paper so far.


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      I have been enjoying this day long 'discussion' on vampire/hybrid/werewolf biology.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 14 May
      You know what's cool about "The Originals"? Whatever crazy kinda creature the baby turns out to be... it's the Original.

      Janet ‏@janetlivetravel 10h
      @cadlymack Baby original my ass. Klaus is DEAD since a 1000 yrs ago. In what world would his body produce sperms to spawn the evil child!!?!

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 9h
      @janetlivetravel I don't know. He's breathing isn't he. He bleeds red.

      Janet ‏@janetlivetravel 9h
      @cadlymack Technically, he died the moment his dad (Mikael) drove a sword through his heart.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 9h
      @janetlivetravel you realize vampires are not real, right? There's no science here.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 9h
      The "vampires are dead, so they can't reproduce" argument is hilar. Dead people can't breathe, bleed, or bone either, but... #vampirescience

      Berry Woman ‏@berry_woman 9h
      @cadlymack So based on that all the vampires should be able to procreate. Somebody tells Elena to start taking the pill.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 8h
      @berry_woman I think the witches said vamps can't, but hybrids can.

      Berry Woman ‏@berry_woman 8h
      @cadlymack Klaus is still a vamp, so he's dead. Can't just accept that his sperm got cured after he broke the curse.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 7h
      @berry_woman but you can accept that he's an immortal creature who drinks blood and turns into a wolf at will. Ok

      Monsters are Humans ‏@Emma_RedVelvet 9h
      @cadlymack I mean, c'mon, wtf is that crap ? Logic in this show doesn't exist. (2/2)

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account
      @Emma_RedVelvet hence the hybrid loophole!

      Monsters are Humans ‏@Emma_RedVelvet 9h
      @cadlymack No, they brought a baby for keep Phoebe. And just a reminder that Klaus can't have baby. His wolf side died when he became (1/2)

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account ‏@cadlymack 9h
      @Emma_RedVelvet no, klaus's wolf side didn't die. He turned into a wolf in the season 2 finale.

      Monsters are Humans ‏@Emma_RedVelvet 9h
      @cadlymack Yeah, but that baby plot is still stupid. I wanted a show with THE ORIGINALS not a baby.

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account ‏@cadlymack 9h
      @Emma_RedVelvet yikes. Entitlement city.

      patricia ‏@otpklaroline 9h
      @cadlymack then what is the reason vampires can't procreate in TVD? There's a difference between fantasy and loopholes.


      Carina MacKenzieVerified account
      @otpklaroline Yep. This is a fantasy show. With a loophole.

      Tiyanne Mcgowan ‏@ParthenonQueen 9h
      @cadlymack So its ok if a TO changes its mythology? Wat if Sophie say Elijah can get pregnant with no further explanation, wud that b ok?XD

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 8h
      @ParthenonQueen yeah.

      Tiyanne Mcgowan ‏@ParthenonQueen 8h
      @cadlymack LOL Carina stop playing. I know u dont wanna say anything bad about JP's logic but lets not get silly here

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 8h
      @ParthenonQueen pretty sure your logic was what got silly.

      katie ‏@katieemellark 7h
      @cadlymack wtf seriously, carina

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 8h
      @NiallerCroatia his blood is 1000 years old too. How can he get a boner? Because its MAGIC.

      Ifi Morgan ‏@KCisMyReligion 8h
      @cadlymack Because getting a boner requires blood.And vampires drink blood from the victims or they've none.Did Klaus steal someone's sperm?

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account
      @KCisMyReligion sperm isn't like eggs -- dudes make more every day. So if blood is powering his organs, who's to say they're not working?

      Gisa R. ‏@NotPeroxide 8h
      @cadlymack Because from you wrote, it seems that every vampire should be able to procreate?

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account
      @NotPeroxide MAGIC

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 7h
      Almost just tripped on the sidewalk bc I was buried in my phone discussing vampire fertility issues. This is a low point.

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account ‏@cadlymack 8h
      @MsIssyPL Right, but NOW he's a hybrid. Obviously stuff changed when the werewolf side was activated. There's no precedent.

      smart blonde ‏@MsIssyPL 8h
      @cadlymack It's still have non-sense. He's dead. We were promised a dark, violent and mature show, not a next season of a Teen Mom.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 7h
      I would like them to tackle grammar first. RT @AliceBeggs if only people were this interested in actual science.

      Hana Drucak ‏@NiallerCroatia 8h
      @cadlymack no his blood is not 1000 years old. we have blood coz of things we eat, his DNA is 1000 years old not his blood

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account
      @NiallerCroatia and not his sperm. because dudes make sperm every day. they're gross like that.

      Hana Drucak ‏@NiallerCroatia 8h
      @cadlymack but dead men don't make sperm. If dead men could make sperm than someone could make a baby with some dead guy

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account ‏@cadlymack 8h
      @NiallerCroatia dead men also don't breathe but klaus does.

      Hana Drucak ‏@NiallerCroatia 7h
      @cadlymack but so does every other vampire so does that mean that Stefan, Elijah, Damon etc make sperm every day? so they can have babies?

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account ‏@cadlymack 7h
      @NiallerCroatia no because the witches said only hybrids and werewolves can have babies, not vampires. tyler probably can!

      Hana Drucak ‏@NiallerCroatia 7h
      @cadlymack but he is dead and I and the whole fandom we just want to know where is the logic in that?! He is dead but he has to use condoms

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account ‏@cadlymack 7h
      @NiallerCroatia he eats actual food and drinks booze. obviously his body metabolizes things & works normally, aside from blood drinking

      Chantelle Alderson ‏@chntlalderson 7h
      @cadlymack I really don't get why people are obsessing over "logic"; We're watching a show about vampires, werewolves, &witches, get over it

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 7h
      @chntlalderson bahahaha. i know, right?

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 3h
      @miss_cassie I TOTALLY get it if people don't like the plot. I just think it's dumb when they say they don't like it because of SPERM ISSUES

      miss_cassie ‏@miss_cassie 5h
      @cadlymack it's making me sadface you are defending this terrible plot. you are better than that gurrrrl.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 3h
      @miss_cassie like, if the argument is "i hate babies!" then that totally makes sense. but "hybrids can't have babies" is dumb as fuck.

      Millicent Rhodes ‏@MillieMillie13 1h
      @cadlymack The argument isn't "hybrids can't have babies", it's "immortals can't have babies". Klaus is immortal. "Loophole" is a cop out.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 1h
      @MillieMillie13 I haven't done any scientific research on immortals my bad

      Millicent Rhodes ‏@MillieMillie13 1h
      @cadlymack I'd be happy to educate you, if you'd like. It's pretty simple really, it just follows logic. You're capable of that, I presume?

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 1h
      @MillieMillie13 literally can NOT stop laughing. THAT is your idea of education? talking about vampire reproductive systems? girl.

      Millicent Rhodes ‏@MillieMillie13 1h
      @cadlymack Weird, I'm laughing too! Laughing at the fact that you're running from a real argument because you know you're wrong.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 1h
      @MillieMillie13 a REAL ARGUMENT? it's about VAMPIRE SPERM, dude.

      Millicent Rhodes ‏@MillieMillie13 52m
      @cadlymack You're the one getting heated, sweetie. Capslock and ad hominem attacks? Telling of a person with poor debating skills.

      Carina MacKenzieVerified account ‏@cadlymack 50m
      @MillieMillie13 I'm not having a debate, I'm having a discussion. And I don't know what a "hominem" is. Guess I SHOULD get educated.
      Well, yeah. You actually should know what an ad hominem attack is when debating someones, actually. But that's a side issue.

      Anyway, those were just highlights. This has been going on for almost 10 hrs now.

      Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 46m
      That moment when you realize someone is such a whackadoo they created an entire new twitter account just to talk to you about vampire sperm.
      And someone posted this to bolster their argument:



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        In non-vampire sperm news, our new vampire boyfriend Marcel is in NY for the upfronts:

        Going to link to all the pretty men in suits tomorrow in this here wonderful thread. And then maybe some of you guys will post in here, too. AHEM.


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          I am reading along! But, alas, I don't know anything about vampire sperm either.

          I am verray excited that both Ian and Nina are going to the upfronts. Is there going to be video of it or just pics and rumors? I one hundred percent believe this breakup is related to the over-scheduling of their lives. I don't care what Ian is trying to save, I would be PISSED if my boyfriend scheduled shit for every second of our already overwhelming lives. That has got to make her feel like she's not important to him, no matter what his intentions are.

          ETA um, shit. I totally forgot what thread I was in. I can't cut and paste on this damn Nook either. Sorry, I am an idiot today.
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            Hee. I can understand the confusion. If we decide to do a TO spoilers thread, plus a Tomorrow People thread, Plec will own half this board.


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              And then maybe some of you guys will post in here, too. AHEM.

              I just can't keep reading that because it makes me crazy...crazy like the FF "D/E/S is NOT a triangle because it's not totally EQUAL" argument does.


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                I read at FF that this will air Tuesdays at 8. I thought it was following TVD? I hope it's picked up by british tv.
                Bitter Shipper


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                  Yep, tuesday at 8.

                  julieplec ‏@julieplec 36m
                  Hey CW fans, wanna have a date with me Tuesdays this fall? And Wednesdays? And Thursdays? #The Originals #TomorrowPeople #TVDS5. I cuddle.
                  TVD is one of the most highly social media intensive of their shows, which is why nothing they put on after it becomes a big hit. Directly after TVD airs, everyone is too busy with the blogs and their tumblrs and their twitter and their forums kids these days get off my damn lawn. Willing to bet that Julie insisted they spread her shows out to give them all a better shot and not have one cannibalize the other.


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                    Hot Boys In Great Suits!!!!

                    Mikaleson Brothers:

                    Feeling a little swoony right now. Pardon me.

                    It's cute how excited the TO cast seems to be about upfronts.

                    Danielle Campbell (Davina) last night:
                    and getting ready:
                    And on the carpet (I think?):

                    Phoebe last night hanging out with Colton Haynes:
                    getting ready this morning:
                    on the carpet:


                    ETA Daniella Pineda:
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                      More pretty from our pretty boys:

                      And it's Joseph's bday! He should be wearing a special hat so that people will know.

                      Haven't seen CMD (Marcel) come through yet.

                      ETA here he is! Jaunty in pink and brown:
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                        Danielle Campbell is really beautiful. She looks like a cross between Nina and Vanessa Hudgens. I hope she can act, too.

                        I love those two when they wear suits. They look like they hit the bars last night, which is entirely possible I guess.


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                          Why not move TVD to nine then? That is true for me, I go online the second it is over and never watch anything after.

                          I was looking forward to making a whole night of it with those two shows. Oh, well, I will overcome.


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                            I am trying to post in too many threads at once and I am getting dizzy. Also, we leave for the beach tomorrow and I haven't packed and I haven't even showered yet this morning damn you upfronts.


                            Big poster of TO:


                            Mikaelson boys:

                            Whole cast on stage looking GORGEOUS and SPRINGLIKE:


                            CMD and Joseph on the big screen:

                            I hope at least one of them is singing.

                            Nice that The CW opened their preso with TVD and TO. Julie must be thrilled.

                            And then they went straight into the Tomorrow People, as well. Just rename the whole network.


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                              I am so glad the network is giving TO so much love. I really want that show to get a chance to find its footing.

                              Do you mean to tell me, ophy, that you are leaving town the morning after the finale? NOOOOO.