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    Interview with CMD:http://vampirediaries.alloyentertain...terview-52313/

    When we chatted with Joseph Morgan about The Originals pilot, the fang actor who plays Klaus Mikaelson on the series, had nothing but praise for his long-time friend and cast mate Charles Michael Davis. He described Charles as being “magnificent” and “absolutely fantastic” as Marcel. He even joked that Charles was so “exuberant” in his role, that the show should just be centered around him!

    Well, we finally caught up with the mesmerizing Mr. Davis and discovered that Joseph was not exaggerating at all. Charles is not only a gifted entertainer but he’s also a gracious and well-spoken one. And his smile is so bright and genuine in person, that one flash of it can drive Dementors away quicker than a Patronus charm!

    Get better acquainted with the actor through our exclusive interview with him at the CW’s 2013 upfront presentation in NYC!

    Alloy Entertainment: What was your initial reaction to The Originals making it onto the CW’s Fall 2013 line-up?
    Charles Michael Davis: I was pretty confident from the beginning that The Originals was going to be picked up because I watch The Vampire Diaries and think it’s just such an amazing show — but of course you can’t celebrate until you receive confirmation. But we were picked up to series the day right after the [backdoor] pilot aired so I was feeling great. To film a pilot and have it air and then you get a response so soon? I was overjoyed. I really was.

    Alloy Entertainment: Did you do anything special to celebrate? We saw you and Leah Pipes tweeted about making a smoothie run.
    Charles Michael Davis: Yes! That did happen actually. We got a chocolate peanut butter smoothie. Non-dairy. It was delicious. All my dreams came true. And here I am right now! (Laughs)

    Alloy Entertainment: Will we get glimpses into Marcel’s past at all?
    Charles Michael Davis: You’ll definitely learn more about how he got to this point in his life. He was a street rat, kind of came from nothing, and he’s crafty. And so I think we’re going to discover firsthand what that experience was like for Marcel — of growing up on the streets of New Orleans and making that turn; of becoming confident and transitioning from an Aladdin life into a leadership role.

    Alloy Entertainment: What’s your secret confidence trick when slipping into character as Marcel?
    Charles Michael Davis: I watch a lot of Ray Lewis videos. That swagger that he comes out with is so intense and incredible and me being a former athlete — I can relate to that. And it gets me going. I pound my chest. I jump and down. I scream. (Laughs)

    Alloy Entertainment: What is at the top of your Originals wish list?
    Charles Michael Davis: I hope that Kol comes back and lives. He’s a really interesting character and I think there are a lots of stories to explore there.
    Well! That's one name Kol's Army can strike off their list when they decide to march upon NOLA and demand Kol's return. Makes me think CMD is clever and stays on top of WWTT.

    Side note: pic of Joseph and Persia being cute out and about in LA:

    By my calculations, they have been together over a year now, just barely under the radar. Now that Joseph stars in his own show, I'm guessing that will have to change.


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      Interview with Phoebe Tonkin, everybody's favorite knocked up werewolf lady:

      When "Vampire Diaries" fans saw the pilot for "The Originals" spinoff, they were shocked to learn that Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is pregnant.

      When she and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) had a drunken encounter -- fueled more by boredom than by any actual interest in each other -- they never expected to need protection, since vampires can't get sick, and can't procreate. Turns out, though, hybrid vampires can procreate.


      It was surprising to the actors as well as the fans, but Tonkin is taking it all in stride. "I didn't know I was going to play a pregnant woman! I'm excited, I'm going to eat ice cream, get into character," she jokes.

      There's an old saying warning actors to avoid working with children and animals on set -- but Tonkin has her fingers crossed that there will be a toddler hanging out on "The Originals" stages in Atlanta. "I want a little kid running around! I can babysit and hang out," she says. "I was a nanny, so I feel like it's my element, having a child on my hip."

      She's not expecting any domestic bliss with Klaus, though. In fact, as a fan of "The Vampire Diaries" herself, Tonkin is hoping he ends up with someone else entirely. "Can I go, first, on the record, and say Team Klaroline," she says. "Please. I'm on the team. I'm on the team!"

      As Julie Plec told us, Tonkin reiterates that Klaus and Hayley aren't going to fall in love while changing diapers. "I think that Hayley and Klaus got together not thinking it was going to go any further than that one night situation, and that's life. Things come up. I think they're going to deal with that, but I think it's more about the child, and the issue of the pregnancy, as opposed to them being together in a relationship. I don't really see that happening. But there's a lot of other characters, and I'm sure Hayley will find someone to help her look after the child."


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        Phoebe's bad acting was one of the tiny joys of watching The Secret Circle. I mean, she couldn't hold her accent in check to save her life! They had her dress kinda witch/slutty, which made her quite enjoyable to watch on screen, but at no point did I think she had any sort of acting chops. She wasn't even very good at being bitchy (her character's primary mode of being). The entire show was laughably bad at times but every other actress on the set wiped the floor with her (and that's not a compliment because two of them were given almost nothing to do every week).
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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          Lesley Goldberg ‏@Snoodit 3m
          CW pilot screeners arrive with a note that #TheOriginals will shoot a new premiere episode over the summer to air in the fall. #TVD
          This makes sense. They will cut the teasers from the beginning and end with Stefan, Damon, Katherine and Elena in them, (and eprhaps Klaus's phone call to Caroline) and include the scenes with Davina and Marcel that were cut from before. Not sure if other changes will be made, but word on the street is that Davina is critical to the pilot's new cliffhanger.


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            "The Originals," a spinoff of The CW's hit series, "The Vampire Diaries," technically premiered with a backdoor pilot episode during the past "TVD" season. But the show is now getting an independent premiere of its own -- a new episode will be shot during the summer.

            What will fans see in this new premiere?

            Chronologically, the new "Originals" premiere will follow the backdoor pilot. That episode -- and everything that happened in it -- will still exist in the show's universe. The purpose of the new premiere is instead to move the story forward and to introduce the characters and concepts to new viewers who may not have watched "The Vampire Diaries" in the past.

            There will also be a new character, Davina. Played by Danielle Campbell, this character is a witch in New Orleans who gets tied up in Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) return to town. Davina was originally supposed to be in the backdoor pilot, but the part was cut during editing.

            It's important to note that this new premiere is not supposed to replace the already-aired pilot in any way. All of the big events -- Klaus' return to New Orleans, his conflict with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and the reveal that Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is pregnant with Klaus' child -- will remain part of the show's chronology.

            The new episode will just show us what happens next.
            So it's basically the second ep, but presented like a pilot with lots of exposition.


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              Carina blogs about her transition to the TO's writers' team:


              I’ve been awfully quiet around these parts lately. It’s mostly because I’ve had my mind on things I wasn’t ready to talk about yet, and I was so preoccupied I couldn’t really write about anything else. Also, I wasn’t sleeping at all, so I was feeling pretty useless. In the last few weeks I gave my notice at Zap2it, took a whole bunch of meetings, landed a job I wanted so badly I sat down in the grass and cried all over my dog when I found out I got it, worked away on my book, went to NYC for my last upfronts, obsessively read every terrible thing strangers on Tumblr had to say about me/my writing/my integrity/my body/my personality, made an attempt at having a social life just to see what it’s like … my head was kind of spinning.

              Anyway, everything’s good now. I’m so excited (and, like, insanely nervous) to start my new job. I’ve got a lot to learn, but I don’t think there’s a better place to do it than in “The Originals” writers’ room. Obviously, I won’t be talking about it much on these here internets because my brain is about to become a locked-up vault of secrets, but I could not be happier about this new adventure.

              That said, I wanted to say how much I loved Zap2it. My bosses there took a chance on me when I had very, very little experience and they really gave me the freedom to develop a voice and a strong point of view. There were a lot of people who didn’t like my style — journalists openly tweeted about the fact that I wrote like schoolgirl with a crush, or name-dropped too much, or whatever. Someone said I (a TV blogger!) gave all female journalists a bad name. But Rick & Brill at Zap2it were always really supportive of my silly, weird, fangirly style, and I’m always going to be so grateful to them for that. They easily could’ve told me to tone it down and they didn’t, and in the end I’m really proud of my body of work at Zap. Even the schoolgirly crushy stuff (‘sup, Padalecki). I’m going to miss it.
              I don't think she needs to be apologetic about her 'silly, weird fangirly style' at all. It has obviously worked just fine for her.


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                Writers go back to work tomorrow, so we should hopefully hear soon about who else is on the TO staff.

                Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 1h
                Day one on Originals tomorrow. Feels like the first day of school. I hope everyone likes my glitter unicorn trapper keeper.
                Always more anxious about writing hires than acting hires. I mean, we *know* the cast is super solid and compelling. We don't know what the storytelling is really going to be like, or how they are going to get out from under the KLAUSBABY plot. Which has got to feel like an albatross to the new writers.


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                  I'm not even sure I can watch a show about Klaus, his baby and his baby momma (who is a bad actress on top of having a problematic plot point). I mean, REALLY.

                  However, the thought of Phoebe Tonkin trying to play a pregnant woman in a supernatural horror story might be so-bad-it's-good territory.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                    I want to believe they will minimize all of that, and fade the actual pregnancy stuff in the background so we can just focus on Marcel and Klaus sniping at each other while Elijah orchestrates things in a waistcoat. But! They keep insisting that PT is a lead . . .

                    The only baby related scene I want to see is Elijah doing a registry in a Babies R Us.

                    Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 4m
                    I'm just writer's assistant, guys. Taking notes. The only thing I'll be able to ruin is my career, not your favorite show/ship/character.
                    Don't believe her, Klaroliners! She's out to get you all!
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                      Originally posted by ophy View Post
                      Don't believe her, Klaroliners! She's out to get you all!

                      The baby thing doesn't bother me as mush as that PT is the mother.


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                        Alloy Entertainment caught up with the Originals cast members at the CW Upfront and we asked them what gift they’d coming bearing if a celebration did take place. (Yes, it’s a premature question but we’re eager to see if this child is going to be the Blair Waldorf of the supernatural world!) Here’s what they told to us:

                        Daniella Pineda: “Well, they’re having a little blood-sucking werewolf baby. It’s going to come out like a little grizzly bear. As far as what I’d get them for the baby? Probably some conditioner. Some scissors. A certificate to a local salon for annual hair maintenance.”

                        Claire Holt: “A stake for the baby. To get rid of the vampires. Or maybe a witch. Or maybe something to use against the witches. What melts witches? Holy water, perhaps?” And of course we thought she meant a steak dinner so Claire clarified in a joking tone: “Noooo! Not like a meat steak. (laughs) I’m not going to give the baby an order of beef filet.”

                        Charles Michael David: “I would get Klaus a top of the line stroller. Everyone needs a sturdy stroller. It’s very practical.” (And then he paused and exclaimed, “Darn. Claire came up with such a good answer!”)
                        I can't even make any more jokes about this plotline. It's just too depressing.


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                          This was very helpful:
                          Carina MacKenzie ‏@cadlymack 8h
                          If you guys want to follow Originals writers: @MichaelNarducci @declandebarra @junkyardmessiah @CharlieCharbooo @michelleparadis
                          Michael Narducci ‏@MichaelNarducci 8h
                          Nice people. Fiendish storytellers. @julieplec @michelleparadis @declandebarra @CharlieCharbooo @Caryshotwife @cadlymack @OGsWriters

                          Michael Narducci ‏@MichaelNarducci 8h
                          The 4th tweet I ever sent was to my pal @junkyardmessiah. Now I sit with her all day & learn epic vampire storytelling craziness. #lucky
                          New folks:

                          Declan De Barra

                          His imdb:
                          His twitter:

                          He is from Ireland, and most of his credits are for Irish/UK tv animation writing/animating.

                          He wrote and animated a short film in Ireland which was a documentary following the day in the life of Richard, a 6 ft tall penis trying to adjust to normal society.

                          Probably a fun addition to the writers room, I guess?

                          Diane Ademu-John

                          her imdb:
                          Her twitter:

                          She has both writing cred and producing cred, so that's good news. She's worked on Body of Proof, Medium, Missing, and Crossing Jordan.


                          Michelle Paradise

                          Her imdb:
                          her twitter:

                          She has acting, writing and producing credit, and also wrote a Hart of Dixie episode.


                          And the not-new guy, but somebody y'all might not remember that you already know: Charlie Charbonneau

                          his imdb:
                          his twitter: @CharlieCharbooo

                          He has written three eps of TVD: 3.21 Before Sunset, 4.08 We'll Always Have Bourbon Street, and 4.17 Because The Night.

                          I don't think those rank super high on anyone's list of faves, but they had some solid writing in them. Crazy Charlotte counting the bricks!


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                            Phoebe has been instagraming her vaca in St. Lucia:


                            I wonder if they are going to ask her to put on any weight before she has to play a pregnant werewolf? Do networks still do that sort of thing?


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                              Yes, The CW will be like: Actress, you are too skinny for this part.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                                Well, she can wear the fake belly thing, but she's getting really thin in the arms and face and everywhere. Pregnant women on tv should have to have cankles, too. That should be a law.