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    I felt it when Danny pulled her glasses off.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.

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    Oof, yes, that was rewind-worthy. As much joy as Pastor Casey banter brings me, when Danny happens it's will be ever so good. What I don't get is why Danny would be smitten with Chloe Sevigny. We're not supposed to have a lot of backstory because she's supposed to be mysterious, but eh, I don't know if that's working out.

    "It was a boy the whole time!" Also love that Mindy's idea of roughing it starts with a preferred breakfast sandwich.


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      I think Danny was super shocked that he realized they were actually friends and he likes her as a person and respects her as a doctor in spite of her abrasive personality traits. Of course, he's equally abrasive.

      I really had zero investment in Mindy and Danny until he looked at her like he was terrified that he might kiss her. Aw.

      Do you think they will have her coming back after a summer in the tent? Or will they come back in the fall and have her only having made it for about 10 days into the trip to Haiti?
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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        Yes! Finally we have a good enough shipper reason for a thread.

        I definitely felt Danny and Mindy on the couch. *chills*

        I'm hoping she made it a whole summer in the tent, just for personal growth reasons. I also love love love Casey and hope he's back next season. He and Seth Rogen were my favorite of Mindy's boys this year. Even if they split up during the summer, he could still pop in and out the way Brendan does. Her exes don't just vanish! I think that's kind of realistic.

        And speaking of, BJ Novak was a nice surprise in the finale. He must be so proud of what she's done with her show. It has really been a stand-out among the new comedies.

        I don't think I could ship Mindy/B.J. harder than I do.


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          Boys scared of their deep feelings. Is there nothing better in this world. When he said he hated her new Hepburn 'do and then reeled it into a joke about matching haircuts, I wanted to squish their faces together like a kid playing with two doctor dolls.


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            I have no particular feelings about Chloe Sevigny but she does not fit on this show at all. She's like this vague blur when everyone else is in sharp focus. I don't get it.

            I wanted to squish their faces together like a kid playing with two doctor dolls.

            The wig was bad, but Danny's face was a perfect face.


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              Chloe Sevigny looks so bored and tired in everything, so she makes me bored and tired.


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                Mindy and B.J. were the best part of The Office series finale for me! I never stopped shipping Kelly and Ryan and their amazing combined assholishness. So happy they ended up together.


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                  TMP will be on hiatus starting January 28th to make room for Glee and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As much as I love me some Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I wish people would stop ignoring Dr. L & Co. It'll be back in April, though.


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                    This worries me, not gonna lie. Definitely not encouraging.


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                      SQUEE. Danny's secret Santa gift to Mindy is going to have me giggle-clapping well into the new year! I. can't. deal.


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                        Oh, for Beek's sake. It's not like I didn't know we had this thread.

                        Losing my damn mind.

                        His smile when he did the brush the shoulders move! GAH.

                        I don't know exactly when this show became necessary to my happiness, but it did.


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                          How did Mindy not flip out like a little girl at a 1D concert? I'm so high on Danny Castellano.


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                            Yeah, I would have climbed him like a tree.

                            So sad about the hiatus!


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                              Me too! Why don't real-life boys buy walls or learn hip-hop dances for the women they don't know they secretly love!? Sigh.