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    Your kids are too young, I'd say. It's mostly 10 year old boys that watch it. Some of my sons friends still watch it but only the nerds.

    I watched the first minute but only because I forgot to turn over.
    Bitter Shipper


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      I can't be bothered to watch a whole series of it but the special episodes and regenerations are worth it (though nothing's the same without Rory *sob*).

      My kids (girls) are plenty old enough and one of them is obsessed so there's no avoiding it in my house anyway even if you don't watch it, but it took years for the other kid to be brave enough to sit through. The mister can't stand it, however, so I was the chosen viewing companion for ages.

      Well I watched it today and it was fun. Good to see Doctors old and new and quite a few laughs thrown in, so I'm happy.
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        It was super well done! I loved it. I love that they did something that will have actual implications going forward and not just a throwaway plot like most of the specials have been.


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          The special got over 10 million viewers last night, creamed The X Factor in the ratings.
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            I can't imagine how they could have promoted it more than they did. I don't know what it was like in the UK offline, but it seemed to be everywhere online.

            Christmas special trailer:

            Pretty sure this is the one where Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi, right?



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              Originally posted by ophy View Post
              I can't imagine how they could have promoted it more than they did. I don't know what it was like in the UK offline, but it seemed to be everywhere online.
              There was a trailer for it before Catching Fire yesterday.
              Bitter Shipper


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                Beeksus, that must have been pricey. Well, thankfully the acting and storyline actually lived up to the hype this time. I'm still bitter about not getting anyone-other-than-a-skinny-old-white-dude as the next Doctor, but this special eased the pain somewhat.

                And shouldn't all the Whovians in Whoville be changing the way they number the Doctors now? We found out that John Hurt (surprise! Old white guy) was actually the Doctor between Paul McGann and Christopher Ecclestone, so that makes *him* Nine, and Ecclestone Ten, and Tennant Eleven, and Smith Twelve, and Capaldi Thirteen. Technically. That will mean adjusting a whole lot of fanart, I guess.


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                  I've watched like 10 episodes--sometimes Mr. Is watches it when he can't find anything else--and it's so corny and bizarre. I don't get it!
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                    Ditto with Mr. Laa! And I also do not get Inspector Spacetime.


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                      I actually thought this was well-thought out:

                      What If The Doctor Had Been American

                      They predict who would have been cast as The Doctor if it had been made as an American show.


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                        For you and me, Ophy (but mainly for me as a Rory fan):


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                          Oh My Beeking Beek.

                          That was amazing.

                          I could very easily fall into a Rory crush, it'a just that my Amy Pond crush overshadows him.

                          Do we know if Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are dating? I know that Moffat forbade Matt Smith from dating any co-star while on the show, but now that it's all done with, I keep seeing rumors . . .

                          I know she broke up with her bf of 6 yrs back in 2012, right after Matt broke up with Daisy Lowe, and then I lost track of their dating sitchs.

                          This tumblr thinks they are: http://mattsmith-karengillan.tumblr....lan-are-dating

                          My fave CSI pic from that is this one:

                          Matt's sister posted it, (it's her bf in the pic) and in the reflection you can see Matt's arm around Karen. They were definitely both there, at his family's dinner out.

                          . . . and then Matt's ex-gf Daisy posted this on her instagram:

                          Ha! I can turn any thread into a RL shipper's thread. It's like a disease.


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                            All righty, time for my incoherent ranting about the new season.

                            Not feeling Capaldi as 12 at all. AT ALL.

                            When 12 was asking "Why this face?" all I could think of was, "Because Idris Elba turned Moffat down."

                            And whatever, I don't appreciate nearly a whole episode being turned into a thinly veiled castigation of everyone who balked at going from young Matt Smith to a greying Capaldi . . . yes, we know you think we are all shallow prats, Moffat, thanks so much. Your attempts to shame us were quite transparent and HELLA ANNOYING.

                            Also, I'm tired of Moffat making everything so meta about how 'special' the Doctor is, without letting us feel our way through the episode ourselves. I miss Davies so so so much right now.

                            Especially galling is the personality they have chosen for 12. He's not charming, he's cold and mean. He lets people die without even blinking about it, he's quite jerkish to Clara, he seems to have lost his heart for humanity. He tried to force a hobo to give him his coat! I feel like he makes Clara seem colder, too. She watched a man die, and then cracked a joke within seconds. I know that 9, 10, and 11 all had their icy moments, but this guy is just crotchety. Which is making me crotchety.

                            The best Capaldi bits so far are the Clara/12 stuff ("I'm not your boyfriend, Clara" . . . that was good), and the stuff where he notes the positives about waking up Scottish, but otherwise, he's not very interesting or compelling onscreen yet. You can say what you want about Ecclestone, Tennant and Smith's failings as the Doctor, but all three were VERY compelling on screen. I don't always note if Capaldi is even in a scene at all.

                            I can't imagine this Doctor ever being in love with Rose, or vice versa, and that's not an age thing. It's about heart. That's always been a constant, that somewhere underneath the new faces, the Doctor we love will always love Rose. I can't love a Doctor who wouldn't. I'm not even a big Rose/Ten shipper or anything, I just feel like that relationship is the one that formed the core of the rebooted Doctor franchise.

                            If it weren't for my residual affection for Jenna, I don't know that I would bother with the rest of this season, which bums me out.



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                              I had to dig to find this thread but I wanted to say I loved the new Doctoríís debut


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