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British Mystery: Tea For Two, and Two for MURDER

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  • British Mystery: Tea For Two, and Two for MURDER

    Making this just about anglophilia mystery shows, because I don't have time for any Downton stuff.

    Have yet to watch last night's Broadchurch ep, but this is where discussion for that will go.

    As a side note, I am starting the whole Lord Peter/Harriet Vane arc again re-reading Sayers. I have only seen bits and pieces of the tv adaptations, though. Wish they were on Netfllix!

    In other Britishy mystery stuff, I'm missing Inspector Lewis *and* Endeavor very much, and I'm thinking about trying Vera. Anyone seen it? We started Inspector Lynley and hung in there through three eps on Netflix, but ugh. Lynley is such a twat. Not even a good cop!

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    Oh, Ophy! You mean you haven't seen all of the Edward Petherbridge eps? I have them on DVD. I wish I could find a way to send them to you.


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      I can track them down! I was so let down by both the Campion adaptations of Allingham's books and the Inspector Alleyn adaptations of Marsh's books from that same era, that I just needed someone to tell me if the Lord Peter ones were any good. I would have assumed they weren't.

      I was in such despair over the casting of Agatha Troy, and the way they worked over and changed up A Man Lay Dead. So awful.

      I so badly need either BBC or Mystery! to re-do all of Marsh.


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        You're totally right about Marsh. Also, some adaptations did a rerrible job on some Miss Marple's novels. I did like this one, though.

        I can't be totally objective about the Petherbridge adaptations because that's how I learned of Sayers and Peter Wimsey. The general consensus seems to be very positive, though. I just happened upon the mini series ages ago and I was captivated. It didn't even occur to me that this series might be based on a book till years later, and proving the saying that you can find anything on the interenet I've found out what they were even if I didn't remember either the title nor the actors. I think I searched "british mystery series" or something and there it was. Then I ordered all the DVDs and the books from Amazon. Sayers is not translated here as far as I searched. Still, as you can understand, the series left an impression on me to have me search about it years later and I think they were great upon rewatching. Some flaws here and there but all in all very good. As I understand, both actors were Sayers' fans and fought hard to keep the Sayers "feeling" intact. Still, they did change the Gaudy Night mystery somewhat. And there's no "placet" iirc.

        My dream cast of Lord Peter is Paul Bettany but he's getting older. they need to make a new series ASAP.


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          And there's no "placet" iirc.

          Not surprising, though. I can't imagine an English audience being happy with quite so much Latin thrown at them.

          My dream cast of Lord Peter is Paul Bettany but he's getting older. they need to make a new series ASAP.
          He's 42 right now, so *now* would be perfect.

          If they decide to wait, Laurence Fox is 35. I'd love that. Or Cumberbatch! He'd probably never do it, but he's only 37 and would be fantastic.

          If they *really* decide to wait, Matt Smith is 30 and would be an interesting choice with a dye job.

          Reading Have His Carcase right now -- which is timely considering where the body is found in that book (the Coast Road, on the beach below the cliff) and where the body is found on Broadchurch (same).

          I did like the first ep of Broadchurch. The acting is tremendous.


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            Liking Vera will depend on how you take to the lead actress IMO I like her a lot. I miss Inspector Lewis as well! Been watching George Gently on Netflix lately and recently finished my beloved Luther which unbelievably dark but oh so good. I really enjoyed Broadchurch. the acting was very good.

            I will have to try the Petherbridge adaptations off to scrounge the net in search of them. I watch entirely too much British TV.
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              I watch entirely too much British TV.
              No such thing!


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                What ophy said.

                The Petherbridge adaptations are on youtube but not in a good quality.


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                  I've ordered them, so that's done.

                  Speaking of Laurence Fox (he of Inspector Lewis fame) and married to Billie Piper, this is my fave profile of him:

                  They mention that he is a singer/songwriter and I just checked out one of his songs, and it's actually really nice:

                  Anyway, he talks in the profile about Lewis ending. I still have not come to terms with that.

                  It will, says Fox, en passant, be the last. What? The last? I cry. Have you broken news of your unthinkable resignation to your boss, Kevin Whately? “I mean the last for Lewis. Kev and I have decided we want to do other things, otherwise it all gets a bit samey,” he says. “I mean we could have gone on forever, but…” he trails off and looks panic-stricken. “Oh God was I supposed to say that? I have no idea if I’m allowed to tell you it’s ending. Bloody hell, what if I wasn’t?”

                  I assure him I’d heard a whisper already, and he looks slightly mollified. It’s a shame Lewis is being taken off-air, I say mournfully. They watch it in New Zealand and Latin America, you know. And Sweden and Finland, as a little light relief from barbaric Scandi-psychos. And who could fail to be beguiled by the neatly satisfying, mathematically constructed plots, the giddily high production values, the Oxford quadrangles, DS Hathaway’s sardonic humour?

                  “Hathaway is everything I’m not,” sighs Fox, who is very much a rural creature; an accomplished horseman, he owns a bay Irish hunter called Chutney that he insists on referring to as “Dear, Dear Chutters” in fruity thespian tones. He also likes to take his fishing rod along when filming, and nips off between takes to the nearest stretch of water. “Hathaway is cool, unflappable, decisive; he’s who I’d really like to be, instead of the undisciplined mess I am. But it’s a part that involves asking questions – the same questions – in every episode and looking unimpressed by the answers. I think I need to broaden my range before I start randomly arresting people down the pub.”

                  Anyway, Laurence and Billie moved to LA last year to try and find more work in The States. I don't know if that's working out for them . . . not according to imdb, anyway. Perhaps if it doesn't, they'll move back to the UK and he'll be available for one of our dream adaptations. He could do a new Campion, if not Lord Peter. He's got the right look for either.


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                    Does The Fall count? Creepy and a bit heavy on the old naked dead lady porn, but very well acted especially by Gillian Anderson. And I've just got into Top of the Lake - not British per se but co-produced by BBC and set in New Zealand with Elisabeth Moss and Holly Hunter. Dark stuff, but quite mesmerising.


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                      I tried both of those, but they were too dark for me.

                      What I saw of Top of The Lake was soooooo gorgeously shot, though. Really beautiful. I wiki'ed to see if I had to stick with it, but it sounded like it got even darker, so . . . but yeah, the first ep was really hypnotic.


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                        I enjoyed the brief moments of humour that leavened it a bit, but the descent into grimness seems quite steady (am only on episode 2). Elisabeth Moss is great though, and managing a sort of Aussie/NZ accent pretty well (though what would I know?)


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                          Top of the Lake was soooo relentlessly dreary. Misogyny: I get it.

                          I get why people liked it and it was compelling. But it took me a LONG TIME to slog through it.
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                            The Fall was compelling but dark and creepy! Top of the Lake was entirely too depressing and tragic. In the beginning I was all in but as it got more and more dire it became draining. It made me melancholy which is extremely hard to do because I love the journey of a story and unveiling of a climax.

                            I love Laurence Fox it would be good to see him back on screen doing a proper British mystery again but hopefully he finds something good soon.


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                              Tried Ripper Street last night, and mr.o and I both HATED it. Liked McFadyen very much and also the American doctor, but DO NOT WANT to deal with those kinds of depravity crimes. Just ugh.

                              Just started watching Luther S1.1 tonight, and like it very much so far (20 mins in). Does anyone know if it goes really grim and serial killer-y as a series? I get so bored with serial killers.