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Orphan Black: How Many of Us Are There?

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  • Orphan Black: How Many of Us Are There?

    So, on everyone's rec here, I marathoned Orphan Black yesterday and finished the finale at 3 AM and OMB it was good.

    Word to the Alias comparisons; that's what it most reminded me of up to and including the fact that Paul is a little Vaughan-ish.

    Obviously Tatiana Maslany is as good as everyone has been saying and then some. I literally forgot I was watching the same actress.

    I only a little bit care about the specifics of the actual shadow conspiracy because sci-fi stuff = boring but I love all of the characters so much and care heaps about them and the specifics as they relate to them.

    I was sad they stopped with the explicit Sarah/Paul sexing once the plot kicked into high gear halfway through the season but I really hope it continues in S2. Sarah/Paul

    I like Cosima a lot but I don't like Delphine and I was sad Cosima was dumb about her even though I got why.

    Alison TOTALLY went off the rails but it was a blast to watch and Helena became very tedious and I really hope she's dead. Although I was massive impressed with Maslany as Helena especially when she and Sarah were in scenes together.

    I can't wait to learn more about Rachel and her wistful feelings toward motherhood and why she looks older than the other clones.

    I don't *really* care about Kira either so her being in danger is kind of whatever but obviously the fact that Sarah is the only one who can have kids (w/ magical healing abilities) is fascinating and significant. Very curious who Kira's dad is as I feel that's probably really significant too.

    Felix is a fantastic character and I love his and Sarah's relationship.

    Finally, I can't wait for even more clones to turn up next season (hence the thread title).

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    Helena *is* dead, that's a done dealio. They only created the character so Sarah would have to kill one of the clones herself. She was supposed to be more about Sarah's arc than her own. But! It was TM that brought her to life and showed the writers what they could really do with the character . . . she's the one that decided Helena was motivated by love and light. She really brought such a grace to Helena.

    RIP. *sob*

    Anyway, this show is aces.

    Side note: the actor who plays Felix? Is not British. Freaked me out to hear his real voice.

    Here he is being forced to sing TaySwift at SDCC:


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      Aight. I set the TiVo to score this shizz for me. Trying to avoid spoilers, tho, so I'll be back in six weeks or so? Eh?
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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        I felt bad for poor old Helena, but I also thought she was TM's weakest clone. Mr. Issie and I called her Shakira and during the club scene when she was dancing, we could not stop laughing. I flove crazy ass Allison and Felix and ship Paul/Sarah big time. Cosima is probably my least favorite of the girls and if she bites it next season, I won't be that upset. She's kind of annoying.


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          Spring premiere for 4/19/14!



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            I just watched season 1 and I really enjoyed it - TM is amazing. Now I'm hoping we get season 2 because I don't think the viewing figures were very high here but I'll make sure I get to see it one way or another.


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              I'm almost caught up on this show and it took me a little while to care about all these peeps because it just seemed a little manic at first but I'm totally into now and my two favorite moments so far are when they go for it in a way that U.S. shows often can't/won't.

              When the crazy blond one cuts off the guy's tail? Amazing! And when the car hit the little girl I literally gasped. Nice surprise! Probably finishing it today.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                OMB OMB OMB Are we tagging everything or no?

                the piggy tail!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!

                All this show does is mess with my head and sends me back to Westerfeld's Uglies series. I also, obvs, love Paul/Sarah and their fucked up life. And Felix.

                But am not cheating on my OTP.


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                  I think everybody is caught up on season one.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                    105 days and it returns!


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                      Getting nervous for Cosima, you guys.



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                          Another new clip:

                          Wondering if that's a flashback to Kira's dad?


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                            Alison and Felix clip!!!!


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                              If you have been wanting to catch up before S2 starts in April, here's your chance:

                              All of S1 is now streaming on Amazon Instant. Free for Prime members.

                              (Yeah, you should do this.)