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    Don't we need a generic television thread? Yeah, I thought so.

    So, my latest excitement is that my cable company just gave us some new channels!

    MTV2 -- I've been dying for this one for YEARS now. YAY.

    MTV Hits -- The description says it caters to the "younger" MTV demographic. As far as I can tell, the only difference between this and regular MTV is that it actually plays videos. Basically it's Beyonce, Pink, and Hilary Duff. Oh joy.

    VH1 Mega Hits -- This says it plays hits from the 90s and today. I haven't really watched it, so I can't say what they actually show or what makes it different from regular ol' VH1.

    But the big excitement is VH1 Classic -- OMB! I it. Last night, in one half-hour period I saw the Go-Gos (now I'm blanking on the song, but it wasn't one of their bigger hits -- it's the video where they're dressed up as a boy band playing at a dance in the 50s/60s, and Rob Lowe is in it), Rick Springfield (again, not one of his typical bigger hits -- it was "Don't Talk to Strangers" -- I forgot how great that video was, hee!), Roxy Music (it was "Avalon," but still), the Kinks, and Lou Reed. I feel that my ass will be planted on the couch watching that channel for an inordinate amount of time.

    I haven't really checked them out much, but we also got The DIY Network and the Style Network.

    There was one funie show on the Style Network called "Style Court". It had me rolling. Basically it's like "The People's Court" (and it even has Doug Llewelyn!) except that people bring on friends and family members who have bad style. And then the judge -- along with a "celebrity" jury (the ep I watched featured Dr. Joyce Brothers, Brandi Roderick (who I only knew from "The Surreal Life"), and Bobby Trendy (who I only knew from "The Anna Nicole Show") -- sets down the verdict of whether they've committed fashion violations (believe me, they all have). Then they get a makeover. OMB, the ep I watched had this lady who painted on these scary, scary eyebrows. They were literally half and inch thick, and they were at this crazy dramatic angle. Then she had these kerrazy eyelashes. And she was so freaky delusional. The Judge is all, "Have you EVER seen anyone who wasn't IN A MOVIE who had your kind of look?" And she's like, "Yes, Cher." He's all, "BESIDES FRIGGIN" SCARY CHER!" (I'm paraphrasing, hee.) She really, truly didn't seem to understand how kerrazy she looked. I didn't stick around to see the makeover (because I was excitedly flipping around with all my other new channels, hee!), but I will definitely be back for that show.

    Oh and OOH! There's also now Nicktoons, the all-cartoon Nickelodeon channel, which is very exciting, as they play old "Ren & Stimpy" and "Pinky and the Brain" eps. Whee!

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    I watched Arrested Development tonight because it seems like every freaking media outlet in the world has been screaming "this is the best new comedy of the season" in my face for the past week. That was a bit of a mistake, methinks, because while it wasn't godawful (it's certainly better than that train wreck known as Whoopi), it wasn't nearly as funny as I was expecting it to be. The whole episode was like, "Look at how wacky Jason Bateman's family is! He's normal, but they're all kerrazy! Think his brother's weird? His other brother's weirder! And they're nothing compared to his kooky brother-in-law (David Cross, I you. Go find something better to do). Hey, look! Those kids are cousins, and they're making out! Isn't this show just so outrageous? You never know what we'll do next! We're wild!" I sincerely hope that this week was just all about the set up and that some non-premise-based humor is on tap because "Average Joe in a house full of eccentrics" isn't that original (or funny) a concept.

    This week's South Park, while nowhere near as funny as Taco-Flavored Kisses, made me want to marry both Trey Parker and Matt Stone and have 10,000 of their chubby little afro'd babies. Metallica!


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      I watched Arrested Development, too. And I had to rearrange my whole Sunday night schedule around it! First I had to reschedule CarnivŠle, then because stupid football ran late I had to extend the TiVo for Arrested Development, which then meant K Street had to get bumped until tomorrow night.

      *whew* It's tiring being me!

      Anyway, I thought it was better than most of the other recent network offerings. I'm giving it some time because I figure that now that they've gotten the tiresome exposition out of the way they can actually, you know, start being funny. It did have some really funny moments. And Jeffrey Tambor and David Cross will keep me sticking around for at least a few episodes. But yeah, I found it rather tedious. The kid who plays Jason Bateman's son is really good, I think. Although the stupid kissing cousins storyline was really, well, stupid. And tedious. And yawn.

      I also watched Tru Calling. *waits for Fox to be the only person to discuss this with* It was better than I expected, but, well, that's not saying much. I'll probably watch the next couple episodes just for kicks, but I'm not feeling like I can commit to it.

      You know, South Park has been annoying me of late. I didn't see this week's ep (it's actually been forever since I watched any of the eps TiVo catches for me because I find it so blah these days), so I can't comment. But I do have to say that I Metallica! Hee.


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        The first episode of South Park's new season was eh but this week was funie.

        I TiVoed Alias though Bateman made me want to see AD. I have it season passed so it will catch it for me when Alias is a repeat.

        I haven't actually watched Alias as of yet but that's a Monday morning activity for me these days.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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          I didn't get to pay attention to Arrested Development due to some personal drama, but it was still on in my house.

          I can't hate anything with Jason Bateman . Of course, I should probably wait until I actually see it to comment.

          I've also been singing all of Faith + 1's hits for days. Body of Christ! I wish I could call it my own! All muscled up and toned!

          Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, why don't we just...shut off the light?

          I neeeeeeeed that CD to be real!
          "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


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            You forgot the best one, Neo!

            I wanna get down on my knees and start pleasing Jesus,
            I wanna feel his salvation all over my face

            Last week's ep was lame, but the Crab People thing cracked me up due to its total absurdity.


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              *perks up at the mention of Tru Calling*

              Did you see? With the running? And the bouncing? The running, and the bouncing, and the complete lack of bra?

              *happy sigh*

              My father and I have a running bet as to how long the show will last. I've got it pegged for eight, in the grand tradition of Young Americans and Glory Days. Dad currently says four or less.

              I really think there should be more running. I think it would increase ratings.

              Because... yes.


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                Immediately after the premiere, all the Buffy-type places were filled with people speculating about when Faith would be coming back to Angel or starting work on a spinoff. It was a little chum-in-the-water-ish. But the buzz on that show is so bad, I'm not sure it'll make it to 8 episodes. I saw an interview with Eliza D. the other day where she said she always wants to be part of the Whedon-verse, which said to me she might not be that confident of TC.


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                  I did that she just HAPPENS to be a track star! BWAH.


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                    Holy fuck, Friends is awful. You know, I really liked Rachel and Monica's storyline the first time they did it, when it was over the tacky seashell lamp (*sniff* Mr. Heckles). Joey getting freaked out by the "haunted" artwork was the only thing that made me laugh in the whole episode. So incredibly bad. And boring. And every time I think Ross couldn't be more lame and pathetic, they prove me wrong. Sigh. Thank Jebus for Scrubs.

                    In other news, One Tree Hill has been picked up for a full season. Also, Boomtown and Skin have been officially cancelled.

                    Edited to mention that Rob Corddry just did a piece on TDS that echoed Neo's latest rant (which warmed my bitter, cynical heart, bdw). His wasn't as good, though, because he failed to use the word "vag" even once, let alone repeatedly. Hee.
                    Last edited by roly; 11-06-2003, 10:18 PM.


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                      Eliza Dushku waking up all adorable and sleepy?

                      Best part of my week.

                      Every week.



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                        Agreed on Friends - Joey is the only funny one left IMO. I generally enjoy Scrubs but occasionally they get too shmoopy for me and the conversation at the end with Ed-the-brother and Dr. Cox (my boyfriend) was just too much. And I could live without the unrequited JD love story.

                        I also liked Dylan McDermott on Will & Grace and noticed that we hardly missed Grace (hope you're enjoying the IVs there Debra) at all.


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                          Dude, I am totally sucked into One Tree Hill! Love Pentagons and shit. I :luv :luv :luv it! OK, so it's no OC, but it's worth a look-see.

                          I am kind of over Smallville though; I do Tivo to FF to the Clex moments but other than that, blah.

                          I haven't started on Tru. Don't think I'm going to go that route, but dude why didn't any one tell me Sydney was on Skin! I may have to catch that shit.
                          It's all about me and my precious.


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                            Skin's already been canceled, so you've missed your chance there.


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                              I tried to watch Tru Calling. I just couldn't. Nothing about the show's premise interests me. I'm also hoping it will be cancelled so that FtVS will become a reality.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.