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  • I really liked the sound of this when it was on last year so I watched the first two episodes but I couldn't really get into it. I hadn't read the book so maybe that would have helped?


    • Maybe the show is better. Do we meet JS right away?

      The show is definitely more succinct, I guess. The book has pages and pages of footnotes about the history of magic, which personally I loved, but obvs they don't do that in the show. They cut a fair number of extraneous characters, too.

      You do meet Jonathan Strange in the first ep, so that right there speeds everything up, of course.

      I hadn't read the book so maybe that would have helped?

      Maybe? My memory of the book was sketchy when I watched it, but yes at least I knew certain pivotal things were coming.


      • I have been in utter despair about the Great British BakeOff being sold and Mel and Sue and Mary Berry leaving, but!

        BBC Cooking up 'Great British Bake Off' Rival With Mary Berry (Report)

        The judge on the ratings juggernaut could be reunited with hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.

        The BBC may lose ratings hit The Great British Bake Off to Channel 4 after the current season, but it is looking to serve fans a rival baking or cooking show, according to a Friday report inThe Telegraph.

        Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood is sticking with the show when it moves to Channel 4, but fellow judge Mary Berry said she would not be on board out of loyalty to the BBC. Co-hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins have also said they wouldn't appear on the Channel 4 show.

        Berry would lead a new BBC bakery or cooking show, the newspaper reported, citing BBC sources. It added that she was likely to reunite with Giedroyc and Perkins. "It wonít be announced soon, but a new baking or cookery show with them is almost certainly going to happen,Ē a source told the Telegraph.

        BBC content boss Charlotte Moore this week said the U.K. public broadcaster hopes to "cook up more unmissable shows with [Berry] in the future," but didn't provide details on what kind of shows.


        BBC keeps all the best bits and Channel 4 just gets Paul Hollywood in a tent. Ha!


        • Yeah, the Bake Off news just about topped off a great summer here for a lot of people but Mary's solidarity with Mel and Sue is helping.

          Did you see Ruby Tandoh's tweets about Paul H?

          ahhhhhh a peacocking manchild lingering wherever the money is, i am shocked


          • Ruby Tandoh makes me like Paul Hollywood more. She is the absolute worst.

            I am still devastated about bake off! All the Lolz in the world @ Channel 4 tho. Great buy guys.

            Bitter Shipper


            • RT is the worst but Paul's still a slimeball, though he probably wouldn't deny it.


              • I tried WestWorld. It was a trippy experience, definitely geared toward male audience. Think HBO is trying a bit too hard to retain and cultivate the game of thrones audience. Don't think they know that game of thrones is mostly cool for reasons other than misogyny. I tend not to like Nolan brothers but I didn't hate this. I think it could slip easy into unwatchable but, as is, I'll keep watching.


                • I liked Westworld. It was like a real dark Dollhouse (of course, Dollhouse was an idea lifted from the original Westworld).

                  I thought it was well executed. It's my favorite premise in general (almost-humans turning human is kinda played out for me in general but also always weird and gets under my skin). Crazy good performances overall.

                  My one lingering question was if James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood understand they were cast as the leads for the blandness? It felt very meta to me!
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • I enjoyed the Timeless pilot! It wasn't like, crazy deep, but it was pretty fun.

                    Plus Matt Lanter is hot, which doesn't hurt. Actually, everyone is very pretty.

                    I'm also enjoying The Good Place (Kristen Bell goes to Heaven!).

                    I'm all about not challenging myself too much this season with weighty tv. Just watching whatever comes easy -- I don't want to actually feel anything.

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                    • Samesies! I think I end up watching everything KBell decides to be in, but The Good Place is supercute.

                      Haven't seen Westworld yet but Mr. Laa is so excited about it because he lurved the orig.
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                        You're welcome.


                        • Ha!

                          Beek bless the CW for refusing to let go of all this.

                          I'm still meh on the writing of Supergirl, but it's the one 'grown-up' show that I can watch with my kids, so I'll hang in there with it. Tyler Hoechlin was really great in his arc, though. I hope they bring him back a whole bunch.

                          I gave up on the CW's new shows No Tomorrow and Frequency after three eps each. Frequency was bleak, and No Tomorrow was flimsy.


                          • I watched Containment for ONB but I cannot with Supergirl. It's gifs and youtube vids for me.

                            Also. I gave up on the Walking Dead. Best decision.


                            • Is anyone watching Westworld? I started off hating it and now I love it. I've been lurking at reddit, reading all the theories and it makes my head hurt. I really need to talk about this past Sunday's episode.


                              • I'm watching! I like it. It's very well done, even if I think it started a smidge weak.

                                It's not as rapey as GoT (even tho it seems like it's gonna be in the first episode) and the world-within-a-world feeling takes the edge off the violence. It's realllly smart, too.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.