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The Affair: Bearded Pacey at 35...On a Horse

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  • The Affair: Bearded Pacey at 35...On a Horse

    It is coming.

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    Ladies! There is sooo much dirty Pacey sex I was dying.
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      Heh, I could totally see your WTF face when Ruth declined regniffing for hand holding. I was all, "OMG, Is would NEVER."

      Anyway, premiere is on like whoa so let's do dis business.

      From Today:

      Also, here's a bunch of pics of him walking around earlier, proving that the Fug Girls are on point when they say that everyone looks hotter in sunglasses.

      @SHO_PR #TheAffair red carpet @VancityJax, Maura Tierney, Ruth Wilson and @DominicWest

      wanderinggeri 4 hours ago
      It's Pacey! I see what Diane sees. Also, spot McNulty! #TheAffair

      avery__thompson 3 hours ago
      Met Pacey Witter tonight aka Joshua Jackson. He thought he had seen me earlier, but when I sadly said no, he put his hands on my shoulder and said he was sorry. I nearly fainted. He's so brilliant and even more charismatic in person. I'm done. #TheAffair #DawsonsCreek

      charlesthorpJoshua Jackson looking sharp at the premiere of #TheAffair || hanging with little costar Jake Richard || @showtime 2h

      The J with all the dudes who play his bros:

      Core Four for the new era:

      With Showtime bosses:

      With HBIC Sarah Treem:

      Group pic:

      I'm guessing no one here curr about pics of these other people without The J, y/y? Good, 'cause I'm not posting any,

      DK and The J goodness in their thread.
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        He's so hot it is STUPID.


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          Someone at FF found the unedited version online so here you go, Laa! The site has porny pop-ups so NSFW, but it's not like this show is something you'd watch at your office anyway.


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            Moar pics, this time from tumblr.

            And he's totes smirking in some of these like, "Heh, errbody here is wondering who would evah cheat on me 'cause I am FLAWLESS."


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              Yeah, you know that girl in the show is depressed when Pacey is offering to take care of her bidness POST-SEX (that's a sign of a great guy, IMO) and she's all: meh.

              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                Damn work. I might have to go home for lunch tomorrow and get in on that.

                Good call putting the ladies in between the dudes because seeing those dudes side-by-side makes this show make no sense again.


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                  I can't find the ep anywhere yet! That link doesn't let us poor europeans watch and my usual places haven't caught up yet.

                  ETA. Scratch that! The new link Issie posted works! Heee! Dirty, sexy J here we go!
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                    Well, that was pretty good. The J nailed it (ahem) Ė I really believed his character in this, much more so than Fringe, maybe because he has a better understanding of who this man is and whatís driving him. Or maybe heís just more at home in an angst-ridden seaside drama. At least this time he should even get the chance to show different versions of the same character with the change in perspectives.

                    I donít really like any of the characters in this yet but I want to know what happens/happened.


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                      I really tried! I didn't even make it all the way to The J showing up. I only got as far as the dad finding the son hanging and then had to bail.

                      <----- not a real grownup


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                        I liked the pilot but didn't love it. All the sex is fun but the perspectives aren't solid enough I think. One of my favorite books is The Alexandria Quartet but I still think that kind of thing can't be properly transformed into a movie. Also, I felt distracted by waitress Ruth Wilson being named Alison (because of the Alice Luther thing and how much I was drifting to Luther).

                        At least one of the super annoying kids is Sasha from Bunheads!


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                          Here's a short interview The J did at a radio show talking about the two perspectives shown in the storyline. Some of the artwork/photographs from the show's promo materials are posted here and they're really pretty. Example:

                          And then here's some footage of the premiere's red carpet. They always manage to get in the same three things- The J whispering, look of love, DK laughing. They could teach a class, tbh.


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                            I wouldn't put it past one of you bitches to have altered the copy on that picture - it mentions LONDON!- but I know you didn't because it doesn't say anything about Pacey.


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                              Bwa! I love your mind, but at the moment I'm just satisfied/amused that The J can't escape lighthouses, Dunes of Deceit, and clips of him macking on La Holmes every time he does press for this. It's enough for now.

                              ophy, why! I haven't watched the link yet. What part was unbearably off-putting?