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    All of your S1 thoughts are in line with majority opinion, I think!

    Although, by the end of S2, I developed a major soft spot for Murphy.

    So the gag Reel for S2 has leaked:

    Watch it before it gets yanked down, yo.

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      So, I loved season 2 more than I loved season 1. Poor, poor, Clarke! I loved that they made her take all the tough choices, although at the end, I was kind of surprised the writers didn't think to make her try to talk to the Weatherists first (as in the actual people, not the President). I think my favorite scene in the finale was Lincoln taking revenge on Cage.

      I'm kind of shipping Bellarke? It is the most valid choice. Clarke and Lexa was hot, but even If Clarke forgives Lexa's betrayal, I don't think I can. Plus, I do think it was a stupid decision for Lexa to make.

      Finn is best gone. Bye bye, boring Finn! You gave Clarke another amazing scene. What else? Between this show and the Walking Dead, I think I have a new appreciation for showers.


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        OMB THIS SHOW.


        Jaha is full on craycray, right? And I kinda love John Murphy even more and I did not expect that to happen.


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          I loved the first two episodes. I hate Jaha. Also Kane and Abby need to get it on.


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            I feel like I need to catch up on this.
            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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              OMB YOU SHOULD.

              Season 1 takes about three episodes to really find it's footing, btw. But after that, it's like a thrill ride of feels.


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                Originally posted by dada_teacher View Post
                I'm kind of shipping Bellarke? It is the most valid choice. Clarke and Lexa was hot, but even If Clarke forgives Lexa's betrayal, I don't think I can. Plus, I do think it was a stupid decision for Lexa to make.
                I'm quoting myself because boy, how can things change. It only took one episode but I'm sooooo in for Clexa hottness! Their last scene in Clarke's bedroom was very well done. Eh, if they make Bellamy take his head out of his ass I might be in for a threesome. Talk about character assasination. It doesn't really make sense? If you take into acount Bellamy's and Octavia's relationship with Lincoln. I hope they redeem him, though.


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                  Oh of course it takes RLTL to get me to revive a thread that's been dead three years (and I am TOTALLY neglecting my TSwift update to post this instead but the heart wants what the heart wants!) . . .

                  You know, I was wondering why both Bob and Eliza were asking folks to be kind and respectful in their announcement tweets because hey! obviously the whole fandom is going to be thrilled about this news, right? Should be nothing but peace love harmony . . . oh . . . oh no . . .

                  . . . right. Forgot about the rabid Clexa fans and how so many of them tinhatted themselves into believing Eliza and Alycia were secret wives!

                  It's a major meltdown!And if it all sounds VERY FAMILIAR it's because the Venn diagram of kaylor, supercorp, and clexa is basically a circle. They've all had similar meltdowns in the past six months as 1/2 of their ship keeps on marrying/getting engaged to men.

                  But it's all OKAY because it isn't REAL:

                  The ďBelizaĒ Marriage is fake.

                  Both of their tweets weíre posted at 9:44p.m. on June 7, 2019. The exact same time. Come on. This is a hack job, an elaborate hack job, but one nonetheless.

                  More importantly!


                  But hey, if straight people getting married during June is what you find so offensive, then good news! They didn't! They actually got married on May 6th!

                  Whew, the sacredness of Pride is held intact.

                  Although for reals, if straight people can't get married in June anymore, there goes about 60% of the entire bridal industry.

                  Beliza eloped to Hawaii, where Eliza wore a random dress from a random local bridal place:

                  But! Bob hand crafted that arbor for Their Big Secret Day:


                  Some fans are smelling a little eau de shotgun about the spontaneity of all this but who knows!

                  As far as How it All Went Down, here are the completely unreliable 'facts' as I have gleaned from twitter and tumblr this morning . . .

                  Bob and Eliza (platonically obvs!) met in an elevator in Australia when she was 16 and he was 21 and became friends through the Oz acting community later on. They both got cast in The 100 years later, and made a pledge to look out for each other on set. She's been referring to him as her 'best friend' for a loooong time.

                  Eliza dated TWO other The 100 co-stars . . .

                  This dude named George Something:

                  and then William Miller, this guy for a year or so:

                  She and William apparently got engaged around October of 2018. She showed up at a con wearing a ring and started following bridal instagram accounts.

                  Which means! She was ENGAGED to somebody else when Bob was looking at her like this!

                  Meanwhile, Bob had been living with Arryn, a voice over actress/podcaster, for four years.

                  Then it gets messy!

                  Eliza and William broke up in February? March? (probably Feb) but no announcement was made. Bob and Arryn ALSO split up in February? March? Arryn unfollowed Eliza around that time (they had been friends).

                  In late Feb, there was a con where this pic was taken . . .

                  That's William, Eliza's ex-fiance standing in the back wearing glasses. Right before the pic was taken, there's vid of Eliza sliding across an empty seat to sit with Bob, and then they held hands.

                  I'm sure her (extremely recent!) ex was thrilled!

                  March 26th, Bob and Eliza are spotted grocery shopping together. Always a sign of something!

                  At some point in mid- April(?), Bob and Eliza deleted pics of their exes off of insta. Eliza also deleted pics of Arryn off of hers. She told a fan in April that she was engaged, and everyone thought she meant 'engaged to William' (well, duh). On a podcast around this time, Arryn says that she was recently massively betrayed by two people that she had to cut out of her life.

                  The other messy bit is that Arryn didn't unfollow Bob until two days ago, and Arryn's mom just liked these tweets calling Bob and Eliza 'The Cheaters':

                  For the most part, people STILL hadn't figured out that 2 + 2 = Bobliza 4EVA. I like to think that if I had been in that fandom I would have figured it out before April!

                  I mean, this is how they looked at each while THEY WERE WITH OTHER PEOPLE so can anyone be THAT surprised?

                  But then again I though Hiddleswift lasted like, six months longer than it actually did, so I'm probably suffering from delusions of grandeur here.

                  That's All! I feel like there's quite a lot to unpack. Like when did they know. WHEN. Has it always been messy between them, other people be damned? Or did it JUST get messy this year? I mean, just HOW MUCH pining has been going on this past decade? Was it one sided pining? Was it mutual pining? I need to be able to measure the pining in kilowatts here!! Has it all been about bad timing? Like, they were never single at the same time, so . . . or! Did they break up with the other peeps to be together or did one break up and so then the other one broke up like, "finally! Imma shoot my shot now!" or did they get busted cheating or . . .? Did they use to date way back when so this is actually 2.0 and that's why they got married so fast, or is this honestly their first go around in which case WHY THE HURRY.


                  As a side note, looks like they weren't going to announce it at all, but a rando from fandom got ahold of Eliza's phone number and more or less tricked her into confirming they were married:

                  . . . two hours later, she and Bob sent out those emails. So who knows when they were planning on going public, if ever. I'm sure they would have preferred to wait until July out of deference to Pride month!

                  Bonus! Art imitating life, I guess!

                  The 100 cons are going to be WILD AF this summer wheeeee.

                  Second bonus! The MOST convoluted reaction I have yet seen:

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                    I bet they were pining for years!!! Thank you for the post. This was the RLTL I was NOT expecting.


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                      The way they look at each other! I ship it, though with this timeline itís going to end in the worst possible way, you know.


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                        I ship it, though with this timeline itís going to end in the worst possible way, you know.

                        Oh, it's quite possibly doomed!

                        But hey, at least they've got a solid decade plus of friendship behind them, that's got to count for something.

                        And they are terribly cute!

                        The heart eyes over YEARS and YEARS!

                        That's gotta count for something too.

                        But somebody needs to go an collect their Hawaii preacher man because beekdamned, that guy is milking his moment.

                        This is just half of the comments he has made so far:

                        Maybe they should have taken up Kass'* offer instead!

                        *the author of The 100 book:


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                          OMG I GOTTA WATCH THIS SHOW NOW.
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                            I thought it was really great in S1! Pretty great in S2! Kinda great in S3! More or less okay in S4! But I ditched in S5 because the constant crisis in every scene and every ep and fight fight fight became exhausting.* Just fucking let everyone rest a bit and maybe take a bath!

                            It's difficult to keep the tension level so high all the time so the seasons felt long to me, even though they are relatively short compared to most others on tv. It might have been better if they had done their whole run as just three 10 ep seasons and that was it. But then! Beliza's RLTL might not have happened so . . . I suppose sacrifices must be made.

                            * also they were no longer really treating it as a YA kind of thing and more like grown ups with grown up problems blech.

                            New wedding pic!

                            So! based on twitter and tumblr (always reliable) reports of The 100 con last wkend, Eliza and her ex split up in December, and he has no hard feelings.

                            Could be doing the doth protest too much thing, but since he still follows Eliza on all platforms, I suppose there was no cheating from that angle? Bob's ex is still hella bitter, though.

                            Stans also confirmed that this is actually Beliza 2.0, that they dated back in 2014 during the first season and even shared a house with Devon (another cast member):

                            . . . and then split and there was a little bit of awkwardness on set for part of S2 until they reconciled as friends again. This being their second go 'round helps to explain the jump straight to engaged and skipping over the whole dating thing.

                            Messy! Just like I said!

                            Anyway, they are going to be doing a con together soon, so I'm sure very fanficcy deets will be spilled.

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                              Gotta feel bad for the obstacle love interests.
                              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.