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  • Leaving on a jet plane..

    Dude, I'm going to Vegas for President's Day weekend to celebrate my one-year anniversary. Woo hoo! I think we're going to get re-married by Elvis or something. I have less than a month to figure all that out, but the planes and hotels are booked woo hoo!
    It's all about me and my precious.

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    Aww! Dale and I have talked about doing that!

    We were thinking of doing a FIVE GOLDEN YEARS anniversary in Vegas and inviting anybody who'd like to come along.
    Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      I loved Vegas, though it's made me want to move to the desert.

      This year is our 10th anniversary and I've been thinking about a trip in the fall to Europe (where neither of us have been before) - I want to see England, and the husband wants to go to Germany (I think that has something to do with beer).

      I'll want an interim trip though in early spring. September/October is too long to wait when everybody else is going on vacation in the summer.


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        Anyone from SF here?
        I'll be doing the tourist thing in May and would like some advice.


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          I used to be from SF. And Sarah still is. What kinds of things do you want to do (touristy or off the beaten path)? Where are you staying?


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            Just go back from getting re-married in the A Little White Chapel's Tunnel of Love Drive Through in a red mustang convertible. It's the chapel where Brittany got married! Charolette herself performed the ceremony.

            Good times man.
            It's all about me and my precious.


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              Snick - I'll be staying near Union Square area. I'm interested in the off-beat sort of stuff - vintage clothing, textile or embroidery museums/stores and non-big box book stores. I'll also be doing some of the usual touristy stuff but will check Frommer's for that.
              Also, any recs for any restaurants would be good - especially dim sum in/around Chinatown. I'm not much of a seafood person but if you know of anyplace where it isn't too fishy would be great.

              Pig - congratulations! That is just so cool. hee.


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                That's awesome, Piggy!

                Res, you'll want to go to SF's sewing and fabric mecca. It's called Britex. I've got a list of vintage places but I have to dig for it at home.

                As for dim sum, I've never had it but I know a little place called Pearl City on Jackson between Grant and Kearny is really popular.

                For the bookstores, there's the famous City Lights but my friends also favor The Booksmith in the Haight. Oh! And the one on Van Ness. It's called A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books.

                A couple things going on in May are the Bay to Breakers on the 16th and Carnaval on 29/30. They're avoidable if you're in town but they do screw up traffic with street closures and stuff. The aquarium and Academy of Sciences are closed for renovations and so is the De Young Museum. So, for now, there's not too much to see *in* Golden Gate Park except some homeless people and nice scenery. Heh.

                That's a little start for now. I can offer some more up later but I'll see what Snick chimes in with. Hee.

                Yay for vacations!

                We went to Tahoe for the weekend and it took us NINE hours to get home (170 miles).

                ETA this place for dim sum. It's not in Chinatown. Instead, it's located in Embarcadero Four with a great view of the bay which could be nice if you're traveling. It's a bit busier during the week because of the location with business lunches, but I've heard the wait isn't intolerable.
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                  Yay for Frog and Pig! How cool. And you already had my dream wedding to begin with. I'd hate you if I didn't love you so much.

                  Res- sarah's book stores are exactly the ones I would have recommended. A walk we always used to do with out of town friends was to start in Union Square, walk up Grant through China Town and end up at City Lights in North Beach. There's also a very cool antiquarian book store that my friends love in Union Square (I'll get a name and address for you). But it's a great place for really old books.

                  Right by City Lights is a great Chinese restaurant Brandy Ho's, which i highly recommend. But if you're specifically looking for dim sum, the best place in the city (bar none) is Yank Sing. It doesn't look like much, but the food is fantastic. There are 2 locations which are both super popular with the downtown luch crowd.

                  I don't have any specific recommendations for vintage clothing stores. But just walking around the Haight you're likely to find a bunch of places that are interesting. I would imagine there are also a lot of places South of Market, but wouldn't know for sure.

                  Union Square has some great art galleries if you're into that kind of thing, along with great (expensive) shopping. China Town is great for tacky souveniers. And North Beach has the best Italian food. And Cole Valley/Inner Sunset (where I used to live) has a great neighborhood feel if you end up going to Golden Gate Park. There are some great restaurants in the 9th and Irving area if you get to that part of town.


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                    Here's a really good list of vintage clothing shops and some of them are reviewed here.


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                      Snick & Sarah - - thanks for all the info. Usually I like to hit a few museums when I travel but this time I'm already all about the shopping. Books are usually a big weakness but delayed adolescence is kicking in and I'm actually beginning to worry about clothes. God forbid - - I'll be hitting MAC before you know it. hee.


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                        So, I'm flying on April Fool's Day. With my mother. And a three year old. We're headed to the Mississippi/Arkansas/Tennesee area to visit relatives.

                        *checks self into mental hospital in advance*


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                          I am currently in Florida.

                          With my parents.



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                            My husband and I are going to Washington DC for the first time ever at the end of March for 4 days. Does anyone have any recommendations on hotels, restaurants, shopping, sights, etc? I'm kind of excited but I know nothing about DC.


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                              I recommend the Ruby Tuesdays above the subway stop. I bet Is would, too.

                              <--bets D is horrified. Hee. Megaritas!
                              "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye