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  • Boys in tight pants and other sports stories

    I imagine that, until hockey season, vanessa and I are likely to be the only two in this thread, but I don't care.

    Yay! for Greg Maddux for telling the Yankees to kiss his ass and signing with the Chicago Cubs! Boo! to Alex "it's not about the money it's about the winning, which is why I'm going where they're going to pay my $252 million but come out second to last in the league" Rodriguez for signing with the Yankees.

    It's probably horribly wrong that I hope he and Jeter revive their recent hostilities and he plays like ass at third base, but I can't help it. And I don't even care that he left Seattle (except for the lying) because we're much better off without him and his ego.

    1 1/2 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training! Squeee!

    (aside to Neo: baseball means mariners, means compass rose, means tattoo fic. Hee.)

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    It's probably horribly wrong that I hope he and Jeter revive their recent hostilities and he plays like ass at third base, but I can't help it.
    If that's wrong, I cannot be right. I think the Yankees are crazy since AR is a better shortstop than Jeter, but my guess is that they had to leave Jeter at SS being the Captain of the Yankees and all. Beek, but I hate the Yankees.

    One of our interleague series this year is against the Mariners. Your team will probably blow us out of the water, but I'm glad we're getting a different rotation this season.


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      Yeah, it's nice that they're switching up interleague play now. We got to play Atlanta last year, and it's good to see some other East Coast teams.

      As for the whole AR/Yankees thing, it does work out well for Mariner's fans, as we now only have to boo one team instead of the Yankees and Alex on the Rangers. Although they'll probably stop throwing monopoly money at him, which is kind of sad. Plus, Alex has only played third base once, for half an inning, in the All-Star game. Yeah. That's qualification right there.

      *hopes for good Yankee clubhouse arguing and dirt*

      Go BoSox! Hee.


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        What do you mean, "until hockey season?" It *is* hockey season. Hee. It's just really boring right now or, if you're a Rangers fan like me, amazingly frustrating. For the eighth season in a row. Bastard GM.


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          Should I stir things up in this thread by admitting that I'm a huge Yankees fan? And have been for my entire life? And that I how much everyone else hates us?

          Actually I'm a Yankee fan first and foremost, but the Giants are my NL team. I'd actually like them more if my extreme hatred for Barry Bonds didn't always get in my way.

          Hockey? What's that?


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            I'll be eagerly awaiting badminton season.
            "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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              That's mostly it, snick. I have no problem with the Yankee team. They're talented players, they work well together. I have issues with the Yankee management and their pocketbooks - and then being all offended when people say they buy a pennant (which they haven't won for a while, snerk) - and Yankee fans who, for the most part, are obnoxious, loud, annoying and (in some cases) over the top insane.

              Jay Buhner (a former Yankee) said that when he played there as a Mariner, the fans would throw change, bottles, pretty much anything they had on them, and used to be furious when Buhner and Junior would pick the change up. Hee.

              I will say this for Yankee fans though, they're damn loyal. They were consistently great to Lou when he and Seattle were there. Before the games at least. And I love that they got screwed in the Buhner trade. And it's always fun to see which one of us will have Jeff Nelson at the beginning and end of the season.


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                I don't care that you love the Yankees, Snick, as long as you don't care that I hate the team in general and Steinbrenner in specific. I don't have a problem with Joe Torre and most of the players (though I loathe Giambi ), but the Yankees represent the fucked up MLB system to me and how can I not hate that? And I fell in love with the Red Sox fans at Spring Training a few years back and so my AL loyalty is with them.

                I Barry Bonds and have since he was just a skinny little rookie. I know he's a heinous jerk and all, but he is just so very, very good and he was really sweet to all of the fans in left field last time he came to Pittsburgh.

                Hockey is breaking my heart the past few years. I can't watch without Lemieux.


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                  And all the NHL's new rule changes made for next season totally suck ass. Why try eliminate the action behind the goals? I grew up trying for the wraparound shots. I say just drop the puck and make it a free for all. hee.
                  Roly - The only thing I like about the Rangers is the third jersey. Most of the teams have shitty third jerseys this year.

                  When I first saw this thread I thought it was way too late to start a football thread. Yes, I really am that lame.
                  Because I grew up watching the Tigers (despite the World Series wins) I find that I cannot take baseball seriously. I remember reading in the Detroit Free Press an interview between Sparky Anderson and Carol Burnett - - basically they talked about their daughters and their drug problems (the daughters probs, Sparky and Carol had completely different problems).

                  You know how a word in one language sounds like a swear word in another languge? My brothers and I only watch baseball so we can mock Jeter's name. See, I told you I'm lame.


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                    Originally posted by Res
                    ...the NHL's new rule changes made for next season totally suck ass.
                    What's the 'behind the goals' thing about? I thought the rule was just that the goalies couldn't go back there, which I don't really mind as I'm one of those people who has a mini-heart attack every time the goalie leaves the net. "Get back in there!"

                    If they want to make hockey more exciting, they should get the refs to be consistent in their calls. Holding and Interference and whatnot are still running rampant and that's keeping most of the big goal-scorers in check. Also, they should outlaw the trap. The Devils may win a lot, but damn they're boring to watch.

                    Re: Jerseys. Are you talking about the one with the Statue of Liberty on it? I hate that one. Hee. Though I think the Islanders orange sweaters are the ugliest ones in the NHL at the moment.

                    I've got tickets to tonight's game and I'm so not looking forward to it. Well, I'm looking to dinner and drinks and Irish bartenders beforehand. Mmmm...broguelicious.


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                      The nets are going to be moved from 13 feet from the backboards to 10 feet - making it harder to get the wraparound shots, I think. It is to discourage the goalies from leaving the net more.
                      Still undecided if I like the goal allowed if the net is even slightly off the moorings.

                      And yeah, that jersey. I just think the graphics and colours are cool - but then, I'm Canadian.


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                        Laura and vanessa- I totally agree that the Yankees checkbook represents all that is evil in MLB. Of course, it didn't stop the Angels and the Marlins the last couple of years.

                        From the fan perspective, it's awesome to have an owner that cares about winning (maybe a little too much-hee!) and makes the necessary moves to give us the best opportunity each year. The most irritating thing for A's fans is that the ownership doesn't give a fuck and consistently lets it's stars go (Magwire, Giambi, Tejada). It's just disheartening. Thankfully, as a Giants fan you are programmed to hate the A's so it didn't affect me!

                        I agree that Yankee fans are loud and obnoxious, but I think Red Sox fans are right up there with them. I think it's an east coast fan thing. There is nothing more frightening than a Philadelphia sports fan up close and personal.

                        My team loyalties stem from the fact my family is all originally from NY. My dad's family have been Giants fans since the NY days and my mom's side are all Yankee fans.

                        I'm actually disillusioned with the state of professional sports in general. I love everything (well, except hockey) and am just more and more digusted by the players as the years go on. Compared to what's going on in football and basketball these days, MLB seems almost pure!


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                          Compared to what's going on in football and basketball these days, MLB seems almost pure!
                          We'll see how long that lasts with the drug scandals that are bound to break now that 99% of Bonds' training team has been indicted by the government.

                          It'll be interesting to see how the new rules and regulations brought on by the narrowly avoided strike last year (and wouldn't that have killed baseball dead?) will play out this year, especially if the government requires the drug issuers to name names. McQwire already admitted to using supplements when he first broke the home run record. Wonder who else might be on that list?

                          I know what you mean about putting your money where your mouth is at playoff time though, Snick. And I'm sure a lot of teams hatred for the Yankees is their pure jealousy that they don't have the money to pursue a lot of the people the Yankees can afford (of course, if the Yankees didn't pay 'em so much we wouldn't be in the endless loop). I'm excited this year, since the Mariners have actually put together a decent team in the off-season and, thanks to Kaz Sasaki going back to Japan, have a nice $9 million bank to play with throughout the season.


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                            ...the drug scandals that are bound to break now that 99% of Bonds' training team has been indicted by the government.
                            I'm very suspicious of Bonds, and not just because I hate him. It doesn't seem right to me that someone who has never hit over 50 home runs all of a sudden breaks the home run record toward the end of his career. Say what you want about Magwire, but he was always a good home run hitter and broke the rookie record as a scrawny kid.

                            I'm also a little suspicious of Sosa, although I like him personally.


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                              Hee! I could not care less about most sports and fully admit to being a fair-weather fan, but I gotta say, I giggled when the Astros took one of the Yankees best pitchers even though they offered him less money than Steinbrenner did and convinced an ex-Yankee superstar to come out of retirement when he swore he was gone for good.

                              Pettite and Clements have really reenergized baseball fans in this city, and it's fun to have that level of excitement here. I think the Astros set some kind of team record for fastest season ticket sellout once that news was announced.