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    • Fandom worlds collide: Derek Hough Choreographs Olympic Ice-Dancing Routine

      I TOLD you he was The Shit at choreography!


      • I didn't know which one he was responsible for, the short or the free skate . . . but yeah, the My Fair Lady routine makes sense. It was so different from anything anyone else was doing in the short . . . and so bubbly and light and gorgeous. They earned the highest score ever recorded for that program.

        Good job, Derek.


        • "Today we wear lace."

          Going to be so sad when the Olympics are over and there won't be any more Johnny and Tara. Hope NBC realizes they need to use them in primetime in 2018. They should let them do gymnastics in 2016, too, why not?

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          • Buzzfeed gets it.


            Why Johnny Weir And Tara Lipinski Are The Greatest Commentating Duo Ever



              15 Things That Happen When You’re Addicted To The Olympics


              • Sorry, ophy. I think curling is boring.

                Figure skating is my winter sport and the Dance couples saved the event because the men (save Jason Brown who has promise but needs work) and the couples were lackluster this year. I'm shipping it right there with you, guys! Amazing chemistry.


                • I've determined that I'm a fair-weather curling enthusiast. Our teams suck, so I haven't wanted to watch. Plus, they only seem to show it while I'm driving home from work.

                  I'm all about the Hockey now. Our women's team is in the gold medal game in 37 minutes! My Canadian co-worker thinks both of our teams are going to beat his, but I'm not so optimistic. We historically struggle against Canada in the Olympics. I think the one thing we can count on is that there are going to be fights in today's game because those ladies are scrappy and intense.

                  If the Canadian men are still exhausted from that insane game against Latvia yesterday (a team of multi-millionaire pros almost lost to a bunch of college kids and Tampa Bay's farm team goalie?! The hell?!), I think we do have a decent shot at upsetting them. Then we just have to hope that the Swedes and the Finns wear each other out enough to leave us a clear path to the gold!

                  <-- Dork.


                  • Hockey? Is that a thing that exists?

                    Any sport where you can't see the athletes' faces throughout is dead to me. (Obvs I don't watch football either). If I can't connect to you as a person on an emotional level, then I don't care about your athletic endeavor. It's a limiting viewpoint, I know, but it's probably why I prefer curling and ice skating to hockey or bobsledding or speed skating or whatever.

                    MATCHING HEADBANDS TODAY:


                    • MATCHING HEADBANDS!

                      It's funny- I love watching hockey, but I don't even care who's playing or who wins. In literally every other sport, I give a crap only if it's MY team.

                      Short-track speed skating is absolutely nutso to me. I did not know they had to wear full-body Kevlar to try to keep from chopping each other up into little pieces. The blaaaaaaades.
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                      • It's like a knife fight! But the knives are strapped onto your feet!

                        So entirely cray.

                        Border cross is also crazy. I love heats where everyone falls down, so the first guy that falls down is the only one who actually crosses the line because he's also the first to get back up.


                        • Oof, that was a great Gold medal match between Canada and Sweden in women's curling. I can't believe curling is over for a whole FOUR years! (Well, for me . . . I assume it will continue to exist for other people in non-USA places.)

                          Now that curling, figure skating and the best of the snow boarding stuff is done, there's not much left to turn on the tv for.



                            Meryl Davis and Charlie White are ready to keep dancing after their gold medal-winning ice dancing routines at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Could they be heading to "Dancing with the Stars" next?

                            Davis and White already have a "DWTS" connection: Pro dancer Derek Hough helped choreograph their Olympic short routine. When Us Weekly asks about the connection and if the athletes would like to continue to work with Hough on "Dancing with the Stars," White responds, "Why not?" Davis continues that theme, saying, "I mean, if we were invited ... we would love to do it!"

                            When it comes to partners, both ice dancers want to stick with Hough. That would be Derek Hough for Davis. As for White, "Is it too late to get his sister back on the show?"

                            Olympians have competed and excelled on "Dancing with the Stars" before -- Kristi Yamaguchi, Apolo Anton Ohno and Shawn Johnson have all won Mirror Ball trophies -- so this isn't impossible. There is one possible issue, however.

                            Ice dancing is essentially ballroom dancing on skates, meaning that Davis and White would be -- yet again -- nearly impossible to beat. But since they can't partner with each other, maybe that would be a fun competition to watch.
                            Derek already gets accused of being given ringers to make sure he wins, can you imagine the outcry if he was paired with Meryl Davis? But it would be lovely to see happen.


                            • So at what point do I start @ing Tanith Belbin on Twitter* to tell her that if she doesn't stop fucking Charlie White, she'll get AIDS and die** because he only loves Meryl, DUH. I need some TVD fandom wisdom obvi.

                              *I don't even know if TB is on Twitter
                              ** AIDS doesn't work that way because of science


                              • She is on twitter!


                                Here's what you need to do:

                                1) Start a new twitter account specifically for this purpose, with an appropriately vile name
                                2) Be relentless! but don't tweet death threats so frequently that you get put into twitter jail
                                3) When you threaten her with AIDS, make sure you spell it 'aids'. In fact, only use capital letters when you are posting in ALL CAPS
                                4) Find her mother, brother, sisters and cousins on twitter and tag them randomly
                                5) When defenders appear, tell them they are hypocrites for sending you hate for sending her hate
                                6) Profit!!!!!!

                                Honestly, someone else is probably already doing this to the poor lady, and I'm sure you don't want to be derivative.