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    I'm not long back from the greatest game of Rugby I've ever witnessed. Okay - the second greatest game. The first greatest was when Scotland beat England in 1990 to win the Calcutta cup and the Four Nations grand slam.

    But this! Edinburgh Gunners v London Wasps. Delallio, Dawson and Lewsey being humbled by the local lads. AWESOME. My throat still hurts. The lead switched so frequently, and going 4 points behind with 5 minutes left nearly killed me. Then a try to put us 1 point ahead! YAY! The greatest victory the Gunners have had in a long time. And you can hear me on the telly shouting at the Englishers! Yay!


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      I went to my very first hockey game last weekend. OMB, it was awesome. The fighting was outstanding.
      "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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        Hee. Everyone I know who is "meh" about hockey instantly falls in love with it when they see it live.


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          Will be out in CA soon and am torn: do I want to see the Ducks or the Kings?
          It's all about the possible J sighting! hee. I'll just look in the stands for a guy fighting security guards.

          But yeah - you have to see a live game to feel the love. I enjoyed soccer before but when going to a "real" match when I was in England really changed the game for me. Not than I'm a rabid fan or anything but I enjoy the game a lot more.
          I'm "meh" about American football.


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            Based solely on the roster, I'd go with the Ducks. Federov, Selanne and Sykora all on one team? That's a whole lotta talent combined with a decent amount of hotness.

            I can get into just about any sport if I'm watching it live, but hockey's the only one I'll bother with on TV. Basketball, in particular, bores me to tears. Run up the court, score, switch possession. Run down the court, score, switch possession. Thrilling. The only time it's exciting is when someone crazy like Ron Artest jumps into the stands to fight with spectators.


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              Unless a team I care about makes it to the playoffs, I really only watch college football on TV. It's much more interesting than pro football. The only sport I can't watch is golf. People always say sports are better live, but gold manages to be even worse live. Not only is it boring, but it's usually hot out and you stand most of the time.


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                I'm a sports junkie, so I pretty much watch everything EXCEPT Hockey. It bores me for some reason. ALthough I'm sure it's more fun live.

                I never used to be into college football until we moved to LA and started going to USC games (the Mr's family are all USC people). Those are the only college games I'll watch on TV. I love basketball (lifetime Lakers fan), baseball (lifetime Yankees fan), pro football (lifetime 49ers fan). Until recent years, I was doing pretty well.


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                  Oh man - - so sorry IssieCol!

                  Still waiting to hear about the ticket situation - not much available on-line but waiting to hear from my CA friends. BTW, I'm hoping to see the Ducks - the Kings are my very far back second choice.


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                    Aww, thanks! I didn't even go to the game last night 'cause I had to be up before 6 this morning to go to the hospital. I figured they'd win at least one, but man, they just self-destructed out there. They couldn't score one run in the last 15 innings they played. And at least twice they had the bases loaded and they couldn't even come up with an RBI. Apparently, they've struggled with offense all season, but seemed to be able to win despite that. I guess it just finally caught up with them.

                    It was fun while it lasted, anyway. It's always good times when the city can feel united over something positive like this. I did manage to find a new pretend boyfriend, though. Brandon Backe is the cutest ever and the fact that he cheers his teammates on like a little boy will endear him to me 4life. I'm also reminded of why I'm only a fair weather fan. All this anxiety all year long would drive me insane and I wouldn't be able to focus on anything else.


                    • Snickerdoodle, you and I are like in a little sports war. Tomorrow's game should be verray fun to watch. I'm ever the pessimist, so of course I think we'll lose, but the boy has been insisting that SC's defense is no match for ours while our offense can do a good job of keeping up with SC. And then on top of that, the Texans and Niners basically played the Reggie Bush playoff game last week and I have never seen this town want to lose a football game so, so badly. I didn't watch 'cause we were out of town, but some of our local papers and sports commentators were basically all, "Just fuckin' lose! It's what y'all have been doing all year, anyway. At least now we have something to gain from y'alls sorry asses losing another one."


                      • Issie, I'm DYING here! I'm not going to have any fingernails left after this thing is over.

                        And enjoy Reggie. He's amazing to watch!


                        • I was too kerrazy out of my mind to post last night. I never thought I'd be as tense and then as elated again after seeing the Astros win that 15 inning game last spring, but this was even bigger. The Longhorns are the only team in any sport that I live and die by so seeing them win it all was really almost creepily meaningful for me. After Vince scored that last TD, I was screaming and jumping up and down and then I just started bawling like a total weirdo.

                          The boy was hugging me and was all, "Babe! It's good times!" And I had to explain that I was just so happy, I couldn't contain my emotions anymore.

                          Now with that said, SC played their asses off and had there been more time on the clock, who knows what the outcome would have been. Also, the officiating was shit on both sides, but we were the only ones who were able to score because of the shitty calls. I was mad when they called the TD and kept yelling for Pete Carol to have it reviewed and I still don't know why they let it go. That was so, so unfortunate.

                          But Vince was just not having it last night. After losing the Heisman (which he was verray bitter about), there was no way he was gonna walk out of there with a loss. At this point, after seeing how relentless he is and how determined he is to win, I wouldn't be all that surprised if he went all Matrix last night and learned how to stop time and shit.


                          • I'm still in mourning.

                            That said though, the game definitely lived up to the hype. I'm totally bitter about the 2 calls-- Vince not being called down and the interception they didn't give them-- but honestly, USC just blew too many opportunities in the first half. DOn't even get me started on Reggie...WTF was that fucking lateral business?!??! Grr.

                            And then, at the end, they let Vince walk in basically untouched, and blow their last time out for no apparant reason. I do think though that the winner was going to be whoever got the ball last.

                            I'm happy for the Texas fans, but I'm ridiculously sad about it. I think because it's the end of an era...Leinart and Bush are gone for sure and we still don't know what LenDale White is going to do. I'm ridiculously attached to these guys, and now it's all over. Sniff.

                            The Mr is still blaming me for the loss though. I inadvertantly dressed snicklet2.0 in Texas colors during the day. I changed him into his little Leinart jersey before the game started, but apparently (according to him) the damage was already done and I jinxed it.


                            • The Mr is still blaming me for the loss though. I inadvertantly dressed snicklet2.0 in Texas colors during the day.
                              Oh my gosh! I have these USC sweatpants that have "USC" embroidered on the ass that I got from a thrift store forever ago because I wanted to play a joke on the boy and I wore them last night to our house party as my way of having USC kiss my ass. Maybe you and I jinxed them together! I will say though, that unless you dressed him in burnt orange, there's no jinx on your part. In Texas, you're not wearing Longhorn colors unless it's the ugliest orange in the orange family that nobody on Earth looks good in.

                              And I don't know what Reggie was thinking with that lateral, either. I don't see him as a cocky guy who would show off in that situation, so I don't understand what his thought process was. Maybe just nerves?

                              I'm really rooting for Vince to stay at UT one more year because if he leaves, I won't care about him anymore and I really love the kid. When he's on some random NFL team that I couldn't give two shits about, I won't be very interested in tracking his career.

                              Although the Texans are in a tizzy about their drafting options now. My family is torn. I still think we should go with Reggie because while David Carr is overrated, he can be good with solid coaching and an offense that he trusts. If Vince opts to go pro and we draft him, we'll have to totally rebuild the offense around Vince's strengths which could prove to be much more difficult in the long run and much more expensive.

                              The boy, my brother, my BIL, and my dad all want the hometown boy to come home. Their argument is that you can find talented guys every year, but it's rare to come across someone who just won't be beaten. It's true that if the Texans had a more winning spirit, we could've pulled out some of those close games and that an attitude like Vince's would make the difference in nailbiters like the game last night, but I still stand by my theory.


                              • See, I want Vince to come out for totally selfish reasons. I'm hoping against hope that the Texans do pick him, freeing up Reggie and hopefully letting Matt avoid New Orleans and end up with the Jets or Packers. The only problem with this scenario is Reggie ending up in New Orleans. I want Reggie with the 49ers, so he can be reunited with his high school QB. Plus, I love the 49ers. If he ends up anywhere else, I'll never see him again.

                                Objectively though, I do think it makes sense for the Texans to pick Young...hometown boy has a built-in fanbase locally. Doesn't always work (Jake Plummer in Arizona for example), but I think it would be good buzz for them.

                                However, if Vince doesn't come out, they'd be fools not to take Reggie. He's one of the most amazing athletes I've ever seen, and he'll definitely be one of the all-time greats (barring injury).