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I still have nothing important to say: The randomness thread.

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  • I still have nothing important to say: The randomness thread.

    Is thread okay? Hee. *waits for moderator iron fist of doooooooooom*

    Two random music-related thoughts for today:

    Is it possible to hear Tempted by Squeeze and *not* sing along at the top of your lungs?

    I also think it's physically impossible to walk normally while listening to Bikini Girls with Machine Guns playing in your headphones.
    "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye

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    I would say you are right on both counts.

    Go to first unread post tags? :heart
    Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      A company that I interviewed with and turned down (because I thought they were idiots) has just been sold for 300 million dollars. I am so the idiot.


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        Dude, I love my job but I cannot take much more of 14+ hour days! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
        It's all about me and my precious.


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          Yay! For many more peeps being here. Come discuss SpyDaddy with us - Isadora and I have been lonely in that thread.

          :Waving smilie


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            Aww, I saw Fox and LaaLaa are here and I got all *sniff* because we posted together at Dawson's Wrap, yo. I've known them since they were over-achieving little high school bitches! I was AFRAID of them then! I thought when lil' Fox mentioned school she was talking about GRAD school. And she was like 14. OMB.

            Aww. *sniff* This is our fourth board together. I realized I can't count TWOP because I never posted there after the change from MBTV.
            Its just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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              Aww! Dude! Yeeaars of getting our snark on together!


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                I've never felt closer to you bitches in my life!


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                  Welcome to our newest member, bushywushy
                  that username!


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                    I slept in the wrong position two nights ago and woke up with a terrible backache yesterday morning. I couldn't rotate my head for more than 45 degree rotation, both left and right, and I couldn't bow even a tiny bit (When I had to pick something from the floor, I had to squat upstraight), and it was so hard to see my plate when ate or put food on it. It was really fun. The whole thing seemed to add some kind of layer into my character. I feel so interesting and special.

                    Unfortunately it would only be temporary. Oh, well.

                    It did get me into troubles though. For some strange reason I just decided to get a haircut (my suspicion is that maybe deep down in my subconscious I was liking the idea of me having to sit down so slowly and then the hairdresser would have to ask me why I moved so slowly so I could tell him that I had a backache, proudly, and feel so interesting and complex about it. Just my speculation) What I forgot was that they would want to wash my hair first. So I laid down on the seat - only a bit difficulty so far - and then tried to put my neck into the crook of the hairwash sink. I couldn't do it. My head just overhang there. The guy who had to wash my hair tried to push my head down, but I resisted. He kept pushing and I kept resisting, for a few moments until I told him that I had a backache. Turned out it didn't feel all that special.

                    Finally I managed to scoot down and put my head into the crook and then slowly wiggled up. Now that amused me a bit. I couldn't let my head down completely though. I still had to strain my neck a bit. So it's not the best hairwashing experience I've ever had (I love people touching my hair, in a non-sexual way, that is. I had a non-sexual fetish about my head. Maybe I'm a dog at heart). At least I like my hair now.

                    Then I felt like buying some clothes (yes I'm still a label whore, but thank goodness, haven't really graduated from the current level). I forgot that I shouldn't try on t-shirt and should just stick with button downs for the moment. It was hell, I couldn't take it off. I felt panicked for a while in the fitting room, but then I managed to cram down my pain and just yanked the shirt off, and then out to try on more t-shirt. Hee! One time I knocked down my glasses and broke the frame when I tried to yank a shirt off. Ugh.

                    So I add one more short-sleeved plaid button down shirt into my collection. I'm working on making myself look geeky.

                    Glasses shopping today.

                    Edited to add: I saw an obviously gay boy (with a small body to boot) with a bunch of girls (maybe his sisters) accompanying him buying a shirt. When he was in the fitting room one of the girl open the curtain and the whole gang broke into laughter and the boy looked embarrassed. It amused me.
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                      I am still so not used to how LA is literally teeming with not-quite celebrities. The latest-- I just found out that the photographer that I hired to do a session with the snicklet is a former actress who was once a regular on Saved By The Bell. Dude, I'm only 2 degrees away from Screech. **shudders**

                      BTW, she is a fabulous photographer. Go figure.


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                        Tori! She was the Jo Polniaczek of SBTB! And she was on 90210, too. Isn't she one of triplets or some such?

                        *waits for Neo to confirm*


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                          Yes! I remember her. She is one of three. They were all in some of those bad Parent Trap TV movies as the kids of one of the original's twins or some stupid shit. Though most of the time two of them do a twins thing. I think she may have been one of two that Mike Seaver dated in Growing Pains.
                          It's all about me and my precious.


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                   of them was on Seinfeld. I never recognized her without the big bushy spiral perm.

                            And two of them are more successful than one. And all three of them are different heights? How much would that such to be identical triplets and not be able to pretend you were a different one on occasion?
                            "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.---Kanye


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                              Tori's IMDB profile claims she's president of a production company. But she's also working as a photographer of children? Sounds like maybe she's not *that* successful at the movie business as compared to the other triplet. Although she did produce Dancer Texas which was boring, but beautifully filmed and starred Kelly Taylor's husband and the guy with the amazing voice who played Holtz on Angel.

                              I like that the triplets are different heights - like maybe their parents fed one better than the others and so she grew taller.