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I still have nothing important to say: The randomness thread.

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  • 15 pounds is major!

    I so need to do that clothes challenge in the winter, when I'll be wearing the same grandpa cardigan for three months.

    ETA: I have that striped bikini top!
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    • Awesome job on the weight loss! I don't know how tall you are, but that's probs close to 2 dress sizes right? I'd totally go shopping for all new everything too.

      I have a feast or famine relationship with shopping. When I'm in the mood to spruce up my closet, I have trouble finding things to get excited about, but when it feels like I don't need anything new because I have ALL the things and they are taking up ALL the space, I end up finding like 30 new adorable must haves online and they all end up being on sale.

      J.Crew had a good Labor Day sale that I picked through. I got some summery tops and shorts that I can still wear 'cause it's balls hot in Houston through October most years. I always end up shopping online when Mr. Issie's out of town and it's just 'cause I'm bored at night. He doesn't understand why I buy new clothes ever because I can wear scrubs to work every day which seems like a dream to him, like someone gave me permission to wear my pajamas all day, erryday out in public. It's his fantasy work outfit. But I get bored wearing the same scrubs all the time so I make myself wear street clothes when I don't have clinic.


      • Nice work on the 15, Is.

        Em's outfits are cute (as is she)!

        I hate clothes shopping, and have to force myself into it. I kinda want to get rid of most of my clothes and start over, though.


        • Ugh, I am having such closet envy right now over Em's clothes. Ridiculously cute, all of it. Drooling over your earrings, especially.

          I never know how to dress for anything, and just end up schlubby all the time.

          I was really lucky that when I worked in NYC, it was more or less okay to wear jeans and tshirts every day. Most of the engineers wore shorts, even in the winter, and several of them didn't wear shoes inside the office. It was a little gross. We finally had to institute a 'you can't be barefoot in the office rule', and they started wearing slippers (giant hobbit feet ones mostly). So the bar wasn't set super high for the rest of us. If I'd been in a law firm instead of a high tech firm, I suppose things would have been different -- and maybe I would have been forced to learn how to dress myself properly.

          Can't lie, I've been looking at online personal shopper services lately and considering it:

          It's stupid, though, because I don't go enough nice places for my clothes to matter.


          • Congrats, is! Are you still P90X-ing? Or are you dieting too?


            • Congrats Is!

              Vanessa - I'm the same way. I usually buy a comfortable shirt in different colours and wear them as long as possible and then start all over again. I wait until Old Navy has my jeans on sale and I buy several pairs in the different washes.

              I swear I don't have any dressy clothes. at. all.
              Today I need something dressy and I am at a loss - really, I am that pathetic.
              But - I've lost a bit of weight recently too. Not as much as Is but enough that I'm going to need better fitting stuff because some of it too baggy now. I haven't been dieting but have cut way back on Pepsi, cut out a lot of snacks and am walking more. Hopefully I can stick to it when winter sets in.


              • I fucking LOVE clothes and shopping, but I have 1) crappy, washed out, too-short juniors clothes from college, 2) pajamas, 3) about 12 pieces of work clothing, 4) a buttload of vintage cocktail dresses and gowns I'll wear nowhere.

                My grandpa cardigans fall under 1. And 2 falls under 1.


                • Thanks for the congrats, peeps!

                  I'm barely five feet tall so 15 pounds registers! I'm not sure it's two sizes but it's pretty close! I also lost 8+ inches doing P90X3. The weight loss was a combo of P90X3 and doing a detox diet for the last week of P90X3 to give myself a boost.

                  Might I recommend the 10-Day Detox Diet? HOLY SHITBALLS that knocked 8 pounds off my ass in one week and I haven't gained it back! Sadly, I got a really bad head cold 8 days in that lasted two weeks. Then I was okay for one week and started an old school Power 90 Bootcamp (it's like 10+ years old) and it's okay but a little boring/repetitive (there's only 4 workouts to carry you through 90 days--ughhhhh). So then, last Saturday I got food poisoning that has lasted a full week (salmonella?) and then Mr. Is's stepmom died in the meantime and we got to Flint tonight and met up with some old friends that got married recently and we bought them a fucking FEAST and I ate like 5 meals worth of food tonight (probably more than I've had in one sitting in 3 months) and so I'm guessing I'll have gained it all back by Monday?

                  ANYWAY, so I finished P90X3. I fully plan to do Power 90 until the new P90 comes out in a few weeks and then I'll switch over. And I have basically cut out snacking, cut out lots of sugar (no chocolate during the day--sob), and cut out eating out a lot. And Detox Diet worked very well for me. Smoothie in the morning, some low-cal soup or salad (no croutons/no cheese/low-cal dressing) for lunch, and a protein/veggie dinner.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                  • Like a boss! P90X is nuts. I can't even complete the fitness test. You've been building up crazy muscle, so I don't think a 5-meal dinner is going to stick with you at ALL. I swear I remember reading something about a big meal not taking effect until a couple days later, so just I tack on an extra 30 to my low-impact workout and don't worry about it anymore. But with as many calories as you're burning in a single P90X session? Your body's probably just nomming happily and efficiently.


                    • (no chocolate during the day--sob)

                      There's my downfall. Oh, and all the exercise and smoothies and stuff.

                      But that's awesome, is! I am inspired by you to dig my 5lb dumbells out of my closet and do at least 20 reps.

                      Okay, ten reps.

                      Well . . . three maybe.


                      • And I have basically cut out snacking, cut out lots of sugar (no chocolate during the day--sob), and cut out eating out a lot. And Detox Diet worked very well for me. Smoothie in the morning, some low-cal soup or salad (no croutons/no cheese/low-cal dressing) for lunch, and a protein/veggie dinner.
                        I'm in legit AWE of everyone with dieting willpower. I have terrible eating habits.

                        o, a friend of a friend has been happy with Stitchfix. Her kids are 9, 7, and 3 and she works from home but I think she found she feels better throughout the day if she gets dressed in cute clothes even if she doesn't leave the house that day. It's a psych technique I tried to use when I was employed and it worked about half the time. She's also pleased with what Stitchfix sends her based on her style profile. <-- all gleaned from FB, I haven't talked to her about it.

                        I've been doing regular closet purges since the beginning of the year because I have too many clothes. Since I finished the last challenge, my new goal is to wear every single thing in my closet at least once and if I don't feel good in it for that day, it's going to Goodwill no matter how much I think I like it.
                        Of course now that I've pared down my closet, I want ALL the fall clothes. Really hoping we get fall and winter in L.A. this year.


                        • Dear people. If you feel the need to preface what you have to say with, "I'm not racist but..." then 1) Don't say it, 2) Yes, you ARE a racist.


                          • That drives me NUTS. Oh the joys of living in the south.

                            Wait- people do that in Greece, too? I thought everyone was really enlightened in Europe, and y'all lived in a race-blind utopia.


                            • Ha! That's what we want you poor, unsophisticated americans to think.

                              Wait. You didn't really believe that, did you?


                              • No, not really. I watch a lot of British crime dramas, remember?

                                Yeah, I'm pretty sure the race-blind utopia is actually named 'Canada'. At least, that is what all of those Canadian home improvement/real estate shows I watch seem to imply.