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I still have nothing important to say: The randomness thread.

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  • I think about y’all in TX all the time. I’ve got an ER doc friend in Houston and a nurse friend in Austin, so they give me the frightening updates.

    Elder millennials are disgustingly nostalgic (and TikTok has made it even worse by glorifying/jacking our greatest hits), but it’s so depressing to think about how much childhoods SUCK right now. We had sticky ball pits and malls and amusement parks and movies and concerts. These kids are living la vida polio and forgetting what the lower half of their best friends’ faces look like and it all makes me want to cry.

    Pandemic pregnancy was hella lonely and bizarre, like a secret. I felt like a Scientologist. Luckily, I had bb girl right as the vaccines came out and COVID restrictions were lifted, so both my kiddos got to experience a relatively regular summer. But with Delta and now RSV outbreaks, we’ll be back to hanging out with just fam when it gets too cold to be outdoors... Ugh, I only get, like, one year to dress this babe up before she starts forming opinions!

    Forgot to add that I think my body has also adjusted to the constant stress/anxiety/fatigue combo. The world is burning and I had another kid anyway. (shrugs forever)
    Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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    • I am all over the place - some good, some horrible. I had been going into the office 2 or 3 days a week during most of the summer, and it was actually good - made me feel almost normal, and it was nice to see some people. But then Delta came and I am home again for work. I think it would be better if this were a good job, but it’s just really stupid and so I end up wasting a lot of time at home because I can. Today I had two job interviews right in the middle of my work day and I feel not the least bit of guilt about it.

      My next door neighbor the infectious disease doc is now telling people “just accept that you’re going to get covid, so get vaccinated and then live as per usual” which is probably correct but seems depressing after all this time trying to avoid it. I have been going to restaurants and I went on a weekend trip (with another planned this weekend), so I am trying the live as per usual thing somewhat. We got freaked out at a restaurant the other day that was packed with no space between diners.

      I am in a bit of a down space with the world though. The fires and climate change and horse dewormer and Afghanistan - it’s all making me feel sad. And the fact that I am in the middle of an intense summer romance while all of this is happening is just fucking weird. I’m a bad movie character, annoyed because the apocalypse is inconvenient for my love affair.


      • My next door neighbor the infectious disease doc is now telling people “just accept that you’re going to get covid, so get vaccinated and then live as per usual”

        Yeah, there were two things epidemiologists have said in the Delta era that have stuck with me -- one of them (who specializes in the history of pandemics) has been saying all along that this is going to last 36 months regardless, and we can't vaccinate our way to a short cut, because this is just what viruses do historically, and that means we are halfway thru at this point. That helped me because I'd been all depressed over thinking it was over for much of May and June and then realizing we are all still stuck here. I needed even the suggestion of an end date. The second one said that unless we live alone in a cave deep in the forests only emerging to eat berries and throw sticks at the bears trying to take away our caves*, every single one of us is going to have Delta in our nose holes at some point. What our bodies do with it from there will depend on how each person has equipped their bodies individually.

        * he didn't say the parts about the caves, i guess I've just been thinking about moving to one

        I have to get a covid test today because I found out my eye doc tested positive after my appointment with her on Friday, which is fine, whatever. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Maybe fourth time's the charm!

        Thirty six months, people. Halfway thru.

        (none of this advice works for any of the other dumpster fires we are living through, unfortunately, but I can only fixate on one apocalypse at a time.)