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    I think I need this. Though Mr. Is was like: If you're going to pay $300 for a chair, why not go ergonomic? Buy a used Herman Miller Aeron.

    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      What a cute chair! It's very Mad Men.

      But my butt would hurt after 30 minutes and I wouldn't get any work done.

      But super CUTE!

      When you said pink and gray, I initially thought of something more like this:

      I like the light pink, too, though. Ugh, if Mr. Issie ever left me, I'd go buy a pink couch the VERY next day. And gray is one of my favorite wall colors. We have it on the walls of 4 of our rooms right now because when I finished painting our bedroom, I loved it so much, I did the guest room, the dining room, and the downstairs bathroom in it, too. Plus, I can mix it with any other color and usually am able to find a ton of accessories that coordinate with my scheme of the moment. Also, I hate you forever for starting this thread because HGTV is my literal crack in that it can keep me awake until the morning comes and decorating/remodeling talk is basically my favorite thing ever.
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        Oof, the last pic with the pink couch = Emily Henderson, who I am OBSESSED WITH. That room was one of my inspiration pics for our office! Grey walls, pink daybed, gold/brass, dark wood! Lovelovelove.

        That Target chair is super-cute, but yeah, there's no butt-padding. But so pretty. Reminds me of these.
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          You would totes regret that chair, agreed. But ugh, the Herman Millers are so ugly! And I have never been very comfy in them (we had them at work), because I don't think they are very 'ergo' for shorties.

          I don't work at a desk, so can't help you with desk/chair combo suggestions. If I'm on the laptop, I'm either standing, with the laptop on the counter in the kitchen, or I'm in the media room on this:

          I'm all about lounging.


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            I didn't know that was Emily's work, but yes, I love her too. I watch her show on HGTV and she's got great ideas. Plus, her clothes are cute, hee. Sometimes the rooms she ends up doing for people seem too cluttered to me, but they always seem happy, so clearly she listens to her peeps.

            Office chairs are hard for me. It's really hard to find something that is both comfortable and pretty and that also sits at the right height. We ended up buying some from an estate sale and had them reupholstered. I got them super stuffed so they'd be comfy forever and then my dad made me a desk to match the height of the chair.


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              Yes, I agree that Herman Millers are made for giants! And they are fug.

              I heard the Eames Management is a good one to find used because it's been in every color over the decades. This blogger that lives in my old neighborhood scored one in mauve-pink from the 80s. But I hate the arms.

              Mr. Is would knock inches off my desk if needed.

              I guess I'll just keep looking.

              ETA: I LOVE dark pink and my friend is giving me this groovy old chair that needs to be reupholstered and plan to do that in a dramatic pink. I'm still thinking I need to go a shade or two darker gray on the walls.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                I ended up going dark gray with the walls In my office and really like it!

                I also painted our front door today, a sagey-springy green that I like a lot!

                Mr. Is is currently killing me. He is STILL working on the drywall in the family room. He doesn't get much time to work on it so it's taking forever. However! He keeps redoing spots over and over. I am certain there is more mud on the walls than actual drywall. He sands and sands and sands and adds more and more and more mud. It's maddening. He didn't just patch the speaker holes in the ceiling. He then applied mud to every uneven spot on the ceiling. So basically he mudded the entire ceiling even though it was fine minus where two speakers used to be. He felt it could be better!
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                  a sagey-springy green

                  I also love's dedication to perfection!


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                    Oh noooooo. I know this exact pain. I had to hide our mud and hand sanders because my dude went over the same spots a gabillion times. Like an extremely constructive meth addict.


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                      can y'all send them to my house? I'm still waiting for some insulation to be put to fix up someone else's mistake. the insulation has been sitting there for at least 2 months now. jeez.


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                        Right, Laa? It's a nightmare.

                        Mr. Is's friend is here to help him prime the room and Mr. Is is STILL SANDING. FML. We could have picked out a color and been done with that fucking room today!
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          I love sagey-springy green; I made my bedroom that color!

                          I am all moved and have now been through every last box. Oh the stuff I threw out. Felt good. All I have left is hanging some more prints on the walls, and a light switch cover that Jimmy the Painter was supposed to replace but didn't. I can totally do that myself, I am sure.


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                            ALL unpacked? SO jealous.

                            I don't have places to put all my stuff yet!

                            However! HUGE progress, y'all. I basically handed Mr. Is's friend a paint roller to force Mr. Is to stop sanding the family room yesterday. Also, Mr. Is hems and haws about things like paint color for, basically, our entire lives, so I let his friend pick out the paint colors and Mr. Is trusts his judgment because he's a graphic designer. Meanwhile, I wanted something that felt like it was bringing the outside in (my original thought was more green but I was open to almost anything that got the room painted). So Mr. Graphic Designer liked a blue I picked out and suggested brown as well. So we bought paint to make a focal wall a chocolate brown and the three walls that are almost all windows a complementary grayish-blue! It's very exciting! Because it's the color of earth and sky and so it falls into my bringing the outside in--and the backyard is an expanse of green and the most visually dominant element of the room.

                            Which is to say: THANK BEEK for company! It's the only time I get any real forward motion.
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                              Eeee! Pics! Both of you! Love the idea of incorporating multiple earthy colors in the room with all the windows. Very Feng Shui-y. I'm obsessed with giant windows and bringing the outside in, so much so that I bought this tapestry from Urban Outfitters and made it a curtain for our sliding door. Now when the weather gets slushy and gray, we can sip on irish coffee until we actually believe that's our backyard.

                              Future Mr. Laa drove me and his mother INSANE because he third guessed everything, including everything he decided but especially the paint colors I picked. Wish I'd thought of bringing a designer friend over to parrot our choices!

                              v, if you just have one light switch cover to replace, have you considered a fancy, heavy-duty one for the most-used spot? I'm such a sucker for completely unnecessary splurges that no one else notices, and yet wall art is such a commitment to me. Do you have your prints already picked out?


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                                Oh Laa, those light switch covers are awesome; I should do something like that. Hmmm.

                                Yeah, the prints are all stuff I own already; apparently I collected a lot of "art" over the years.

                                You are more patient than me, Is. I hate indecisiveness.