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    I wanted to show off our first real transformation (though the carpet has to be replaced because OBVIOUSLY and the proper furniture is not in place in this photo) BUT STILL:

    This is how it looked during when the old people lived there! There is also a 1970s ceiling fan that you can't see in this photo.

    And this is how it's shaping up! We had the ceiling fan from our old apartment so we took down the 1970s one and put up ours. We pulled the cedar slats down and Mr. Is put up new drywall, skimmed the ceiling to make it even and put up new trim around the entire room, including around the sliding glass doors. We also painted the wood trim because it was not a fine wood. We also painted the whole room, obvs.

    That carpet is breaking my heart, tho. We are currently in a big disagreement about new carpet vs. hardwood. I think he just wants carpet because somebody else would install it.

    ETA: I just noticed all the old trim on my porch looks totes trashy!
    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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      That's amazing! You brightened it up times a gajillion.

      The trim piled up doesn't look trashy, it looks productive. I don't think we were anywhere near that far along in renovations at this point in home ownership. Most people buy a huse with all kinds of great plans, and then don't do jackshit for a year. Or two. Or three . . . I say, as I look across the hall at my pepto pink bathroom seven years later.

      I'm massively in love with those giant windows. The better to see the ninja super squirrels in your neighborhood when they finally make a move against your house! Or to spot a zombie invasion before anyone else in the neighborhood. Could buy you a few extra seconds of precious life.


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        Oh that's great; I love how fresh and clean and bright it looks now. Taking down the slats makes it so much warmer.


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          really nice and bright now! I really like it. Even the carpet looks better now. Is this room an add-on?


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            Whoa, you guys modernized the shit out of that room! Big windows are my jam, and the color is so great.

            As for the carpet, I kinda want to urge you to fight the good fight for hardwood. You can always get a big, cushy rug in front of the couch, but I think sometimes it's just nice to be able to wet-swiffer up whatever 'ness people track in from the porch. Plus, hardwood would look gorg with the wall color and I'm super shallow.


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              Definitely fight for hardwood!

              To be honest, my in-laws laid down the engineered stuff, and it looks pretty good in their space. Super easy to install and not very expensive, if that's' quibble.


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                Yeah, I will fight for hardwood!

                Thanks for the kind words. It's about 50% where I'd like the room to be so that's huge (for us) so far. It's the family room and it was an addition to the original house--it really is a huge space with tons of natural light. I spend most of my time in that room now. I hope to make a TV room with a breakfast nook since it's right off the kitchen.

                In other decorating news, I got a new office chair and it was delivered tonight and I LOVE it.

                It's a knock-off of the Eames Management Chair and costs like 1/10 the price of the original at Herman Miller. I was nervous about the white leather but with a black desk and gray walls? It works because everything else is white--the trim, the shelves, etc.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                  I hope it's comfy for you.


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                    It's lovely because it goes real low to accommodate my short legs.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                      That chair is like perfect Man Men styles, like it was made for you! And your living room looks great, but it'll look even better if you win the war for hard wood. It's amazing what a huge difference the lighter paint and trim did for the space. Before it was super 70s, but it looks so fresh now. And I spy a cute dude at the edge of your pic. Is that the realtor you crushed on?


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                        Ha! Yes, that's him. But his face is oddly warped in the pic because he's on the edge so I didn't call it out. He was adorbs. And had a crazy deep voice.

                        Movement on the hardwood war: Mr. Is was basically like: You always win! Let me have the illusion that I might win some day!

                        So, yeah, I'll win.

                        There are a few priorities ahead of new hardwood (and the carpet goes all the way through the kitchen--WHY do people put carpet in the kitchen!? It's so gross to me--so we might wait until the kitchen is redone and put the same flooring in both rooms. Lots of debate on that point right now). We are a little (emotionally) spent on major construction for a couple of months. So we're going to keep moving forward with painting other rooms and smaller projects. Also? We are slightly consumed with getting a new TV. Ours is 10 years old and it works fine but it's as thick as it is tall. It would modernize the room! AND ALSO I COULD WATCH MOVIES IN 3D. *ahem*

                        So we'll see where our priorities shake out! Ha!
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          You always win! Let me have the illusion that I might win some day!
                          This is where you look at him over the rim over your martini glass, and say, "That's marriage, darling."

                          Yes, I picture you living in a 1950s glam world 24/7. If you get a 3D tv, you will shatter my illusions!

                          We still have one of those enormous thick n' wides in our basement. We have owned three flat tvs since then, but we can't find anyone willing to take the old hefty one. It's crazy heavy! None of the veterans at the half-way home where mr.o used to work wanted it, and none of the charity places do either. They just laugh at us when we call. We are stuck with it forever.


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                            I heard that!

                            The Ferryman told me that he bought a new TV and could not give away his enormous TV (he had basically the same one we do now) on Craigslist.

                            We do not live in a 1950s dream world! Ha! We just like clean lines and midcentury stylings. But I'm actually pretty against the (sometimes rockabilly) aesthetic of Living in the Past. I love a lot of the styles and incorporate them all over the place but I really don't want to be stuck to that so specifically. For example, my kitchen will not be 1950s (though I do LOVE those Big Chill colorful, retro refrigerators, etc.). I want a white, modern kitchen. I will say my preferred kitchen seems to be coming into style (after the looooong period of granite countertops and cherry wood cabinets in every single house we've seen that was renovated in the 2000s in all Illinois). I don't hate that look I just don't really feel like it's my aesthetic at all.

                            This is most every renovated kitchen in Chicago (clearly, this is the highest end version of it):

                            Give me this everyday (including the splashy appliances that I probably would never spring for):
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                              Your second kitchen pic is more like what we went with . . . only I leaned more towards 'old schoolhouse' aesthetic. We have the old barnwood on the floor (love it for looks but do NOT recommend because of the splinter factor), stainless steel Ikea cabinets with Cararra marble countertops, stainless fridge, stainless countertop on the island (which is distressed black painted wood and match the kitchen table and chairs), and then our pantries are painted with chalkboard paint. They are really just Ikea closets, but they work great. That's where we have our microwave (inside) and all our food and dishes because I'm too short to reach upper cabinets. We weren't going to have any upper cabinets at all, until we realized we wouldn't be able to put up anything high enough away that kids couldn't get into it unless we had a couple of them.

                              The plan was also go with schoolhouse pendants like the ones in that picture, but I got the hankering to hang the crystal chandelier over the island instead. The chandelier came with the house . . . it was in the dining room, which we turned into the tv room, and I had been previously flummoxed as to what to do with the stupid behemoth. But since our ceiling in the kitchen is double height, it works pretty well in there. Everything is a little distressed and industrial, and then the chandelier classes up the joint.

                              I LOVE that blue stove and stove hood. Wish I had thought of that.


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                                Sounds fabulous!

                                I LOVE the stove but, honestly, I'm not a great cook and I am not into cooking as a hobby. So to spend $8,000 on a stove alone? I can't justify it at this point. Incidentally, maybe that is where I have an internal dictator. Because I put a budget on everything IN MY MIND. And I really have a hard time moving that lever without a very compelling reason (like 3D movies from my sofa)--even if I can absolutely afford a given thing.
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.