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    But since our ceiling in the kitchen is double height, it works pretty well in there. Everything is a little distressed and industrial, and then the chandelier classes up the joint.
    Swoon! Future Mr. Laa would not let me do chalkboard anything in the kitchen, but I'm still fighting that.

    But I'm actually pretty against the (sometimes rockabilly) aesthetic of Living in the Past. I love a lot of the styles and incorporate them all over the place but I really don't want to be stuck to that so specifically.
    Dit-to. I don't want my guests to feel like they're walking onto a set. But! I do think a colorful retro fridge would look DREAMY in a bright kitchen.

    Our kitchen is all solid oak cabinets with ye olde dark brass hardware, off-white laminate countertop from the 70s that's in surprisingly great condition, and white appliances + an almond-colored old fridge. It's wayyyy more "grandparents' house" than I'd like, but we'll probably stick with it forever/'til stuff breaks. After stenciling the linoleum and tearing down the Brady Bunch wallpaper, I can't even imagine working on our kitchen any more without throwing up a little.

    Carpet in kitchens or bathrooms -- WHY!


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      OMG. Our kitchen is grandma's house TO THE EXTREME. But like if your grandma died and never updated after buying her house in 1960. The owners clearly only ever replaced things as they broke so we have our Harvest Gold stove, our black refrigerator, black dishwasher and microwave (not a fan of black appliances, actually) as well as a strange, cheapie white island counter. Our tile backsplashes are also all variations on the Harvest Gold theme. It's super weird how everything in the kitchen and family room was as dark as possible (wood walls, black appliances) but the living room/dining room had white carpets, white walls, etc. It was like they had divergent aesthetics and just agreed to split the main living quarters.

      I think I'd like wrap up my office. I have a weird mishmash of cool, new awesome things I love and sad sack plastic containers and tubs that used to reside in closets. I need to figure out how I want to store it all, though. Mr. Is suggests we take the guest bedroom and have half the closet taken up with shelves to accommodate hobby items while the other half can be dressy clothes like suits and whatnot. Not a bad idea!

      I also think we'll prime the living room/dining room next (but we're taking a small break right now because we're both just sick of working on it). They walls are off-white and then a weird beige-yellow from scrubbing the wallpaper glue off the walls. I'll probably prime those two first and rip the trim out. We decided to do new trim throughout the house as we work on it because it just makes everything look so fresh (as we learned by putting it up in my office and the family room)!
      Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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        OMG I would not be able to deal at all with a carpeted kitchen. I would tear it out, put vinyl or something down or paint the floor with a sealer - ANYTHING, really - and slap down a threshold on where I stopped the carpet. All your changes look great!


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          The problem is the only thing under the carpet is ancient vinyl--it's super weird and also black and white. And we do plan to gut the kitchen so I can't see pulling up the floor now to just pull it up again in a year or two.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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            If it's just a year or two, you could Kilz the floor and paint over it, and you could prime those those de-wallpapered walls with Kilz too! Odorless Kilz is so magical.


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              Yeah, I had to get Kilz to deal with the evil wood sliding glass doors in the family room. I painted the trim and it looked fabulous! I put three coats of paint (including primer) on the doors themselves and they still looked yellow! One coat of Kilz over allll those coats of paint and it was fixed like magic. I had to put one coat of the proper paint over the killz and BOOM.

              I learned my lesson, for sure!

              The problem with the vinyl that I've seen is that it's in really bad shape. It's gummy and looked like it was crumbly around the edges of the room where I pulled the carpet the up. WHY did they not put hardwood there!? I don't know.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                I love the second kitchen you posted! That's way more my style than the first one, which I agree is very typical these days. If I could just transport the kitchen of my dreams into my house, it would look almost exactly like the one from Sarah's House, except I'd maybe choose something in the green family as my complimentary color instead of yellow. But still OMG, I love it SO MUCH.


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                  Can we talk about the farmhouse sink? Because I WANT ONE SO BADLY. It's irrational. I feel like my whole life will be validated if I can only have one when we renovate.

                  However? They are OUTRAGEOUSLY priced, IMO. I think last time I priced them they were like $1800. They have a cheap one at Ikea but I know it will have those little black scuff marks on it within a year or two. *sigh*

                  It's a quandary.
                  Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                    We don't have a farmhouse sink, but we have a really deep one . . . definitely do that. The deeper the better! (That's what she said.)

                    Oh, and is! One of the families on PLL have your exact office chair in their house so now you *have* to watch the show.


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                      Has anyone ever had their lawn sodded (or whatever the terminology is)? Is it wicked expensive? I'm thinking about doing it because sometime during the fall my backyard got overrun with weeds and whatnot and looks terrible and I'm determined to use it this summer for bbqs and general hanging out but I am way too lazy to weed and reseed the entire thing. It's not a ton of space; I think it's in the neighborhood of 220-250 sq. feet, so the sod itself should only run around $100. I just wonder if the labor costs are massive, because I'm sure the prep-work is going to be fairly intensive.


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                        We just did some napkin math on how much we spent on our house in this year of homeownership and HOLY FUCKING SHIT I could have gone on the vacation of a lifetime! TWICE.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          So, y'all know my husband is cray?

                          I finally picked out colors for our living/dining/entryway (it's a big L-shaped area). That's cool. I'm excited about it even though I've already lost confidence in my choices.

                          ANYWAY, I ask Mr. Is to take a break from the Garage Mahal project of endless time and expense and focus on this painting job, which I figured might take a 6-10 days including prep work and clean-up. I'm so stupid, you guys, because we're on day 6 now and we're still knee-deep in prep work. *sigh*

                          So, we cover everything that we can't move out of the spaces. This place looks like a Dexter crime scene! And I'm like: Oh, now we can spackle. Mr. Is decides that we will spackle, yes, but first we will take all the trim off the floors and then also all door frames (!), which I was not expecting. And so he did. We have SIX doors down one hallway (bedrooms, bathroom, closets). And so that just added $200-$300 to this project. Trim is not expensive but when you need a TON of it? It is.

                          So then, randomly, he started knocking on all the walls. And I'm like: What are you doing? Well, replacing the beam and the addition of the family room in 1977 made some of the walls gape from the studs. And so where there are cracks (because of the new beam) he decided to drive in screws to ensure the structural integrity. Oohkay.

                          BUT THEN YOU GUYS. I hear the hammer drill going endlessly and I come out of my office to see that on every single wall, along every single stud (throughout the living room, dining room and hallway) he has screwed the drywall into the studs. And, of course, in doing so, popped the spots where the old screws are. So now there is a hole and a pop-out of a screw in long lines across every bit of space. And then he has to pick away the area where the screw has popped out and put drywall plaster over the new screw hole and the old screw hole, effectively skim coating the entire space.

                          So now we're at the point of putting on a second layer of drywall mud across the entire room, which also requires sanding, of course. And now, of course, every wall will require primer because of the drywall mud.


                          I just wanted to paint the living room, y'all.
                          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                            Holy Beeksus, dude.

                            It's always funny to me when it's time to compare husbands in this area, b/c ours are such total opposites. If I told mr.o we had to repaint a wall, he'd 'finish' it in under two hours. But it would be a half assed mess b/c he would:

                            A) use whatever crappy leftover paint he finds in the basement, even if it doesn't match anything in the house
                            B) forget to lay a tarp, tape off the corners, sand, or spackle.
                            C) wander off three quarters of the way through to do something else and never come back to it

                            So then I:

                            A) call his mom and bitch about it until she comes over and secretly re-does it properly for me and WE NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN.

                            The man never does a second coat. Not without a metaphorical gun to his head.


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                              GIRL, you should've just painted it on your own! You already knew this would happen. Before you even started in on the details of this story, I knew this would happen! Mr. Is can't not, man.


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                                You're right! I was going to but there were a couple of spaces that needed to be fixed because we replaced a beam at the front of the house. I knew he'd over do aspects of it but his ability to overdo it beyond all my guessing somehow always ends up surprising me! I mean, we've had several friends over in the past week and they were like: Um, HOLY SHIT dude!
                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.