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  • I feel terrible for people who need to find child care quickly so they can even go to work if they're not able to work remotely. Our largest school district is closed until April and almost all the others are on at least a week long extended spring break until March 23rd which will leave a lot of people scrambling.


    • Tale of Two Americas . . . in our house, we have stocked up our pandemic boxes and are already quietly self-isolating (gotta flatten the curve!), while our Fox News loving neighbors are having a huge noisy party at their house, lots of passing drinks around and sloppy high fiving.


      • Took FB off my phone for a bit. How and why are some people so PROUD about not giving a shit about anyone else? I can’t look at any more posts about cheap flights, dinner dates out in busy restaurants, or families that went to Disney “just in time.” My parents went to a casino buffet last night (and it was empty, luckily), but I did get through to them today with a barrage of scolding texts. And here we are, avoiding restaurants and going to stores at weird hours to keep a 3ft distance between us and others. We’re following the Italy curve exactly and no one seems to be able to sacrifice anything unless it’s something paltry for Lent.


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        • I have to stop reading Twitter and probably Facebook too. I am obsessing on reading about this, and that’s just not going to help anything.

          Yesterday my neighbor and I took a walk in the middle of the afternoon and groups of 20-something Gen Zers were roaming the neighborhood going from parties to the bars. I wanted to shout at them “You are going to be sorry when you kill your grandmother.”

          Also: I touch my face approximately 9 million times/day.


          • They say to keep your hands in your pockets and eventually it trains your brain to keep your hands down in general. “They” meaning one of a million corona articles I’ve read containing an interview with an expert on something.

            My sister in law was supposed to get married this weekend. It’s going to end up being immediate fam and the bridal party, and even that’s giving me anxiety, but it’s what they’re recommending for all upcoming weddings. Again, “they” meaning one of twenty corona articles I’ve read containing an interview with an expert on weddings.


            • How are we all doing?

              I am adjusting to working at home. My ergonomic situation sucks so I ordered a desk and chair this morning. I am finding that inventing three meals/day for myself is kinda exhausting; I now understand more than ever why Mom occasionally declared we were having pancakes for breakfast. I am getting almost no work done.

              I am lonely and often freaked, and I am conducting a long distance phone-based flirtation, which seems very appropriate. A different man wants to have me over for dinner some time, and I don't know if that is allowed. I don't have any clue how to think about dating in this situation.


              • I am freaked and bored and depressed but I hardly go out at all. I wouldn't go to dinner right now, Vanessa. I am scaaaared.


                • Virtual date or nothing! I really think people who are getting takeout right now are so brave. How do you know that the teenager making pizzas isn’t asymptomatic? That’s where my head’s at. Madness. The Mr. has bronchitis and the kiddo has a cough (no fever), so I had to do a grocery run today and my anxiety was through the roof. When I came home, I threw my clothes in the laundry, scrubbed my phone and purse in soapy water, and washed my hands like a surgeon. My parents are finally taking this seriously, but not before my mother went on one last Sam’s Club run. UGH 4EVER.


                  • Mr. Issie and the boys haven’t left the house since Thursday night and maaaaan, they are tired of each other. I’ve never been so thankful to have a backyard where you can just dump kids when they become allergic to all indoor activities. I still have to go to work sometimes so I was last out on Monday and then I’m out again tomorrow. I think my new thing is to try to make a store run if I have to be out anyway just to grab stuff that we go through fast, but our big grocery chain here does curbside so if they have the items available, hopefully I won’t have to leave my car? I’m trying it for the first time tomorrow so wish me luck. I went in the store on Monday and it’s still empty shelves and long lines. Many of the stores here have started reserving an hour for elderly shoppers so that’s been great. We live in an older neighborhood that has a lot of seniors so we’ve been calling our neighbors to make sure they’re ok, but so far, people seem well stocked up on supplies. I really wanted, but also at the same time absolutely didn’t want to just send Mr. Issie and the kids to my parents’ lake house so in case I get it, they won’t get sick. I brought it up, but got shot down immediately so here we are.


                    • I tried Costco delivery the other day and it was easy peasy. A++ would recommend.

                      I am so glad people agree with me on the date. I do order takeout, but I am not comfortable going to that dude’s house and eating food he prepared without any training in food safety at all. I FEEL like people at my go-to restaurants are at least trying. And who knows who else he is dating and what their hygiene habits are?

                      In other news, my furnace broke and I am without a furnace till Friday. Luckily it’s warm-ish, but the added stress of dealing with that has made me a mess. I couldn’t sleep last night. I am Benadryl-ing myself tonight.


                      • Oh Issie, it’s heartbreaking to hear the stories coming out of medical professionals having to separate themselves from their families. My mom processes lab tests, so she’s irritatingly calm about this. She’s always been the biggest OCD germphobe, so maybe she’s in her element now. But my dad is hella old, and she’s not young, and every day she goes to work is a risk.

                        Re: groceries, I did go to a regular grocery store about an hour before rush hour (not really a thing anymore right now, but whatever), and it wasn’t busy, but I was trying to distance myself from anyone in the aisles. In line, there were carts separating us, so I felt okay. At home, I legit considered wiping down every item I got with water-bleach, and I chucked all the plastic bags like an asshole. Anyway! I’ve heard that smaller, local stores are stocked and not busy, and there’s the added bonus of keeping a business afloat. Going to try that for the next run.

                        V, can you order a small heater?

                        I got the go-ahead to work from home starting tomorrow, but everything I do depends on people traveling. Basically I’ll be researching ways to optimize our web presence in an industry that’s at a complete standstill. Who knows if anything I learn will be applicable after this. Bracing myself for - best case scenario - a temporary layoff. If it weren’t for the Mr. cooking, I’d be stress barely-eating half a cup of soup for every meal to ration food. But my company finally got on board with the idea of working from home — all it took was a pandemic.


                        • I have a small space heater that has been doing a good job. So i am okay.


                          • Okay so I FINALLY got an appointment with a doc here in town, but I've been feeling SUPER WEIRD AND CRAPPY for a few days so we did our appointment over the phone. Mostly I peppered him with Covid-19 questions, obvs.

                            looks like some docs are saying kale = yes, Vitamin C = no, and elderberry = maybe?

                            My new doc actually says elderberry = NOOOOOO. Which is awesome, because I had just stocked up on it. He said normally it's a nice supplement to have for the regular kind of flu, but for Covid-19 it can actually contribute to cytokine storms, which is apparently a bad thing?

                            Instead, he suggested zinc, so okay.

                            He also said no to any NSAIDs (ibuprofen and aspirin included). He said best to let a normallish fever run it's course, and take Tylenol if it goes crazy high and stays there. As for my asthma, he's prescribing me a different kind of inhaler, and says to use albuterol if I start coughing.

                            Now! As for how I'm feeling because this might be relevant to some of y'all who are also feeling kinda weird . . . I started feeling mildly crappy about five days after driving up to our nearest big city for a doc appointment for the ogirl. We didn't do anything crazy with crowds while there, but we were in a big office building with lots of medical offices in it, and we did eat at a busy restaurant. At the time, we didn't know that city had several Covid-19 cases (that was announced later). Now I feel a little flu-ish but stranger than other flus I've had. Sweatier than usual with chills. Stiff and achey, congested, and headache-y. My lungs hurt a tiny bit when I breathe but I'm not coughing. It just feels a little tight. If I walk upstairs, I get really short of breath, Stayed mostly in bed for a couple of days, really really tired.

                            I have NO IDEA if I've got it . . . and the best part is that I'll probably NEVER know because it's not like I can get tested.

                            I actually feel very much like this ABC reporter, only my lungs hurt a bit and she didn't mention that, or the excessive sweatiness. (I'm literally sweating through my shirt right now, but I don't have a fever? and I also feel cold? It's weird?)


                            ABC News Staffer With Coronavirus Hopes to Be a "Reality Check" for People With "Mild Symptoms"

                            "I am feeling so much better. This virus was really something that knocked me off my feet for a day, but other than any of the lingering symptoms, every other time in my life where it was something, I would've just tried to push through," said Hartung.

                            She said that she had a runny nose about a week ago, which was four days after she returned home from working in Seattle. The Washington city is where the first coronavirus outbreak in the United States took place.

                            Hartung admitted that she originally thought her runny nose was due to allergies, though a few days later she woke up and she knew "something was wrong immediately." The reporter explained, "I've had the feeling before when I've had the flu. When my body's just broken down, when I've gone too hard and I've been run down. I knew something was off as soon as I woke up, and that's when I started consulting medical professionals."

                            The reporter added that she did not know whom she came in contact with that also has the virus. "We were in Seattle covering this story, but again, I don't know who that person was," she said. "I came back. I was feeling just fine. Had that runny nose the next morning, woke up and really was knocked off my feet. I was fatigued. I was not looking forward to getting out of bed."

                            In addition to a runny nose, Hartung had a headache "right between the eyes," was congested and had body aches. "I wasn't having the symptoms that were being so closely associated with the virus," she said. "It was easy for me at first to think this was nothing. 'This is not something to be concerned about.'"

                            Despite not having the symptoms commonly associated with the virus, ABC's doctor persuaded Hartung to get tested due to her being in Seattle. "I feel guilty that I'm someone who was able to get one," she said of the tests.

                            Hartung said that she called another health care provider, who told her that the symptoms were too mild for her to be tested. "I was defeated, confused. I didn't know where to turn, what to do," she said. "My health care provider actually called me back and said, 'Upon review of your case, because of where you've been, we do want you to get tested.'"

                            "I hope that I can be a reality check for some folks out there who are having these mild symptoms," she added. "We all need to be listening to our bodies and recognizing there are no coincidences right now."

                            Now that she's been diagnosed, doctors have instructed Hartung to rest, hydrate and "let time pass." She added, "I'm being told to isolate for 14 days from the day when my symptoms really presented."

                            As soon as I read she had a headache between the eyes I was like oh . . . shit. I've had a between-the eyes headache that has been hurting like fuck for days. And yet! all of what I'm experiencing is mild enough that I would normally just push right through it and keep on keeping on.

                            I've been dismissing this as allergies and stress asthma or even a regular cold because I didn't think you could have Covid-19 without a cough or actual fever, so . . . I've not been quarantining myself all the time. I haven't left the house since that trip, but I've not been keeping myself away from the kids or the common areas of the house. My in-laws stopped by yesterday, too. And oh when I sent that article to mr.o, he was like, "ooops, I feel just like that lady, as well." We both have been bitching about how bad our allergies are right now and how flonase isn't helping at all and about how goshdurn tired we are. But he's at work right now . . . (luckily his office is shutting down after today).

                            I mean, a disease that can manifest in so many different ways (a guy on You Tube with a positive test says his started out with stomach aches and diarrhea!) is almost impossible to diagnos based on symptoms alone! so it's like we all need more testing or something instead but that is CRAZYTALK apparently.


                            • Yeah, this virus is nuts. Without widespread testing, it’s impossible to tell if what you have is a familiar, seasonal icky thing or COVID. Okay, time for upsides.

                              * It’s actually more likely to weaken if it mutates.
                              * Pollution is down.
                              * Less fast food.
                              * People seem to getting more exercise and fresh air.
                              * Less consuming to consume, especially beauty products and trendy, disposable fashion.
                              * No commutes.
                              * More time for hobbies and home improvement. Global hygge.
                              * Families saying “I love you” and checking in more.
                              * Stressed out people are discovering meditation.

                              More, please.


                              • Yeah, without testing, we have NO idea where it is, who has it, what mutations it has taken on, and, most importantly, who we might be endangering. It's infuriating to me. I felt "off" for a few days but it was probably stress? But I did go to my doc's office two Fridays in a row and about 5 days after the second visit I spent 3 days truly feeling bizarre and sickly. This was the day before, of and after Trump's first (disastrous) speech last week (WAS THAT JUST LAST WEEK?). I felt like I had a fever but had no fever (I checked a few times). I had tender lymph nodes in my neck. I felt exhausted and slept all night, came home, took a nap, woke up and then felt exhausted again and slept all night. I had the same feeling I had four years ago just before I came down with a pretty bad flu. But then my symptoms disappeared, and I just felt the normal stress one should feel about the world today.

                                I assume this is probably all stress related. But who knows? I'll likely never know, as you said. No tests means we don't know what we're up against.

                                Mr. Is was in BC skiing until Sunday (SO irritated with him for even going on that trip when I knew it was doomed and it ended up being cut very short anyway). He's been fine, but I'm still making him sleep in the guest room and keeping a reasonable distance. I figure if he gets sick, I'll have to take care of him and I need to stagger any illness we may share.

                                I'm so afraid for my friends in health care. One of my BFFs works at major hospital in Chicago in L&D and she has been moved to screening for COVID-19 at the front door of the hospital, basically, separating possible contagious patients out. She said even tho everybody is home, nobody will help her out with childcare (her husband also has a job that doesn't support working from home) and her 10YO has to be home alone a couple of days this week bc the other moms are now afraid of getting it from her/her kid. It made me really mad.

                                I'm so mad at all the assholes not making any adjustments to their lives and endangering my friends at hospitals and the folks who work in retail who need their jobs to live but are being put at the front lines of something they didn't ask for.

                                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.