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  • Oh the poor Laa-babies! So glad y'all were able to rescue xmas for them after all.

    mr.o is already 100% better! He had a rough 48 hrs and then just bounced completely back, which makes us think it probs IS omicron becuz the flu would have taken him down longer and his actual trajectory is classic 'what you would expect from a boosted person with a breakthrough infection'. The fact that he has to continue to quarantine despite feeling fine is already starting to drive him nuts. He has vacuumed the house three times in 24 hrs.

    I'm still feeling awful, obvs, but I never bounce back the way he does.

    My lungs are still good, I'm monitoring with an oximeter and my peak flow meter so no worries for now. Mostly sore throat, fatigue, headache, muscles aches, sinus pressure etc. The headache and increased boatiness are the worst parts so far. We finally got an appointment for PCRs at CVS for tomorrow.

    We missed mr.o's grandmother's 100th birthday! I am very bummed about that. But you don't want to be the one that accidentally infected and took down a lady who's lived through Prohibition, The Great Depression, WWII, and at least 18 presidential administrations!

    I did find one tip online which I'm following . . . flonase. I had quit flonase just in case it raised eye pressure, but went back on it for this.

    Reducing risk of hospitalization by 20%, maybe!

    . . . but there's a possibility nasal sprays could affect the results of a nasal swab test, so if you are using them you are supposed to swab the back of your throat before swabbing the nostrils, so that sounds fun.


    • Thanks for the CBD rec, Is.

      Are you feeling better, Ophy?


      • Yes . . . and no!

        Tested negative for covid, so I guess maybe we did both have the flu instead? Or the flonase we both use messed up the test? We didn't manage to swab our throats after all, because the swab sticks they gave us at CVS were broken and couldn't reach. So now I dunno. I do feel mostly better, but I'm still fatigued like kerrrrazy. When you also have a chronic illness, it's hard to know if you are 'over' something or not. I still have a sore throat and a headache but wevs.

        Despite going NOWHERE and wearing a KF94 mask like, constantly, this is literally the fifth viral event I have gone through since March 2020, and NONE of them have tested as covid so I'm just :shrug: :shrug: about my body at this point.


        • I somehow missed some of these updates. So sorry about your xmas eve Laa! What a shit show.

          Also, I'm not sure which test you used, o, but I swear everybody's test is allllll over the place. I have had multiple friends have COVID and test negative repeatedly until testing positive via PCR test like 5-7 days into the symptomatic phase. ALSO, I've noticed that in couples I know that have had it, the man tests positive, the woman tests negative. Same symptoms. WTF! Anecdotally, this has happened with four couples I know. Very fucking weird IMO.
          Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


          • Also, I'm not sure which test you used, o, but I swear everybody's test is allllll over the place.

            It IS very fucking weird! We got sick at the same time, but our symptoms were not exactly the same. He had one set of omicron-ish symptoms (including all day vomiting but no sore throat - and 20% of people with omicron experience vomiting)) and I had a different set of more typical omicron-ish symptoms (sore throat, etc.). I'm not sure what other kind of virus (other than covid, obvs) manifests differently like that in people who obviously got sick at the same time from the same exposure.

            We did self PCR tests at CVS three days into our symptoms, but I was skeptical of the negative results . . . so I decided to go to an urgent care place to have someone do a PCR on me 7 days into symptoms. mr.o didn't bother because he already felt 100% better by that point. They did a rapid, which was negative, and then a PCR one which was also negative. But neither time did they swab the throat, which is standard now in some places like in the UK, I think?

            mr.o is assuming he had a stomach flu, but that seems wrong to me because there's no way I would not have got a stomach flu from him if that's what he had. So yeah, it's weird!

            I'm still struggling, honestly. Tiiiiiired and my throat is still sore. But I'm not achey anymore other than the normal old person achiness, and my head doesn't have the fuzzy buzzy flu feeling anymore.

            Y'all know if the antibody tests still pick up past covid infection if you've been triple shotted? I don't know if the vaccines mess up the test results or not.

            ETA oh, I guess I need to find a new doctor, which sucks! When I called the office to let them know I was sick and might have covid, the advice they gave me was 'the doc has been telling people to take vitamin C, zinc, and ivermectin' !?

            I was just kinda staring at the phone, too sick to process it.

            But I guess now I gotta do something, because yikes.

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            • the doc has been telling people to take vitamin C, zinc, and ivermectin'
              WTAF?????? You really really need a new doctor, or your doctor needs new staff.


              • Are they giving prescriptions for Ivermectin? Neo told me some docs are just giving the crazy conservative patients what they want! Which is like: HOLY SHIT.
                Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                • I know someone who is on my facebook friends list (friend of family) who probably has COVID but is in denial so she got ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and a whole bunch of vitamins, and SURPRISE is not getting any better. But she refuses to believe doctors that she needs real medicine. Today she posted that she doesn’t want to die and I just want to scream at her to listen to actual doctors.


                  • So, I've been haunting the Herman Cain Award Reddit for months now and the absolute over-the-top distrust in anything but Facebook folk remedies is SHOCKING to me. I don't know what it is. I shouldn't be surprised at this point, but MAN it's crazy out there. I have seen post after post of people telling very sick friends and family members to refuse treatment of anything but monoclonal antibodies and a bunch of vitamins. They regularly tell people to refuse remdesivir (because it kills you), refuse "the vent" because that's how the doctors are killing patients, etc. It's very bonkers. There's also post after of people blaming/accusing the very nurses and doctors trying to save them for the deaths of their loved ones.

                    This pandemic has brought out a level of insanity and hysteria I couldn't have imagined experiencing before.
                    Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                    • We are just now coming out of a family Covid event which was super boring, actually. My sister was supposed to host Christmas (everyone was vaxxed and all the healthcare peeps plus our spouses had all been boosted since around Thanksgiving). Two days before, my sister texts us all and says she was exposed at a dinner and needs to cancel. She ended up testing positive, quarantined at home, basically had the sniffles for a couple of days, and is fine. No one else in her house ever tested positive, but one of my nephews did have cold symptoms so we think his test was maybe not accurate. Her son and his wife spent Christmas with us since I ended up hosting.

                      A couple of days after New Year's, Mr. Issie gets a call from someone at work saying that they were exposed at a party so we shut it down at Chez Issie. Both of us tested positive with PCR, Mr. Issie felt meh but still worked out everyday, I felt a little more tired than usual but eh. We couldn't really do anything with the kids since we couldn't ask anyone to stay with us and obvs couldn't take them anywhere so we just basically acted like they had it from day one of finding out and hoped for the best. Their rapids came back negative, but they were both sniffly and Mr. T had a low grade fever for three days so we just concluded that they both had it anyway. The hard part was keeping them apart while Mr. T rode out his fever because they were so bored.

                      And just yesterday my brother's oldest son found out that his girlfriend got exposed at work so now they're in quarantine waiting for their tests.

                      It's a mess, but we have been lucky enough to avoid major catastrophe and none of us has breathed anywhere near our parents since New Year's Day so they're at least safe from us. People at work are dropping like flies. Literally, we had a doc stand up in the middle of his clinic after getting a call from his wife telling him that she'd just tested positive and saying "Everyone stay away from me, I'm going home to quarantine" and just walked out after telling his NP that he'd call her from the garage. It's actually hilarious and insane.


                      • Oh, Issie! I am so so so glad y'all made it through okay. Knowing what to do about the kids makes all of this so much more stressful, for sure.

                        Both of my kids got boosted this past weekend . . . and the oboy had mild chest pains the next day, so we kept him home from school. I gave him aspirin just in case it was some kind of myocarditis (i hope that was the right thing!) and kept an eye on him. He seemed fine this morning so I sent him back to school today. But really, I don't know what I would have done if his chest pains had gotten worse. The hospital seems like a Very Bad Place to go right now.

                        Crap. mr.o literally just texted me that he's been exposed at work so ugh, here we go again.


                        • I hope y'all are ok, o! My brother has the greatest potential of exposure to Covid out of all of us who work in a healthcare setting and he's the only one who hasn't gotten it yet so go figure.


                          • Glad you have had very mild cases! It's getting closer and closer to us, but we have been weirdly lucky so far. Everybody in Mr. Is's family canceled on us for xmas (people kept threatening to come out and then canceling at the last minute) so we had a quiet couple of weeks. A couple of days after BiL canceled, my niece got it (again--the whole family had it pre-vaccines). They are in Michigan, so no masks or mitigation efforts, and I heard from multiple friends and family members that almost nobody masks there. My MiL is coming to visit on tomorrow, so wish me lucky! I'm sure she will come with it, to be honest. For some reason, even though she's in her 70s, she has decided to work full time because everyone is paying such high wages she can't resist. Heh. She worked in banks her whole life and is now making more money than she ever did during her actual career!

                            I had a bigger near-miss yesterday. People are going into the office on Wednesday, and I normally go. But it's a very small group and we are lazy about masking (most of us are pretty careful and have been lucky so far). But I just didn't think yesterday felt safe with positivity rates over 20% in the county. Everyone with teen kids had exposure, and I just quietly decided to work from home and skip it because they are more blase about this than I am. Sure enough, first thing this morning one of my co-workers that went in yesterday tested positive. Weirdly, she has no idea how she got it. She hasn't been anywhere but the grocery store (masked, etc.) in like 5 days. So I dodged that bullet. Everyone who was there was texting me telling me that my corona-sense must have been tingling. I was the first person in my office to tell everyone we were all gonna work and home be lucky to live through the next year and a half ... way back in Feb. 2020. Turns out my paranoia was oddly prescient?

                            Anyway, everybody at my office is vaxxed and whatnot, but I'm still afraid to get it because, after cancer and hysterectomy, I suffered from terrible brain fog for months. It was very frightening and one of the worst things that's ever happened to me. So, while I don't think rona will kill me b/c I'm vaxxed I know many people who have been suffering with brain fog after getting it so it's hard pass for me, thanks!
                            Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                            • I’m so, so glad everyone’s doing okay! The neuro stuff about it freaks me out just as much as the heart stuff and the blood clots! I know someone who hasn’t gotten her taste or smell back and it’s been over a YEAR. That is for SURE one of my hells.

                              My parents got it and didn’t tell me until they were fully recovered and already back at work. I hope hope hope there’s no long-term shit that pops up, but I’m glad they were a) boosted and b) the last people at their workplaces to get it. They’re in their mid-to-late 70s, but they work full-time not because they’re making additional cash or anything. I’m starting to think they just never really envisioned retirement for themselves. My mom tests blood all day, so I’m actually pleasantly surprised it didn’t get her sooner.


                              • So, my oldest son got covid, probably from school, but none of us have it up until now and it's been five days. He doesn't have any symptoms at all, just a slight head ache and he complaint that his nose hurt the first day we realised he had it (on Monday) but after that not the slightest ache, fever or cough. Just a pesky second line at his test. Both the kids (and us) are fully vaxxed so maybe that's a factor, I don't know. I hope it continues that way. Generally here they say that Omicron lasts five days so maybe we're at the end of it. "crosses fingers"