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  • Ha! I was in denial about my bra size forever and kept buying bigger banded B-cups because I was positive that was my cup size and that my bras only hurt because they were too tight around. I got measured in Dubai: 32D. I was gobsmacked. The woman was all, "You could wear a 34C if you want but really you should have a tighter band." She was right; it made a huge difference in my comfort level.


    • I think everyone has ended up buying 34B and thinking that's their size. I put on a lot of weight when I gave up kick boxing after tearing a back muscle and didn't think of getting re measured. Did so a few months ago and found I was now 36D. Bought a load of CK underwear and now I am doing yoga every night I'm losing weight again so will have to buy more at the old size. And they are just so blasted expensivd


      • I learned I'm actually a 30D. Which almost no retailer carries so stocking up on Target bras is out now but the difference in fit is kind of amazing.
        I have never heard of a 30D in my life. Yeah, that seems like it would be hard to find, for sure.

        I stopped wearing real bras after I read that article from the French doctors about how wearing bras will result in droopier boobs as you age (and French people know boobs, amirite?), but I think I last measured as a 32C. That was before my stupid anti-inflammatory diet, though, so who knows now.

        I've never been a D before, which means you are bigger than me . . . so I'm going back to thinking that my specific dumpiness is a torso issue. Between my underboobs and my natural waist, there's only like, two inches of flesh. All shirts ended up looking dumb, especially anything buttoned or tucked in. Long drapey cardigans are okay, though. I end up wearing a lot of untucked tank tops with drapey cardigans, which help me pretend I am not a hobbity person.


        • Everyone thinks they're a 34b, myself included. I brieeeeefly worked in the bra department at Macy's and that was the most popular answer. That was also when I found out I'm technically 32C. But I'm cheap, so I still buy errything. Short waist here, too!

          em, I think you could probs buy 32s and sew on an extra hook and eye closure?
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          • That's a good idea, La. I was told same thing as roly too - I can wear a 32C if 30D isn't available so I've bought a few of those at VS but they don't last as long.

            I swear we must all subliminally get the 34B message around 15 or so.

            I'm thinking of trying a capsule wardrobe this summer. They're super trendy on blogs right now (that linked blog is the best one IMO but there are a ton out there) but 1) I want to see if I can since I'm usually an ALL THE CLOTHES person and 2) as a borderline invalid, I've been relying on retail therapy and I want to save my funds for a trip when I *fingers crossed* get the cancer free all clear at the end of Summer.


            • thanks for the blog link, emmaleigh. I'm not a clothes fiend but I don't want to look like I just got out of hibernation either - - she seems to have some good advice about what to pare.
              I just got fitted for a new bra - - although it was at VS so I don't know how long it will last. I'm losing weight but still in the short & round category. My problem is that, despite being pretty well endowed, my boobs disappear depending on what I'm wearing.


              • I do like her timings in that blog link - but 5 mins to make a Nutribullet to go - I have to make mine the night before as it takes me about half an hour


                • Ok, y'all. Did anybody do any damage these past couple of weeks? My birthday and Black Friday are very close to each other, so I usually go full Retta and treat myself.

                  I've been wanting to try the Drunk Elephant line because I've heard such great things, so I got their starter pack. So far I really like the Baby Facial and the C-Firma serum. I think that's all I would reorder at this point, but I'm gonna give the other products time to win me over. They stack their products to create a facial system and obvs to make you buy more, but from what I've read on reddit, the marula oil can be found for much cheaper, and the B Hydra serum and Umbra Sheer sunscreen are meh. I've used Sunbum for years and my Olay has 30 SPF so I don't need to buy mega fancy sunscreen anyway.

                  The brushes by IT Cosmetics were also well reviewed and I've been needing to replace a bunch of my brushes for probably over a year now. They've all shed a lot of bristles over time and with washing so they were on their last legs. I got one of their brush sets and they're really good. I don't wear eye makeup except eyeliner and mascara, but on special occasions, so I got this one.

                  I also got a new Garmin watch and stocked up on leggings from Athleta since they're my favorite and leggings are officially my uniform these days. I have been converted by the draw of the high waist/elastic waist and will probably never go back.


                  • I went full millennial and gave in to Glossier mascara and cheek tint, and I got Biossance squalene oil in bulk like a crazy lady.


                    • I have been wanting some useful piece of home exercise equipment, so I bought myself a water rower. It can be tilted up and out of the way in 10 seconds, so I am able to basically keep it in my living room all the time except when company comes over.

                      I also bought some doterra oils to make the house smell good, and my exís niece is sell Argonne, so I bought some brightening serum and hand cream. Super expensive, so it better be good.

                      And I bought myself a week in NYC for Christmas.

                      My new employer does not get around to giving year-end bonuses till March, which is cramping my style. (I was looking at their timeline for year-end performance reviews and bonuses and I literally do not understand how it could take as long as it does. Like, we pride ourselves on global scalability in our core business, so.)


                      • NYC FOR CHRISTMAS. I have always wanted to do that!

                        Those doterra oils are overpriced and I only buy them in a friend is sorta forcing me. Heh. THey have all that shit for a fraction of the price at the Whole Foods. WHEN YOU ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN WHOLE FOODS, WHAT IS HAPPENING.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


                        • I keep reading that as diarrhea oils and laughing to myself.


                          • My buying Doterra is totally about a friend selling it. I donít even believe in their magic powers; I just figure they make the house smell pretty.

                            NYC in Christmas has me so excited. I have bought myself special pre-opening empty museum tours to the Met and MOMA, and I am considering a super splurge on Hamilton.


                            • That sounds amazing. As a pre-Christmas treat this time last year I spent a week in NYC and it was the BEST. Iíd always wanted to see it at Christmas time and it did not disappoint. I didnít get to see Hamilton there but I saw it in London this summer and I loved it. You are so lucky!


                              • This is going to sound totally random, but I switched off from aluminum deodorant this year when my fave brand (Dermadoctor) went on back order and I thought Oh hell, may as well try the natural stuff why not and after trying half a dozen brands that FAILED I finally stumbled on this one, that is working fantastically:


                                They are the ones with this commercial:

                                I do not know why/how it works but IT WORKS.* **

                                *for me, anyway.

                                *disclaimer: I have not tried it in the summer yet, and it gets well about 95 degrees here so we will see!