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    You know those big old nylon snowmen, Santas and whatever else are popular? I've always thought they were tacky and swore I'd never get one. Until I saw the Grinch ones. I want one for my balcony NOW!
    Forget the stupid icicle lights I want a 10 foot green thing waving at the drunk woman upstairs.


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      Well, I went out yesterday and bought myself a fake tree for $20 at Michael's. Doesn't look half bad. The Boy and I put it together and flung lights on it, and I'm planning on making some origami ornaments to supplement my pitifully tiny ornament collection. So far the Hellbeast has spent time crouching under it (you're not hidden--we can still see you!), and has done some gnawing of plastic branches (can't feel too great), but no attempts to scale it and no harm done.

      Though right now Hellbeast is on my lap and attempting to gnaw my arm...

      As for holiday shopping? Please. With the exception of some things I will get online, most of it won't been done for a few weeks yet.


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        <-- a catholic who never celebrates Christmas


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          Went to Best Buy and Barnes & Noble yesterday to pick up presents for the hubby, but neither store had anything on the list. It was beyond irritating, as nothing was exceptionally odd or weird. And they weren't just sold out at BB either, it was all "Oh, that's not something we stock anymore".

          I knew I always shop online for a reason.

          We're actually going light on the holidays this year because we just bought a great wall unit/bookcase/media storage/display case for collectibles earlier this year. It rocks like a hard rocking thing and I get to see stuff I've had stored in boxes for the four years we've lived in the house.


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            Just got back from holidays with the extended family. The hubby did really well on my gifts this year, my favorite being the Kate Spade handbag in slate.

            The best part is that it matches my pretty DKNY shoes that I got on sale some time ago so now I just have to find a dress to go with both, and I'm all set for a bridal shower I have in a couple weeks.


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              Mr. D also did very well with the gifts this year, with one of my faves being this Coach purse in a tomato-y red (which for some reason isn't on their website). Woo-hoo for the misters and the purses!


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                I got nothing.

                <- bitter
                It's all about me and my precious.


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                  Don't be upset, Piggay. For non-Christians such as you, Christmas is more about the spiritual experience than about gifts and parties.


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                    I bought a little shelf case today at Target specifically for my DVD box sets and I am in love. It has four metal poles with a textured finish on them, and blond wood-style shelves that you adjust to whatever height you need. I've been unhappy with my box set storage, so this solves a big problem for me. Yay! for organizing. I've been considering buying Readerware to catalog my books, CDs and DVDs (the latter two are not really a problem, but would make for a complete database), but for today the shelves are working well.


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                      Heh, I'm very dorky about cataloguing my collections (Um, when I say I'm dorky about it, I mean I made checkout cards and catalogued my books according to the Dewey Decimal System when I was 7. It's verray amusing to look sat my children's books now. Hee.), and I threatened Mr. D that I was going to get Readerware or the like for our books and CDs when we reorganized our books over the summer. I haven't actually taken the plunge yet, but I've been eyeing it nonetheless. He thinks I'm kerrazy, but I know he secretly wants me to do it. I mean, c'mon, he worked in a bookstore for 10 years, for chrissakes!


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                        We've been asking a librarian friend to help us organize our media!

                        "Please come over for free food and beverages and to Dewey our house!"

                        I had a color-coded file card system for VHS tapes in sixth grade. Sadly, nobody in my family really respected the system and my mother loved to lend our tapes! *sigh* It was kind of a nightmare to upkeep.

                        Now, I have NO system and I am deeply frustrated. Mr. Is does NOT understand the need to catalog belongings or my need to have all of a given media in one place, in some sort of order. *cries*

                        Wow, I didn't realized I was such a nerd. I'm in awe of my own dorky.
                        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                          Exactly how many books/DVDs/tapes do you guys have? Perhaps would be a better idea. hee!
                          Actually I've been trying to organize my stuff, too. So far I've managed to create one huge pile of junk in my living room an am debating which of it I want to keep.


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                            You know I am all over that cataloging bidness, but Kermie is not into that. We do have a lot of books, videos etc. that we can live without so I've been thinking of purging sometime.

                            In general, I've been feeling the need to do a full inventory of everything we have. Now that we have more real stuff, I don't think our current renter's insurance would cover replacement of everything.
                            It's all about me and my precious.


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                              We have the DVDs in three categories on the shelves. First, the stuff we keep and have watched in alpha by title except things like Bond are under "B". Then, there's the new group that hasn't been watched yet also in alpha order and then, there's the We Hated This Shit And Are Selling It Shelf in no order whatsoever. Hee.

                              I have all the DVD titles dumped into Excel on one workbook and on another tab is all the equipment and serial numbers for our insurance policy. I refuse to be screwed on that if there's a fire or theft. He'll replace speakers and I'll have to tie cardboard around my feet with twine instead of getting new shoes.

                              We don't lend. We're assholes.


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                                I don't lend either. It's just much easier on friendships for me because I am very fussy about the condition of books and DVD boxes. I don't even feel bad about this; it's a blanket policy and it's nothing personal against anybody.

                                My books, CDs and DVDs are already nicely alphabetized, so it would mostly be an inventory that I would want in case I needed to replace everything. Also it would be nice to have the catalog on my Palm so I don't buy a book I already own (which has happened).

                                <--Also created a card system for books in grade school. I the Dewey Decimal System.