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    Boys (and some girls) are DUMB!

    Here's the update on my 'ness: Douchebag and I are successfully repressing and denying any and all squishy feelings.

    Random question: About how many relationships did you have in college?
    Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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    Tons, with various degrees of the definition.

    Stop talking to that Douchebag, Laa! You are too cute to waste your college years pining for a dick that doesn't treat you right.
    "But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.Ē---Kanye


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      I only had maybe 4 relationships, with really only 1 being serious (*sniff* He was the bestest). I had lots of 2 or 3 week sex-a-thons that ended once we started talking and discovered we weren't compatible, but I don't count those as real relationships. I was really only in it for the fun during that time - my BFF at the time was always getting into big serious relationships and giving me hell for not having a steady boyfriend (she always wanted to do "couple things"), but I think my way was more fun.


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        I had two relationships, I guess. I married the one I talked to every.night. on the phone but I made him SUF.FER. as he made me SUF.FER.

        We would talk about other people and for as hard as I pined for my now husband it didn't exactly slow me down socially. I pined and a partied. Mr. Is and I would "slip up" and forget we were just friends and then he'd talk about some girl that he was digging and then I'd fuck some random stranger and make sure he knew it -- at least on some level.

        He'd date other girls and I'd seduce him the night before his date just to prove to myself that I still could. He'd break my heart and then I'd say evil things to him that hurt him (he was better about not showing that, at the time) and then we'd have sex again.

        He'd call me every night to make sure I was "ok" (read: alone) and we'd have fabulous conversations latelatelate into the night (unless I was entertaining). When he didn't call I knew he was out with some skank and it would make me insane unless I had somebody over, too.

        Overall, it sounds like you're right on track except for that kissing other boys and still having fun in spite of the drama stuff. <---no space to judge.
        Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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          Bwa! takes notes


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            I'm curious to know what Jill Leigh think of you, Isadora.


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              I don't think she gives me much thought. Surely not as much as I've given her.
              Itís just really honestly so tiring and emotionally draining to have to get upset over reality constantly.


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                Ah, college. Freshman year was the best (and likely the worst)!

                I'll try to make it short. Hee! The fall semester of my first year, I dated Boy 1 for about a month and a half. It was fairly non-traumatic and only minorly painful when we broke up (he came out a couple of years my total non-surprise). As that was ending, Boy 1 introduced me to Boy 2, who he knew from music theory class, saying that he thought "we'd get along really well." Um. Boy did we ever! Enter beginning of crazed relationship with Boy 2. That lasted about another month before Boy 3, who had been abroad the first semester and whom I'd been carrying a fairly large torch for, came back to the States. (He'd been writing me off and on over the semester, ultimately ending up with "I think you and I could get married someday." Ha!) When Boy 3 got back, Boy 2 and I had a heart-to-heart and broke up. Boy 3 and I get it on.

                Enter Christmas break, during which time Boy 3 and I didn't see one another, as he was in Ohio and I was in Illinois.

                Upon return, Boy 3 and I carry on. For about a month, when he decided things weren't working and he'd rather sleep with my roommate. So they did. Boy 2 and I picked up for a bit during spring semester, but he was totally convinced I was The One and I was not so much. We ended it, but embarked upon a couple of years of the occasional random hook-up before time and distance and the wisdom that comes with age put an end to that part of our friendship.

                I go to England. I have a dry spell. Didn't date again until the spring of my junior year, a nice, non-dramatic relationship that lasted about six months. Several months after that, I finally get together with the Hellmate, who I'd also met my first semester of college and been very close to throughout. True to the name, that was nine months of on-again, off-again hell on both our parts. We broke up, in hellish fashion. I went to England again. Sooner or later, I graduated.

                The end. Except for very long dry spell only interrupted by the Boy Blunder saga...and which ended only when I met current wonderful boy. And having gone through all of that during college, boy do I ever appreciate his wonderfulness.

                Crazy stuff. But I sure learned a lot. Hee!


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                  Wow, reviving this topic (dear sweet lord, "unsignificant"? Was I drunk?) because Douchebag is back. Sort of. We had a major falling out.
                  Is starting to scare isadora a little bit.
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                    Laalaa, the good news is you're not alone. I'm pretty much in the same situation (give or take a stint as The Other Woman).

                    The bad news is I'm 30 and I'm in the Same. Situation. How can I not have progressed more than this?!



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                      I've gotten a rather unusual e-mail today. A couple that I've known for 12 or 13 years is breaking up. Apparently this is no "bad guy" or anything like that, they've just grown apart.
                      Some mutual friends say they saw this coming (not getting married when the same-sex laws changed here), while others of us didn't. Granted I usually just saw them weekends and major holidays and am totally blind to stuff like this.
                      My problem? What the heck to say? So far an "I'm sorry to hear about this and I wish you both the best." is about the best I can come up with.
                      I'm not trying to sound all dramatic but it is sort of like dealing with a death. And I'm not good with that either.
                      Actually I'm not good with much, I think. hee.


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                        I'm sorry to hear about this and I wish you both the best.
                        That sounds like a perfect response. I've found that in these situations, the simpler the better. Start getting too fancy and you get yourself in trouble. Or maybe that's just me.


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                          I saw that someone was in here, and I had forgotten entirely about this thread!


                          Is 'douchebag' the guy who is now mr.Laa? I must know!

                          (I have nothing to actually contribute, b/c mr.o is being a saint as per usual, but this was a fun one to read back through.)


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                            Douchebag was pre-Mr. Laa. He was actually Magic Mike Groomsman! It's all good now, with me and him and his lady. He really did provide me with my very own WB drama for years, which I appreciate now.


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                              Okay, the fact that y'all are just chill friends now is a sign of supreme grown-upness.

                              Which is sad, really.

                              The best thing about this thread is def isadora's story about her and and their mutual sluttiness.

                              I sincerely love that. I would watch the shit out of a show about isadora's 20s.